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61 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas: 2024 Picks

All the best baby shower gifts to make your decision easier.

Baby shower gifts can get repetitive. Whether you’re shopping for a friend, family member, co-worker, or yourself (hey, why not?), it’s best to look for baby shower gifts that are meaningful but practical. But it’s even better if that gift is also unique.

We’ve spoken with many new moms, and we’ve been there ourselves. We’ve learned what makes a good baby shower gift — the kind that stands out above the rest.

We’ll simplify the process for you by sharing our reviews of original, meaningful, practical, and affordable gifts. And with over 60 items to choose from, you’re sure to find something perfect, whether it be a necessary baby essential or a thoughtful keepsake.

Read on to learn our secrets for finding the best baby shower gift to make life easier for any new mom.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Baby Sleeping Door Sign
Most Unique Gift
Baby Sleeping Door Sign
  • 6x12-inch wooden plaque
  • Adorable and well made
  • High quality
Product Image of the Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer
Most Practical Gift for Mom
Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer
  • Eco-friendly
  • Strong and durable
  • Unisex design
Product Image of the Little Me Baby Socks
Best Baby Socks
Little Me Baby Socks
  • Multiple colors
  • 20 pretty pairs in two sizes
  • Comfortable and durable
Product Image of the Monthly Milestone Blanket
Watch Them Grow
Monthly Milestone Blanket
  • Baseball mitt pattern
  • 5 erasable cards
  • 40x50 inches
Product Image of the Boudreaux’s Butt Paste
Baby Bum Care
Boudreaux’s Butt Paste
  • Seals out moisture
  • BPA-free diaper ointment brush applicator
  • Clinically tested, safe and effective
Product Image of the Amazon Gift Card
Best Gift Card
Amazon Gift Card
  • Redeemable toward millions of items
  • Free one-day shipping
  • Exclusive deals and offers
Product Image of the Peek-a-Boo Forest
Best Book for Baby
Peek-a-Boo Forest
  • Bright, bold colors and patterns
  • Durable cloth pages
  • Washable fabrics
Product Image of the Personalized Baby Book
Just for Baby
Personalized Baby Book
  • 20 pages
  • Highly personalized
  • Parent Tested Parent Approved award winner
Product Image of the Twin Set Baby Bibs
Best Gift for Twins
Twin Set Baby Bibs
  • 100% cotton
  • Hook-and-loop closure
  • CPSIA compliant
Product Image of the 3-Piece Baby Wooden Combs
Best Baby Hair Care
3-Piece Baby Wooden Combs
  • Prevents cradle cap
  • Soft bristles
  • 100% money-back guarantee

The Best Baby Shower Gifts of 2024

Here are some great baby shower gift ideas to consider.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

These gifts are sure to be the only ones of their kind at the baby shower. They tick the box of being original while still offering practicality. If you don’t want your gift to fall into the standard baby shower gift mold, check out these ideas.

Baby Sleeping Door Sign

Most Unique Gift

This sign is cute and hilarious, and it’s so accurate that guests will definitely be cautious when they come to visit. It’s wooden with a farmhouse design that will add charm to your front door and keep unwanted callers away at the same time.

The hanging rope adds to the charm and gives it a rustic look. This is an excellent gift for any mom who has a new baby and a dog in the home.

User Experience

My experience with this door sign has been quite positive, as it has effectively deterred unwanted doorbell rings from delivery people and sales personnel. The sign is well-crafted with thick wood, ensuring it does not flap around in the wind, and it is legible from a reasonable distance. However, I have noticed that the cursive writing may not be as easily read by those who are not paying close attention, resulting in occasional doorbell rings. The staple holding the string did become loose on mine, but it was a simple fix to add a new staple.

Baby Delight Outdoor Chair

Portable Comfort

After a few months of staying home, the baby will be old enough to take to the beach or on a camping trip. This is the perfect chair for those occasions. Babies will be safe and secure in this chair, wherever they are. It folds up small when not in use, taking up very little space.

The harness ensures they’re comfortable and secure, while the sun canopy keeps them in the shade. It features three stages that go from sitting to standing, so mom and dad can resume their exciting outdoor activities with peace of mind.

Personal Perspective

Definitely a fantastic indoor/outdoor chair for young children, especially during sports games and outdoor events. I personally appreciate the wide-base, chair locking feature, and the removable sun-shade that keeps my little one protected. While the tray could be slightly bigger, it's a minor issue that doesn't detract from the overall quality of the chair. The chair is sturdy and versatile, easily accommodating babies as they grow into toddlers. With its easy assembly and convenient carrying bag, this chair has become an essential item in our family's outdoor adventures.

Crystal Baby Smile Portable Changing Pad

Best Gift for On-the-Go Moms

For moms that are always on the go, this changing pad will be a big help. It’s lightweight, portable, and folds into a bag. What’s not to like?

It’s a full changing station with a detachable changing mat and is ideal for travel, day care, or in the car. It’s waterproof and easy to clean, so diapering will be hassle-free for mom. It also has a zippered pocket to hold all the essentials.

Community Feedback

This changing pad has become my go-to for diaper changes, both at home and on-the-go. The easy-to-clean surface is a major plus, as I can simply use water wipes or occasionally Clorox to keep it fresh. However, the elastic diaper holder could use improvement, as it tends to let diapers slide out if not filled enough.

Daddy's Diaper Duty Apron

Something for Dad

Dad also deserves a gift, and this apron could be a hit. It features two hilarious “bottle nipples” for daddy that are so cute. It also includes rubber gloves and a complimentary toy for the baby.

It comes pre-loaded and ready for battle, and daddy will possibly have the time of his life taking care of those soiled diapers. Not to worry, he’ll get a mask with it and some colorful clothespins. How fun is that?

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this gag gift was full of laughs and joy, as it brought humor to our family gatherings. When I first saw it, I thought it was surprisingly small for a man and seemed more suitable for a child. However, as a gag gift, its practicality wasn't the main focus. This product was a hit at my niece's baby shower, and even my cousin wanted one for an upcoming event. While there was a minor issue with one of the bottle nipples breaking off, it didn't take away from the overall entertainment value this gift provided.

Cushy Closer Door Cushion

For Quiet Doors

There’s just something about opening and closing doors that sleeping babies hate. Seriously! Even if they’re deep into slumberland, the minute that doorknob clicks, they’re wide awake again.

This cushion stretches to fit the inside and outside knobs and comes in various color options to match the decor. No more doors waking the baby up.

User Experience

When I first started using this product, I was amazed at how it effortlessly minimized noise while closing doors, making it perfect for putting my baby to sleep. The cute patterns and ease of use made it a great addition to our home, especially when trying to prevent little fingers from getting caught between the door and jamb during playtime. Although the materials could be more durable, these door cushions have served us well for years, keeping doors quiet and easily accessible for both kids and pets alike.

Practical Baby Shower Gifts

Practicality and motherhood go hand in hand, but that doesn’t mean a practical gift has to be boring. These items will be appreciated while still being original.

Putska Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer

Most Practical Baby Shower Gift

Having all the baby essentials in one place is very important for mom, and this caddy organizer will provide that. The uniquely-crafted caddy is made from eco-friendly materials and features a protective trim around the edges.

