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19 Best Beach Toys for Kids of All Ages of 2024

Find the perfect beach toys for your vacation!

As moms, we know that without the right entertainment, a trip to the beach with kids can end up being a disaster.

But we’ve got your back! We’ve researched the best beach toys for kids of all ages to bring you this list of the 19 most entertaining options. Our top picks include beach toys that are lightweight, durable, educational, activity-inspiring, easy to clean, 0-p/affordable, and — best of all — fun for the whole family.

With any of these sun-and-sand toys, you can spend your day making memories instead of dealing with kids who are cold, tired, dirty, and bored.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Mini Ogodisk
Fun for The Whole Family
Mini Ogodisk
  • Durable foam
  • Parents Choice Award Winner
  • Adapts to many outdoor activities
Product Image of the Melissa & Doug Seaside
Sweet Treats for Girls
Melissa & Doug Seaside
  • Sea-creature inspired
  • 11-piece set
  • Very affordable
Product Image of the Top Race Sand Castle
For Sandcastle Engineers
Top Race Sand Castle
  • Set of 4 sandcastle molds
  • Stackable
  • Hard plastic castle buckets
Product Image of the B. Toys Wavy
Fun On Wheels
B. Toys Wavy
  • Easy-to-grab handle
  • Phthalate-free materials
  • Bucket with molded patterns
Product Image of the Click N’ Play
Ultimate Beach Toys Set
Click N’ Play
  • 18-piece beach sand toy set
  • Fun and colorful
  • High-quality BPA plastic
Product Image of the Top Race Mold Set
Ice Cream Time
Top Race Mold Set
  • 16-piece ice-cream-themed play set
  • Large 9-inch beach pail
  • Brightly colored
Product Image of the Activ Life Rings
Best for Active Play
Activ Life Rings
  • Pain-free design
  • Lightweight
  • Aerodynamic
Product Image of the Catch and Release
Sealife Education for Teens
Catch and Release
  • Educational
  • Sturdy carrying handle
  • Fun way to promote curiosity
Product Image of the John Deere Sandbox
All Boy All The Time
John Deere Sandbox
  • Sturdy design
  • 6-inch sandbox vehicles
  • Easy to use
Product Image of the Coop Hydro Lacrosse
For Athletic Families
Coop Hydro Lacrosse
  • Fun outdoor game
  • Durable
  • Colorful, on-trend graphics

The Best Kids Beach Toys of 2024

Here are 19 fun beach toys to consider.

Mini Ogodisk Super Disk Set

Fun for the Whole Family

This disk set creates lots of fun opportunities. With this pack of two, your child can play by hitting the “OgoSoft” rubber ball back and forth between the paddles. You can also use the paddles for tennis, frisbee, water balloon fun, or anything involving throwing or bouncing.

These disks function like mini trampolines, and with the right force, they can shoot items up to 150 feet in the air. They’re suitable for all ages, starting at 4 years old. Made from foam and spandex, the materials are durable yet lightweight and should dry quickly.

User Experience

My experience with this soft and durable frisbee has been enjoyable for both my 7-year-old son and me. The large size makes it easy to catch, sparking a newfound interest in frisbee for my son. We have used it in various settings, including the pool and beach, as it floats and is lightweight. However, after extensive use, the fabric in the middle tends to wear out and become too flexible, affecting its gliding performance.

Melissa & Doug Seaside Cookie Set

Sweet Treats for Girls

Baking cookies on the beach? Why not. These super cute cookie cutters are shaped like various sea animals, such as a starfish, crab, and fish. The cookie set is suited to children aged 3 and up.

