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50 Best Baby Halloween Costumes of 2024

Make your baby’s first Halloween unforgettable with one of these great costumes.

Baby’s first Halloween is a time to be remembered. With so many overdone costumes like princesses and pumpkins, it can be hard to find a unique idea that’s easy to pull off.

We’ve searched the internet to bring you the most adorable, unique, and easy costumes. You’ll even find family theme ideas and mom and baby sets.

Choose from one of these 50 baby costumes for a night you won’t soon forget!

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Little Lobster Baby and Toddler Costume
Best Lobster
Little Lobster Baby and Toddler Costume
  • Realistic and detailed design
  • Made of soft and comfy materials
  • Includes lobster hood, suit & booties
Product Image of the My First Doctor Costume
Best Doctor
My First Doctor Costume
  • Printed stethoscope and pockets
  • Fun for dress-up beyond Halloween
  • Made by family-owned company
Product Image of the Pinky Winky Monster Romper Costume
Best Pink
Pinky Winky Monster Romper Costume
  • Soft textures and bright colors
  • Super cute and adorable
  • Enough room to layer clothes
Product Image of the Little Stinker Skunk Costume
Best Little Stinker
Little Stinker Skunk Costume
  • Comfortable fit
  • Soft and warm material
  • Includes matching hood, tail & booties
Product Image of the Baby Yoda Infant Costume
Best Yoda
Baby Yoda Infant Costume
  • Unique knitted design
  • Made of 100% crochet cotton
  • Includes hat, gloves, belt, shoes
Product Image of the Playful Penguin Infant Costume
Best Penguin
Playful Penguin Infant Costume
  • Super soft flannel material
  • Convenient zipper
  • Easy diaper change
Product Image of the Little Lion Baby Costume
Best Lion
Little Lion Baby Costume
  • High-quality and super durable
  • Safety test approved
  • Includes hat, booties & toy zebra
Product Image of the Pillsbury Doughboy Costume for Babies
Best Doughboy
Pillsbury Doughboy Costume for Babies
  • Pillsbury logo chef hat
  • Hook-and-loop closure at the back
  • Snaps at the legs for easy changes
Product Image of the Lil Characters Unisex-Baby Newborn Dragon Costume, Teal/Green, Small (6-12...
Best Dragon
Fun World Newborn Dragon Costume
  • High quality & comfortable material
  • Super easy to put on
  • Colorful yet in character
Product Image of the Baby Elvis Presley Costume
Best Elvis
Baby Elvis Presley Costume
  • Elvis Aloha from Hawaii look
  • Includes hat, pants, and booties
  • Officially licensed costume

Best Cute Baby Halloween Costumes

Best Cute Baby Halloween Costumes Icon

These adorable baby costumes are the perfect disguise for your tiny trick-or-treater this Halloween.

Little Lobster Baby and Toddler Costume

Best Lobster

You can enjoy a little shellfish at Halloween when you dress your baby in this sweet lobster costume. Soft, warm, and fitted with leg snaps for easy diaper changes (so you don’t find yourself in a pinch), everyone will want to check out this fresh catch.

User Experience

I'm thrilled with this lobster costume for my little one's first Halloween, as it's both adorable and unique. The quality is pretty good, but the chef hat on the lobster's head seemed a bit odd and the hood was too large for my son. Sizing can be a bit off, so I'd recommend ordering a size up. I love the snaps around the legs, which made it easy to put on and perfect for a cool night. After washing it gently in cold water, it came out smelling fresh and feeling soft, although the many small snaps on the legs can be a bit of a hassle.

My First Doctor Costume

Best Doctor

This one-piece baby costume is so simple, your baby won’t have any reason to fuss — especially since they’ll be the one giving the shots. And this cute onesie doesn’t need to be reserved for Halloween. It can be worn any day of the year.

