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Best Kids Tool Sets of 2023

Does your would-be little builder need a tool set for tinkering around the house?

Kids love to watch other people do things, and they enjoy it more when they can join in. If you enjoy renovations, repairs, or building, why not get a kids’ toolset for your budding builder and let them help out?

They might learn a thing or two, and you’ll both benefit from the time you spend together.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Le Toy Van - Cars & Construction Educational Wooden Tool Box Play Set for Role...
Best Wooden Tool Set
Le Toy Van Wooden Tool Kit
  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • Sized for little hands
  • Rubberwood from sustainable source
Product Image of the Hi-Spec 18pc Blue Kids Tool Kit Set & Child Size Tool Bag. Real Metal Hand Tools...
Best Metal Tool Set
Hi-Spec 18-Piece Kids’ Tool Kit
  • Durable construction
  • 18-piece set
  • Fun accessories
Product Image of the Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It! My Very Own Tool Set - 6 Pieces, Ages 2+...
Best for Toddlers
Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It!
  • Toddler-friendly
  • Drill with noises
  • Lightweight for easy carrying
Product Image of the Step2 Real Projects Toy Workshop With Tools
Best With Real Projects
Step2 Real Projects Toy Workshop
  • Has shelves and drawer
  • Comes with “working” drill
  • Collection of project blueprints
Product Image of the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Tool Belt Set - 5 Wooden Tools, 8 Building Pieces,...
Best Budget Kids’ Tool Set
Melissa & Doug Tool Belt Set
  • Adjustable loop & hook fabric belt
  • Promotes problem-solving skills
  • AAP approved play
Product Image of the Stanley Jr ST004-05-SY Tool Set (5 pcs)
Best for Older Kids
Stanley Jr. Children's 5-Piece Toolset
  • Simulates full-size adult’s tools
  • Durable, metal tools
  • Gender neutral
Product Image of the Fisher-Price Bob The Builder, Talking Tool Belt
Best Character Tools Set
Bob The Builder Talking Tool Belt
  • Official Bob The Builder merchandise
  • Includes custom-designed bricks
  • Recognizable characters
Product Image of the BLACK+DECKER Jr. 23 Piece Backpack Set
Best Plastic Tool Set
Black & Decker Jr. Backpack Set
  • 23-piece kit
  • Lightweight tools
  • Affordably priced
Product Image of the My First Power Drill Set - Real Cordless Drill for Boys and Girls - Lightweight,...
Best With Power Tools
My First Power Drill Set
  • Genuine power tool
  • Compatible with standard accessories
  • Has plenty of extra features
Product Image of the Melissa & Doug Toolbox Fill and Spill Toddler Toy With Vibrating Drill (9 pcs)
Best Soft Tool Set
Melissa & Doug Toolbox Fill & Spill
  • Stuffed tools
  • Machine washable
  • Made of soft material

The Best Kids Tool Sets of 2023

Here are our recommendations for the best kids’ tool sets.

1. Le Toy Van Wooden Tool Kit

Best Wooden Tool Set

Le Toy Van produces this fabulous and fun tool tote for kids. It comes with tools, a detachable tool bag, wooden fixings, such as bolts and nails, and more.

The sturdy wooden tool tote is open at the top and has a drawer underneath, so all of those special tools can be kept safely in one place. The tote also has holes in the endplates, so it doubles as somewhere to bang in those chunky wooden nails.

The wooden toy is carefully crafted with a smooth finish to ensure there are no worries about splinters in little fingers. Some of the wood is left uncolored, and other parts are painted, giving the set an overall light and bright feeling that will appeal to those who like a natural look to their toys.


  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship.
  • Durable.
  • Sized for little hands.
  • Rubberwood from a sustainable source.


  • Not the cheapest option.

Product Specs

Age Range 3 years and older
Material Wood
Number of tools 4
Also included Bottle of wood glue, two nails, a bolt and a screw, all made from wood. Tote, bag, pre-drilled plank.

2. Hi-Spec 18-Piece Kids’ Tool Kit

Best Metal Tool Set

If you have an older child who wants to use real tools, a metal tool kit for kids provides the whole tool experience, but without the added weight of full-size adult items. A metal tool kit can also prevent your industrious child from using your tools when you’re not around.