It comes with 11 pieces, including a rolling pin, cookie sheet, spatula, dishes, and even a sprinkle shaker. Your sweetheart will also get a mesh bag for transportation and quick drying when it’s time to go home.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased this sand toy set for my children, and they've been having a blast playing with it both at the beach and in our kitchen. These toys are incredibly durable, able to withstand rough play from my kids, and the "shaker" piece adds an extra layer of fun as they sprinkle "sugar" or "sprinkles" on their sand creations. As a long-time fan of Melissa and Doug products, I'm thrilled with the quality and imaginative play this set brings to our family outings and indoor adventures.

Top Race Sand Castle Buckets

For Sandcastle Engineers

Building sandcastles can be frustrating when the outcome looks more like a pile of wet sand than a castle. With these molds, all your kid has to do is fill up the bucket and find the perfect spot for construction. The buckets are great for children ages 2 and up.

The sandcastle set includes four buckets with different castle mold designs and handles, making them easy to carry around. The buckets are made of hard plastic and can be stacked together for easy storage.

Community Feedback

I recently purchased this compact beach set for an upcoming trip, and I'm thrilled with how well it fits in my suitcase. The vibrant colors and size make it perfect for my 2-year-old, and I can't wait to see the sand and snow castles we'll create together. However, I was slightly disappointed that the shovel and rake pictured were not included in the set. Despite that, these collapsible buckets are way easier to clean than traditional hard plastic ones, and they even double as cute Easter baskets!
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B. Toys Wavy Wagon

Fun on Wheels

This red wagon might just be the ideal beach accessory for kids. It comes with a variety of sand molds, a bucket, a sifter, and a shovel. The bucket and molds each have unique patterns to make your child’s sand sculptures stand out.

The wagon makes it easy for your kid to transport all their essentials. All items are high-quality and made from BPA-free materials. This multi-functional wagon set is suitable for children ages 18 months and up.

First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased this wagon set for my two-year-old, and it has quickly become a favorite at the beach. The wagon is lightweight and easy for my child to pull, while the included sand toys are perfectly sized for a toddler's hands. The sturdy construction of the tools allows for efficient sandcastle building, and the wagon itself offers ample storage for toys and beach finds.

Click N’ Play Beach & Sand Toy Set

Ultimate Beach Toys Set

When you go to the beach, you must have sand toys — it’s a given. This set has 18 pieces, including shovels, a bucket, and sand sifters. It also features a variety of cute ocean-themed sand molds, all in a mesh bag for convenient carrying.

The items are made of hard, BPA-free plastic. The bright, vibrant colors are great for lots of creative play for children ages 12 months and over.

User Experience

My experience with these sand toys has been mostly positive, as they offer a great variety of play options for my kids during our beach trips. While I noticed that the rakes were missing a screw and didn't separate as described, it wasn't a deal breaker for me since I mainly purchased them for decoration. The backpack and mesh bag are well-made and convenient for storage and transport, allowing my daughter to carry them on her own.

Top Race Ice Cream Molds Sand Toys

Ice Cream Time

Let your kids use their imagination to create scrumptious treats at the beach. This mouthwatering set by Top Race includes 14 brightly-colored pieces. Your little chef will be able to make ice cream and bake cupcakes. It’s perfect for 1-year-olds onward.

The set also includes a large bucket with a lid to keep everything in place when not in use. We love that all the pieces are made of high-quality plastic.

Personal Perspective

This sand toy set was a fantastic addition to our beach trip, providing endless entertainment for the kids. The colorful ice cream cones and cupcakes were a big hit, not only at the beach but also in the car and with playdoh and slime. These sturdy pieces are better quality than similar toys found on boardwalks, and the set is suitable for children of various ages. It's also perfect for use with Kinetic Sand, and the sand bucket makes storage a breeze.

Activ Life Flying Rings

Best for Active Play

These frisbees are a great way for you and your children to bond. They’re easy to figure out, and even the younger ones can participate. These floatable rings have made the game even better with an easy-to-catch design.

These flying rings are excellent for children ages 3 and up and are designed to fly straighter than traditional frisbees. The set comes with two lightweight rings in a choice of color combinations.

