Guides on Child Development and Education

As a new parent, you’ll naturally keep a close eye on your child’s development. Seeing where they are compared to other children their age can help reassure you that they’re doing just fine.

Although every child is different and there can be variations regarding how quickly they develop, paying attention to your child’s development can help you spot and react quickly to any issues that come up.

There are certain milestones every child goes through. Your child’s doctor will evaluate these or ask about them during your child’s check-up to make sure everything is on track.

Don’t panic if they are a little behind in some areas — and try to resist the urge to brag to other parents if your child reaches those milestones early. That’s not an indication that your child is going to be a prodigy, and you don’t want to make other parents feel bad or worry.

Here are some of the milestones you’ll want to keep an eye on in the first year — and celebrate when they happen. We’ll include the approximate age when these milestones may occur, but remember, that’s only a guideline.

  • Two months: Can lift the head up some.
  • Two months: Starts to smile at people.
  • Four months: Their first tooth may appear.
  • Four months: Begins laughing.
  • Six months: Can roll from stomach to back.
  • Eight months: Can sit up without help.
  • Eleven months: Might start saying mama and dada.
  • One year: May be able to take their first steps.

Things You Can Do To Help Your Child’s Development

Seemingly ordinary stuff can have a lot of benefits when it comes to your child’s development.

  • Playing: Babies learn through playing by themselves and with others. A game of peek-a-boo can give your baby social interaction and teaches them about object permanence.
  • Reading: When you read to your baby, you’re greatly enriching their mind as well as entertaining them. Reading to infants can help expand their vocabulary and can even help them hone their math skills. Plus, it sends them a message that reading is fun, and that can benefit them throughout their life.
  • Music: Babies are drawn to music, whether it’s a song on one of their toys or a lullaby you’re singing to them. Music can teach them a lot, so make sure to sing frequently to your child. You can also get them instruments for them to play.
  • Education: Talking about things like colors, letting your baby explore different shapes, and counting numbers with them will all enhance their educational development. Show your baby themselves in the mirror, and talk to them frequently to boost their language development.
  • Exercise: Getting exercise can strengthen your baby’s body and mind. Tummy time is one important exercise you shouldn’t let your baby skip — even if they don’t like it at first. It’s a key activity for building muscles in your child’s back, shoulders, arms, and neck.
  • Affection: Simply doing what comes naturally — showing your baby some affection — will help them develop emotionally, mentally, and physically. Frequent hugs can influence their weight gain, growth, sleep, heart rates, feelings of security, and more.
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Activities for 1-Year-Olds — Keeping Curiosity Alive

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Your Guide to the Ultimate 6th Birthday Party: Ideas and Tips

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Parents, Gather Around for These Epic 5th Birthday Ideas

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3rd Birthday Ideas — Theme, Food and Gift Inspiration

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2nd Birthday Ideas: Tailoring the Celebration to Your Child's Personality

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1st Birthday Ideas: Unique Ways to Commemorate Your Child's First Year

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English Language Mastery: Learning About Prepositions

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Problem-Solving Made Fun: The Best Riddles for Kids

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Classic Party Games for Kids: A Guide to Party Success

Kids and their parents praying in church

Beatitudes for Kids: How to Apply Them in Everyday Life

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Uncover Imagination with Magnetic Activities: A Comprehensive Guide

Children having fun on the side of the pool

Planning the Perfect Pool Party: Ideas and Inspiration

Toddler playing with basketball hoop

Best Kids Basketball Hoops? A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Doctor checking toddler's weight

Decoding Your Toddler's Growth with a Toddler Weight Chart

Little boy playing with rc plane

Experience the Thrill with the Best RC Planes - A Comprehensive Review

Kid playing with sensory box

Boosting Language Skills through Sensory Activities

Toddlers talking to each other

Language Development in Babies: When Do They Start Talking?

Little girl decorating unicorn paper mache

Steps to Make Paper Mache: From Balloons to Pinatas

Group of kids playing outdoors

Entertaining Minute to Win It Games for Kids

Laughing Baby Boy

When Do Babies Laugh: A Guide to Your Little One's Laughter

Little girl chilling in a kiddie pool

Best Kiddie Pools? Here's Our Top Selection

Toddler on a potty training with diapers and tissue rolls

The Role and Importance of Potty Training Tools

Baby boy about to roll over

Is Your Baby Late in Rolling Over? — When to Worry

Dad reading a bedtime story to his children

Exploring the Impact of Bedtime Stories for Kids

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Best Board Games for 5-Year-Olds: A Comprehensive Review

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Experience the Best: Outdoor Baby Swings for Your Child

Anime Samurai standing in forest

Best Anime for Kids: Not Just Loud, Bright and Bold

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Creative Minds: Why Art Activities for Kids Matter?

Mother Reading to Toddler

Raising a Reader: How to Encourage Reading for Kids

Stages of Play

Stages of Play: Essential for Your Child's Development

Kids playing with inflatable bumper balls

Best Inflatable Bumper Balls: A Comprehensive Review

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Hilarious and Clean: Funny Jokes for Kids to Enjoy

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Reading Quotes for Kids — Encouraging the Joy of Books

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