Giving Birth

This is the big moment you’ve been dreading and waiting for all in one. The prospect of labor can be terrifying for women, but we’re rewarded after all the pain and fears when we finally get to hold our baby in our arms.

Preparing for Labor

You can prepare for labor by taking a childbirth class, which helps you with breathing exercises. Do you need to take this kind of class? No, it isn’t essential.

Don’t feel pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do. The last thing you need is to put more stress on yourself or cause a heavier load on your schedule. If you want to take a series of classes, you should, but if you can’t or don’t want to, there is nothing wrong with skipping it.

Postpartum Recovery

You’re going to be on light duty for the first six weeks or so after you have your baby. You’ll be allowed to lift the weight of your baby, but no more than that. And, trust us, if you do too much, too soon after delivery, you will have a lot of pain and setbacks that can be avoided if you just take it easy to begin with.

Remember, your body has just been through a major event, whether you delivered vaginally or through C-section. Give it the respect and healing it needs by babying yourself for a little while.

Don’t be ashamed about asking your partner to take on a little extra responsibility as you give yourself time to recover. And if your family is eager to help, let them.

Preparing for Parenthood

We would encourage you to read everything you can if this is your first child. If you’re not a reader, look for short articles and checklists online that don’t require as much concentration or time.

Whether you’re completely prepared for this parenthood thing or you’ve decided you’ll wing it as you go along, the most important thing you’ll need is support. No matter how much you love your child, you will need and want an occasional break. Parenting is an all-encompassing job, but it’s the one most people love.

Make sure you have people in your life who are willing to help you when you need it. That can be your partner, parents, siblings, friends, neighbors, or other moms you can offer the same support when they need it.

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