It’s extra large and firm and features a reinforced bottom to ensure safety and durability. It contains multiple deep pockets allowing mom to organize everything, including clothes, bottles, pacifiers, diapers, and more. It’s also hand-washable, lightweight, and foldable for convenience.

Personal Perspective

I'm pleased with this diaper caddy's design, featuring long handles and multiple compartments for easy organization. The inside dividers were initially confusing, but once filled with essentials like diapers, wipes, and blankets, everything made more sense. This caddy offers not only convenience but also portability, allowing me to change my baby in any room or even bring it along in the car. While it has shown some signs of wear after a couple of months, the overall value and functionality make it a handy addition to my baby care routine.

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

Best Baby Bath Tub

Bathing a newborn can be quite tricky, especially when you factor in the soap and how slippery things can get. However, this tub comes to the rescue and will offer a “helping hand” during bath time.

The Sling ‘n Seat Tub will take a baby through four stages of growth. The mesh sling will hold a newborn and prevent slipping and sliding. Once they outgrow the insert, you can lay the baby in the tub, using the support seat as a space filler so the baby doesn’t slide down the length of the tub.

The sit-me-up support is great for unsteady sitters. And the roomy tub, with all inserts removed, is big enough for toddlers to sit in while they bathe.

Community Feedback

Excellent addition to our home, this bath has been a great help for my 2-month-old and has made bath time much easier. I appreciate the adjustable features as my baby grows, and the mesh hammock provides comfort and dries quickly. The tub is well-built, with no issues of wear and tear or leakage, and the clips hold the mesh securely in place. This bath is perfect for newborns and inexperienced moms alike, fitting nicely on the counter for easy use.

Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

Comfy Changing Time

Designed for baby’s safety, this contoured changing pad is just the gift mom and dad need. It features high sides, a security strap, and a non-skid bottom, ensuring the baby doesn’t move or slip.

The foam pad is not only comfy but features an easy-to-clean double-layer vinyl quilt. The material is waterproof, and all it takes is a wet cloth to wipe clean.

I loved this changing pad for my babies and especially appreciated that I could purchase plush covers to use with it in colors and prints to match my decor.

First-Hand Impression

These changing pads offer a unique design with four raised sides, providing extra protection for the baby. I appreciate the comfort and safety they provide, but there are a few downsides. Firstly, the material on top can bunch up and the pad emits a strong chemical smell, which hasn't faded even after two months of use. Additionally, standard changing pad covers do not fit perfectly on this pad. However, the affordable price, good cushioning, and easy-to-clean surface make these changing pads a functional choice for parents.

Hiccapop Wipe Warmer

Best Wipes Warmer

Baby wipes tend to be quite cold, so they give a shock to that sensitive baby skin. The next thing you know, the baby is fussy and irritable. A wipe warmer is a great solution, as they offer comfort and soothe the bundle of joy during those stressful diaper changes.

The Hiccapop warmer is large enough to hold a week’s worth of wipes and features a night light for those in-the-dark changes. The low-voltage dispenser comes with a detachable power adapter for convenient portability.

User Experience

My experience with the Hiccapop Baby Wipe Warmer has been fantastic, making diaper changes much more pleasant for both my baby and me. This wipe warmer is easy to set up and keeps the wipes at a comfortable temperature without drying them out, thanks to the silicone seal that locks in moisture. The dispenser feature is also very convenient, as it allows me to easily grab one wipe at a time without any hassle. The sleek design of the warmer fits perfectly in our nursery, and its compact size makes it easy to move around when needed. One thing to keep in mind is that the wipes do cool down quickly once they're out of the warmer, so it's best to use them right away during diaper changes. Overall, I highly recommend the Hiccapop Baby Wipe Warmer for any parent looking to make diaper changes more comfortable and efficient. This product has truly made a difference in our baby care routine, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Evla Baby Food Maker

Nutritious Care

Our list wouldn’t be complete without this baby food maker. Making fresh, wholesome, and nutritious food for your baby has never been this easy. It comes with refrigerator-friendly accessories to help keep the food fresh longer.

Made of non-toxic, BPA-free plastic, this is something every mom needs to make feeding their baby a breeze. And the cleanup is easy too!

This tool will do the job from start to finish, and the handy touchscreen makes it easier. It also comes with a bonus of six food pouches for easy food storage and feeding.

Personal Perspective

If you're looking for a convenient and efficient way to prepare homemade baby food, this baby food maker is definitely worth considering. I've used it to make a variety of purees, including broccoli, sweet potatoes, and quinoa cereal, and they all turned out great. The compact design is perfect for small kitchens, and the steaming and blending options are simple to use. The only downsides I've experienced are the need to refill the water container for steaming more often and the moisture that gets trapped in the handle when washing.

Playtex VentAire Anti-Colic Feeding Essential

Startup Feeding Set

No parent wants their newborn to have colic, but these are handy to have, just in case. They feature an anti-colic design that will reduce air ingestion, with an ergonomic design that promotes semi-upright feeding.

This set makes a great gift and comes with three wide sizes — one 6-ounce bottle and two that are 9 ounces. Moreover, it has two extra nipples and two pacifiers. The nipples are designed to feel like mom, which makes feeding easier for baby.

Community Feedback

Got the VentAire Wide bottles after trying several other brands, and it was a game-changer for our baby who previously refused bottles. These bottles are easier to clean than others and haven't had any leak issues, as long as the bottom silicone ring is properly placed. The nipple shape, flow, and texture, along with its ergonomic design, make these bottles stand out from the rest. However, one downside is that it can be hard to see how much milk has been consumed.

Baby Shower Gifts For Girls

Pink and purple tend to be the color standards for baby girl items, but these baby shower gifts offer more than just a pastel appeal. They are original, adorable, and sure to be appreciated by mom and baby alike.

Little Me Baby Assorted Socks

Best Baby Socks

If you’re looking to offer cute, warm, and happy baby feet, there’s nothing not to love about these socks. Made from a cotton blend, they’re super comfortable and durable enough to last a while.

You’ll get 20 pretty pairs in two sizes, so babies can grow in them from zero to 24 months. You also get multiple colors and patterns that will match almost any outfit the little princess wears.

First-Hand Impression

Love the variety and cuteness of these socks! As a hands-on user, I appreciate the softness and great fit for my baby. The quality is impressive, especially given the affordable price. The inclusion of two different sizes in the assortment is a practical and thoughtful feature, since babies always need socks. The 20-pack is perfect for those inevitable lost socks, ensuring my daughter has plenty of cozy options.

Dreshow 3-Pack Floral Receiving Blankets

Cutest Swaddle Blankets

A swaddle set is just what the new parents need to welcome their little girl into the world. Made from soft cotton, these blankets are free of zippers, Velcro, and snaps, so the baby’s skin will be well protected.

If the mom-to-be loves flowers, these affordable floral blankets, which include matching hats, will give her baby girl all the snuggles she’ll need. These will also be great for taking memorable newborn photos.

User Experience

Definitely impressed with the color and quality of these swaddle blankets and matching hat! I found the fabric to be soft and adorable, but be prepared to air dry them, as they may shrink and lose softness in the dryer. The stretchiness of the blankets makes them perfect for swaddling newborns up to 2 months old, although the hats might not fit as well during that time.