The 18-piece set from Hi-Spec has a hammer, two screwdrivers, and a scaled-down pair of long-nosed pliers. This selection gives your child plenty of opportunities to help without overwhelming them with too many choices.

A work apron with front pockets means kids can keep their tools with them, and out of the dirt, while the zippered canvas tool bag holds all of the pieces when not in use. A safety helmet and goggles are included, but I would not assume they meet the standards of genuine safety equipment.


  • Durable.
  • Lots of items.
  • Fun accessories like an apron, hat, and goggles.


  • Metal tools require close supervision.

Product Specs

Age Range 5 years and older
Material Metal
Number of tools 4
Also included 2x nylon clamps, ruler, level, tape measure, pencils, pencil sharpener, hat, goggles, apron, bag.

3. Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It!

Best Tool Set for Toddlers

Learning Resources designed this kids’ tool set for toddlers who want to join in with your repairs and projects or do “projects” of their own. It’s lightweight enough that your child will easily be able to carry around their own tool set. That means they won’t be needing you to pick it up every time their projects take them into a different room.

The brightly-colored tools are small, yet chunky, made especially for the littlest of hands. Both the tools and the tool tote are made from slightly soft plastic, so they are strong enough not to bend when in use, but hurt less than a hard plastic if your child catches their fingers under the hammer.

The drill in this set makes a drill-like sound when you press the button. But the drill bit does not turn, so there’s no danger of hair or clothes getting caught and twisted around.


  • Toddler-friendly.
  • Lots of tools.
  • Drill with noises.
  • Lightweight for easy carrying.


  • “Babyish” appearance that kids will quickly outgrow.

Product Specs

Age Range 2 to 3 years
Material Soft plastic
Number of tools 5
Also included Tool tote

4. Step2 Real Projects Toy Workshop With Tools

Best Kids’ Tool Set With Real Projects

This Step2 set is made for kids who are serious about their tool use but are not yet old enough for real tools and projects.

The toddler-sized workbench has shelves and a drawer for storing your essential items, as well as a built-in vice for holding those tricky pieces still while you work on them.

There’s an angle finder on the workbench counter and lots of holes into which you can put your bolts, screws, or tools while you work.

The standout element of this kids’ tool set is the collection of project blueprints and the 42 pre-cut Durafoam, faux wood pieces. These allow your child to build a tool tote, birdhouse, airplane, and more, without the need to measure, shape, or cut out any pieces.


  • Toddler centric projects.
  • “Working” drill.
  • Durable.


  • Takes up a lot of space.

Product Specs

Age Range 3 to 7 years
Material Plastic tools and Durafoam “wood”
Number of tools 3
Also included Workbench with vice and storage, three drill bits, eight screws, eight nuts and bolts, 42 Durafoam wooden pieces.

5. Melissa & Doug Tool Belt Set

Best Budget Kids’ Tool Set

Melissa & Doug brings together four tools, eight building pieces, and a tool belt to create a cute and durable kids’ tool set. The set includes a hammer, screwdriver, saw, and wrench, which are just the right size for the hands of little helpers.

The tools and building pieces are made of wood, and they all fit into either the plastic fronted pockets, the flapped pouch, or on the loops on the nylon belt. There’s also a place on the tool belt pouch for your child, or you, to write their name, giving this a personalized feel without the additional cost.

Also, The American Academy of Pediatrics has partnered with Melissa & Doug for the #PowerOfPlay campaign. This campaign is sharing play ideas, age-specific play guides, and ways to help caregivers who are contemplating handing children tablets or phones to keep them busy (1).

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  • Adjustable loop and hook fabric belt.
  • This company has a happiness guarantee for their products.
  • Suitable for sorting, problem-solving, and fine motor skills.


  • Not compatible with other Melissa & Doug tool sets.

Product Specs

Age Range 3 to 7 years
Material Wood
Number of tools 4
Also included Ruler, eight building pieces, tool belt

6. Stanley Jr. Children's 5-Piece Toolset

Best Tool Set for Older Kids

Made by the same people who make regular Stanley tools, the tools in this Stanley Jr. set look exactly like their full-size cousins. The black and yellow rubberized handles even have all of the same details, including the signature Stanley tools texturing.

