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50 Fortnite Trivia Questions: With Answers

Dive into the ultimate Fortnite trivia with 50 questions to test your mastery.

Whether you’ve got Fortnite-obsessed kids or you’re looking for a themed round for your next trivia night, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled 50 Fortnite trivia questions so you can prove just how well you truly know this modern video game.

The 50 trivia questions span five topics: hard questions, Fortnite weapons and items, maps and locations, characters and skins, and finally, story and events. With a mixture of challenging quiz questions and easier questions, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Random Fortnite Trivia Generator

Below are 50 Fortnite trivia questions to pack out your trivia night or keep your kids entertained on a long drive or around the dinner table. From questions about Fortnite characters to events, these trivia questions with answers will make for a fun evening with friends and family.

Hard Fortnite Trivia

Hard Fortnite Trivia Icon

Let’s kick into gear with hard questions for challenging Fortnite quizzes. There are no multiple-choice questions here—you really need to know your stuff about Fortnite (creative code for Fortnight).

What is the name of the limited-time mode introduced in Patch 3.3? It is faster than Battle Royale and involves a storm approaching the island.

Answer: Blitz.

Fun Fact: The Blitz mode was designed to offer a faster and more intense version of the standard game by increasing the storm’s speed and boosting loot availability, leading to quicker and more aggressive gameplay.

Which game mode lets players team up and fight against humanoid zombie-like monsters?

Answer: Save the World.

Fun Fact: Save the World is Fortnite’s original co-op mode, predating the popular Battle Royale version. It was first introduced during the game’s early access phase in July 2017.

When did Fornite chapter one end?

Answer: October 2019.

Fun Fact: The end of Fortnite Chapter One concluded with a massive black hole event that absorbed the entire game map, leaving players staring at a black screen for days and sparking widespread media attention.

What was the exact date that Fortnite was released?

Answer: July 25, 2017.

Fun Fact: Fortnite’s release date coincided with the 100th anniversary of the construction of the world’s first water ski, linking the game’s innovation in entertainment to a century of leisure and sporting breakthroughs.

When did “Fortnite Battle Royale” come out?

Answer: September 26, 2017.

Fun Fact: The Battle Royale mode was developed in about two months, a quick turnaround that led to Fortnite becoming one of the most popular and influential games in the battle royale genre.

When was Salty Springs removed and merged with Tilted Towers?

Answer: Chapter two, season five.

Fun Fact: Salty Springs was one of the original locations when Fortnite Battle Royale launched, making its removal and merge a nostalgic event for long-time players.

What does the “V” stand for in V-Bucks?

Answer: Vinder.

Fun Fact: V-Bucks, or Vinderbucks, are the in-game currency. The name is a play on the word “vinder,” which is similar to “vendor,” reflecting their purpose in purchasing items within the game.

Which season of Fortnite was the Displaced Depot added?

Answer: Chapter three, season three.

Fun Fact: The addition of Displaced Depot marked yet another transformation of the game’s dynamic map, showcasing Fortnite’s continuous evolution and its developers’ commitment to keeping the game environment fresh and engaging.

What types of Husk Monsters can fire a powered beam at the player and spawn with elemental modifiers?

Answer: Zapper husks.

Fun Fact: Zapper husks represent the game’s creative blend of enemy types, combining typical zombie-like characteristics with elemental and technological aspects to challenge players’ combat strategies.

How much does a Battle Pass cost (in V-bucks)?

Answer: 950.

Fun Fact: The Battle Pass system revolutionized how players earn in-game rewards, providing a structured path for progression and cosmetic collection within Fortnite’s ecosystem.

Fortnite Weapons and Items

Fortnite Weapons and Items Icon

Let’s see how well you know your Fortnite weapons and items in these 10 Fortnite trivia questions. This round is great for kids and adults who are game fans!

How many seconds does it take to consume the Chug Jug?

Answer: Fifteen.

Fun Fact: The Chug Jug is one of Fortnite’s most iconic healing items, offering full health and shield but requiring an extended use time, which adds a strategic risk-reward element to its use during gameplay.