Hudson Animal Hooded Towel

Best Baby Girl Bath Towel

This towel is incredibly soft and super absorbent. It’s made from 100% woven cotton and includes a beautiful unicorn hood for an extra-sweet touch. This is the ultimate baby shower gift for girls.

Mom can be assured that her baby won’t catch a chill as the hood will quickly warm her little head. The towel dries babies quickly and helps avoid that cold feeling that makes them so miserable when they get out of the warm bath.

If you don’t think unicorns will suit the new baby or her family’s style, there are dozens of other options. We especially love the nerdy fox, boho bear, modern flamingo, fawn, and lion girl.

Personal Perspective

After purchasing this adorable hooded towel for my baby, I found it to be a fantastic addition to our bath time routine. The design is cute, and while it may not be the softest towel, it is incredibly absorbent and dries my little one efficiently. Although it's slightly pricey and comes with a bit too much packaging, the towel's durability and charming appearance make it a great investment for any parent.

Spasilk 23-Piece Baby Layette Set

Cute Layette Girl Set

Designed in splashes of pink and white, these essentials are a must-have. This 23-piece pack features long-sleeved and short-sleeved bodysuits, a sleep sack, and receiving blankets. You also get accessories, such as hats, mittens, and burp cloths.

This is an all-inclusive gift with the most basic essentials. And it’s all made from 100% cotton.

Community Feedback

If you're looking for a high-quality layette set as a gift or for your own baby, this one certainly has a lot to offer. The material is soft and the receiving blankets and burp cloths are just perfect. However, I noticed that the sleep sack and onesies are quite large, while the hats are more suited for a newborn, making it a bit challenging to use them simultaneously. Although the price may be a bit steep, especially for the boy set, it does come with most of the essential items needed for a baby.

Emmababy Newborn Romper Outfit

Sassy and Cheeky

Nothing says sassy like this “Daddy’s Other Chick” outfit, and she’ll look absolutely dashing in it. Designed in cute pink and white, this set comes with a romper, pants, a headband, and a hat.

The cotton blend fabric is soft and breathable. It’s a beautiful set that’s great for everyday use, special occasions, or even snapping those memorable shots.

First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased this outfit for my 2-month-old daughter and found the sizing to be quite large, requiring me to roll the legs and adjust the waist. The shirt did fade after one wash, but the pants and headband remained intact, with the latter being adjustable for a perfect fit. Despite the sizing issue, the outfit's soft and stretchy material made it a decent purchase for the price.

Baby Shower Gifts for Boys

We’ve found the sweetest gifts for the sweetest baby boys. Check out these fun ideas for cute and creative baby shower gifts for boys.

Homegician Monthly Milestone Blanket

Watch Them Grow

A milestone blanket that captures a baby’s growth is an excellent addition to any baby’s closet. It makes an ideal gift that comes with a greeting card for your congratulatory message.

It features a unique baseball mitt pattern and comes with creative props, including five erasable cards and a pen. Mom and dad can easily write their baby’s height, weight, and memorable moments on the cards to create lovable pictures.

User Experience

Love using this lightweight milestone blanket to document my son's growth over his first year. The blanket is soft, washes easily, and comes with felt pieces to mark weeks or months in the pictures. The contrasting dark blue color and unique sports-themed designs make it perfect for capturing precious memories, and it's a great gift for baby showers too.

Gerber Baby Boys 4-Piece Sleep 'N Play Set

Essential Night Clothing Set

This all-inclusive sleep set features everything from bodysuits to caps, onesies, and pants. The patterns and designs are so adorable you’ll be wanting a baby boy of your own.

The bodysuits and onesies will keep the little boy comfortable and warm. The neck-to-toe zipper is practical, as it makes diaper changes super easy. The fabrics are 100% cotton.

Personal Perspective

Excellent quality and design make these baby clothes a delightful addition to any little one's wardrobe. I've personally enjoyed seeing my baby in these adorable outfits, though I must admit that the fabric felt a bit rough after one wash. However, the sizing seemed accurate for my baby, unlike other reviewers who experienced discrepancies in size. These clothes also make a charming gift for baby showers or birthdays. Despite the fabric's minor wear after washing, I still appreciate the overall appearance and function of these baby clothes.

Cloud B Nighty Night Owl Sound Machine

Soft Sounds for Sleep

Nap time can get a whole lot easier with this cuddly sound machine that will help soothe the baby to slumberland. With multiple relaxing sounds and melodies, mom will have to be careful, or she’ll be falling asleep as well.

This peaceful animal features four calming white noise sounds. It also plays four melodies that will ease the baby into a peaceful mode and whisk them away to dreamland. The smart sensor detects when a baby needs some extra comfort and turns the owl back on. It runs for 23 to 45 minutes.

Gifts don’t get any cooler than this, and mom will especially appreciate anything that helps her baby sleep.

Community Feedback

These soft, cuddly plush toys with built-in sound machines have become an essential part of my family's bedtime routine. From the bunny and sleep sheep for my niece and nephew to the dragon and unicorn for my own kids, each toy has unique and soothing features that help everyone drift off to sleep. The variety of white noise options, melodies, and auto shut-off timers make it easy to customize the experience for each child. I appreciate the cry-activated sensor that responds to a baby's needs and the fact that they are machine washable. These plush toys are not only adorable, but also practical and versatile, helping to create a comforting and consistent sleep environment for children of all ages. The long-lasting batteries and portable design make them a great addition to any family's bedtime routine.

Spasilk 10-Pack Baby Washcloths

Super Clean Baby

These beautiful but practical washcloths for that long-awaited baby boy are incredibly smooth and soft.

They come in bright colors and pretty assorted patterns and are made of durable cotton and poly fabric. They’re 9 inches square and come in various colors and designs. We especially love the quality of these washcloths, as they lasted us a long time — even well into the solid food stage, where big messes are imminent.

You could even use these washcloths to create a sweet and useful bouquet of washcloth flowers for the new mama.

First-Hand Impression

Best baby washcloths I've ever used! These washcloths are super soft and come in bright colors with adorable patterns, perfect for my little boy. They're made of durable cotton and poly fabric, which has held up well even during the messy solid food stage, and can be used to make a cute and practical gift for new moms.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Gifts

These gifts are great for parents who are keeping the baby’s gender a surprise. They’re essentials for any baby and will last throughout the baby stage.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Rash Kit

Baby Bum Care

Diaper rash discomfort could start as soon as day one, so mommy needs to be ready with relief. This affordable kit contains diaper rash ointments and a diaper cream applicator. The applicator is soft and flexible, made from 100% toxin-free silicone.

Both the ointments and applicator are designed to be gentle on a baby’s bottom and to provide a thick, smooth coverage to protect against diaper rash. Parents will appreciate that it’s mess-free and hassle-free.

User Experience

These small bottles of butt paste have been a lifesaver for my little one's sensitive skin, clearing up diaper rashes quickly. The real standout in this kit, however, is the included spatula. Not only does it make applying the cream much easier, but it also saves me from having to clean the paste from under my nails. While the bottles may be smaller than expected and the spatula has some crevices that are tough to clean, the convenience and effectiveness of this kit is undeniable.

