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Best Police Toys for Kids of 2023

Discover the world of police toys and how they can benefit your child.

Toys that feature the police service have come a long way. Gone are the days when all you could find were standard die-cast cars, and maybe a one-size-and-style-fits-all police officer costume.

Today, the best police toys for kids feature officers of all backgrounds and specializations. That leads to a more inclusive playing experience. Your child can play with toys that reflect their cultural background and emulate the kind of police officer they would like to see or be.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Playmobil Take Along Police Station
Best Toy Police Station
Playmobil Take Along Police Station
  • Includes multiple accessories
  • Floor flips to a storage box
  • Provides complete play experience
Product Image of the LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center Truck 60139 Building Toy, Action Cop...
Best Police LEGO Toy
LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center
  • Enjoyable to build
  • Works with other lego sets
  • Includes officers & criminals
Product Image of the Costzon Ride on Car, 12V Battery Powered Police SUV Vehicle w/ Remote Control,...
Best Police Ride-On Toy
Costzon Kids’ Ride-in Car
  • Slow initial acceleration
  • Variable speed control
  • Has a safety belt
Product Image of the Dress Up America Police Costume For Boys - Shirt, Pants, Hat, Belt, Whistle, Gun...
Best Police Costume
Dress Up America Deluxe Police Costume
  • Sizes available from 2T to teen
  • Machine washable
  • Well accessorized
Product Image of the Playmobil 1.2.3 Police Copter
Best Police Toy Helicopter
Playmobil Police Coptered
  • Sturdy & durable construction
  • Rotatable helicopter blades
  • Compatible with Playmobil toys
Product Image of the KidiRace Remote Control Police Car Toy with Lights and Sirens for Boys -...
Best Police RC Toy
KidiRace Remote Control Police Car
  • 11 x 5 x 45 inches
  • Multiple working lights
  • Engine & gear shift sounds
Product Image of the SmartGames RoadBlock Cognitive Skill-Building Puzzle Game featuring 80...
Best Police Game
SmartGames Police RoadBlock Puzzle
  • Develop logic & problem-solving skill
  • Can be played solo or in group
  • Vehicles are securely attached to tiles
Product Image of the LEGO City Police Patrol Car 60239 Building Kit (92 Pieces)
Best Police-Themed STEM Toy
LEGO Police Patrol Car
  • Iconic accessories
  • Can be deconstructed & rebuilt
  • STEM focus
Product Image of the Playmobil Police Emergency Vehicle
Best Police Toy Car
City Action Light & Sound Car
  • Light and siren action
  • Includes multiple police gadgets
  • Available as US-style police cruiser
Product Image of the Retevis RT-388 Walkie Talkies for Kids, 22 CH Hands Free Walkie Talkie Toys for...
Best Police Walkie-Talkie Toy
Retevis RT-388 Kids Walkie Talkies
  • Made for small hands
  • Back-lit display for use at night
  • 8,000 feet talking range

The Best Police Toys of 2023

We’ve found the best police toys available today.

There’s a wide range to choose from, so there should be something suitable for every child.

1. Playmobil Take Along Police Station

Best Toy Police Station

The Take-Along Police Station from Playmobil provides everything you need for your crime-fighting adventures, in one complete and portable set.

One police officer monitors operations from the dispatch and control area, which is around the corner from the computer-equipped front desk. When the motorcycle officer tracks down the criminal, they are locked into the jail cell.

But be careful — the bad guy may escape through the breakaway window.

All of the furniture, figures, accessories, and the vehicle fit inside the closed police station, minimizing the risk of lost pieces. The fun can be expanded with other items in the Playmobil police line.


  • It includes three figures, a motorcycle, and multiple accessories.
  • The floor flips up to create a storage box.
  • The set is compatible with other Playmobil toys.
  • Provides complete play experience.


  • Some people struggle with the initial assembly.

2. LEGO City Police Mobile Command Center

Best Police LEGO Toy

Your vehicle-loving kids will get the best of both worlds with this LEGO police truck because it doubles as a mobile command center.