Personal Perspective

From the moment I laid eyes on these costumes, I was captivated by the bright colors, but I quickly noticed the material was thinner than I expected. Although the fit was perfect for my 9-month-old, it didn't quite match the doctor graphics on the photo and seemed to run small for my larger 5-month-old. The quality isn't quite on par with Carter's or Gerber onesies, but it's okay for a one-time-use outfit.

Pinky Winky Monster Romper Costume

Best Pink

Although this monster costume is way too cute to be scary, it is sure to earn you plenty of treats this Halloween. It’s great for cooler climates as the loose fit can be worn over layers and the furry fabric will keep your baby cozy outdoors.

Community Feedback

My experience with this costume was mostly positive, as it was perfect for my little one's first Halloween and super adorable. However, there were some issues with shedding pink fuzz and the Velcro closures not holding well, causing it to pop open during movement. Despite these minor drawbacks, the costume was soft, comfortable, and received compliments from everyone who saw my child wearing it.

Little Stinker Skunk Costume

Best Little Stinker

The sight of a skunk can make anyone turn and run, but this little romper does the opposite. And the best part is, if your baby lets one rip (or fills their little skunky pants), you can claim they were just trying to stay in character.

First-Hand Impression

I've enjoyed using this costume for my baby, and despite the headpiece being a bit large, it mostly stayed in place. The fabric on the outside was soft, and when paired with clothing underneath, there was no irritation for my little one. Although the tail's Velcro didn't hold up well, the costume still looked adorable in photos and received several compliments at a costume party.

Baby Yoda Infant Costume

Best Yoda

There is no try (but you should buy). The force will be with you on Halloween if your baby is dressed in this five-piece, super cute, handmade baby Yoda costume. So adorable, your baby will be.

User Experience

Excellent quality and embroidery on this adorable costume, which I purchased for a friend's baby shower. I was initially concerned about the size, but it turned out to fit a variety of baby sizes comfortably with its adjustable Jedi robe design. The fabric is super soft, making it perfect for little ones, and the costume's cuteness is unmatched!

Playful Penguin Infant Costume

Best Penguin

Who needs a tuxedo when you can just be a penguin? Your baby will be chillin’ in this fancy penguin jumpsuit with its cute little top hat. This soft costume also includes leg snaps for easy diaper changes.

Personal Perspective

I'm thrilled with this costume romper for my little one; it's not only adorable but also soft and warm, making it perfect for trick-or-treating. The two-way zipper was a convenient feature for easy diaper changes, although I do wish it had footed bottoms to prevent riding up. One downside is that it's dry clean only, but overall it was a great purchase that kept my baby cozy during Halloween festivities. The sizing was slightly off, but it allowed for some extra room to layer clothing underneath if needed.

Little Lion Baby Costume

Best Lion

We’d be “lion” if we said this isn’t the cutest little cat costume we’ve ever seen. We love that the mane is made of looped fabric pieces, rather than strings of yarn that can be a choking hazard for young babies. Another great advantage to this costume is its removable tail — making naps and travel much easier.

Community Feedback

I recently purchased this costume for my baby, and while it's adorable and warm, the material caused some discomfort due to my baby's sensitive skin. The costume also had an issue with fuzzies shedding everywhere, but on the brighter side, it had a nice silk lining inside to prevent itching. Although it didn't come with the advertised tail, the sizing was roomy enough to accommodate additional layers of clothing for a chilly night out.

Pillsbury Doughboy Costume for Babies

Best Doughboy

This Poppin’ Fresh costume will look so cute on the roly-poly baby in your life. Dress yourself as a pastry chef to go as a pair.

This is the best costume for babies who love tickles because who can resist poking that squishy little belly? Teach your smart cookie to respond with a “Hoo hoo hoo!” for extra entertainment.

Fun World Newborn Dragon Costume

Best Dragon

This dragon costume will probably make your baby look more friendly than fierce. But they’re more likely to win Halloween treats if they aren’t torching houses anyways.