Huggies Natural Unscented Baby Wipes

Happy Changing Time

These wipes are super soft and designed for sensitive skin, which makes them ideal for newborns. This three-pack comes with a resealable closure to keep them fresh at all times.

What’s unique about these wipes is that they’re alcohol-free, fragrance-free, phenoxyethanol-free, and paraben-free. They’re totally safe for babies, which makes for happy moms.

Personal Perspective

These Huggies baby wipes are an excellent value for the price, providing a large amount of wipes for a fraction of the cost compared to other brands. They have a perfect moisture level, making them neither too wet nor too dry, and are soft and gentle on sensitive baby skin. Although labeled as fragrance-free, they have a mild and pleasant "clean" scent that is not overwhelming. The packaging is convenient, with three resealable bags intended as refills for a personal wipe container.

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball Rattle Toy

Captivating Toy

Bendable, grippable, and absolutely captivating, this cute toy will soon become any baby’s favorite. It provides multiple concepts for babies to wonder about. It’s easy to grab, and it features vibrant colors.

Made from BPA-free plastic, it’s safe for babies and easy to wipe clean. You’ll also like the small size, which is ideal for traveling. It’ll easily fit in the diaper bag, and we’re sure both mom and baby will love it. Ours lasted from the early weeks well into the toddler stage and was the source of many fun games.

Community Feedback

Best toy I've ever bought for my baby! This bendable, grippable toy is easy to clean, safe, and provides endless fascination for little ones with its vibrant colors and captivating features. Not only does it fit perfectly in a diaper bag for on-the-go fun, but it also grows with the child, making it a long-lasting and versatile toy for both babies and toddlers.

Summer Infant Health and Grooming Kit

Inclusive Care Kit

This kit features several grooming and health care essentials. It comes with a medicine dispenser, a syringe for proper medication administration, and a nasal aspirator for nasal congestion.

The digital thermometer will come in handy. The same goes for the nail clippers, specially designed for tiny fingers, and the doctor reference card is a handy tool. Other accessories include emery boards, a comb, a brush, and a durable storage case.

First-Hand Impression

Great baby care kit with a few minor drawbacks. I appreciate the soft-bristled brush for my baby's delicate scalp and the compact size of the items, making them easy to carry in a diaper bag. The thermometer is basic but reliable, and the nail clippers work well. However, the medicine syringe and aspirator could use some improvement, as they don't function as effectively as they should.

Playtex Genie Diaper Pail and Refills

Clever Disposal

This is a perfect starter kit for new parents, offering a year’s worth of carbon filters and diaper refills. Mom and dad no longer have to worry about replacements, which will save them tons of money and hassle.

With the ability to control odors, this pail makes changing diapers a little less unpleasant. The pail also comes with a foot pedal that allows hands-free opening.

User Experience

Bought this Diaper Genie after being impressed by older versions, and it has mostly lived up to expectations. It's easy to use and does a fantastic job at concealing smells from disposable diapers. However, when it comes to cloth diapers, there's no convenient place to attach a wet bag, which is a bit of a drawback. On the other hand, this Diaper Genie is very sleek and fits easily in any room. Just be prepared to change the pail more frequently as your baby grows and diaper sizes increase.

Baby Shower Gifts for Mom

Some of the most appreciated baby shower gifts are the gifts that acknowledge the mother. In all the excitement of a new baby, it’s easy for a mom to begin to feel overlooked. Let her know you see her with a gift just for her.

Amazon.com Gift Card

The Gift of Choice

How about you give her something she can use however she wants? An Amazon gift card could go a long way, as she’ll get free deliveries whenever she shops at the site. She’ll also receive exclusive deals and offers, and it’s redeemable towards tons of items at Amazon.

I received this for a baby shower gift, and saying it was super helpful would be an understatement. It comes in a cute gift bag, so no worries about throwing it in a boring envelope.

Personal Perspective

Love how this gift card comes in a cute, spacious bag that even allowed me to add a pair of earrings alongside the card. The presentation is perfect for various occasions like weddings, graduations, and housewarmings. Plus, the pop-up feature when opening the bag adds a delightful touch that my mom absolutely adored for her birthday.

Yinuo Light 4-Pack Scented Candles

Stress Relief

When the baby arrives, mom will be all over the place, caring for her newborn. She needs her own time and deserves a treat to help her relax. These uniquely designed scented candles come in a pack of four different fragrances.

She’ll get four soy wax candles scented with lemon, lavender, spring scents, and Mediterranean fig. They give off a pleasant and peaceful scent that will ease her mind and help her feel relaxed even amid chaos.

Community Feedback

Got these lovely candles recently, and I must say, they really impressed me with their great scent and beautiful packaging. The variety of awesome scents provided a unique experience with each burning session, making my home smell amazing. These candles also came with helpful instructions to ensure a proper burn. I found them to be an attractive and thoughtful gift option for occasions like birthdays and Mother's Day.

First Milestone Wine Stickers

Wine for Mommy

This unique gift is always a hit! But be warned, everyone will want to know where you got these. They are funny, creative, and something mommy will definitely like.

These might seem meager, but they’ll possibly be one of those memorable gifts that’ll always bring a smile to her face.

The six decorative sticker wine labels feature cutesy inscriptions such as “Mommy’s first meltdown” and “Mom’s first public tantrum.” They’re waterproof, durable, and easy to stick on the bottles. Get her some bottles of her favorite wine, label them, and voila!

First-Hand Impression

Great gift idea for new moms, these wine bottle labels are both funny and creative. I personally enjoyed the amusing phrases like "Mommy's first meltdown" and "Mom's first public tantrum." These waterproof and durable labels were easy to apply to my friend's favorite wine bottles, truly making her smile. This unique present is sure to be a hit and a memorable addition to any mom's wine collection.

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

Cozy Days and Restful Nights

Pregnancy is no easy journey, especially during the last trimester. Sleeping becomes a rare commodity, and most moms-to-be toss and turn before they can get into a comfortable position.

How about you help ease her days with this giant pregnancy pillow? It serves multiple purposes and adapts to the belly, so sleeping gets easier, as does watching TV and reading her favorite book.

User Experience

I'm really impressed with this pregnancy pillow, as it has become a crucial part of my nighttime routine. At first, I didn't realize there was a specific end for my head and feet, but once I figured it out, it truly made a difference in my comfort. The pillow is soft, versatile, and maintains its firmness even after months of use. While it's not perfect for every sleeping position, especially when rolling from side to side, it still does a great job providing support. I even find myself using it for extra comfort while watching TV or propping myself up in bed.

HaloVa Multifunctional Travel Bag

Stylish Diaper Bag

This bag is so stylish that no one will know mom’s carrying diapers and bottles. It’s fashionable, large, and waterproof — no need to worry about milk spills.

Mom can travel in style, and there are so many colors to pick from as well. The bag features insulated pockets, a wet clothes pocket, and more. There’s even a tissue dispenser on the outside of this bag, so it’s easy to grab one when you need it.

Personal Perspective

After purchasing this diaper bag, I noticed that it has a great design with numerous pockets for organization, and it stands up straight even when empty. The heavy-duty zipper feels more durable, but it tends to stick and requires extra effort to close. Despite the color being slightly darker than advertised, the bag is still cute, functional, and practical for everyday use.

