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10 Best Baby Mittens You Can Buy of 2024

Prevent nasty scratches and keep those fingers toasty.

Did you know that 90% of baby mitts don’t stay in place, leaving your baby with scratches on their face and body or frozen little fingers? Although I just made that statistic up, it certainly felt true of all the mitts I tried for my first baby and those my friends have complained about.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are companies who genuinely care about your baby’s precious skin and are committed to keeping their tiny nails secured in a safe environment — and we’ve made it our goal to find them all!

We’ll share our discoveries with you so you can buy the best baby mitts that actually stay on and keep your baby from looking like a miniature version of Edward Scissorhands.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Crummy Bunny
Best Non-Slip
Crummy Bunny
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Extra-roomy design
  • Very safe and durable
Product Image of the Nuby Soothing Teething
Best for Teething
Nuby Soothing Teething
  • Soft silicone teething surfaces
  • Comes with a hygienic travel bag
  • BPA free
Product Image of the Goumimitts Scratch Free
Best Unisex Mittens
Goumimitts Scratch Free
  • Scratch free
  • Organic, soft, and natural
  • Two-part closure system
Product Image of the Jan & Jul Winter Mitts
Best Classic Knitted
Jan & Jul Winter Mitts
  • Provides great coverage
  • Premium quality stretchy knit
  • Soft, cuddly sherpa fleece lining
Product Image of the N'Ice Caps Pilot
Best Mitten & Hat Set
N'Ice Caps Pilot
  • Warm and a little water resistant
  • Soft and fuzzy fleece lining
  • Time-tested design
Product Image of the SnowStoppers Kids
Best Waterproof Mittens
SnowStoppers Kids
  • Patented snowstopper sleeve
  • Fully waterproof drypel liner
  • Tough-grip palms
Product Image of the MarJunSep Winter
Best for Winter
MarJunSep Winter
  • 100% organic cotton gloves
  • Dye-free fabric
  • Great value for money
Product Image of the N'Ice Caps Magic Stretch
Best with Thumbs
N'Ice Caps Magic Stretch
  • Magic stretch-knit materials
  • Designed with ribbed cuffs
  • Naturally warm
Product Image of the Gerber Baby Boys'
Best for Boys
Gerber Baby Boys'
  • Pull-on closure
  • Machine washable
  • 100% cotton
Product Image of the Hudson Baby
Best for Girls
Hudson Baby
  • Optimal for everyday use
  • Affordable
  • Made with superior fabrics

The Best Baby Mittens of 2024

Here are our favorite anti-scratch mittens for babies.

Crummy Bunny Baby Mittens

Don't Fall Off

It’s no secret that the mittens you put on your baby could potentially fall off. However, these lightweight mitts have a longer-than-average soft elastic cuff, which prevents slippage, however much your little one wiggles.

They’re roomy, so you won’t have to worry about sweaty fingers or hand movements being constricted.

Two sizes are available, fitting babies from birth up to six months old. The bigger size could benefit babies with eczema or other skin conditions where you want to keep them from deliberately scratching.

And if you register your purchase with the manufacturer, you get a lifetime warranty. If you lose a mitten or it gets damaged, they’ll replace it for free!

User Experience

My experience with these baby gloves has been nothing short of amazing. As a parent of a 9-month-old with eczema, I was desperate to find gloves that would stay on at night to prevent him from scratching and causing further damage to his skin. These gloves exceeded my expectations, fitting snugly yet comfortably on my baby's hands and staying put throughout the night. The soft, stretchy material allows for easy movement of his fingers, and they hold up well after multiple washes (just remember to air dry them to prevent shrinking). While they may be a bit pricey, these gloves are worth every penny for the comfort and protection they provide for my little one.

Nuby Soothing Teething Mittens

Best for Teething Babies

Teething is part of growing up; however, it can be a rough time for babies and parents. Babies will often become extra fussy when those first buds are coming through.

Here’s a product I wish I had known about earlier. This mitten comes with a built-in teether. It’s revolutionary! It looks like a regular mitten but has a soft silicone top that a baby can gnaw on.

Some babies begin teething earlier than others (my little one was only two months old). A teether is great at soothing itchy gums. However, younger babies may have difficulty holding on to an object. This teething mitten can fix that problem and help your baby self-soothe.

Personal Perspective

Love how this teething mitten is perfect for babies who like to chew on their hands for relief. The adjustable Velcro strap and the fact that it doesn't need to be held make it super convenient, ensuring it doesn't fall or get thrown away. The crinkling sound feature adds a fun interactive element for the baby. While it might be a bit bulky for some babies, it works great for others, especially when placed in the fridge for extra cooling comfort. Just be aware that it might take some time to dry after cleaning, so having a backup or washing it at night is a good idea.