The headpiece is easy to remove and reattach, as are the wings and booties. And this costume is warm enough to trick-or-treat in, although it may require a couple of extra layers beneath it.

Best Creative Baby Halloween Costumes

Best Creative Baby Halloween Costumes Icon

Check out the following ingenious baby costume ideas if you want your baby’s first Halloween to be unforgettable.

Baby Elvis Presley Costume

Best Elvis

We love this fun Elvis costume with its high collar, printed sequins (baby safe!), “Elvis Lives” booties, and black beanie. It’s especially great for babies who love to dance. The only thing missing is a good set of sideburns. If your baby doesn’t have a set of their own, you can easily use face paint to give them some.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased this Elvis costume for my little one, and although it was a bit small, the stretchy material helped it fit comfortably. The graphics are printed, so I added some rhinestones to make it look even more fabulous. We received countless compliments on the outfit during Halloween, as everyone recognized the iconic Elvis look. The only downside was the lack of stretch or adjustment for the head, making it a bit tight.

Baby Noodle Bowl Costume

Best Noodle

Everybody loves ramen! What noodle lover will be able to resist this sweet and cozy ramen baby costume. It comes in a variety of colors. And it doesn’t have to be saved for Halloween; it can be worn anytime.

Community Feedback

My 9-month-old looked adorable in this Halloween outfit, and we received a lot of compliments. The onesie was true to size and the material was soft, but the image printing quality could be improved. The hat and bag were cute additions, although the hat seemed to run a bit small.

Twin Baby Costumes — Ketchup and Mustard

Best Ketchup and Mustard

This imaginative costume set will be perfect for the tiny twins in your life this Halloween. With the bright-colored ketchup and mustard designs, it will be easy to tell your little ones apart. We haven’t figured out why the mustard costume includes a pickle image, but it adds to the endearing nature of this ingenious costume set.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with these adorable sleepers has been fantastic, as they were not only perfect for my friend's baby's first Halloween costume, but also well-made and comfortable for regular use. The fabric quality is excellent, with a thickness that kept the baby warm, and the buttons were easy to use even after washing. I was impressed with the durability and overall craftsmanship of these sleepers. The cute design, featuring ketchup and mustard themes, made them a hit during Halloween and beyond, providing a fun and cozy option for my little ones.

UPS Delivery Baby Costume

Best Delivery

You’re sure to get tons of comments with this unique baby costume. It would also be a cute way to announce a new sibling pregnancy (“We’re expecting a new delivery…”). This set includes a hat, shirt, pants, and even a little UPS box! If you’re crafty, you can convert your baby’s stroller or wagon into a UPS delivery truck for trick-or-treating!

User Experience

This UPS driver costume looks adorable on my child and comes with a fold-up box with logo, adding an extra touch of cuteness. However, the hat is shaped like a cone and keeps falling down, making it difficult to use. The costume itself runs a bit big, but we were able to make it work by rolling the pants over. Despite the sizing issues, my child received many compliments and it made for a memorable Halloween outfit.

Super Mario Nintendo Baby Costume

Best Pikachu

Bring back your childhood with this Super Mario baby custome! The one-piece design is easy to slip on and off, and your baby will love how warm and cozy they are in this suit. Choose from a variety of sizes for a costume that will fit babies of all ages and shapes — even after a day spent hitting the candy bars.

Personal Perspective

Best purchase for a cute and unique outfit! I used this bodysuit and hat for my baby's Halloween costume and it was a hit; even got to match with their big brother. The soft material and quality of the design are great, although I had to trim some long strings initially. While the hat was slightly big and hard to keep on, my little one still received loads of compliments, making it well worth it.

Cuddly Cappuccino Baby Costume

Best Cappuccino

This sweet onesie with skirt, ruffled collar, and headband is designed to look like a fresh cappuccino with whipped cream topping and a straw. Coffee lovers will be sure to love this a latte! The front of the “cup” features the branding “Cuddly Café” and shows that you’ve selected extra cute, super sweet, more giggles, and cuddles as your extra options. (Some people are pretty specific about how they like their java.)