Books to Give as Baby Shower Gifts

Who says moms don’t have time to read? We’ve got books for babies and a collection of unique reads that mom will surely appreciate.

Lamaze Peek-a-Boo Forest

Best Book for Baby

Brightly colored, super soft, and safe for little hands and mouths, this cloth book is an incredible baby shower gift. Parents will read this book to their baby and help create a bond with them.

The colors will catch and hold the baby’s attention, and the touch-and-feel textures will stimulate sensory skills. It’s also educational, so the child can start learning early while enhancing their imagination and communication skills. Lift the flaps to see what’s hiding and learn about object permanence, or crunch the crinkly fabric for a sensory experience.

A plastic link lets you take the book anywhere, clipping it to the car seat, diaper bag, or stroller. Or you can clip your baby’s favorite toy onto the book to double the fun.

Community Feedback

If you're looking for a colorful and engaging book for your little one, this crinkly flap book is a fun option. My baby enjoyed the bright colors and the crinkly sound each page made as they played with the fold-down flaps. The clip ring is a nice touch to attach the book to strollers and car seats for on-the-go entertainment. However, I found that the color contrast could be better to attract babies' attention and the flaps didn't stay closed well for peeking games.

Honey Badger Coloring: A Sweary Coloring Book

Best Coloring Book for Mama

I received this book from a friend, and it’s so hilarious that I absolutely loved it. Swearing out loud is no longer appropriate because my little mockingbirds will definitely copy me, so this serves as an escape.

The book is full of sweary sayings for moms, and it’s mighty colorful. It comes in a silky-matte finish with high-quality paper stock, so your colors won’t bleed. It’s also perfect for all coloring and paint mediums. Add a quality pack of pencil crayons so she can get started right away.

First-Hand Impression

From the moment I received this hilarious book as a gift, I knew it was the perfect escape for moms like me, who can't swear out loud around our little ones. The book is filled with amusing, colorful, and sweary sayings that provide a much-needed release. I appreciate the silky-matte finish and high-quality paper, which prevent colors from bleeding and work well with all coloring and paint mediums. Pairing it with a nice set of pencil crayons would make a fantastic gift for any mom in need of a creative and humorous outlet.

Baby 411: Answers and Advice

Happy Baby, Happy Mommy

A guide for new parents, which covers some of the most helpful topics that range from health to sleep and nutrition. The parents-to-be will get answers to most of the questions they’ll have during the first year of their baby’s life.

They’ll discover the solutions to a fussy baby and when to call a pediatrician. This might be one of the most useful baby shower gifts they receive.

User Experience

Great for new parents, this book has been a reliable and informative resource in our household. I appreciate the evidence-based advice and easy-to-navigate format, which has helped alleviate my anxiety and confusion on various topics. While some sections may not be relevant to everyone, it's still a valuable addition to any parenting library.

Pearhead Baby Memory Book

Memories to Cherish

Every parent wants to record their baby’s milestones, so why not give them something to do that with? This journal features acid-free pages. The new parents can collect cherishable memories from pregnancy through the first five years of their baby’s life.

With the book comes a clean-touch ink pad that will help display the baby’s tiny handprint or footprint on the cover. The book features several sections, from baby shower details to the baby’s introduction to an about mommy section, about daddy, family tree, and more.

Personal Perspective

I've recently purchased this baby book and found it to be a delightful way to document my child's milestones. The vibrant colors and guided pages make it easy to organize and keep track of their progress, while also providing some space for personalization. I appreciate the inclusion of a mess-free ink pad for adding a footprint to the cover, making it even more special. Although the packaging could use some improvement, the book itself is a wonderful keepsake for any growing family.

The Inappropriate Baby Book

Surprising Gift

Most keepsake books come with first milestones or first footsteps, but not this one. This one features some of the most hilarious things a child is going to laugh over when they grow up.

This book is totally unique and features things like “The first person you peed on was…” and other funny, inappropriate things. It’s adorable and downright embarrassing but definitely worth it. No sugar-coating anything here.

Community Feedback

Great gift for new parents with a sense of humor, this book captures the funny and sometimes embarrassing moments of a baby's first year. I personally found it entertaining to fill out the various prompts, such as "The first person you peed on was" and "The first item you got stuck up your nose was." Although the book is relatively small and has some spelling errors, the content and concept make it a fun keepsake for parents to look back on and share with their child in the future. Just be sure the recipient has a good sense of humor to truly appreciate this unique memory book.

Personalized Baby Shower Gifts

Personalized items are always special to kids and parents alike. As the baby ages, they’ll be excited to see their name in print on these cool items.

Personalized Baby Board Book

Just for Baby

This book is customized for every child, and all earth’s creatures will be ready to welcome them to the world. How thrilled will the child be when they see their name all over their book?

This will make a unique, special, and meaningful gift for both parents and child and will be one of those amazing keepsakes. You can even have a dedicated page customized with the sender’s name.

First-Hand Impression

I've recently purchased this personalized book for a baby shower gift and couldn't be happier with the result. The book features all the important birth details, along with an option to add a photo on the first page, making it extra special. The thick pages are easy for little hands to turn, and the bright, colorful illustrations on each page are captivating. My favorite aspect of the book is how personal it feels as it includes the child's name and dates. However, I would advise against adding the embroidered blanket option as it is disappointingly small and not worth the extra cost.

Rapunzie Custom Baseball Jersey Bodysuit

Sporty and Stylish

A personalized bodysuit is an excellent gift for sporty families, and it features a name and number at the back. The lettering is made with safe vinyl, and the front features a stitched baseball pattern.

Mom and dad will be thrilled to go to the match with an all-dressed baby, ready for the game. It’s made with soft cotton and comes with three snap-button closures for easy diaper changes.

User Experience

I recently purchased this personalized onesie as a unique gift for a new baby, and I was very impressed with the softness of the material and the quality of the text. As a baseball fanatic, I found it to be the cutest onesie ever, fitting true to size and making a perfect match with jerseys for the whole family. The vibrant print and great quality made it a special present for my friend's baby, who looked adorable in it. Even though I ordered it just days before the birthday, the delivery was surprisingly fast.

Custom Catch Large Personalized Baby Blanket

Personalized Comfort

This blanket makes for a thoughtful, elegant, and absolutely luxurious baby shower gift. The bunny scroll is super cute, and you can have the baby’s name and birthdate inscribed. It’s ideal for use while celebrating a newborn’s arrival or christening or for photo shoots or other occasions.

It comes in your choice of two colors and has a wide satin border around the soft fleece blanket. It’s lightweight yet warm enough to use all year round.

Personal Perspective

I've been using this blanket for over 2 years now and I couldn't be happier with its quality, workmanship, and durability. The satin binding has remained intact and the fleece fabric is still in great condition. One of the best features is its size, which is wider than most baby blankets, allowing it to comfortably cover my growing toddler. Although it's a single layer of fleece, it provides adequate warmth. The personalized part isn't scratchy at all, ensuring no discomfort for my child.

Personalized Baby Spoons

Safe First Bite

Beautiful and hand stamped with the baby’s name, these spoons will make baby’s first bite memorable. They make a sweet baby shower gift that mom will truly love.

They come in a set of four spoons with different colors. The best feature about these spoons is that they’re heat sensitive. This means that the top turns white if the food is too hot for the baby.