What is the best long-range weapon in Fortnite?

Answer: Bolt Action Sniper Rifle.

Fun Fact: The Bolt Action Sniper Rifle is famed for its high damage and precision, allowing skilled players to change the course of a battle with a single well-placed shot from a distance.

What is the mythic version of the Nemesis AR weapon?

Answer: Montague’s Nemesis AR.

Fun Fact: Mythic weapons, like Montague’s Nemesis AR, are the rarest items in Fortnite. They offer enhanced stats and unique abilities that often reflect the lore of the associated character.

Name the three material types from Fortnite Battle Royale.

Answer: Wood, metal, and stone.

Fun Fact: The choice of building material in Fortnite affects the durability and build speed of structures, with metal being the strongest and wood the quickest to construct. This adds a layer of strategy to the game’s building mechanics.

True or false: the Huntress DMR has a slow fire rate.

Answer: True.

Fun Fact: Despite its slow fire rate, the Huntress DMR compensates with high damage output, making it a powerful weapon for players prioritizing accuracy over speed.

What item can you use to disguise yourself as a Henchman?

Answer: A phone booth.

Fun Fact: Using a phone booth to disguise as a Henchman in Fortnite allows players to sneak past AI enemies undetected, highlighting the game’s incorporation of stealth elements alongside its action-packed gameplay.

What weapon is a hybrid between the American SIG MPX and a Russian PP-19-01 Vityaz?

Answer: The Harbinger SMG.

Fun Fact: The Harbinger SMG’s design showcases Fortnite’s attention to detail, blending real-world firearm characteristics to create unique weapons that fit the game’s eclectic aesthetic.

Where can Char-Black Mineral Powder be found?

Answer: By destroying rocks in Twine Peaks or in Resupply missions 58 power level in Canny Valley.

Fun Fact: Char-Black Mineral Powder is a crafting material in Fortnite’s Save the World mode. It is used for high-level trap and weapon crafting, emphasizing the game’s depth in resource management and survival elements.

Name the type of twine found via destroying trees, mainly at Twine Peaks.

Answer: Peaky Twine.

Fun Fact: Peaky Twine, much like Char-Black Mineral Powder, is essential for crafting powerful items in Save the World, highlighting the mode’s emphasis on exploration and resource gathering.

Name the weapon introduced in Chapter 5, Season 2, that belongs to Ares, the God of War.

Answer: Warforged Assault Rifle.

Fun Fact: The Warforged Assault Rifle, associated with the deity Ares, reflects Fortnite’s creative integration of mythological elements into its expansive universe, offering players unique items tied to legendary lore.

Fortnite Map and Locations

Fortnite Map and Locations Icon

When it comes to Fortnite quizzes, questions about maps and locations cannot be skipped. Put your knowledge to the test with these ten interesting questions, perfect for playing Jeopardy with buddies.

What arena was introduced in Chapter 2, Season 5, built for the character Menace?

Answer: Colossal Coliseum.

Fun Fact: The Colossal Coliseum served as a new point of interest and paid homage to Roman gladiatorial arenas, blending historical architecture with Fortnite’s fictional narrative.

What is the name of the previous Point of Interest that was most northern on the map, yet only contained in a small area?

Answer: Junk Junction.

Fun Fact: Junk Junction was known for its scrapyard aesthetic, filled with piles of metal and car parts, offering a unique looting experience and a stark contrast to the more natural or urban areas of the Fortnite map.

What location is across the river from Lazy Lake?

Answer: Retail Row.

Fun Fact: Retail Row, a shopping district within Fortnite, reflects the game’s variety in location themes, providing not just a battleground but also a sense of a lived-in world with diverse environments.

What replaced Dusty Divot in season 10?

Answer: Dusty Depot.

Fun Fact: The transformation from Dusty Divot to Dusty Depot was a nostalgic change for long-time players, showcasing Fortnite’s dynamic map evolution that often incorporates player sentiment and game history.

In season five, what melted into Loot Lake, giving it bouncy properties?

Answer: The CUBE, otherwise known as the Six-Sided Mystery.