Community Feedback

In my experience, this costume was adorable but had some issues. I found that the velcro on the back and the headband didn't stay put, so I had to add extra pieces to keep everything in place. The tulle on the skirt was delicate and ripped easily, which was disappointing. On the bright side, the costume fit well and looked super cute on my little one, garnering lots of compliments.

Born to be Wild Biker Babe Costume

Best Biker

Looking for some excitement this Halloween? Your little biker babe will be sure to attract it. These tough threads include a do-rag and a jumpsuit printed with mesh “tattoo” sleeves. Tattoos such as “Mommy,” “Born to Ride” (with a tricycle image), a skull and crossbones (made of diaper pins), are evidence that your baby is the toughest dude or dudette around.

This costume is great for warmer climates, as it’s fairly thin. (Bikers prefer warmer climates anyway.)

First-Hand Impression

In my experience, this costume was adorable and received many compliments, but the material was quite thin and not ideal for colder weather. My son, who is on the smaller side, fit well into the 12-18 month size, though we had to layer clothing underneath for warmth. The tattoo sleeve was a fun touch, but be aware that it can be easily ripped and the overall quality could be better for the price.

Sugar Skull Sweetie Infant Costume

Best Sugar Skull

Perfect for Halloween or Day of the Dead, this sugar skull sweetie costume is both unique and cute! A hearts and flowers skeleton onesie, matching leggings, a rosebud headband, and a black veil will ensure your niña is the talk of the underworld.

User Experience

I've recently purchased this Halloween onesie for my infant daughter, and I am pleased to say that it was true to size and received many compliments. The fit was perfect, making it suitable for use even as a regular onesie and pants. However, I must mention that the material used feels quite cheap. Despite this, it served its purpose well and provided a memorable first Halloween experience for my little one.

Hershey Kiss Infant Costume

Best Chocolate

Princesses and pumpkins, move over. It’s time for some chocolate love! With this cute ensemble, your little kisses will look good enough to eat. We love the simplicity. The fabric is made of 100 percent polyester for an extra strength that doesn’t get torn easily.

Personal Perspective

For my baby's first Halloween, I wanted something unique and memorable, and this costume was just that! It's versatile enough to work for any gender, and the quality is impressive. My little one was able to wear a onesie underneath to stay warm, and the soft, insulated interior made it perfect for cooler weather. The hat was a bit tight, but that was a minor issue compared to the overwhelmingly positive reactions we received. People were literally freaking out, snapping photos, and showering us with compliments. This adorable costume truly made our baby's first Halloween unforgettable.

Best Funny Baby Halloween Costumes

Best Funny Baby Halloween Costumes Icon

If you want your baby to create a stir and brighten people’s day this Halloween, consider one of the following funny baby costumes.

Baby Prisoner Costume

Best Prisoner

Fresh out of the “play pen,” your baby is ready to take on the world — while still wearing their prison garb.

This soft onesie and pants set comes in sizes up to 24 months and is as easy to dress your baby in as any other clothing. Your little inmate will be cozy all day in this simple outfit as they pull off the ultimate candy heist.

Community Feedback

This half-birthday outfit was perfect for our at-home photo session, fitting comfortably on my 17 lb, 6-month-old baby. Although the pants cover some of the design, the soft, lightweight fabric made it an enjoyable wear for my little one. The hat, however, was too large and awkwardly shaped to use. Nonetheless, the outfit received many compliments and can even double as a cute pajama set.

Baby Mop Onesie Costume

Best Mop

Your children are never too young to develop a strong work ethic. This multifunctional costume is hilarious. But it may create a stir, depending on how your friends and family feel about child labor.

Perfect for rollers and crawlers, this mop costume will clean your floors while your baby explores. It even includes a backside mop pad for babies who prefer to scoot along on their butts.

