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Best Baby Onesies of 2022

In need of a little help finding that perfect onesie?

Onesies are a must-have for babies, no matter the season or month they are born. They easy to put on and take off for diaper changes. Plus they’re practical and washable.

Surprisingly, there are quite a few decisions to make when buying onesies, like knowing which material is best, how to find the right size, and more.

We’ve rounded up the best onesies and answered everything you need to know to get started below.

The Best Baby Onesies of 2022

Here are 17 great onesies to consider.

1. Star Wars Baby Boys' 5 Pack Onesies

Best Star Wars Baby Onesie

If you or your spouse are fans of Star Wars, there’s a high chance you’re both going to like these onesies. How about watching a movie before bedtime?

The fabric is a cotton and polyester blend, so it’s warm but breathable. The expandable lap shoulders make it easier to dress your little one.

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2. Simple Joys by Carter's 6-Pack Short-Sleeve Bodysuit

Best Onesie Pack

Babies go through a lot of onesies so it’s a good plan to get a pack. This set of six comes in eight different styles. Each pack has six different designs so your baby can wear a different onesie almost every day of the week. They are made with 100% cotton so they’re super comfy and easy to machine wash once they get dirty.

The short sleeved design is ideal for when the house is warm and cozy, or during the summer time. Your little one won’t get too warm in this.

We also love the expandable necklines for growing bubbas. Plus, they have a good overlapping design so that they’re easy to take on and off. Finally — no tags mean your baby won’t get annoyed by itchy labels!

3. Babysoy Organic Baby Onesie

Best Animal Baby Onesie

A cute animal print will make any piece of clothing ten times sweeter. This one is made out of ultra-soft cotton and bamboo blend.

The material is light and can be used summer and winter. It has long sleeves, which are good for chilly nights. The onesie is available in six different animal prints, such as a rabbit, chimp, or wolf.

4. Geekiest Baby Ever Onesie

Best Nerdy Baby Onesie

If you’re a nerd at heart, you might want your legacy to live on in your baby! This onesie is white, with a programming code design.

The fabric is high quality, 100 percent cotton and the print is highly durable ink, to survive multiple washes. This would be an adorable gift for programmer parents!

5. Burt's Bees Baby Unisex Baby Short Sleeve Bodysuits

Best Organic Baby Onesie

What’s better than organic for your little one? Especially if your baby is prone to skin irritation, Burt’s Bees has you covered. If you want something soft, stretchy, and breathable — these onesies should be ideal.

Made from 100 percent organic cotton, there are five adorable sets to choose from, each set containing five bodysuits.

6. Disney Baby Boys' Mickey 5 Pack Bodysuits

Best Disney Baby Onesie

Disney is a magical world, not only for kids but also for adults. Mickey and Minnie are classic Disney characters and these onesies have you covered.

These bodysuits are made from a cotton and polyester blend, and the machine-washable prints don’t fade or run.

For those of us with little ladies? Here’s a Winnie the Pooh version you might like.

7. O2Baby Organic Cotton Onesie

Best Thick Baby Onesies for Winter

Keeping your little one warm is crucial. One thing you might consider for the colder weather is a long-sleeved onesie with legs.

This onesie is fitted with zipper down the front and legs, so it’s easy to take on and off, or open for diaper changes. Made from an organic cotton and spandex blend, it helps keep your baby comfy and cozy.

The jumpsuit is available in 15 colors, others with a cute animal print on the front.

8. Moon and Back Baby Set of 5 Organic Long-Sleeve Bodysuits

Best Soft Baby Onesies

When you put your baby down for the night, it’s always good to know they will be comfortable. Long-sleeved onesies are good for chilly nights — or days.

These pretty bodysuits are made from soft, 100 percent organic cotton to keep your little one snug. A wide range of styles is available, with each pack containing five onesies. Newborn and preemie sizes have built-in cuff mitts.

9. Hudson Baby Cotton Long-sleeve Bodysuits

Best Cheap Baby Onesies

If you want to save money, but don’t want to compromise on quality, these packs are a great value. If you’re like me and spending a lot on a piece of clothing that will soon be covered in spit-up is not your idea of fun, check them out!

This five-pack is available in a range of colors and sizes, so you’re sure to find one you’ll love. The material is 100 percent cotton and is of good quality. The sizing is quite generous, however, so if you need them to fit right away, don’t buy a size up.

10. Tstars You Can Do This Dad

Best Funny Baby Onesie

Baby clothes are not always easy to figure out. My husband has changed his fair share of reversed diapers. If your partner, like mine, finds it difficult to dress your baby without supervision, this humorous onesie guide is a great idea!

The onesie has expandable shoulders for easy dressing, saving tears from baby and daddy. It’s also made with 100 percent cotton and available in blue, pink, or white.