Drive the model to the scene of the crime. Then flip up the side panels to reveal a mini-command center complete with a jail cell.

Fold the back of the truck down to create a ramp for the police motorcycle and ATV that are ready for crime-fighting action.

Use the vehicles to chase down the crooks when they escape from LEGO jail. Send in the police dog and coordinate the entire operation from the command center hot seat.


  • Enjoyable to build and then play with.
  • Works with other LEGO sets.
  • Male and female officers and criminals are included.


  • Not much room for figures inside the command center.

3. Costzon Kids’ Ride-in Car

Best Police Ride-On Toy

For kids from 3 to 8 years, this ride-in police SUV has flashing lights in the grill and across the top of the windscreen. It has a microphone and speaker, which is great for those potentially dangerous traffic stops and variable volume police sirens for those times when you have to fight crime quietly.

There are built-in songs and the ability to stream music via a Bluetooth device. A fully charged battery gives 1 to 2 hours of playtime, depending on how much you use the lights, sirens, and musical modes.

An adult can control the vehicle with the battery-powered remote, or a child can drive independently using the in-car pedals, steering wheel, and wing mirror.


  • Slow initial acceleration and variable speed control.
  • It has a safety belt.
  • The door locks for a real car experience.


  • Takes up a lot of room.

4. Dress Up America Deluxe Police Costume

Best Police Costume

This is a realistic patrol officer’s costume with embroidered patches, real buttons, and actual pockets rather than the printed on versions you get on other dress-up clothes.

The best thing about this costume is that it comes with all of the accessories a budding police officer might need for a busy day of protecting and serving. Along with the shirt, pants, and hat, you also get a walkie-talkie, belt, whistle, and holster.

Patches on both shoulders, an embroidered police patch on the chest, and POLICE across the back of the shirt in large white letters combine to make this feel like a real uniform, and not just a costume.


  • Sizes available from 2T to teen.
  • Machine washable.
  • Well accessorized.


  • The body of the hat is quite large.
  • The hat badge is deliberately off-center, which may annoy some people.

5. PlayMobil Police Coptered

Best Police Toy Helicopter

When you need eyes in the sky, only a police helicopter will do. This isn’t just any police helicopter because it can be used along with other PlayMobil sets.

If you chase the bad guys somewhere the helicopter can’t follow, lower your police officers to the ground and track them down.

With working rotors, your child can manually rotate the blades to induce hands-on fun and learning. This item is perfect for children ages 18 months and older.


  • Sturdy, durable construction.
  • Rotatable helicopter blades.
  • Compatible with other Playmobil toys.


  • Some mom’s had trouble with the packaging but it had not affected the product nevertheless.

6. KidiRace Remote Control Police Car

Best Police RC Toy

This remote control car from KidiRace works on 2.5 GHz technology so you can play with up to six other 2.5 GHz vehicles in the same area without interference.

With a built-in rechargeable battery, there’s no need to scramble for a screwdriver to open battery covers. The car comes with a mini USB charging cable and wall plug. A full charge takes about three hours and provides 30 minutes of driving time.

The remote is a game controller style unit. You can use it for drive controls and turning the lights and sounds on and off.


  • A good size at 11 x 5 x 4.5 inches.
  • Multiple working lights.
  • Engine and gear shift sounds.


  • Volume control would be appreciated.

7. SmartGames Police RoadBlock Puzzle Game

Best Police Game

RoadBlock is a puzzle game for fans of all things law enforcement.

The game board is a grid onto which a series of 3D buildings and a “getaway” car, mounted onto a tile are placed. Players must place the police cars, which are also mounted onto shaped tiles, onto the grid to prevent the criminal from escaping.

The getaway car’s initial placement is dictated by one of the 80 challenges in the puzzle booklet. The problems become progressively more difficult as you progress through the book, meaning the game can be played by players of any age and abilities.


  • Designed to develop logic, planning, problem-solving, and concentration skills.
  • It can be played solo or in a group.
  • Vehicles are securely attached to the tiles.


  • Flimsy packaging.