The soft one-piece romper is machine washable, so your baby can continue working for you long after Halloween is over.

First-Hand Impression

As a parent, I found this romper to be both adorable and functional. The quality is excellent, with vibrant colors that remain bright even after washing, and the mop part stays intact. However, the sizing was larger than expected, so it might not fit my child for another year. Despite this, my baby enjoyed wearing it and even helped clean the floors while crawling.

Baby Hot Dog Bunting Costume

Best Hot Dog

Hot diggity dog! This costume is both cute and funny. And it’s perfect for little foodies — because who wouldn’t want to be wrapped in a warm summer meal on a cold Halloween night?

This cozy fleece bunting is best for new babies who aren’t yet mobile. It comes with all the necessary fixings for a great Halloween dinner. Just add candy!

User Experience

My six-week-old son wore these pajamas during the chilly October weather, and although they were a bit big on him, they kept him warm and cozy. Throughout our outings, we received numerous compliments on how adorable he looked in them. I appreciated the quality and comfort of these pajamas, as well as their ability to bring a smile to people's faces. The experience was heartwarming and it made me realize how much joy a simple yet stylish outfit can bring.

Tortilla Swaddle Blanket Costume with Hat

Best Wrap

If you’re looking for an inexpensive costume that requires no effort whatsoever, this tortilla costume is just what you need. The “costume” consists of a soft, thick blanket that’s printed to look like a tortilla wrap. Swaddle your baby, pop the hat on, and you’re all set for Halloween (or a good lunch).

Personal Perspective

Love this baby swaddle for its unique design and softness! The hat is a bit weird, but it adds a cute touch for photoshoots. Just be careful not to mix up your baby with an actual burrito!

Garden Gnome Baby Costume

Best Garden Gnome

There’s just something about a bearded baby that makes us laugh out loud. If this baby costume doesn’t make you grin, nothing will! Prop your baby in the front yard, and see how long it takes before people notice your new lawn ornament.

Community Feedback

Bought this gnome costume for my 10-month-old's first Halloween, and it was a huge hit! The two-layered design kept him warm on a chilly evening, but I suggest a short sleeve onesie underneath for added comfort. The main issue was the slim sleeves, which made it difficult to get his hands through, but with some adjustments, the adorableness of the outfit outweighed the inconvenience.

Star Trek Spock Baby Costume

Best Spock

This Spock baby swaddle wrap with matching hat and appropriately sized ears is the funniest bunting we’ve ever seen. Use paint paints to add Spock-like eyebrows for the perfect look. Bonus points if you can teach them to do the Vulcan salute!

Live long and prosper.

Tootsie Roll Baby Costume

Best Tootsie Roll

Tootsie Rolls are a staple at Halloween. If you crave Tootsie Rolls every October, this will be the best costume for your baby! This funny costume fits babies between three and nine months — sadly, too young to enjoy these candies themselves. (All the more for you!)

Baby Humpty Dumpty Costume

Best Humpty Dumpty

This costume cracks us up! But don’t allow your little one to sit on a wall on Halloween. Keep them in your sight as they waddle around in this Mother-Goose-inspired attire.

Personal Perspective

Love how this Humpty Dumpty costume managed to captivate my 3-year-old grandson, making it an excellent choice for Halloween! The unique design and quality construction set it apart from other typical costumes, which I found refreshing. Although the fit was slightly large for my petite little girl, it's worth noting that she's smaller than most her age, so it might be perfect for others. I encountered some issues with the irregular fit around my son's head, but overall, the costume is adorable. This outfit is definitely something I would recommend to friends and family looking for a distinct and charming option for their little ones.

Best Mom and Baby Halloween Costumes

Best Mom and Baby Halloween Costumes Icon

Use your little one as an accessory to your own costume with these super creative ideas for in-arms babes.

