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13 Best Building & Construction Toys of 2024

13 kid-approved building sets for developing critical thinking.

Building and constructing toys help establish early learning, engineering, logic, and spatial skills. They’re an excellent gift for kids!

But as moms, we want our kids to be safe while they play, so it’s essential to look for age-appropriate building toys for our little ones.

After much research, we’ve found a wide range of building toy sets that will appeal to kids of all ages. We chose toys that are durable, thoroughly tested, and made of safe materials. If you’re looking for more than just another toy to add to the shelf, check out our list of the 13 best building toys for kids.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Mega Bloks
Best Building Blocks
Mega Bloks
  • 80 big, colorful building blocks
  • Award-winning
  • Easy storage
Product Image of the Fat Brain Toys
Best for Babies
Fat Brain Toys
  • Bright colors, grippable textures
  • Durable ABS plastic
  • Fully safety tested
Product Image of the Rainbow Toyfrog Straws
Best for Older Children
Rainbow Toyfrog Straws
  • 300 pieces straws and connectors
  • BPA free, non-toxic materials
  • Flexible, interlocking system
Product Image of the Mag-Genius Tiles
Best Tile Building Toy
Mag-Genius Tiles
  • Inspires creativity
  • Aids in brain development
  • 187 piece set with 2 car bases
Product Image of the Melissa and Doug
Best Wooden Blocks
Melissa and Doug
  • 100 durable wooden blocks
  • Durable and safe construction
  • Smooth painted finish
Product Image of the Fisher-Price Stack
Best Stacking Toy
Fisher-Price Stack
  • 5 colorful rings
  • Shiny reflective surface
  • Rocker base
Product Image of the Cossy Magnetic Blocks
Best Engineering Toy
Cossy Magnetic Blocks
  • 120 sturdy building blocks
  • Strong magnetic force
  • Non-toxic
Product Image of the MagicJourney Giant
Best Maze for Family
MagicJourney Giant
  • Colorful funnel & ladder glides
  • Sparks creativity
  • Encourage educational STEM learning
Product Image of the Foam Building Blocks
Best Foam Builder
Foam Building Blocks
  • 52 pcs colored foam blocks
  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials
  • Pose no choking hazard
Product Image of the Magnetic Building Blocks
Best Magnetic Toy
Magnetic Building Blocks
  • 3D magnetic building sets
  • Built to last for years
  • Ultrasonic welded

The Best Building Toys of 2024

Whether you’re looking for the best wooden, plastic, magnetic, or other building toys for your kids, we have something for you.

Here are our favorite building and construction toys for kids.

Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

Best Building Blocks

This Mega Bloks bag comes with 80 blocks and offers hours of imaginative and creative play. It’s compatible with all other sets from this brand and is convenient to store away in the included tote.

These building blocks hold appeal for boys and girls from the age of 12 months and continue to do so well into childhood. They are BPA- and PVC-free, so you can worry less about your child being exposed to toxic chemicals when playing with these blocks.

User Experience

As a parent of young children, I found these Mega Bloks to be a fantastic option for my little ones. These blocks are perfectly sized for toddler hands, allowing for hours of imaginative play and building fun. My 14-month-old son, for instance, loves playing with them and can easily build various structures without frustration. These blocks are durable and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for busy households. However, it would be beneficial if the blocks locked together more securely, as some pieces tend to slide out of place.

Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo

Great Design for Babies

This clever set allows for easy cleaning and won’t take up much space on your toy shelf. The six toys stack, wobble, and tilt on the base, making playtime fun and educational for babies 6 months and older.

Great for building hand-eye coordination, these toys are fun and brightly colored. They are also made from non-toxic and child-safe materials.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased this stacking toy for my young niece and nephew, and they absolutely love it! The bright colors and tilting mechanism make it engaging and fun for them to play with, even as they're still developing their motor skills. My niece especially enjoys knocking over the stack and giggling, while my nephew is already trying to restack it himself. The balls are durable and well-designed, with a slight magnification effect that keeps the little ones curious and entertained. Although it may be a bit challenging for those under 18 months, this unique stacking toy is a fantastic gift for young children that will keep them entertained and help them develop their coordination.