Goumimitts Scratch Free Mittens

Best Unisex Mittens

If you want a mitten that will stay on your baby, this is an excellent option.

These unisex mittens are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns. They have a Velcro closure around the wrist, and parents swear they stay put, even on the wiggiest babies.

The fabric is a breathable mix of bamboo and cotton, so you won’t have to worry about sweaty hands. You can adjust the mittens to fit your baby as they grow, with up to three months of growth in each size.

Community Feedback

I recently purchased these baby mittens and have been extremely pleased with their soft material and adjustable Velcro straps. Unlike other mittens we've tried, these stay on securely and provide room for my baby's hands to move and grasp, which is important for motor development. The flip pocket on the mittens offers a high contrast pattern, stimulating my baby's visual engagement and promoting eye sight development. However, I did find the elastic wristband to be a bit tight and challenging to put on without causing discomfort.

Jan & Jul Baby Winter Mittens

Best Classic Knitted Mitten

Is there anything as classic as knitted mittens? My mother decided to make a pair for my first baby. Four years later, she finished — just in time for my second baby.

If you prefer to buy your mittens rather than wait so long, these knitted mittens are adorable. You can purchase them in a variety of sweet colors or with a cute beanie hat to match.

The sherpa-fleece lining keeps your baby’s fingers extra toasty. They come in one size that fits up to 9 months, so they should last throughout the winter.

First-Hand Impression

After receiving this winter hat, I can say it's perfect for my 4-year-old daughter. The quality is fabulous with fur lining on the inside, making it warm and cozy. It covers her ears and cheeks, while the soft ties ensure it stays in place without irritating her skin. The hat is not only adorable with its pom pom ears, but also has a great stretch, allowing it to grow with her. I've washed it once and it held up well, but time will tell if it remains durable after multiple uses.

N'Ice Caps Pilot Hat and Mitten Set

Best Mitten and Hat Set

If you want your baby’s hands and head to stay warm and snug in cold weather, this set may be just what you need. It comes in several vibrant color options and various sizes.

The mittens are lined with plush sherpa, which will keep tiny fingers cozy, and they’re fitted with elastic to keep them from slipping off. They also come in a variety of cute colors and patterns to match your baby’s style (or their winter jacket).

User Experience

I'm delighted with this matching hat and mittens set for my granddaughter, as it is not only stylish and warm, but also sensitive to her skin. The hat's chin strap is functional and adjustable for varying weather conditions, ensuring her comfort and warmth. However, the mittens seem to be sized a bit off and require some washing before use due to loose microfleece lining.

SnowStoppers Kids Waterproof Mittens

Best Waterproof Mittens

When your baby is first born, waterproof mittens are probably the last thing on your mind. However, depending on where you live, you may need them.

During cold and wet weather, your little one has to stay warm and dry to remain healthy. These mittens don’t have separate thumb holes to try to stuff little digits into, which is a huge bonus in our books. And they fit babies from 6 to 18 months, so you might get two winter seasons out of them.

The tall cuff keeps out the chilly winds. The mittens also have Thinsulate insulation, which means they’re lightweight but warm.

Personal Perspective

My experience with these mittens has been quite positive, as they are easy to put on and stay on even during serious outdoor play. The lack of thumbs is a game changer for infants, making these mittens perfect for snowy adventures while keeping little hands warm and dry. I've noticed that these mittens tend to hold up well over time, even with regular use. They fit my 19-month-old daughter snugly, but it's likely we'll need a bigger size next winter. One minor issue I faced was receiving two right-hand mittens, but that didn't affect their overall functionality. While they may be slightly large for some toddlers, these mittens have been a great addition to our winter gear.

MarJunSep Winter Warm Gloves

Best Mittens for Cold Winters

During the chilly months, you may need something thicker to keep your baby’s hands warm. You might also need an extra pair in case the first gets drenched in drool.

There’s a reason these mittens are bestsellers: their sherpa fleece lining feels like sheep’s wool and absorbs moisture, making these a good choice if you want your little one’s hands to stay warm without sweating.

They fit babies from birth to 12 months. They have an elastic closure and are made from organic cotton.

Community Feedback

I've recently started using these mittens for my 2.5-month-old, and they have proven to be an excellent solution for keeping his hands warm at night. Despite his constant movement and face rubbing, these mittens stay on most of the time and keep his hands toasty. The soft lining and quality stitching make them both comfortable and stylish for my little one. Although they may initially appear large, a quick wash can help them shrink slightly for a better fit. They may not stay on every baby's hands all the time, but they have definitely made a significant difference in my child's comfort during cold nights.

