Best Marble Run Toys of 2020

Learn about marble run toys and how they benefit your child.

Marble run toys are classics that never seem to get old. Even in today’s world of technology, they still please children of all ages.

Finding the best marble run toy for kids can be a challenge though. You want to ensure it’s good quality as well as having the perfect mix of educational value and fun.

Our Top Picks

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Finding the Best Marble Run Toy

Safe Materials

Most marble run toys are made of plastic. Whenever we buy plastic toys for our children, it’s essential to choose the safest. Some plastics contain chemicals and other toxic matters you don’t want near your child.

Look for materials free of BPA, lead, and phthalate (1). Another safety consideration is smooth and rounded edges to eliminate the risk of pinches or scratches.

Educational Value

Lots of marble run toys encourage STEM — science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. By forcing your child to construct by themselves, they develop different skills, which will benefit them as they grow (2).

With such toys, you can expect your child to learn problem-solving, spatial and logical thinking, and action-reaction. Because marble run toys teach your child how to construct, you’re likely to see them soon building their own designs.

Plenty of these toys cater to a specific category. On our list, we have those focusing on magnetism, volume, and weight.


Whenever we buy a toy, its durability is high on the checklist. Having a toy that breaks easily isn’t fun.

Materials such as ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) are excellent when it comes to children’s toys. They’re capable of taking many a tumble without breaking into pieces.

The Best Marble Run Toy Reviews of 2020

With our criteria in hand, we set out to find the best marble run toys. After searching through leading blogs and parent reviews, we found our top ten.

1. Gravitrax Marble Run & STEM Toy By Ravensburger

Best Marble Run Toy for Ages 8 and Up

Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Set Marble Run & STEM Toy For Kids Age 8 & Up -...
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For children aged 8 and up, you need a marble run toy that can provide a challenge. This example from Ravensburger looks cool and creates an excellent learning tool for your preteen.

The Gravitrax is an interactive system, allowing your youngster to build their own designs and racetracks. With the set, the user gets to play with gravity, kinetics, and magnetism. Once assembled, it becomes a racetrack where your child must propel the marble ball toward the finish line using physics.

With the interactive design, it provides plenty of opportunities for two kids to play together, racing their marbles.

The included instructions give your child several design ideas, but they can also go rogue and create something unique. Some parents say it’s a bit complicated, although they praise the challenges it provides.

Gravitrax was featured on the show Live with Kelly and Ryan, where it was listed among the best toys of 2018.

  • It provides an entertaining lesson in physics.
  • Several designs to create.
  • Suitable for more than one child.
  • It’s a challenge for even the smartest kid.
  • The set is made of plastic — although sturdy, it looks like metal in the packaging photos, disappointing some parents.

Additional Specs

Number of pieces122
Recommended ages8 years and up
Marbles includedYes

2. Gravity Maze Marble Run By ThinkFun

Lesson In Gravity

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age...
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Playing with gravity is always fascinating, so if your child is 8 years or older, this marble run from ThinkFun is a good pick. It provides the ultimate challenge, putting your youngster’s reasoning and visual perception skills to the test.

Once fully assembled, it becomes a maze, powered by gravity. It consists of various towers, which the marble must run through until it reaches the target tower. Your youngster can set it up how they wish — but they’ll have to think carefully to reach the target.

Gravity Maze is a STEM toy, incorporating several components into one gadget. Along with it, your child gets 60 challenges, suitable for beginners and mini gravity experts. Clear instructions are included, but there’s also room for free play.

With the maze, your child gets three marbles, nine towers, and one target piece. It’s easy to set up and get started.

  • An enjoyable introduction to the forces of gravity.
  • It includes plenty of challenges, with solutions if needed.
  • Instructions are in the package, but there’s room for creativity.
  • You get three marbles for the toy.
  • The pieces are a bit cumbersome to reconfigure as they sit tightly together.

Additional Specs

Number of pieces10
Recommended ages8 years and up
Marbles includedYes

3. MindWare Marble Run Set

Pretty in Pink

MindWare Marble Run Sets (Sparkle Marble Run 103 Piece Set)
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This marble run by Mindware will introduce your little ones to physics entertainingly and interestingly.

With the maze, they get to build a glamorous and glittery track that twists, turns, races and spins marbles at incredible speeds.

The set forces your child to ask questions and develop their building and problem-solving skills.