Straw Constructor Toys

Interlocking Inspiration for Older Children

This sophisticated play set includes 300 pieces. It’s crafted without BPA and inspires creativity and 3D thinking. The flexible straws pop securely into connectors, allowing a wide range of shapes and builds.

These straw connectors are always a fun option for toddlers over the age of 3, but our older kids in elementary school also love making big, adventurous builds with these. This straw set will help engage critical thinking skills and remain challenging for several years.

Community Feedback

I recently purchased this building set for my children and found it to be a fantastic tool for sparking their creativity. The durable, bendable pieces encouraged hands-on play and even got the whole family involved, including their great-grandfather. While my son with physical disabilities greatly benefited from the set in improving his dexterity, I did notice that the variety of pieces could be expanded to maximize its potential.

Mag-Genius Tiles

Tile Building Madness

These magnetic building tiles are suitable for children ages 3 years and older. The set comes with 187 pieces and a sturdy storage bin.

The pieces can be used alongside other magnetic building toys. The magnets are fully contained within these durable tiles. It’s a great starter set or collection to add to existing building magnets.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with these magnetic tiles has been fantastic, as they offer a variety of shapes and work well for my miniature war games. The magnets seem to be slightly stronger than the ones in Picasso tiles I've used before. However, the plastic tote they came in was destroyed during shipping, which was disappointing. Nonetheless, these tiles are engaging and fun for both kids and adults, sparking creativity and imagination.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Blocks

Classic Wooden Building Blocks

A long-time favorite, these wooden building blocks introduce shapes, colors, and early-building skills. Suitable for preschoolers aged 3 and up, this set of 100 blocks is a great educational toy that will provide hours of entertainment.

The pieces are durable yet lightweight and safe to play with. They have rounded edges and a smooth, painted surface that resists splintering. These blocks aren’t recommended for babies or younger toddlers, as some are quite small.

User Experience

I'm thrilled with these colorful blocks that have become a favorite toy in our household. My son enjoys stacking them up, which is a fantastic motor skill exercise for his age. Similarly, my daughter and I have a blast building structures, practicing balance, and learning colors during our playtime. Although the blocks may be slightly smaller than expected, their high quality and affordable price make them a fantastic purchase. Just remember to grab a bin for storage, and watch as these timeless blocks bring endless fun and creativity into your family's playtime moments.

Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack

Best Stacking Toy for Babies

This classic stacking toy is the perfect introduction to building toys. It’s a great way to learn about size and proportions while exploring color and hand-eye coordination.

The lightweight rings are easy for babies to grasp and handle. A fun way to teach and expand processing skills, these are suitable for babies 6 months and older.

Personal Perspective

Great classic toy for little ones, this stacking toy provides both fun and developmental benefits. My baby loves playing with the lightweight rings, which are perfect for their little hands. This version seems to be of slightly cheaper quality than expected, but it remains sturdy and durable even with older kids playing with it too. The top ring features a clear side with small balls that rattle, adding an extra sensory element for my baby to enjoy. It's easy to clean and has even become a bath toy favorite, just make sure to remove the smallest ring and squeeze out any water after use.

Cossy Magnetic Cubes

Engineering for Toddlers

The Cossy engineering cubes come with 56 rainbow-colored pieces. These square blocks encourage your child’s exploration and cultivation of new skills. They are low-frustration toys, as the magnets stick together. This makes it harder for your little one’s hard-built towers to fall down.

This set is suitable for children ages 3 and up.