Community Feedback

For families with young children, this frisbee provides a safe and fun alternative to traditional frisbees. I found it easy to catch and throw, even for my three-year-old, and the size is suitable for both younger and older kids. My granddaughter even created her own point-based game, which added extra enjoyment. These frisbees are well-made but should be kept away from hard surfaces to avoid breakage. They're also convenient to pack for trips, making them great for beach outings or other outdoor adventures.

Dry Branch Catch and Release Aquarium Kit

Sealife Education for Teens

With this aquarium, your teen will get to explore sea creatures up close. Simply submerge it in water, and then study the sea creature from all sides and angles. Once the study is over, your child can gently release the creatures back into their habitat.

The bowl is made from durable plastic with the screen lid attached to the handle so you won’t lose it. This is a cool option for teens or even younger children with parental supervision. It makes for a great opportunity for conversations and engaging learning moments.

First-Hand Impression

Excellent product for kids and adults alike who love exploring nature and observing small animals up close. These clear containers with attached strainer lids are perfect for holding little critters before releasing them back to their natural habitat. The handle is comfortable for kids to hold, and the mesh lid allows for easy water exchange, keeping aquatic creatures happy without the risk of escape. It's not only great for beach trips, but also works well for observing small land creatures. The only downside is that the containers may resemble a certain alcoholic beverage, but overall, it's a fantastic addition to any nature-loving family's outdoor activities.

John Deere Sandbox Vehicle

All Boy All the Time

Even at 8 years old, my son still loves playing with trucks in the sand. And a sandy beach is a perfect place to play around with 6-inch vehicles.

This set includes two heavy-duty machines that resemble real John Deere vehicles. Your toddler will get a dump truck and a tractor with functional parts, such as the front loader.

The vehicles are made of hard and durable plastic, so your child can enjoy them for years to come. Suitable from 18 months old.

User Experience

Love how my 18-month-old grandson adores these sturdy tractors! They're a perfect size for small hands and great for both indoor and outdoor play, like in our sandbox. Although some of the edges are a bit sharp for my liking, they've held up well through rough play and even being chewed on. The fact that they're not made in China is also a bonus.
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Coop Hydro Lacrosse Set

Perfect for Athletic Families

If you’re an athletic family, you might be on the hunt for something everyone can enjoy. A good game of lacrosse could be the perfect beach activity.

With this set, you will get two brightly-colored lacrosse sticks and one soft ball. The foam-handled sticks are comfortable to hold, making them excellent for children ages 5 and up. Time for a little friendly competition!

Personal Perspective

My family and I had a blast with these mini lacrosse sticks during our beach vacation, playing both in and out of the pool. The sticks are durable, making them perfect for hours of fun, and they're a great size for smaller hands. Although they only come with one ball, the overall quality of this pool toy makes it worth the price.

Singare Octopus Kites

Great for Windy Days

Going to the beach on a windy day might seem like a hassle. However, this is the perfect time to try out a new kite. These kites look like giant flying octopuses with their long tentacles flowing in the sky.

The two kites are easy to fly and suited for children ages 3 and up. If your child is young, you may need to help them get started. They come fully assembled, so all you have to do is unwrap them and you’re ready to go.

Community Feedback

If you're looking for a fun and user-friendly kite experience, these kites are a great choice. They are lightweight and large, making them easy to assemble and fly, even for young children with minimal assistance. One minor drawback is the need to tie the ropes together, but this only takes a few minutes and doesn't detract from the overall enjoyment. These kites have a unique "Japanese Cartoon" aesthetic that sets them apart from standard designs, and they are perfect for beach outings or any outdoor adventure. They're also compact and packable, ensuring that they can be easily stored and transported for multiple uses.

Spikeball Kit

A Game for Tweens and Teens

If your kids are into ball games, they’ll love Spikeball. Imagine a mix of volleyball and four square, although it doesn’t require much space. The set includes a net (almost like a trampoline), three balls, and a rule book for those who take game-playing seriously.