Chef and Spaghetti Mom and Baby Costume

Best Spaghetti

This spaghetti baby costume is so much fun! It includes a chef hat for Mom, a spaghetti cap for baby, and a foam stockpot baby carrier cover. All you need is a baby and a carrier to make the cutest Halloween pasta ever!

Scuba Diver and Octopus Parent and Baby Costume

Best Octopus

To complete this adorable and unique parent and baby Halloween costume, you just need a baby carrier (front pack) and a wetsuit (or black fitted shirt and leggings). The octopus easily clips onto your carrier, making this costume much easier than most!

First-Hand Impression

Bought this costume for my little one and it's perfect for babies who aren't walking yet. The octopus part is well made, colorful, and easy to attach to the carrier. However, the adult accessories, like the mask and flippers, are a bit flimsy and cheap. I'd recommend using your own goggles and being prepared to adjust the strap for a better fit.

Amscan Baby Wolf Infant Costume

Best Wolf

Look out, Red! That wolf is cute, but he’s got some tricks up his sleeve. The baby wolf costume is made to be worn by ages 12 to 18 months, and mom will look great in her red hooded cape. Just be sure to steer clear of Grandma’s house!

User Experience

As a parent, I was thrilled to see how adorable my child looked in this werewolf costume. The soft fur and comfortable fit, especially the hood with its Velcro chin strap, made it easy for my toddler to wear. While the costume material is thin, it allowed for layering of warm clothes underneath, which was perfect for a chilly Halloween night. The only downside was that the fur tended to shed and sometimes ended up in my child's mouth, but it wasn't a major issue.

Secret Service and President Parent and Baby Costume

Best President

This is the perfect costume for future presidents. Just plop your United States Baby President into the podium (conveniently fitted around your baby carrier). Baby President can address the masses while you stand watch, ensuring their safety.

This costume includes the podium wrap, secret services glasses, and an earpiece.

Robber and Money Bag Parent and Baby Costume

Best Money Bag

Here’s another costume idea that’s great for moms or dads and babies. With your adorable moneybags sidekick, no one’s going to stop you from hitting up the town for cash (or candy). All that’s required is a baby carrier, but black clothing will take this costume one step further.

Best Baby Halloween Costumes with Family

Best Baby Halloween Costumes with Family Icon

Halloween is for the whole family. For a synchronized look that makes a statement, try one of these great family costumes.

The Incredibles Family Costume

Best Superhero

“Honey, where’s my super suit?” Now, you can all have a super-suit with this Incredibles family costume. This setup works best if you happen to have three kids (girl, boy, baby), but it’s a great look even if you don’t. Our favorite part is Jack-Jack’s little glasses mask.

Baby Shark Family Set

Best Shark

If you’ve had this song stuck in your head since your baby was born, it’s probably time to just go with it. Make it your theme this Halloween! From Baby Shark to Grampa Shark and even puppy shark, there’s a costume for every family member.

And in case you aren’t totally sick of this song yet, you can enjoy it all day as each of the costumes (excluding the baby and dog sizes) comes complete with a sound chip that plays the original version of Baby Shark! (Thankfully, an on/off switch is included.)

User Experience

Great costume for my 2-year-old who adored it for Halloween! This costume was not only adorable but also allowed for extra clothing when the weather was cold. The built-in sound clip added a fun touch, even though the speaker quality was low.

X-Ray Baby and Parents T-Shirt Set

Best X-Ray

With a unique shirt for each family member, you can make your costume your pregnancy announcement this Halloween. Pair these shirts with jeans or black pants, and it’s time for some tricks.

Dad’s x-ray shows a belly full of fast food. The baby/toddler x-ray shows a belly full of candy. And Mom’s x-ray shows a baby in her belly. Show up in these costumes without saying a word, and see how long it takes for people to make the connection!

Shark Family Matching Shirt

Best For All Ages

These cute t-shirts make the perfect starting point for a great family costume theme. Pair this t-shirts with sharks fin and you’re one cute shiver of sharks ready for your Halloween appearances.