Community Feedback

These personalized baby spoons make a charming and thoughtful baby shower gift. I gifted one to my great-grandson, and the engraving turned out beautifully. The silicone tip is gentle on the gums, although it may discolor with certain foods. The quality and presentation exceeded my expectations, making it a lovely keepsake for years to come.

Baby Handprint and Footprint Newborn Kit

Sweet Keepsake

Parents have always loved capturing their babies’ tiny handprints and footprints. That’s why this will pass as a great gift for your next baby shower party.

The kit comes with air dry clay, a hole punch, ribbons, a stand, a stencil, and even a gift box. With all these accessories, the parents can customize and personalize the perfect keepsake and add their baby’s name and birth date.

First-Hand Impression

For those looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use keepsake kit, this product was a pleasant surprise. I used it for my two elderly dogs' paw prints, and the clay-like material was simple to mold and captured the prints perfectly. However, I discovered that it needs to dry for at least 72 hours, and hanging it prematurely caused the hole to stretch and break - something that should be mentioned in the instructions. The final product felt more like thick craft foam rather than the expected ceramic-like consistency, but it was still durable and lightweight. The included letters and numbers were easy to press and came out looking great.

Funny Baby Shower Gifts

Do you want your gift to stand out at the baby shower and create a little humor? These memorable but practical gifts will get mom and the other guests laughing.

Twin Set Unisex Baby Bibs

Best Baby Shower Gift for Twins

If you’d like to gift something funny for a mom expecting twins, these bibs might be perfect. With a cute design that says “drinking buddies” and a milk bottle right above it, there’s nothing not to love.

Drools and spills on baby’s clothes will be a thing of the past. The bibs feature a strong, nickel-free snap closure design that makes them easy to put on and take off.

User Experience

Definitely a unique and adorable gift, these bibs were perfect for announcing my pregnancy to close friends who recently had a baby. I couldn't wait to see both babies in the matching bibs, and everyone found them to be a fun and creative idea. The quality is great, and they were perfect for my twin nephews as a Christmas gift too. These bibs were also a hit for my great-grandbaby twin boys in the Netherlands. The baby shower was filled with laughter when these bibs were unveiled, and my friend's daughter absolutely loves them.

Funny Pregnant Mom-to-Be Mug

Unusual Gift

I got this funny gift for my friend’s baby shower, and everyone marveled at it. It’s cute and functional, and the oversized mug looks just as pregnant as mom will. There is a high chance this will be the hit of the baby shower event.

The high-quality ceramic mug feels quite comfortable and soothing to hold. It’s microwave- and dishwasher-safe, which is a bonus! It comes with a beautiful coaster and arrives in a colorful box, perfect for gifting.

Personal Perspective

As a thoughtful gift for my pregnant relatives, this adorable mug and coaster set truly brought smiles to their faces. The cute design is charming and adds a fun touch to their morning coffee routine, although the sculpted details may not be suitable for all office environments. I personally appreciated the added bonus of the little coaster, which completed the set nicely. Despite some minor shipping issues, the overall quality of the item made it a delightful and memorable present.

June Garden Plush Baby Dumbbell Rattle

Fitness for Baby

Fitness fanatics will love this dumbbell rattle toy for their baby. People will marvel when they see the tiny baby working out. OK, maybe not, but it’s still cute, right?

The rattling sound and overall look of the dumbbell will pique even a laid-back baby’s curiosity. They might just make it their favorite plaything. It’s soft, toxin-free, and safe for babies to chew on.

Community Feedback

In my experience, this product is both smaller and softer than anticipated, making it perfect for little ones. The soft, cuddly nature of this item has been a hit with my grandson, and it seems to be a great gift for babies due to its bright colors and appropriate size. Although there was an issue with upside-down writing on the first one I received, the replacement was quickly provided and met my expectations.

Yayacone Cute Baby Pacifiers

Adorably Funny

These pacifiers will make people do a double take when they look at the baby because they are utterly confusing. Is that baby wearing lipstick? It’s just an adorable pacifier with cute, kissable lips — or a mustache or lengthy fangs.

Choose from multiple packs with different funny designs. The pacifiers are made from FDA-approved food-grade silicone and are OK for babies. The nipple is well-shaped for babies and toddlers too.

First-Hand Impression

For a fun and amusing twist on baby pacifiers, these pacifiers definitely catch people's attention and bring smiles to their faces. The mustache design, in particular, was a hit for both boys and girls, adding humor to any situation. The pacifiers themselves are made of a soft, rubbery texture, ensuring that they aren't cheaply made or uncomfortable for the baby. However, some babies may find the pacifiers a bit heavy to hold in their mouths, and others might be pickier about the nipple shapes. Nonetheless, these pacifiers are great for photo opportunities and make for a unique gift, even if the baby isn't a big fan of using them.

That’s So Cute Onesie By Threadrock

Cutest Onesie Design

Jokes aside, are moms really in charge? Your baby begs to differ with this cute onesie. It’s unisex and will look adorable on the little one.

It comes in multiple sizes and several colors. This onesie is made from soft cotton material and features three snap closures.

User Experience

I've purchased these adorable bodysuits for my soon-to-arrive great-granddaughter, and I must say the quality and colors are true to the pictures. I opted for a bigger size to accommodate her growth during the cooler months, though I can't comment on the exact fit just yet. These onesies have cute statements that my family absolutely loves, and they reportedly wash up nicely with no noticeable shrinkage.

Inexpensive Baby Shower Gifts

We know what it’s like to be on a budget. You want to be generous and help out a new mom, but baby gifts can get expensive. We’ve found a range of gift-worthy products that moms are sure to appreciate. And no one has to know they didn’t cost a fortune.

OccoBaby 3-Piece Baby Wooden Combs

Best Baby Hair Care Gift

These hair brushes will pass as a thoughtful and practical gift that mommy will surely appreciate — especially if their baby is born with a luscious head of hair. The pack includes a natural goat-hair brush that helps prevent cradle cap and a wooden comb that will work out knots and tangles.

The wooden brush has soft bristles to detangle the hair while massaging and stimulating the scalp. This will not only increase circulation but relax the baby as well. You’ll definitely love how it comes ready-packed in an elegant gift box.

Personal Perspective

These hair brushes are a thoughtful and practical gift that any new mom would appreciate, especially if their baby has a full head of hair. The pack includes a natural goat-hair brush that helps prevent cradle cap and a wooden comb that effectively works out knots and tangles. The wooden brush has soft bristles that gently detangle hair while massaging and stimulating the scalp. Not only does this increase circulation, but it also relaxes the baby. I personally loved how these brushes come ready-packed in an elegant gift box, making it a perfect present for expecting mothers.

Pearhead Triple Sonogram Keepsake Frame

Treasured Memories

These frames are perfect for ultrasound photos, first-day photos, and even first-year memories. It comes with elegant texts within the frame, making it an excellent addition to a baby’s nursery.

It’s a triple-photo, free-standing frame designed with hinges that make it easy to position. The new parents can display some of the most precious moments of their baby’s first year with style.