Fun Fact: The CUBE’s transformation of Loot Lake into a bouncy surface added a new dynamic to player movement and strategy in that area, highlighting Fortnite’s innovative approach to interactive and evolving game environments.

What was Flush Factory brought back as?

Answer: Flushed Building.

Fun Fact: The return of Flush Factory as Flushed Building demonstrated Fortnite’s commitment to its lore. It allowed older locations to re-emerge with new narratives and designs, keeping the map fresh and engaging.

What chapter and season holds the record for the most new Named Locations?

Answer: Chapter 3, season 4.

Fun Fact: Chapter 3, season 4, marked a significant overhaul in the Fortnite map, introducing a record number of new locations and dramatically altering the game’s landscape, reflecting the ever-evolving nature of the game’s world.

What location replaced The Agency in chapter two, season three, after it was destroyed?

Answer: The Authority.

Fun Fact: The Authority, replacing The Agency, symbolized a shift in power within Fortnite’s storyline, showing the dynamic changes in the game’s lore and the impact of player actions and events on the world.

In which chapter were landmarks introduced to replace unnamed locations?

Answer: Chapter 2.

Fun Fact: Landmarks in Chapter 2 introduced a new layer of exploration, providing players with more detailed and unique spots to discover, thereby enriching the game’s narrative and environmental diversity.

What was added to Moisty Mire in season three?

Answer: Vending machines.

Fun Fact: The introduction of vending machines in Moisty Mire allowed players to exchange collected materials for weapons and items, adding a strategic element to resource management in Fortnite’s gameplay.

Fortnite Characters and Skins

Fortnite Characters and Skins Icon

If you’ve played Fortnite, you’ll be familiar with the characters and different skins. It’s time to compete and test your knowledge with these ten quiz questions.

Which Fortnite character is known for being energetic and the phrase “Boogie Down”?

Answer: Jonesy.

Fun Fact: Jonesy is one of the original characters in Fortnite. He is known for his upbeat personality and is the face of numerous meme-worthy in-game moments, highlighting his iconic status within the Fortnite community.

What is the skin called based on the “John Wick” movie franchise?

Answer: The Reaper.

Fun Fact: The Reaper skin, often referred to as “John Wick” by the community, showcases Fortnite’s ability to incorporate popular culture into its universe, creating a bridge between the game and cinematic entertainment.

Name the rare Fortnite skin released in season one as part of the Storm Scavenger Set.

Answer: Renegade Raider.

Fun Fact: Renegade Raider is considered one of the most coveted skins due to its limited availability and status as a symbol of long-term player dedication, highlighting the game’s evolving history and player legacy.

As of Patch 16, how many Fortnite characters were there?

Answer: 45.

Fun Fact: Fortnite’s expansive roster of characters reflects the game’s rich narrative and world-building, with each character bringing their backstory and personality to the game’s lore.

Where is Bandolette, the predator of the jungle, located?

Answer: Flushed Factory.

Fun Fact: Bandolette, known for her survival skills and jungle warfare tactics, adds to the depth of character design in Fortnite, offering players diverse interactions and combat scenarios.

Name the character who says, “Can’t win if you never cast your line,” when you approach him.

Answer: Turk.

Fun Fact: Turk’s character, associated with fishing and outdoor survival, highlights the game’s inclusion of leisure activities and environmental interaction, adding layers to the gameplay experience beyond combat.

As of January 2024, how many Marvel skins were available in Fortnite?

Answer: 60.

Fun Fact: Fortnite’s extensive range of Marvel skins underscores the successful collaboration between the gaming and comic book worlds, offering fans a blend of superhero action in a battle royale setting.

What is the predominant color of the Sunbird skin?

Answer: Orange.

Fun Fact: The Sunbird skin, with its vibrant orange hue and Aztec-inspired design, reflects Fortnite’s commitment to diverse and culturally rich character aesthetics, offering players a wide range of stylistic choices.

How does one obtain the Omega skin?

Answer: It’s a reward from Tier 100 of Season Four Battle Pass.