The huge assortment of pink and sparkly tube pieces lets you build towering runs, jump slides with catchers, funnels, wheels and rickety rails.

MindWare includes thorough instructions for building the maze, but your child can create their own, too. Included are 103 building pieces along with 20 marbles.

  • Beautiful pink and white design.
  • Filled with challenges for your child.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Some users found the track would fall apart too easily.

Additional Specs

Number of pieces96
Recommended ages4 years and up
Marbles includedYes

4. Giant Marble Run Toy By MagicJourney

Jumbo Maze

MagicJourney Giant Marble Run Toy Track Super Set Game I 230 Piece Marble Maze...
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With its jumbo size, this marble run toy from MagicJourney will undoubtedly make an impression. It’s one of the largest marble run sets on today’s list, consisting of 230 pieces — the tallest point on the toy measures 39.4 inches.

The set includes 230 pieces, sporting vibrant colors and translucent tubes. Your little one can follow the featured 30 marbles as they run through the tracks down to the finish point. The toy allows for several configurations so users can develop their imagination and creativity.

Included for the construction are slides, windmills, wheels, s-shaped slides, U-turns, ladders, and colorful funnels. Some parents said the pieces are compatible with other marble run sets — thus creating even larger constructions, making the configuration possibilities endless.

All the pieces are child-friendly, made of non-toxic, lead- and phthalate-free materials. MagicJourney also offers a money-back guarantee. It’s suitable for children aged 4 years and up.

  • Tall, jumbo-sized marble run.
  • Endless opportunities for configurations.
  • Bright and colorful.
  • Thirty marbles included.
  • Instructions have some inconsistencies.

Additional Specs

Number of pieces230
Recommended ages4 years and up
MaterialNon-toxic plastic
Marbles includedYes

5. Marbleworks Starter Set By Discovery Toys

Best Marble Run Toy for Race-Loving Kids

Discovery Toys MARBLEWORKS Marble Run Starter | Kid-Powered Learning | STEM...
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If your little one enjoys racing their toy cars, they should love this racetrack-inspired marble run set from Discovery Toys. When fully assembled, it becomes a super-size marble racetrack. It includes 30 posts, with five bases, nine ramps, and start and finish gates.

The set is built to last, constructed from high-impact polystyrene that’s BPA-free. It’s capable of withstanding an eager child who may play rough. Included are also ten marbles.

At the starting gate, the player can set up the racers, ready to start. When the gate opens, the marbles will race down the track.

The toy requires a well-thought-out configuration to enable the marbles to reach the bottom. It puts a fun twist on physics, teaching your little one about gravity.

The toy requires smaller than standard size marbles to fit the tracks, so if the included marbles are lost, they are difficult to replace. Some parents were a bit confounded by this.

  • Durable material.
  • Lots of pieces for various configurations.
  • Provides a fun lesson in physics.
  • Only compatible with MarbleWorks marbles.

Additional Specs

Number of pieces46
Recommended ages5 years and up
MaterialNon-toxic high-impact polystyrene
Marbles includedYes

6. PicassoTiles 70 Piece Marble Run

Fun With Magnets

PicassoTiles 70 Piece Marble Run Race Track Magnetic Tiles Magnet Building Block...
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This colorful marble run set has been designed to help with brain development, learning, STEM skills, and kids love for art and science! If you want your child to have fun, but learn something new at the same time, this is the set for you.

There are 70 magnetic pieces included that link together easily. As your child constructs their marble run, they’ll be confronted with problem solving, hand-eye coordination and a chance to train their motor skills. But what’s great is that it isn’t too challenging, even for three year olds! The pieces fit together via magnets, but also the laws of physics, gravity and imagination.

The design of this marble run encourages kids to learn by hands-on playing, which helps them to understand both creative thinking and science. Plus, it can even introduce them to architecture, something that’s often ignored in schools.

The marble run is made from non-toxic, BPA and lead-free materials. It’s tested in CPSC labs to ensure quality and safety.

Learn More
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  • Promotes children’s brain development.
  • Magnetic pieces easily fit together.
  • Teaches science and art.
  • A great group activity.
  • Younger kids need parental supervision.
  • Pieces may start to break after a few months.