Community Feedback

My experience with these photo books has been delightful, as they provide a convenient space for ultrasound pictures on the front and easy-to-use pockets for additional photos. The book's design is adorable and offers ample room to fill out personal memories and milestones, which my daughters have already begun to do. I gifted one to my son and daughter-in-law for Easter, and they found it to be a cute way to remember their baby's growth. The size is just right - not too big, but not too small - making it a practical keepsake for busy parents.

Burt’s Bees Skin Care Set

Best Baby Care Products

Mama needs to take gentle care of her baby’s skin, and using Burt’s Bees products is a good way to do it. This super gift set includes a nourishing lotion, shampoo and baby wash, cream-to-powder diaper rash formula, baby oil, and buttermilk soap.

These products are all-natural, formulated without parabens or petrolatum, and will protect a baby’s skin from irritation. Baby will feel pampered, and mommy will be happy.

First-Hand Impression

I'm pleased with my recent purchase of Burt's Bees Baby products, as they have been gentle on my child's sensitive skin. The wash has a mild scent and doesn't cause any irritation, while the lotions included in the box have been helpful in addressing occasional eczema. I've also tried Dr. Bronner's mild baby wash and found it to be a great alternative. However, I wasn't too fond of the soap as it seemed harsh and caused my little one to cry during face washing, so I would recommend using it only for hands, feet, and body.

Baby Socks Gift Set

Cute Quotes

Four pairs of super lovable socks with adorable quotes are included in this pack. If you’re a bit short of cash but still want to give something memorable as a baby shower gift, you’ve got it right here.

Made of combed cotton and spandex, these are soft, stretchable, and perfect for those tiny feet. The unique quotes, like “Don’t make me cry” and “Bring me some milk,” are simply too cheeky, and they’ll leave a smile on everyone’s face.

User Experience

As a recent purchaser of this gift, I found it to be exactly as described and a great value for the price. I've seen these footies on a friend's baby and they looked adorable, which led me to buy them for my own little one. In my personal experience, the footies were pretty and cute, but the quality wasn't quite what I expected. Nonetheless, my friend who received these as a gift absolutely loved them. I've even recommended them to others because they make a nice present.

Johnson’s Sleepy Time Gift Set

Soothing Aromas

You know how frustrating it gets when all you want to do is catch some sleep but your baby is wide awake? This set will be well-received, as putting the baby to sleep should get so much easier.

The set comes with a full-sized baby bath, baby shampoo, and baby lotion, all containing relaxing and calming aromas. The products are hypoallergenic and pediatrician-tested. Furthermore, the set comes in a reusable caddy with a handle.

Personal Perspective

These all-in-one products are perfect for moms with babies and toddlers, especially during bath time to help prepare the little ones for a good night's sleep. The scent is not overpowering, but rather adds a touch of freshness that relaxes and soothes the child, making it ideal for those who appreciate pleasant baby fragrances. This product is not only gentle on sensitive skin but also makes an excellent gift for expecting families. I have used it on my granddaughters in the past, and now my great-granddaughter enjoys the calming effects and delightful smell as well.

Bee Inspired Baby Oil

Baby Luxury

This gentle blend of plant-based massage oils from Bee Inspired is 90% organic, vegan-friendly, and gentle on even the most sensitive skin. With Bulgarian lavender comes soothing relaxation that will have baby (and mama!) off to sleep in no time.

As a bonus, the gift comes with baby massage instructions written by professional massage therapists, making this a perfect massage teaching gift for first-time moms.

Baby Shower Gift Baskets

What’s better than a basket full of gifts? These handy and creative gift baskets offer plenty of reasons to make a new mom smile.

Aveeno Baby and Mommy Essentials

Skin Care Galore

This baby shower gift offers the best of both worlds with products for both baby and mommy. It comes with four calming items that will nourish the baby and leave the mom feeling pampered all day.

The set includes stress-relief body wash for mom, calming comfort bath soap and a gentle shampoo and body wash for baby, and a soothing skin lotion that mom and baby can share. It all comes in a wicker basket that would be easy to reuse in the nursery.

First-Hand Impression

As a parent with sensitive skin, I was eager to try this Aveeno baby bundle. I appreciate the variety of products included, particularly the lotion, which has no scent and isn't greasy. While the oat-scented items are great, I was disappointed with the stress relief body wash, as its lavender scent reminded me of a cheap candle. On a positive note, the lavender body wash for adults was perfect and cooling. This bundle, presented in a convenient little basket, has been helpful in keeping our bathroom organized and would make a fantastic baby shower gift.

Nikki's Gift Baskets Deluxe Baby Blossom

A Bouquet of Treasures

You can spread the love by helping the parents welcome their little munchkin with this beautiful gift basket.

It’s designed to mimic a pot of flowers and comes in beautiful shades of blue or pink. The basket includes a variety of items, from pants to T-shirts and bibs. All items are made from 100% cotton and are safe for babies and easy to wash.

User Experience

I've recently purchased this baby clothing flower bouquet as a gift, and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, the concept is adorable with each "flower" representing a different article of clothing. The new mom I gifted it to was delighted by the unique presentation and the assortment of clothes for her baby girl. However, the bouquet I received didn't quite match the photo and included different colors than those shown. Also, the packaging seemed a bit sloppy, making it difficult to unwrap and appreciate the flower-like appearance.

Maliton Diaper Caddy with Organizer

DIY Gift Basket

This unique basket includes a strong fabric interior organizer, making it easy to stuff the caddy with a wide range of baby essentials. We’ve filled this tote with diapers, swaddle blankets, baby clothes, bath products, baby toys, and much more to make the perfect gift basket for any new mom.

Mom will appreciate whatever you fill it with, but she’ll especially love that she can reuse this stylish carry-all for a variety of purposes. It makes a great toy basket, changing station, feeding station, etc. The strong woven handles make it easy to cart it anywhere. Use it at home, at the beach, in the car, or anywhere you need to stash those essential baby items.

Choose from a variety of colors and two large sizes.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased this unique basket and I was amazed at its versatility and strong fabric interior organizer. Filling it with diapers, swaddle blankets, baby clothes, bath products, and baby toys, it became the perfect gift for a new mom. She loved that she could reuse it as a stylish carry-all for various purposes such as a toy basket, changing station, or feeding station. The strong woven handles allowed for easy transportation, whether at home, the beach, or in the car. With a variety of colors and two large sizes to choose from, this basket exceeded my expectations and proved to be quite the handy accessory.

Tickle & Main Twin Gift Set

Two by Two

The matching stuffies in this kit have rattles inside for some extra fun. They’re also ultra sweet, soft, and gender-neutral, making them great for any set of twins.

The keepsake storybook includes sweet images of elephant twins. Babies will be thrilled to see their stuffies in action in the story, which discusses the unique relationship between twins. The book is sure to be treasured for years.

Although this isn’t a “basket” on its own, we love using this sweet gift set as the starting point for a twin gift basket. We usually throw in a couple of swaddle blankets, some socks, and an outfit or two for each baby, making it the perfect all-inclusive gift for any twin mom.

Community Feedback

I recently purchased this adorable book and elephant set for a friend's twin girls, and they absolutely loved it. The story is charming and the plush elephants are soft and just the right size for their little hands. These cute elephants turned out to be a bit smaller than I expected, but that didn't take away from their appeal. My friend was delighted with this thoughtful gift, and I'm glad I found something that her twins can cherish forever.