8. LEGO Police Patrol Car

Best Police-Themed STEM Toy

This kit includes all of the pieces you need to build a miniature LEGO-themed police car.

Consisting of 92 pieces LEGO accessories which include a police officer and two traffic cones, this toy will surely encourage imaginative play. Your child will learn about constructing a police car from scratch as well as strengthening their planning skills.


  • Iconic accessories.
  • Can be deconstructed and rebuilt.
  • STEM Focus.


  • May not be best for younger kids.

9. City Action Light And Sound Police Car

Best Police Toy Car

The police car is the star attraction of this 35-piece playset.

A red and blue working light bar sits atop the removable roof and can be turned on or off via the button on top.

Being able to take the roof off makes it easy to put the police figures into their seats. There is plenty of room in the back for an additional two figures. That’s always useful if you are going to be apprehending criminals.

The tailgate opens, which allows your officers to load and unload their fully stocked equipment case behind the fold-down rear seats.



  • It comes with incredibly small accessories for the police, which will likely be lost quickly by many children and result in a frustrating hunt by parents.

10. Retevis RT-388 Kids Walkie Talkies

Best Police Walkie-Talkie Toy

The majority of “police walkie-talkies” for kids are non-functioning, plastic boxes that are fun for pretending, but not so much fun if you want to communicate. However, although they are not in the style of the main radio with a shoulder mic, these walkie talkies do work.

They can be used hands-free and can be set to work on one of 20 channels and 99 CTCSS. If you put them on the same settings, any number sets can be used together to talk on the same channel.

Depending on terrain, these walkie talkies can cover a impressive range of up to 8,000 feet.


  • Made for small hands.
  • Back-lit display for use at night.
  • Your child can talk to you up to 8,000 feet away.


  • They drain batteries rather rapidly.

11. Dress-Up America Police Officer's Megaphone

Best Police Megaphone Toy

This police officer’s megaphone works just like the real thing.

All your child has to do is switch it on, hold it up to their mouth, and talk away. Their words will be amplified and projected for everyone to hear, and there’ll be no ambiguity over what orders they give.

For those times when instructions are not required, or there’s no time to give orders, this megaphone also has a bright and loud police siren to ensure everyone moves out of the way, fast.

It has a fold-down handle and a strap that is attached which allows your child to play the megaphone over their shoulder.


  • An excellent accessory for a police costume.
  • Does have volume control.
  • Batteries can be removed for some peace.


  • It is extremely loud when used at the volume most kids will use it at.

12. Spooktacular Creations Police Pretend Play Set

Best Police Toy Handcuffs

These are realistic-looking, metal police handcuffs, with two handcuff keys. The cuffs are the older style of restraint with two wrist pieces that are connected by a flexible chain.

Your child will also receive a full-size police badge in this set. The badge is a gold color, metal shield with dark blue enamel style details.

It is mounted on a leather-look backing. There is a metal belt clip on the back of the badge, or it can be worn around the neck on the ball chain, which is included.


  • Realistic, working police handcuffs.
  • Two keys to minimize the risk of lock-ins.
  • They are non-toxic.


  • Some reviewers said their handcuffs broke and had to be put back together after limited use.

13. Figrol Transforming Police Car Robot

Best Police Robot Toy

This 8.8-inch long, 3.5-inch wide police car has headlights and realistic engine sounds. It is capable of drifting and fast 360-degree spins as well as tight turns in both forward and reverse.

Batteries are not an issue, as this robot comes with rechargeables included, as well as a USB charging cable. The video game controller style remote uses two AA batteries, but these are not included.

With the press of a button, the front of the police car lifts, and the vehicle transforms into a remote control robot that can move and spin on the spot.


  • Flashing LED lights.
  • Forty-five to sixty minutes of running time on a full charge.
  • 2-in-1 entertaining toy.


  • The lightweight plastic body may crack under repeated substantial impacts when played with roughly.

14. 10-in-1 Die-Cast Police Set

Best Police Truck Set

The large transporter truck is a vehicle that can be played alone. But it also serves as a storage location for the ten accompanying police vehicles.