Community Feedback

In my experience, these matching shirts are adorable and of great quality, but the sizing can be a bit tricky. I found that they tend to run large, so I would recommend going a size smaller than usual. The print is clear and the material feels nice; however, the shades of blue on the shirts are not uniform, which detracts a bit from the matching aspect. Seeing the joy on my loved one's face when we wore these shirts together made it worthwhile, despite the minor color inconsistency.

Best DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

Best DIY Baby Halloween Costumes Icon

Get inspired by these creative ideas if you want to make your baby’s first Halloween costume yourself.

36. DIY Superhero Family Costume

Superhero costumes are easy to find in all sizes, making this a great choice for a family costume theme. Even simpler than purchasing a set of costumes, skip the suits and purchase capes and masks in various colors for each family member.

37. DIY Pokémon Family Costume Set

Gotta catch ‘em all! And there are so many characters to choose from. Create Ash and Misty costumes for the grownups using thrifted clothing, or purchase the character costumes online. Dress each of your kids as a different Pokemon character, and get ready to battle!

38. DIY Shark Attack Family Costume

For this costume combination, you’ll need a store-bought shark suit for baby and a DIY lifeguard costume for one parent (lifeguard hoodie with shorts). Plus, a DIY shark attack victim costume for the other parent (a white t-shirt, stained with blood on the side). A little gruesome, perhaps, but still a fun and unique idea.

39. DIY Jurassic Park Family Costume

This amazing Jurassic Park costume is so easy to throw together! Purchase a cute dino costume for your baby and character themed-clothing for Dr. Ellie Degler and Dr. Alan Grant (or Ian Malcolm, if you prefer black leather). That’s it! If you have older children (or a dog), they can also dress as dinosaurs to complete the look.

40. DIY Bubble Bath Family Costume

Is bathtime your baby’s favorite time of day? If so, they’ll love this unique bubble bath family costume. This costume is totally affordable, and it’s easier to make than it looks.

Use a styrofoam cooler with the bottom cut out for the tub and Model Magic for the faucet and knobs. Glue tulle to a romper to change your baby into a bath scrubbie. Add a few finishing touches such as hairnets, bathrobes, and balloon bubbles.

41. DIY Ice Ice Baby Family Costume

If you’re a 90s music fan and have a family of three, this punny costume will be so much fun! With costumes made of clear plastic garbage bags stuffed to look like ice, some retro shades, and a cute baby, you can rock like it’s 1990. Bonus points if you can pull off Hammer pants!

42. DIY Mouse and Cheese Mom and Baby Costume

Hi-ho the derry-o, the mouse takes the cheese. To make this costume, you’ll need a mouse-colored baby carrier (a grey or brown Moby wrap would work great) and a matching headband with mouse ears. You can also make ears out of felt and attach them to a headband.

Mom’s headpiece will have to be homemade, but it only requires a box, yellow duct tape, round orange stickers, and a little ingenuity. Alternatively, you could use yellow foam.

43. DIY Mommy and Baby Kangaroo Costume

This website includes instructions for making a simple kangaroo costume for your wearable baby — no sewing required! Your little joey will feel safe and secure in this costume, tucked in close to mama.

44. DIY Farmer and Baby Rooster Parent and Baby Costume

Another unique baby and mommy costume idea is this sweet chicken and farmer getup. With a store-bought baby chicken (or rooster) costume, a pair of overalls, and a plaid shirt, you’ll be reaping a harvest of Halloween candy in no time.

45. DIY Lion Tamer and Baby Lion Costumes

At times, parenting isn’t all that different from taming wild animals, and your home may feel like a circus. That’s why this costume is the perfect fit for moms with busy babies.

Purchase a baby lion costume (or if you’re dying for a craft project, you can make one yourself). Add a top hat and fake mustache for the ringmaster, and you’ll be ready to start the show.