The retractable tape measure is ten feet long, the Phillips screwdriver is ergonomically designed, and the hammer is made of high-quality materials and can be used just like the real thing.

This set is designed primarily with carpentry in mind.


  • Just like your favorite adult’s tools.
  • Durable, metal tools.
  • Gender neutral.


  • Does not include a flat Phillips screwdrivers.

Product Specs

Age Range 5 to 11 years
Material Metal
Number of tools 5
Also included Tape measure, Phillips screwdriver, safety goggles, hammer

7. Bob The Builder Talking Tool Belt

Best Character Tools Set For Kids

The Fisher-Price Bob The Builder talking tool belt combines the expertise of two well-established toy companies — Fisher-Price and Mega Blocks.

The set has a communicator that looks like a small, pretend walkie talkie. Press the buttons on the communicator, and it lights up, plays music, and says one of several encouraging phrases in Bob The Builder’s voice.

Along with the tools and belt, the tool kit includes some custom-designed bricks by Mega Blocks. They are made to look like screws and blocks so your child can enjoy “building” with their tool set, without you having to worry about their safety.

There are two multipurpose handles to which your child can attach one of the six tool heads, and all eight pieces slot into their own spots on the belt.


  • Official Bob The Builder merchandise.
  • Reliable, established manufacturer.
  • A recognizable character your child may already know and love.


  • Only two handles for six tools.
  • Tools can fall from the belt.

Product Specs

Age Range 3 to 6 years
Material Plastic
Number of tools 6
Also included Tool belt, communicator, five Mega Blocks pieces

8. Black & Decker Jr. Backpack Set

Best Plastic Tool Set

This tool set from Black & Decker can be considered as one of the best educational toys for preschoolers. It’s a mid-range, plastic tool set comprising of a 23-piece kit with eight tools, plastic nails, plastic “wood,” and plastic nuts and bolts. Everything fits into a molded sleeve, which fits into the accompanying clear plastic fronted kids backpack.

While this is a fun tool set for the 3 to 6-year-old age group, it is not the most robust set on the list. This isn’t necessarily a problem as the tools do stand up to general, age-appropriate use.

However, if you have a child who is quite hard on their toys, these tools may bend, and some owners have experienced a tool snapping under strain.

Some people have also complained that the backpack is quite large and falls off their child’s shoulders easily.


  • Lots of pieces in the set.
  • Lightweight tools.
  • Affordably priced.


  • May bend or snap under strain.
  • The backpack may be too large for younger children.

Product Specs

Age Range 3 to 7 years
Material Plastic
Number of tools 9
Also included Plastic backpack, three plastic nuts and bolts, two plastic nails, clamp, and set-square/level.

9. My First Power Drill Set

Best Kids’ Tool Set With Power Tools

At one time, you could only find pretend hand tool sets for kids, but now, for older, more responsible children, you can buy real-ish miniature power tools.

My First Power Drill Set is a working, battery-powered drill, complete with a hard-bodied carrying case, an assortment of ratchet, driving, and drill bits, assorted screws and bolts, a USB charging cord, and an AC/DC adapter.

The drill has an LED light, easy change chuck, and a forward and reverse button for easy operation. Each of the drill bits included in the set is the same size as a regular bit, so you can easily swap them out or replace them with another from your own collection or the store.

From a safety perspective, the drill is 4 volts and geared down, so although it works as a proper power drill, it is not as powerful as an adult drill.


  • Genuine power tool.
  • Compatible with standard accessories.
  • It has plenty of extra features like an LED light.


  • Short battery life.
  • Not especially powerful.

Product Specs

Age Range 13 years and older
Material Plastic and metal
Number of tools 1
Also included Case, drill bits, charger

10. Melissa & Doug Toolbox Fill and Spill

Best Soft Tool Set

The Melissa & Doug Toolbox Fill and Spill is made especially for builder babies.

Filled with soft cotton, the tool set comes with a tool tote and two stuffed blocks into which you can fit the soft screw. As you will need to pre-drill your screw hole, the set includes a power drill.