Community Feedback

Great magnetic building blocks that have provided endless entertainment for my kids. These blocks are the perfect size for little hands, with bright colors and a satisfying magnetic sound. I found that purchasing two sets allowed for more creative building opportunities.
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MagicJourney Giant Marble Run Track

Marble Maze for Family Fun

A great STEM-building activity, this jumbo set comes with 176 colored track pieces, 24 see-through tubes, and 30 marbles. Help nurture your child’s problem-solving, reasoning, and logic skills while sparking creativity and fun.

An instruction booklet is included, with details of four different combinations, from easy to very hard. Great for kids 6 and up, this marble run is a fantastic option for family bonding.

First-Hand Impression

This marble set has been a fantastic addition to our household, providing hours of fun and creativity for my children. The glass, full-sized marbles roll smoothly, and the variety of well-made plastic pieces allow for numerous building possibilities. My kids have learned a lot about building and problem-solving while playing with this set. However, it's worth noting that the structure can be a bit fragile, so it's best to build on a hard surface rather than carpet.
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Foam Building Blocks

Fun Foam Builder for Babies

With 52 pieces in different shapes and colors, this non-toxic foam block set will keep your child occupied for hours. The blocks are even safe for use in the bathtub and come with a heavy-duty storage bag.

Great for stacking, these blocks are waterproof and easy to clean. They’re an excellent choice for kids 6 months and older. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is included.

User Experience

Definitely a fun and versatile toy, these blocks offer a great learning experience for kids, especially when it comes to exploring shapes, colors, and building. They are soft and safe for younger children, making them an ideal choice for playtime, even if your child is prone to throwing things. Although some of the pieces are smaller than expected and the storage bag is not very useful, I found that keeping them in a separate container works just fine. Personally, my child enjoys playing with these blocks and it gives us a chance to bond while learning together. The blocks may not be as sturdy as some might prefer, but their non-toxic, colorful, and easy-to-hold nature more than makes up for it.

Magnetic Building Blocks

Best Magnetic Building Toys

These brightly-colored tiles allow for versatile play for children 3 years and older. Different shapes enable your child to explore geometry in their 3D constructions.

The blocks are made from non-toxic and high-quality ABS plastic with smooth edges. However, they contain magnets, so they should be used with supervision for younger children. This set comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a defective-product warranty.

Personal Perspective

These Magna-Tiles have provided endless opportunities for open-ended play and cognitive growth in both children and adults. As a curriculum specialist for a preschool, I've witnessed the durability and versatility of this set, which has become a staple in our learning centers. The magnetic properties make clean-up and organization a breeze, and the tiles are suitable for a wide range of ages, from toddlers to ten-year-olds. From simple enclosures to elaborate structures, the possibilities with these Magna-Tiles are virtually limitless, making them a worthwhile investment for both educational and recreational purposes.

Boon Building Bath Pipes

Great Choice for Bathtime Building

These Boon Building toys contain five different-shaped pipes and are BPA- and PVC-free. Equipped with suction cups, it’s a great way to expand on logic skills during bathtime.

These pipes can be used alone or slotted together to create fun and interactive waterways. They are suitable for children ages 12 months and up.

Wash before initial use and then as needed with warm, soapy water. Rinse with fresh water and allow to air dry.

Community Feedback

These bath toys provide endless entertainment for all ages, even capturing the attention of my parrot for over 20 minutes. The customizable arrangement adds a fun, interactive element to bath time, although the "T" tube has limited water flow functionality. One downside is that they can be a bit difficult to clean and may lack suction on certain surfaces like subway tile. Despite a minor inconvenience of not being able to attach them together, my toddler absolutely loves playing with these toys during bath time.

Melissa and Doug ABC Blocks

A Blast From the Past

These ABC wooden blocks are a classic choice for the playroom and will transport many of us back to our childhood. They are textured and colored, perfect for a child exploring tactile and sensory skills.

This set, for ages 2 and over, includes numbers, letters, and pictures. The letters are great for young children just learning their alphabet and older children beginning to spell. Blocks are conveniently stored in a wheeled tray, adding another element of fun.