46. DIY Theatre Popcorn Baby and Mom Costume

This DIY popcorn vendor costume is the best! Who wouldn’t love a baby with a headful of popcorn? You’ll need a button-up shirt with a red bowtie for Mom and felt, hot glue, a knit hat, and some popcorn for your baby.

47. DIY Little Old Lady Costume

There’s nothing funnier than a baby in a granny wig — except maybe a baby in a granny wig, granny glasses, granny dress, cardigan, and gaudy jewelry.

Simply hot glue some pom poms to a knitted cap, combine with granny-worthy attire, and it’ll be time to party. Well, maybe after a quick granny nap.

48. Easy DIY Where’s Waldo? Baby Costume

This is another fun costume you can make in under an hour. It’s especially great for babies with large families, as it’s easy to get lost in the mix. See how many people can spot your little one in these great digs.

All you need to make this Waldo costume is a white onesie and beanie, red felt, jeans, and a pair of costume glasses. Felt stripes can be hot-glued to the onesie, or better yet, skip the felt and use red duct tape for an easy and funny ensemble.

49. Super Easy DIY TY Beanie Baby Costume

This costume is perfect for big-eyed babies. Find a fleece baby snowsuit with ears. Stitch, tie, or pin a Ty Beanie tag (a printed logo glued to cardboard) to one of the ears for the best snuggly baby costume ever!

50. DIY Cookie Monster Baby Costume

“C is for cookie; that’s good enough for me.” This Cookie Monster DIY costume is unique and incredibly easy to make.

All you need is a blue onesie and matching tutu (or pants if preferred), some felt, and fabric glue (or pins if you’d like to use the clothing again after Halloween). With just an hour of effort, you’ll have your very own Cookie Monster to snuggle! Nom-nom-nom-nom-nom.

How to Choose the Best Baby Halloween Costumes

When it comes to baby Halloween costumes, the sky’s the limit. Anything you think of can be made into a costume in one way or another. However, there are a few things you should consider when choosing the best costume for your baby’s first Halloween.


The best baby costume is one that’s visually appealing and makes a statement. It can be cute, funny, or scary, but most of all, you’ll want it to be memorable.

If you’re trying something unique, run your idea past a couple of people first to ensure that your costume will look great and be easily understood by others. You don’t want to have to spend your Halloween constantly explaining what your baby is supposed to be.

Child’s Age

When planning your baby’s costume, don’t forget to consider their age and abilities. These factors can be easy to overlook if you’re purchasing a costume months in advance.

Babies grow quickly, so ensure you purchase the right size. And just as you can’t expect a newborn to be able to wear heavy headgear, you can’t expect a toddler to be happy if they’re restrained in a costume.

Child’s Preferences

If your baby hates wearing hats, try to avoid a costume that includes a headpiece. If they love being carried, consider one of our mom and baby costumes that are designed for use with a baby carrier.

If your child dislikes change, try to normalize their Halloween as much as possible by choosing a costume that doesn’t differ greatly from their everyday attire. There are plenty of options that are as simple as an animal printed romper or a onesie and cap.


Too many baby costumes include heavy gear, restrictive clothing, and itchy fabrics. As tempting as it can be to go all out for your baby’s first Halloween, the experience won’t be successful if they are miserable.

Look for costumes that are soft and fit your climate. If it will be cold, choose a costume with extra padding. If your climate is hot, avoid costumes made from fleece, felt, or other warm fabrics.

If your child will be wearing their costume all day, make sure it’s something they can nap in, or choose a costume that’s easy to remove for naps. Look for costumes with leg snaps for easy diaper changes.


Your baby costume doesn’t have to be expensive. Many of our recommended DIY costumes cost little to nothing to make, and there are store-bought baby costumes in all price ranges.

Happy Halloween

We’ve shared so many great options for baby Halloween costumes, including cute, funny, and creative ideas, costumes for families, and Mom & Baby sets. The only difficult part will be choosing which of these terrific costumes will be perfect to make your baby’s first Halloween an unforgettable day for everyone.

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