Best Toddler Rain Boots of 2020

Does your toddler love rainy days or playing out in the freshly-watered garden? When going outside to play, it’s important for your little adventurer to stay protected.

Rain boots, or wellies, are a must-have for puddle-jumping toddlers. They keep your child safe, warm, and clean.

If you’re unsure of what to look for when shopping for rain boots, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll look at the details to keep in mind when shopping for a pair and take a closer look at some of our favorites.

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    When Will My Child Need Rain Boots?

    When your child first begins to walk, boots aren’t useful. Your child needs to be quite stable on their feet, and boots can make this more difficult.

    Don’t focus so much on age as a guide; some babies will walk as early as nine months, while others are still not quite ready as they near the age of two. As your child grows and becomes an experienced walker, you can consider rain boots. Especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors.

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    Finding the Right Size

    With rain boots, the size is not always easy to figure out. Boots typically come in whole sizes. Which means, if your toddler is a size seven and a half, you’re probably best off going up to a size eight.

    Keep in mind that rain boots are not everyday attire, but of course, this does depend on your location. Chances are the boots won’t be used that often and therefore smaller sizes will be outgrown quickly.

    The best thing to do is to include your tot in the shopping adventure and let them take the boots for a little test walk. They should fit with some wiggle room, but not to the point they’re falling off or your child is having difficulty finding stability. Most shoe stores can measure your toddler’s feet and then give you recommendations for the best size.

    What to Look For

    Rain boots have to keep your toddler’s feet warm and dry, that’s a given. Here are a few other things to look for:

    • Weight: They should be lightweight, since your child might tire quickly running around with heavy boots on.
    • Flexibility: Stiff boots are no fun, so look for natural rubber or synthetic. These will also be easier to get on and off.
    • Traction: You want your tot to stay upright while playing in the mud. Try to find boots with non-slip outsoles (1).
    • Try to avoid anything with PVC (polyvinyl chloride): Recent research suggests it contains dangerous chemicals, such as phthalates and lead. These can evaporate into the air over time, potentially harming your child (2).
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    The Best Toddler Rain Boots of 2020

    Hopefully, you now feel more confident as you go out to find the perfect pair of boots for your toddler. To help you a little further, we’ve gathered our top choices.

    1. LONECONE Rain Boots

    Best Unisex Boots

    LONECONE Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles in Fun Patterns for Toddlers and Kids,...
    Check Price

    Garden explorers want to stay dry while digging for worms. These BPA-free boots are made of flexible rubber with non-slip outsoles to help your child stay on their feet. They’re lined with cotton, but without insulation, and are 100 percent waterproof.

    The large handles make them easy to get on. They’re also easy to wipe clean and come in a range of great colors and patterns, all designed by artists from Boise, Idaho.

    2. Western Chief Girls Rain Boots

    Best Toddler Girls Rain Boots

    Western Chief Girls' Waterproof Printed Rain Boot with Easy Pull on Handles,...
    Check Price

    As your girl is waiting for the rainbow, she can sport these stylish puddle jumpers, which come in a variety of bright colors and whimsical prints. These lightweight boots are made of flexible rubber and are lined, to keep feet warm and comfy.

    Suitable for any terrain, with traction on the outsoles, there are two handles for easy wear. Removable insoles are included. Who could say “no” to the ladybug theme?

    3. Western Chief Kids' Rain Boots

    Best Toddler Boys Rain Boots

    Western Chief Kids Waterproof D.C. Comics Character Rain Boots with Easy on...
    Check Price

    The boys’ version of the design above, these cheeky rain boots come in three superhero designs, including Superman and two Batman variants. They’re made of natural rubber, so they’re soft, flexible, and highly durable.

    The inside is also cozy, with a polyester and cotton blend lining. The EVA insoles are highly shock absorbent, so your boy can run and jump as he pleases. The insoles can also be removed to clean or replace if needed.

    4. Oakiwear Kids Rubber Rain Boots

    Best for Summer

    OAKI Kids Rubber Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles, Forest Animals, 4T US Toddler
    Check Price

    Lightweight boots are even suitable for summer play, and these funky wellies are no exception. Made of rubber, they’re soft, flexible, and comfortable to move in. The outsoles are flat and have good traction, keeping your tot stable.

    After a day out in the mud, you can simply rinse off the boots and hang them to dry. The large handles will also make it easier for determined toddlers to get ready on their own.

    5. CasaMiel Toddler Rain Boots

    Best Toddler Rain Boots for Wide Feet

    CasaMiel Kid&Toddler Rain Boots for Boys and Girls, Children’s Handcrafted...
    Check Price

    Sometimes, shoes might be the perfect length, but the width is just not enough. These classic rain boots are nice and wide, allowing your toddler’s feet to stay comfortable.