Flip down the front of the tractor unit, and it becomes a ramp. Your child can then place a vehicle in the opening created. Then press the lever at the truck’s side and see your car, SUV, or armored unit shoot out and drive off.

The vehicles are all-metal, die-cast models, with some plastic accents, and the set also includes a semi-truck and a helicopter.


  • A wide variety of vehicles.
  • Carrier truck doubles as a storage case.
  • The vehicles are realistic looking with a great deal of details.


  • Issues encountered during delivery.

15. Hauck Playmobil Police Station Tent

Best Police Tent Toy

Provide a space to hide away from the rest of the world and play, as well as a pretend police headquarters, with this large police station tent from Hauck.

Printed to look like the exterior of a police station, the Hauck play tent has a footprint of 58 inches by 28 inches. It stands 41 inches tall.

The hollow pole and sleeve construction makes this tent both easy to assemble and to put away. The front door is a two-piece flap, so there are no parts to break. There is also a roll-up window on one side of the tent.


  • No tools required for construction.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Fun graphics.


  • Taller children will not be able to stand up inside.

Types of Police Toys

You have a wider range of options than ever before for a child who’s interested in police toys.

Police Cars

The generic 1/64 scale cars with a non-descript “Police” livery are still around, but you can easily find cars of all sizes, makes, and models. The graphics on those cars also vary greatly.

Whether you’re looking for a police pedal car, an R/C model, or a heavily armored SWAT van, there’s a police vehicle out there for your child.

Police Costumes

Police costumes can be found for kids of all ages, from babies through to fully grown teens. They range from basic vests with equipment belts printed onto them to fully blown SWAT team costumes with leg holsters and helmets.

Costumes provide an important opportunity for developmental play. By pretending to be someone else, children can work through situations in a physically and emotionally safe place, giving them the chance to build confidence (1).

Police Accessories

Handcuffs, walkie talkies, and other accessories allow children to role play, without the need to dress-up. They also add a touch of realism to costumes, helping your child feel more like a real police officer.


LEGO has an extensive line of police-themed building sets. You buy police stations and vehicles in the regular LEGO City line. You can also find police sets in the LEGO Duplo line for younger children.

There are various playsets with themes such as “Monster Truck Heist” and “High-Speed Chase,” as well as mountain police, air units, police boats and hovercrafts, and more.


For kids who like playsets, but aren’t fans of building toys such as LEGO, Playmobil is an excellent option.

Like LEGO, they have a junior series that features police toys and a regular line that includes a take-along police station, mounted police units, helicopters, K-9’s, quad bikes, and even a police Segway set.

Tents and Pop-Ups

With a tent or pop-up, kids can play in their own space with their toys or use the structure as their own police station.

Tents, pop-ups, or forts also provide a place for kids to slow down and reduce the amount of stimulation they experience in the wider world (2).

How to Choose the Best Police Toys

With so many police toys out there, how do you choose the best ones for your kids? Think about all these factors before buying them.

Child’s Age

Be sure to follow the age recommendations on the packaging. It’s also wise to ensure your older kids are aware they must keep small accessories and play pieces away from younger siblings.


You can avoid issues with toys that may not be up to legal safety standards by only purchasing toys from a reputable manufacturer or retailer.


Don’t fall into the trap of working out how you can afford the toys you would like to buy. Instead, set a realistic budget and look at how you can do the best with the money you can afford.


If your child has strong preferences about the types of toys they enjoy, try to strike a balance between giving them toys they will enjoy and broadening their horizons with new kinds of play opportunities.


Make sure you are not throwing your money away by purchasing items that will last. Kids can be rough with their toys, and there’s nothing worse than seeing your child heartbroken because their new favorite plaything is broken.

Kids On Patrol

If you have a little police fan in your home, there’s no need to restrict the toys you buy to police cars or other vehicles. You can find anything from tents and board games to STEM skill-boosting building sets and transforming robots.

The best police toys for kids can help show children that being a policeman is an honorable career choice and can let them role play for a little bit of excitement in their lives.

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