Additional Specs

Number of pieces70
Recommended ages3 years and up
MaterialBPA and lead-free materials
Marbles includedYes

7. Marble Run Set By Magicfly

Marble Mania

Magicfly Marble Run Set, 127 Pcs Marble Race Track for Kids with Glass Marbles...
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With over 32 marbles included, this jumbo set from Magicfly should be popular with your child and their friends. The toy features three glass marbles and 32 DIY ones, enabling your little one to use their creativity.

This marble run toy is impressive. It has 127 pieces, which are all translucent, yet vibrant to look at. It’s effortless to assemble, despite its size, and Magicfly includes a thorough manual.

Because all the pieces are see-through, your little one can watch and follow the marbles as they roll down.

With the set, you and your child can create five different marble runs. The DIY marbles are plastic and allow you to put them together to create various colors. However, some parent reviews said it would’ve been better had all the marbles been glass.

This Magicfly run is recommended for children ages 3 and up. It’s all made of sturdy ABS material, which is non-toxic and won’t break easily.

  • Large set.
  • Translucent pieces.
  • Plenty of marbles included.
  • The DIY marbles aren’t as much fun as the glass ones.

Additional Specs

Number of pieces127
Recommended ages3 years and up
MaterialABS material
Marbles includedYes

8. Best Choice Products Marble Maze Racetrack

For Small Builders

Best Choice Products 97-Piece Kids Create Your Own Marble Run Set w/ 4 Balls
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This marble run toy from Best Choice Products is excellent for small toddlers who are learning to put blocks together.

Your little one will be able to practice their fine motor skills by connecting the pieces and letting the balls run through. The set resembles LEGO Duplo and is also compatible with the brand. All the pieces are crafted from durable, non-toxic ABS plastic, and the set is recommended for children aged 3 years and up.

The set calls for your child to construct slides and sharp corners. It allows room for creativity, as they can build how they like. All leftover pieces can be used for making animals or other fun things.

  • Excellent for toddlers.
  • The pieces are compatible with LEGO Duplo.
  • Crafted from durable material.
  • It allows room for creativity.
  • The “marbles” could be better — some parents say they come apart too easily.

Additional Specs

Number of pieces97
Recommended ages3 years and up
MaterialABS material
Marbles includedYes

9. Meland Marble Run

Honorable Mention

Meland Marble Run - 122Pcs Marble Maze Game Building Toy for Kid, Marble Track...
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To finish off our list, we have this marble run set by Meland, which is suitable for children aged 4 and up.

The set consists of 122 colorful pieces, which are appealing to a young child, and 20 marbles. Your youngster gets to construct a giant maze, full of stairs and windmills. It’s wonderful fun.

Parents praise the durability of the set. All pieces are made of solid ABS material, capable of withstanding a child’s rough nature. They’re also translucent, allowing the user to watch the action as the marbles run through the maze.

Meland has included an easy-to-follow manual for the construction of several configurations. Your child gets to use their imagination while developing skills such as eye-hand coordination and confidence.

  • Large and tall maze.
  • Sturdy material.
  • Lots of colors and translucent pieces to watch the action.
  • The marbles are plastic, not glass.

Additional Specs

Number of pieces122
Recommended ages4 years and up
MaterialABS material
Marbles includedYes

Marble Run Toy Comparison Chart

ProductBestNo. of piecesRecommended agesMaterialMarbles included
Gravitrax Marble Run & STEM ToyAges 8 & Up1228 yrs and upPlasticYes
ThinkFun Gravity MazeLesson In Gravity108 yrs and upPlasticYes
MindWare Marble RunPretty in Pink1034 yrs and upPlasticYes
MagicJourney Giant Marble RunJumbo Maze2304 yrs and upNon-toxic plasticYes
Discovery Toys MarbleworksRace-Loving Kids465 yrs and upNon-toxic high-impact polystyreneYes
PicassoTiles 70 Piece Marble RunFun With Magnets703 yrs and upBPA and lead-free materialsYes
Magicfly Marble Run SetMarble Mania1273 yrs and upABS materialYes
Best Choice Products Marble SetSmall Builders973 yrs and upABS materialYes
Meland Marble RunHonorable Mention1224 yrs and upABS materialYes
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Keep it Running

Marble run toys are great fun for young and old. They’re educational, teaching your child about physics while developing various skill sets.

When finding the best marble run toys, consider the materials used. They must be non-toxic and have smooth edges throughout. Then verify their durability and if they’re capable of withstanding a few tumbles.

Remember to play along with your child once in a while and let them amaze you with their building and racing skills.

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