Fun Fact: The Omega skin, known for its customizable features and futuristic armor, became a symbol of achievement and status in the Fortnite community, representing the pinnacle of Season Four’s Battle Pass rewards.

In Chapter 2, Season 4, who is the Marvel character that serves as a major villain?

Answer: Galactus.

Fun Fact: Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds in Marvel comics, was integrated into Fortnite’s narrative, highlighting the game’s capacity for epic storytelling and crossover events with significant entertainment franchises.

Fortnite Story and Events

Fortnite Story and Events Icon

Going beyond Fortnite’s custom aspects, locations, and characters, it’s now time to quiz you on the game’s story and events. If you’re nailing the Fortnite quizzes so far, see if you can keep it up in this round!

What was the name of the closing event for Chapter 2 of Fortnite?

Answer: “The End.”

Fun Fact: “The End” event for Chapter 2 was a spectacular finale that saw the Fortnite island turned upside down, showcasing the game’s flair for dramatic, world-altering events.

Chapters one to three focused on what lore entity, known as the Big Bang’s source?

Answer: The Zero Point.

Fun Fact: The Zero Point is central to Fortnite’s lore, representing the nexus of all realities in the game’s universe and driving the narrative of constant change and conflict on the island.

What live event was responsible for the destruction of Dusty Depot?

Answer: The Meteor Event.

Fun Fact: The Meteor Event, one of the first major live events in Fortnite, set a precedent for dynamic, in-game storytelling, significantly impacting the map and the way players interact with the game’s environment.

The Final Showdown event is assumed to be what two characters fighting?

Answer: The Monster and Mecha.

Fun Fact: The Final Showdown event featured a titanic battle between The Monster and Mecha, highlighting Fortnite’s ability to stage cinematic, large-scale events that engage the entire player base in the storyline.

Who returns in Chapter 4, Season 3, to investigate the ruins of The Ancients?

Answer: Slone.

Fun Fact: Slone’s return in Chapter 4, Season 3, to explore The Ancients’ ruins underscored the ongoing development of character arcs in Fortnite, enriching the game’s narrative depth and continuity.

What kind of army did Omega build at Villain Lair?

Answer: An army of robots.

Fun Fact: Omega’s creation of a robot army at Villain Lair reflects the thematic element of supervillains in Fortnite, adding a layer of narrative intrigue and conflict that players can engage within the game’s universe.

The Loop is where Fortnite Battle Royale takes place, but who built the Loop?

Answer: The Imagined Order (IO).

Fun Fact: The Imagined Order’s creation of the Loop underlines the enigmatic and controlling nature of this organization within Fortnite’s story, fueling the ongoing battle between freedom and order in the game’s lore.

What was the longest Fortnite event?

Answer: Big Bang.

Fun Fact: The Big Bang event, the longest in Fortnite’s history, demonstrated the game’s capability to blend long-term narrative development with player experience, creating a memorable and immersive event.

The first viral event revolved around the purple CUBE. But what did the Fortnite community nickname the CUBE?

Answer: Kevin.

Fun Fact: The community’s affectionate nickname for the CUBE, “Kevin,” showcases Fortnite’s personal connection and cultural impact as players collectively shape the game’s lore and history.

What threat did the island face in Chapter 2, Season 4, leading to the arrival of Marvel characters?

Answer: The threat of Galactus, Devourer of Worlds.

Fun Fact: The integration of Galactus into Fortnite’s storyline for Chapter 2, Season 4, not only brought Marvel’s universe into the game but also set the stage for one of the most epic crossover events in Fortnite’s history, blending comic book lore with the game’s narrative.


What Is the Longest Fortnite Game Ever?

The world record for the longest game of Fortnite is one hour and 48 minutes. This was done by x2Twins.

How Long Did It Take for Fortnite To Be Made?

The game development began in 2011, and it wasn’t released until summer 2017. Therefore, it took about six years to make the game. However, the Battle Royale mode was made very quickly after the response to the initial game, coming out only two months later.

How Many People Play Fortnite?

Currently, there are 230 million active players each month (1), and 400 million players are registered for the game.

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