11. Gerber Unisex Baby 5-Pack Short-Sleeve White Onesies

Best Plain White Baby Onesies

If you’re crafty, you might enjoy customizing your baby’s clothes with some safe fabric markers, or even tie-dye.

Or maybe you’re just practical and want something pure and simple for your little one. If you are a “team green” mom-to-be, this could be worth a look.

These onesies are pure cotton rib, and the hems are double stitched so they will survive wash after wash. One thing to note is that they may shrink a little with washing, so buying a size larger could ensure they fit.

12. Little Treasure Baby Cotton Bodysuits

Best for Christmas

Tacky Christmas sweaters are a must-have, right? If you want something cute for your baby to wear this Christmas as well, you might like these onesies.

They come in packs of three, and there are a few Christmas designs to select from, as well as other choices. We like the “Santa Baby” for girls. For the boys, this set is so cute, too.

The onesies are long-sleeved and have a wide-neck opening.

13. Luvable Friends Baby Cotton Bodysuits

Best Unisex Baby Onesies

If you don’t know whether you’re expecting a boy or girl, you might be considering unisex clothing. Or you’re being practical and also thinking of future siblings. With so many color options, you don’t have to stick to white only, either.

These adorable Luvable Friends onesies are made from soft cotton and the pack has five different designs, all with a light gray/yellow theme. Other color options are available, in sizes up to 24 months.

14. Warner Brothers Justice League Bodysuits

Best Superhero Baby Onesie

Superheroes and babies go great together. These onesies are made from a cotton and polyester blend — soft and breathable — ready to take flight. Daddy will love showing off his new little man in any of these colorful onesies.

The overlapping shoulders and snap closures will help to make those superhero diaper changes even quicker. If you have a little heroine, Warner Bros didn’t leave the girls out either.

15. Baby Thanksgiving Onesie Outfit

Best for Thanksgiving

It’s a time for us to be grateful for not only everything we have but also all the love we share. Here’s another thing to be grateful for, a chance to dress your little one up in a seasonal outfit.

You might be visiting friends or family — why not dress your baby in an outfit that reads “Daddy and Mommy’s Little Turkey!” The four-piece outfit is made out of a cotton blend, including romper, pants, a hat, and matching headband.

16. Kewlent 3Pcs/ Outfit Set

Best for Halloween

Here’s another time of year that you dress up in silly Halloween costumes and use your kids as an excuse to eat insane amounts of candy.

If you’re not into fancy dress, you might like this brightly colored pumpkin outfit instead. The style and color would suit a boy or girl, and it includes a pair of pants and a matching hat, with the onesie reading “My First Halloween.”

The three-piece outfit consists of a long-sleeved bodysuit, pants with an elastic waist, plus a matching hat.

17. AW Fashions One-Piece Baby Bodysuit

Best Vulgar Baby Onesie

A good list wouldn’t be complete without a little naughtiness, right? Whether you want something for your child or you’re in need of a sassy baby shower present, this onesie checks all the boxes.

Made out of pure cotton, it’s stretchy and the print is made with durable ink, so it will last through multiple washes.

What’s the Best Material?

When choosing onesies, you want to make sure you choose a material that is soft, and remember, a baby’s skin is sensitive.

A good material to consider is cotton. It absorbs moisture, keeping your little one dry. It’s also gentle on the skin, and less likely to trigger any reaction.

If you can’t find pure cotton, look for a blend that includes polyester, spandex, or bamboo. These are also breathable and much easier to care for.

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How Many Onesies Do I Need?

Babies spit up, have poop explosions, and don’t forget about spilled milk. An excellent place to start would be with five to seven pieces (1).

Sizing Tips for Onesies

It’s impossible to predict how big your baby will be or how fast they will grow once they’ve arrived.

Below is a quick guide to the sometimes confusing world of baby sizes. Of course, the sizes are approximate and will vary, depending on the manufacturer and product.

  • Newborn: Generally, this size is up to around 7 pounds in weight. If your ultrasound shows you might have a big baby, you’ll want to skip this size.
  • 0-3 months: 7–12 pounds, up to about 23 inches. Some babies may even skip this size.
  • 3-6 months: 12–17 pounds, up to 27 inches.
  • 6-12 months: 17–22 pounds, up to 29 inches.
  • 12-18 months: 22–27 pounds, up to 31 inches.

Helpful Tips

Don’t stack up on newborn sizes and don’t waste your money on any preemie clothing (unless you know your baby will arrive early).

If you want to get newborn sizes before baby arrives, choose three or four pieces only. Size 3-6 months is the best one to stock up on before birth. Once your baby is in your loving arms, decide for yourself when you need bigger sizes (2).

How to Wash Baby Onesies

Start by reading the label. We highly suggest checking this before purchasing to make sure the items don’t have any special wash requirements. Think quick and easy.

We need clean clothes fast, and who has time to care for a newborn and wash onesies by hand? Separate everything by color as you normally would and use a mild, perfume-free detergent.

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