Unicorn Theme Baby Shower Gift Set

Sweet Set

This sweet, unicorn-themed gift set for the newborn comes with blankets, washcloths, and bibs. The unicorn toy will be a friendly buddy for the baby, and the soft blankie will be a great addition.

Your creativity in wrapping gifts won’t be tested with this set as it comes pre-wrapped. This is particularly helpful for busy moms.

First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased this baby shower gift set and was pleasantly surprised by its adorable elephant design and convenient packaging. The soft materials and cute mesh bag added a nice touch, although the basket's nylon material was not quite what I expected. Despite its smaller size and some minor adjustments needed for presentation, this gift received lots of "oohs" and "ahhs" and left the parents-to-be delighted.

DIY Baby Shower Gifts

A baby shower is one of the best opportunities to pull out your crafty skills and create the perfect gift. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a homemade gift from the heart?

DIY Toy Crates

Attractive Storage

You can do many things with a wood crate, but this is hands down one of the best. Chances are, the newborn will receive toys, and the parents will buy even more, so storage is simply a must-have.

This gift doesn’t require you to be particularly crafty; you just need to be able to throw some paint on a wood crate. Add embellishments as you desire. You can even use stickers or stencils to add the baby’s name, birth details, or any decorative touches you desire.

This is a personalized gift that the recipients will always remember you for.

User Experience

Best purchase I've made for storage and personalization! I recently bought one of these wood crates and found it perfect for storing the growing collection of toys for my newborn. It was easy to add a personal touch by painting and adding embellishments like stickers and stencils with the baby's name and birth details. This wood crate has become a memorable and practical gift that will always remind us of this special time in our lives.

Knitted Moccasin Booties

Lovable Footwear

Knitting may be an art but worry not; these instructions are clear, even for beginners. However, it’ll help if you have some basic knitting skills.

These booties are simply too adorable not to try out, and who knows, you might learn that you actually enjoy this craft. These were made for a boy, but if you have a baby shower for a girl or twins, you can make them accordingly.

DIY Baby Mittens

Lovable Handwear

These hand-stitched mittens are just what mommy needs to keep her little bundle of joy toasty and warm. The directions state they’re best for 6-month-olds and up, but some instructions are also given for making smaller mittens.

You only need some fabric and a few accessories to make it happen. No more baby scratches with these simple yet personalized mittens.

DIY Colorful Binky Clips

Save the Binky!

The main problem with pacifiers is how much babies drop them. This is certainly a handy way to keep them clean and healthy.

Binky clips are tiny but useful, so this easy craft will be perceived as a thoughtful gift. They’re quite simple to sew, and you can make several in different patterns using just small pieces of leftover fabrics.

DIY Quote Frame

Pretty Printable

Parents want their kids to know they can be anything they want, right? Well, this frame will be a good reminder. You don’t necessarily have to print this, as you can easily draw and personalize one of your own.

It features a pretty, smiley cloud that has stars hanging down. The stars are beautiful and quite easy to attach. Once you’re done, put it in a frame of your choice, and voila, you have a standalone gift. Or add it to a selection of other items to personalize a gift set for the new mama.

User Experience

I've recently used this adorable frame as a gift for a new mom and found it to be a perfect reminder for kids that they can achieve anything. The cute, smiling cloud design with hanging stars was not only visually appealing but also easy to put together. Personalizing the frame with my own touch was a fun and creative process.

How to Choose the Best Baby Shower Gift

In our search for the best baby shower gifts, we’ve learned to recognize what features make a gift stand out. These are some things to keep in mind.


The best place to start is by asking the new mom if she has a registry and if she knows (and is sharing) her baby’s gender ( source). This will simplify the shopping process.

If you’re purchasing clothing, consider the season in relation to the clothing’s size. If you buy winter newborn clothes during the summer, the baby will simply never wear them; the same goes for summer clothes in winter.

Diapers are always a necessity, and it can really help a new parent out if you ease some of that burden. But don’t just wrap up a box of Huggies and call it a day. There are many ways to make a gift of diapers more interesting ( source).


Baby clothes are a go-to gift for many busy baby shower attendees. There’s nothing wrong with buying baby clothes, but if you want your gift to stand out, look outside the outfit. There are many unique gift options, such as a pregnancy journal, baby camping chair, sound machine, or personalized item with the baby’s name on it.

If you want to go with clothing or other more popular gift items, make it stand out. Look for clothing with funny quotes, a quilt with the family’s favorite sports team featured on it, a funny-face pacifier, or a soft towel shaped like an animal.


I always appreciate a gift that will last, but babies grow and change so quickly. If you want a gift that will stick around for more than a few weeks, look for toys made with durable materials that serve multiple purposes, good-sized quality blankets, clothing that’s larger than newborn-sized, or bottles that convert into sippy cups as the baby gets older.


Keepsakes make some of the most treasured baby gifts. Look for personalized items, such as an embroidered blanket, a book incorporating the baby’s name, an engraved baby spoon, or a gift featuring the baby’s handprint or footprint.

If you’re close to the family, include a handwritten letter for the baby to be read to them when they’re older or a letter to the mom offering your love and encouragement.


A gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be special. Some of our most treasured or useful baby shower gifts were inexpensive. Look for baby care items that go above and beyond, like a bath product that incorporates lavender for better sleep or a popular read-together baby book.

If you’re crafty, try making your baby shower gift for a unique and personal touch any new mom will appreciate.

Not Just for Baby

All else considered, don’t forget about mom. Months of waiting for the baby to arrive won’t have been easy for her. She’s going through physical, mental, and emotional changes and deserves to be indulged.

You could get her something that will make her feel good, pampered, and proud of what she has accomplished.

Consider a gift for dad too. They often get left out of the baby shower gift loop, and a gift will honor them during this new stage in their life.


What Should Grandparents Buy For a Baby Shower?

Grandparents might choose meaningful or practical baby shower gifts such as a family heirloom, high-quality baby gear, a saving or more frequently bond for the child’s future, or something hand-made like a quilt or knitted outfit.

What Can You Put In a Baby Shower Gift Basket?

In a baby shower gift basket, include items like baby clothes, blankets, bibs, bath products, soft toys, books, and diapers. Tailor the basket to the parents’ preferences and needs.

Should You Get a Card For a Baby Shower?

A card is a nice addition to a baby shower gift, offering a personal touch and space to write your congratulations and well wishes to the parents-to-be.

Does the Hostess of a Baby Shower Buy a Gift?

The hostess of a baby shower typically buys a gift, just like other guests. The gift can be anything from something small and thoughtful to coordinating with other guests for a larger gift.

Do People Usually Give Money At Baby Showers?

Giving money at baby showers is less common but acceptable, especially if the parents have set up a baby registry or fund where monetary gifts are welcomed.

Can You Bring Alcohol to a Baby Shower?

Whether to bring alcohol to a baby shower depends on the host’s preferences and the event’s nature. It’s more common at co-ed showers or when there’s a celebration aspect, but always check with the host first.

Do You Wrap Baby Shower Gifts?

Yes, wrapping baby shower gifts is customary to add to the festive feel of the event. Choose a wrap that’s cheerful and appropriate for the occasion.

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