The net’s legs can be folded for easy storage, and the set comes with a carrying bag that all the materials fit into. It’s best suited for two teams of two players and has a lifetime guarantee.

No minimum age is specified by the manufacturer, but we’ve found it to be best for tweens, teens, and even the parents. It’s a great game to play with your kids at the beach.

First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased this Gen Z game and was pleasantly surprised by how much fun my family and I had playing it. The setup was incredibly easy and it even came with a storage/transport bag, making it perfect for taking to the beach or family gatherings. The game is suitable for various ages and skill levels, and we found it more convenient than setting up a volleyball net or playing corn hole. One minor downside is that the net needs to be tightened frequently for optimal ball bounce, but it's not too bothersome.

KarberDark Fish Net Game

Stay Cool

Here’s a great one for water fights — these animal squirt toys are awfully cute. The set includes three squirters: a starfish, puffer, and crab. They’re easy to hold and use and are great for children ages 18 months and up.

Simply fill them with water, take your aim, and squeeze to shoot. We like that aside from squirt toys, it also includes fishing nets and rods for interactive fishing play with your tots.

To keep these squishy toys from developing mold or mildew on the inside, ensure they are fully drained of water after playing, and clean them regularly.

User Experience

Best pool toy set I've purchased for my toddler in a while! This set comes with a variety of cute and colorful toys, including a fishing pole that has a sturdy plastic "string" and hook, making it easy for little hands to grasp. My son especially enjoys the purple and orange fish cups, which have holes that create a fun water-raining effect. However, I noticed that the other toys with holes tend to fill with water and may eventually grow mold, so I plan on sealing them with silicone to prolong their life. Despite this minor issue, the toy set has been a fantastic addition to our pool time, and my son absolutely loves it.

MoraBaby Stacking Cup

A Stack of Fun

These brightly-colored stacking toys are ideal entertainment for even the youngest beachgoers. The set includes eight stacking toys, four animal squirt balls, and a floating octopus.

They’re made of hard plastic that’s non-toxic, BPA-free, and CPSIA compliant. You can also use these adorable stacking cups at home with babies and toddlers. The holes prevent water from building up in the toys, and the cups nest neatly together for storage.

Personal Perspective

Excellent bath toys that not only make bath time more enjoyable for my daughter, but also encourage her to develop her motor skills through stacking cups. These toys are a relief for me as a parent, as they don't trap water and are easy to clean, ensuring a safe and sanitary playtime. The accompanying storage bag may be a bit confusing to hang, but it's a minor issue compared to the joy and convenience these toys bring to our family.

Max Liquidator Water Blaster Set

Great for Water Wars

Children 6 years and up love playing around with water guns on the beach. The guns are easy to use — all you have to do is pull the handle to fill it, then push it to fire. The lightweight foam makes them floatable, so you won’t lose them in the deep sea.

The blasters shoot up to 30 feet. The set includes six colorful water guns — enough for the whole family to get involved.

Community Feedback

In my experience, these water guns have an impressive spray range and are easy to refill, making them perfect for outdoor fun. They may be smaller than some alternatives, but their affordability allows for purchasing multiple units for group activities. Although the product images can be misleading regarding size, the overall quality and durability appear to be sufficient for lasting through at least a couple seasons of use.

Coop Hydro Football

Beach Ballin’

This hydro football is an awesome ball, both in and out of the water. It’s made of durable material with tough stitching, so it’s completely waterproof.

The laces are double-tucked to give you a good grip, even in water, and it’s excellent for children ages 5 and up. Its air retention feature is also long-lasting, so there is no need to carry an air pump with you.

First-Hand Impression

Great pool and beach football for both kids and adults! This football is smaller than a standard one, making it perfect for easy spirals and diving catches. The fabric provides a nice grip, but be warned that the throwing laces may come undone during rough play. Despite this minor issue, it's a fantastic waterproof option for some fun outdoor activities.