    They’re made from BPA-free rubber and lined with cotton that will allow the feet to breathe, preventing sweat. With grooves along the outsoles, your toddler’s stability won’t be a problem, and there are two large handles to help your tot slip into them quickly.

    6. Crocs Kids' Handle It Rain Boot

    Best Lightweight

    Crocs Kids' Handle It Rain Boots, Easy On for Toddlers, Boys, Girls, Lightweight...
    Check Price

    The Crocs toddler rain boots are lightweight and durable and available in a great range of colors. They aren’t made from rubber but from a synthetic material and they definitely have that “Crocs” quality.

    There are two large handles to help your toddler put the boots on independently. The logo on the back heel is reflective, so it will help make your child more visible when the weather is overcast, or during evening adventures.

    7. OAKI Kids Easy-On Handles

    Best Pull-Ons

    OAKI Kids Rubber Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles, Frozen Bursts, 8T US Toddler
    Check Price

    As your child grows, they’ll most likely become determined to do everything on their own. The large handles and roomy interior of these quirky wellies should be of use when it comes to leaving the house, as they’re quick and easy to slip on.

    Lightweight and with fun designs, these rubber boots are highly breathable and flexible, to keep your tot comfy. They also have extra insulation to help keep little feet warm on cold days.

    8. Bogs Kids' Insulated Rain Boots

    Best for Winter

    BOGS Kid's Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rubber Neoprene Rain Boot Snow, Geo...
    Check Price

    For those harsh winters or rainy seasons, these 100 percent waterproof rain boots will keep those tiny toes dry and warm.

    The height of these boots means they’re suitable for snow play. They’re made with “Neo-Tech” insulation, claimed to be wearable down to minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit! The outsoles are non-slip and self-cleaning, so you don’t have to labor over gravel and mud removal. A few knocks and a wipe down should do it.

    9. Hunter Original Kids Gloss Rain Boot

    Best Designer Boots

    Hunter Original Kids Gloss Rain Boot
    Check Price

    When you picture rain boots, this well-known brand might come to mind. These lightly-lined wellies are classic, tall, and high gloss in appearance. Sure to make your toddler stand out at the playground.

    With a 100 percent natural rubber shaft and sole, they’re flexible and easy to run around in. Non-slip to keep your modern tot on their feet, the boots come in an array of colors, all with that luxurious shine.

    10. Outee Rain Boots

    Best Budget-Friendly Boots

    Outee Toddler Girls Kids Rain Boots Rubber Purple Waterproof Shoes Polka Dots...
    Check Price

    Rain boots might not be used that often. So spending a significant amount of money on a pair that could be outgrown is not ideal when money is tight.

    However, you want to make sure quality isn’t compromised. These budget-friendly rain boots are made of 100 percent natural rubber, so they’re highly flexible and soft to wear. The outsoles are thick and non-slip, and the boots are lined with cotton for a little extra comfort.

    11. Kamik Stomp Rain Boot

    Best High-Fit

    Kamik Stomp Rain Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid),Navy/Black Sole,5 M US...
    Check Price

    Expert splashers need high boots to overcome those large puddles. These boots hit right under the knee, so they offer plenty of protection.

    They’re made of durable rubber, which will outstand lots of muddy play, and the outsoles are anti-slip, to help your tot stay upright. There are eight colors and patterns to choose from, all featuring a classic look. Don’t worry too much about staining, you can easily wipe these clean.

    12. JAN & JUL Natural Rubber Rain Boots

    Best Ankle Boots

    JAN & JUL Baby Boy Natural Rubber Rain Boots (Size 5 with Elastic, Dinosaurs)
    Check Price

    Some children don’t like to wear high boots but they still want to go out and have fun. These boots go just high enough to protect your tot’s feet and ankles, but not so high that they restrict any movement. This makes them light and easy to wear.

    The boots are made of natural rubber and have a soft cotton lining. The outsoles are rugged to keep your toddler from slipping when playing outdoors.

    13. ZOOGS Children's Light Up Rain Boots

    Best Light-Up Boots

    ZOOGS Light Up Kids Toddler Rain Boots for Girls and Boys with Handles, Blue...
    Check Price

    These light-up boots are great if you have a little party animal. They’re made of a rubber material and are mid-calf in height. Incredibly flexible, they’re good for active tots. Easy to clean, they only require a quick wipe down.

    The outsoles light up with each step, which is super fun for your little one. They’re also non-slip, to help your child stay put.

    More Muddy Puddles Please

    Keeping your child’s feet dry and warm when outdoors is vital. Wet socks can quickly lead to freezing toes, ending the day with blisters and a runny nose.

    Our top pick for the best toddler rain boots has to be the LONECONE Rain Boots. The designs are unique, and the boots are flexible, durable, and lightweight.

    Is your tot a puddle-jumping champion? Do you think the look of the boot is just as important as the quality? Leave one (or many) comments below and share your thoughts.

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