This power drill has a padded pull string that retracts into the base of the handle. Pull the string, and as it retracts, it makes the drill gently vibrate, giving your child a soft, gentle, low-key power drill experience.

The hole for the screw and the stuffed blocks of “wood” have hook and loop fabric panels. This allows your baby to stick the blocks together and then saw them apart again with the wood saw.

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  • Stuffed tools.
  • Machine washable.
  • The material feels soft against the skin.


  • Limited age range.

Product Specs

Age Range 1 to 2 years
Material Cotton
Number of tools 4
Also included Soft tool tote, two blocks, one soft screw

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Age Range Material No. of tools
Le Toy Van Wooden Tool Kit Wooden Set 3 years & older Wood 4
Hi-Spec 18-Piece Kids’ Tool Kit Metal Set 5 years & older Metal 4
Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It! Toddlers 2 to 3 years Soft plastic 5
Step2 Real Projects Toy Workshop With Tools Real Projects 3 to 7 years Plastic tools & Durafoam “wood” 3
Melissa & Doug Tool Belt Set Budget Set 3 to 7 years Wood 4
Stanley Jr. Children’s 5-Piece Toolset Older Kids 5 to 11 years Metal 5
Bob The Builder Talking Tool Belt Character Set 3 to 6 years Plastic 6
Black & Decker Jr. Backpack Set Plastic Set 3 to 7 years Plastic 9
My First Power Drill Set Power Tools 13 years & older Plastic & metal 1
Melissa & Doug Toolbox Fill & Spill Soft Set 1 to 2 years Cotton 4

Benefits of Tool Sets for Kids

Tool sets aren’t just for fun — they can help your child in a multitude of ways.

Specifically, kids tool kits can:

Boost Language Skills

Spending time with your child as they play with a tool set allows them to explain things to you and ask questions. This helps develop general language skills as well as a broader vocabulary.

Encourage Physical Activity

A tool set encourages your child to get up and move around as they build and fix things around the home. The smaller movements required to slot screws and bolts into holes promote fine motor skill development.

Promote Exploration

Tool kits require your child to explore their environment and ask themselves, “What happens if?” Then, as your child discovers new things, they are inspired to explore further. Who knows where they might end up or what they can discover?

How to Choose the Best Kids Tool Sets

The number and variety of children’s tool sets are overwhelming. To help you choose the best option for your child, we have a few pointers. Here are some key things you should think about before purchasing a set.

Child’s Age

Younger children may be more interested in waving the tools around, banging them on any surface, or chewing on them. They will benefit most from lightweight, brightly colored tools that are chunky and sized for little hands.

Older kids may prefer a tool kit they can use, so metal tools that look just like the real thing and a place to store all of their items may be more appropriate.

Make sure you’re following listed age ranges for optimal safety (2).


Washable materials free from any possible toxicities are essential for younger children who may put the tools in their mouths.

Once your child is old enough to use their tools, you’ll also want to ensure they are strong enough for the purpose.


Plastic tools are popular as they are affordable, lightweight, and washable. However, be sure they are of a good enough quality to stand up to your child banging, twisting, and bending them.


If you choose a tool set for a child who hasn’t asked for one, consider finding an item in their favorite color or with a character they like.

Your child may want a tool set that matches one they have seen a favorite adult use.


Look for the best quality for your money. It is better to buy a smaller, high-quality tool set that will last rather than a more extensive, low quality set with pieces that may break.

Number of Pieces

Consider the number of pieces in the tool set, but do not assume that more pieces automatically equals a better tool set.

Look at the variety of tools and how likely your child is to use them rather than just the number of tools and accessories.


As well as checking for strength and toxicity, you should also look out for safety goggles, hard hats, and any necessary safety accessories. Using these items can set up good habits for the use of personal protective equipment.

However, do not rely on the safety items in a child’s tool kit to protect them. The majority of these items are purely for show and do not meet safety standards.

Ready For Adulting

We learn best by observing and mimicking others, and what better way for children to do this than to help out around the house?

Your child can enjoy the fine motor skill development and imaginative play benefits from toddler toy tool sets. And if they’re following you around as you repair things, you’ll also get to spend time together, therefore, maximizing the benefits of playtime. What could be better than that?

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