Matty’s Toy Shop Wooden Spade

For Treasure Hunters

A strong shovel is essential for treasure hunters, and this one will get the job done. The spade measures 31 inches from top to bottom — a good size for children ages 3 and up.

The shaft is made of wood, and the spade and handle are sturdy plastic. There’s a set of three shovels in this pack, making it an excellent option for team digging and castle building.

User Experience

I'm impressed with the durability of these shovels, especially considering their frequent use in various conditions like cleaning out my chicken coop and beach activities with my grandkids. The plastic handle at the top seems to be a great improvement in design, though I do notice some weakening in the most frequently used shovel. While they may not be suitable for heavy garden work, they are perfect for kids' play and other light tasks. Unfortunately, a few of the shovels did break after some time, but considering their affordable price, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase them again.

Monobeach Pop-Up Tent

Baby Beach Time

The ocean can be intimidating for the baby of the family; it’s sometimes best to introduce them slowly. This splash mat/tent allows your baby, 7 months and older, to sit and play on the beach while getting used to the salty water.

The mat has a large canopy to protect your baby, with a 50+ UPF rating. To use the mini pool, just dig a small hole and place the tent on top.

There’s a storage compartment for small items, a two-way zipper, pegs for stability, and instructions included. And it all comes in a  carrying bag for your convenience.

Personal Perspective

Got this splash mat/tent for my baby and it's been a great way to introduce them to the beach. The large canopy provides excellent sun protection, and the mini pool feature is easy to set up with just a small hole. The added storage compartment, two-way zipper, and included carrying bag make this product convenient and easy to use.
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Melissa & Doug Sifting Funnel

Exciting Funnel

This multi-layered sifter really puts the “fun” in funnel. It’s 14.75 inches high and features various creatures your toddler might find in the sea. There are several brightly-colored layers with a friendly octopus at the base.

The handle makes it easy to carry. Watch as your little one figures out how to sift sand and water through the funnel while making it spin. Great for kids 2 years and up.

Community Feedback

My experience with this dual-purpose toy has been delightful, as it provides entertainment for children during bath time and in the sandbox. The design is adorable, and the durability is up to the high standards of Melissa and Doug products. While it is a bit bulkier and pricier than other beach toys, it still offers hours of entertainment for young ones aged 1-3. Although it works better with water, it functions in sand as well, making it a versatile option for warm-weather play.

How to Choose Beach Toys

The best beach toys for kids are entertaining and also durable. Let’s go through the things we considered when choosing our top favorites.


Since the toy will spend most of the time on the beach, you might want to consider how it should be cleaned. Toys that trap water aren’t a good choice since this could lead to mildew or mold if not properly dried. Also, if your kid is similar to mine, those toys will surely end up in the bath later on.


Poor-quality toys are not only a waste of money but can also cause a fair amount of tantrums if they break. Hard plastic is the way to go. It can withstand salt water, sun, and sand (wet and dry) and endure a little roughhousing.

Size and Weight

You most likely pack several bags when you take your family to the beach. You need extra clothes, towels, etc. You don’t want the beach toys to be an added burden.

Finding a reasonably-sized toy that fits your child’s needs is important. You might also want to stay away from toys that are too heavy. After a long day at the beach, it can be a headache to carry heavy, dirty toys and tired children.


As you search for fun beach toys or activities, one of the most important things to consider is the child’s age. To help you out, we’ve put together some brief examples of what to look for based on your child’s age:

  • Babies: Bright colors and chunky, basic toys made from hard plastic.
  • Toddlers: The classic bucket and shovel could provide endless fun for a toddler.
  • Children: Simple games and activities are what it’s all about. Your child might also be interested in making an amazing sandcastle.
  • Tweens/Teens: Ball games or ways for them to explore the ocean might be a hit.

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