N'Ice Caps Magic Stretch Mittens

Best Mittens with Thumbs

As babies grow into toddlers, they want to use their hands more for playing. This is when you may need an upgrade from traditional baby mittens.

Mittens with thumbs will give your baby the freedom they need to grab things. These classic mitts are very lightweight and breathable to keep your little one comfy. However, they’re not well suited for playing in the snow as they have no waterproof layer and become saturated quickly.

You get three pairs in a pack, and you can choose between colors and prints, such as dinosaurs and trucks.

First-Hand Impression

Best toddler gloves I've come across for casual playtime outdoors! These gloves easily fit on my 15-month-old and 3-year-old's hands, providing them with warmth during chilly weather. Although they might slip off with excessive movement, they stay on well enough for their outdoor adventures. My kids love the simple and cute designs, making them feel special while wearing them. The 3-pack offers great value, and the gloves have just the right size for little hands with room to grow.

Gerber Baby Boys' Organic Mittens

Best for Baby Boys

If you want something that will keep your little man scratch-free but stylish, try these awesome baby mitts made of lightweight, super-soft cotton.

Each one has a cute, modern print and is fitted with an elastic band around the wrists. You get four in one packet, and they fit babies up to 3 months old.

User Experience

Got these mittens for my baby, and they are definitely cute and good value. I noticed a nasty smell, so I recommend washing them first. The fabric is a bit rough, but it does the job. One downside is that they left lint on my baby's hands, and the sizing was a bit different for each pair.

Hudson Baby Headband and Mitten Set

Best for Baby Girls

Deciding on the perfect items for your beautiful girl can be challenging since everything looks so cute. This set, fitting babies up to 6 months old, is no exception!

The mitts are made of a soft cotton and spandex blend, which is stretchy and breathable to keep your baby girl snug. They also have elastic around the wrist to keep them on securely.

Three pretty color combinations mean they will complement every outfit your baby has. Each pair in this set has a matching headband to make your little princess even more irresistible.

Personal Perspective

I'm delighted with this set of mittens and headbands, especially the mittens as they prevent my baby from scratching herself. The mittens are soft, not bulky, and have elastic bands that make them easy to put on and stay in place. The headbands may not be as stretchable as I'd like, but the variety of colors and cute designs make them perfect for coordinating with Christmas and winter outfits.

Are Baby Mittens Necessary?

While baby mittens aren’t a necessity (you can always keep your baby wrapped in blankets or purchase a snowsuit with built-in mittens), there are some circumstances when they can be beneficial.

Since newborns can’t control their limbs, their nails can damage the soft skin on their faces and possibly cause infection.

Babies with dry skin conditions can also benefit from wearing mittens. This will help prevent them from scratching and damaging their skin further.

In winter or on cold days, warm mittens, hats, and booties can keep your baby snug while out and about. If you carry your baby in a wrap or baby carrier, their hands could be exposed to the cold. If you need gloves, chances are your baby will also need mitts!

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Choosing the Best Baby Mittens

These are some of the things we consider (besides the cuteness factor!) when looking for baby mitts:

  • Breathable fabric: Those little fingers can get sweaty. The best baby mittens are 100% cotton or a highly breathable cotton blend.
  • Straps or elastic: We want those mitts to stay on. Straps made of Velcro or a wide elastic will suffice.
  • Room to grow: Babies seem to grow by the minute, so you may want to get a pair with room for wiggling, growing fingers.

Be careful to never overtighten any straps or put your baby in mittens that are too small.

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Baby Mittens FAQs

What Temperature Do Babies Need Mittens?

Babies usually need mittens in temperatures below 50°F (10°C). Their little hands can get cold quickly, so mittens are essential for keeping them warm during chilly outings.

How Many Pairs of Mittens Does a Newborn Need?

Having two or three pairs of mittens is generally sufficient. This allows for rotation during laundry and ensures you always have a clean pair on hand for your newborn.

How Do I Keep My Baby Mittens From Falling Off?

Look for mittens with elastic wrists or adjustable Velcro straps. These designs are more likely to stay on those active little hands. Another tip is to tuck the mittens under the sleeves of your baby’s clothing.

Are Baby Mittens a Choking Hazard?

While mittens themselves are not typically a choking hazard, it’s important to ensure they fit well and are securely fastened. Always monitor your baby while they’re wearing mittens, especially if they have strings or detachable parts.

What Are the Best Baby Mittens for Cold Weather?

The best baby mittens for cold weather are insulated, waterproof, and have a snug fit at the wrist to prevent cold air and snow from getting in. Fleece-lined mittens offer extra warmth.

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