Jennifer Schlette, MSN, RN

Headshot of Jennifer Schlette, MSN, RN

Jennifer Schlette MSN, RN is a pediatric intensive care nurse at Children's Hospital of New York, New York Presbyterian Hospital for the past 14 years.

Jennifer earned her Bachelor's and Master's degree from the College of Mount Saint Vincent. Jennifer became an educator with the College of Mount Saint Vincent after earning her Master's degree. He specialties, while she was teaching, were Maternity and Obstetric Nursing and Pediatrics Nursing.

Jennifer also is the former Director for Undergraduate Education at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. Jennifer returned to the bedside and left the academic world of teaching in order to spend more time with her growing family.

Jennifer's Education & Training:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, College of Mount Saint Vincent
  • Master of Science, College of Mount Saint Vincent

Jennifer's Work History & Experience:

  • Director of Undergraduate Nursing Education, College of Mount Saint Vincent
  • Professor of Nursing, College of Mount Saint Vincent
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse, Children's Hospital of New York and New York Presbyterian Hospital

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