First-Hand Impression

After purchasing this toy for my 17-month-old, I noticed it's not only engaging and entertaining, but also encourages the practice of motor skills, sounds, letter, and shape recognition. Although the blocks seem a bit smaller than I remember from my own children's toys, they are still of good quality and come in a nice variety of colors. My 2-year-old grandson especially loves the pull cart that comes with the blocks for easy storage. However, I did notice that the wood can split or break easily, and the paint may come off, which could be a concern for younger children prone to putting toys in their mouths.

Brain Flakes Interlocking Building Blocks

Best Disc Building Toys

Complete with a storage container, this 500-piece building set is great for traveling and encouraging non-traditional building skills. These pieces are on the small side at just over an inch high, so they are not suitable for young children. We recommend them for children age 3 and up who no longer put toys in their mouths.

Brain Flakes building blocks are durable discs that snap securely together and can withstand even rough play. Made from non-toxic materials, they are phthalates-, PVC-, paraben-, lead- and BPA-free and come with a 90-day manufacturer guarantee.

User Experience

Love this 500-piece building set, as it's perfect for travel and fosters unique building skills. The pieces are small, just over an inch high, so it's best for kids aged 3 and up who don't put toys in their mouths. These durable, disc-shaped blocks snap together securely and can handle rough play. Made from non-toxic materials, they're free of phthalates, PVC, parabens, lead, and BPA, plus there's a 90-day manufacturer guarantee. The storage container it comes with adds convenience, making this set a fantastic choice.

Benefits of Building Toys

Open-ended toys, like building blocks, help encourage your child to develop problem-solving and fine-motor skills (1). And the best building toys should encourage your child’s development. Here are some reasons to purchase building blocks and building toys for your child to play with.

Motor Skills

Picking blocks up, taking blocks apart, and putting them back together all build finger dexterity. These actions help your child finesse both fine and gross motor skills.


Building with blocks can be frustrating — in a good way. Your child will quickly learn their structures will tip over if they aren’t balanced. They’ll learn what fits where and then experiment with how to correct those problems.

Social and Language Skills

Building toys usually inspire collaborative play, which encourages communication skills and the need for language (2).

Many other skills can also be strengthened through the use of building toys and blocks. Children can have fun while also learning. Using building toys is a great way to make it happen (3).

How to Choose Building Toys

When we’re shopping for the best building and construction toys, these are some of the criteria we search for.


Your building blocks will likely be dumped out of boxes, thrown, and stepped on — usually by mom or dad in bare feet. Make sure you choose a building toy that won’t break easily. Frequently inspect your building toys to ensure none are damaged or have sharp edges.


There are great options made of plastic or wood. Check the product information and make sure the paint and materials are safe for children to touch or even chew on (4).


Look for pediatrician-approved, organization-recognized, and award-winning products. This can help point you in the right direction for high-quality toys that deliver.


What is the Most Popular Building Toy?

Mega Bloks is arguably the most popular building toy for little kids, known for its interlocking plastic bricks and endless creative possibilities. It appeals to a wide age range, from young babies to young kids, and comes in various themes and complexity levels.

At What Age Does Constructive Play Begin?

Constructive play typically begins around 18 months to two years of age, as toddlers start to enjoy stacking blocks, fitting pieces together and building simple structures. It evolves as they grow, becoming more complex and imaginative.

Are Wooden Toys Better For a Child’s Development?

Wooden toys can be beneficial for a child’s development due to their durability, tactile nature, and often open-ended play. They encourage imagination and can be less distracting than electronic toys, allowing children to focus on the play activity itself.

Are Magnetic Building Blocks Safe For Toddlers?

Magnetic building blocks are generally safe for toddlers if they are large enough not to be a choking hazard and if the magnets are securely encased. Always look for high-quality, age-appropriate toys and supervise play.

Why are Mega Bloks Good For Toddlers?

Mega Bloks are good for toddlers as they are large, easy to handle, and encourage creativity and motor skill development. The size makes them safe for younger children, and they can be used to teach colors, counting, and more.

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