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13 Best Castle Toys for Kids of 2024

These castle toys will inspire your children to create their own stories.

The best castle toys are more than just buildings with turrets, drawbridges, and dragons; they’ll bring an element of magic that inspires your children to create countless scenarios and enjoy many hours of imaginative, screen-free play.

We’ve spent hours searching for a collection of castle toys that do just that. These toys are suitable for boys, girls, toddlers, preschoolers, and even the big kids. They are affordable, durable, and imaginative.

The castle toys and building sets on our list will delight your little knights, princesses, and dragon tamers, bringing countless stories of another era into your home.

We’ll review our favorite castle toys here, highlighting their best features and offering tips to help you choose the perfect set for your kids.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Melissa & Doug Medieval
Best Medieval Castle Design
Melissa & Doug Medieval
  • Foldable
  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Elegant hinged design
Product Image of the Lego Hogwarts Kit
Great for Tweens
Lego Hogwarts Kit
  • 10 fantasy figures
  • Compatible with all LEGO building toys
  • Moving staircase
Product Image of the Peppa Pig’s Castle
The Preschooler Pick
Peppa Pig’s Castle
  • Folds away to store all accessories
  • Over 13 inches long
  • Has carry-handle
Product Image of the Fisher-Price Imaginext
Best High-Tech Castle
Fisher-Price Imaginext
  • Expands to 42 inches
  • Reconfigurable
  • Cool sound effects and lights
Product Image of the Migargle Castle Blocks
Best Wooden Castle Blocks
Migargle Castle Blocks
  • Beautiful and educational
  • Premium natural wooden castle
  • 150-piece classic blocks
Product Image of the Fisher-Price Little People Toddler Toy Disney Princess Magical Lights & Dancing...
Best Disney Castle
Fisher-Price Magical
  • Includes Disney Princesses
  • Interactive playset
  • Magical lights and sounds
Product Image of the Lego Disney Frozen Playground
Great for Girls
Lego Disney Frozen Playground
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • 94-piece set
  • With rotating fountain
Product Image of the Melissa & Doug Wooden
Best Wooden Construction
Melissa & Doug Wooden
  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Compact storage
  • Two-story beautifully decorated castle
Product Image of the My Little Pony
Best Themed Castle
My Little Pony
  • Comes with 16 accessories
  • Variety of play areas
  • Rotating light-up feature
Product Image of the Barbie Dreamtopia Doll and Castle
Best for Inspired Play
Barbie Dreamtopia Doll and Castle
  • Magical fun
  • Easy post-playtime cleanup
  • Multifarious accessories

The Best Kids Castle Toys of 2024

Here are the best castle toys for kids.

Melissa & Doug Medieval Castle Toy

Best Medieval Castle Design

This mega wooden medieval castle measures approximately 14 inches by 19 inches by 20 inches when opened and has an authentic medieval feel. It features three levels and includes a drawbridge, trap door, and removable turret. To open and close the drawbridge, turn the large handle.

Your child can play with the castle when it’s closed, or they can open it up completely to transform the space and access the inner area. Everything is made of high-quality wood and arrives fully assembled. Children ages 3 and up will enjoy the spacious courtyard in the middle and the arched entrance.

User Experience

I'm really happy with this castle toy for my kids who love animals and dinosaurs. It's a great size for the smaller figures, making it look like a real castle and the figures fit well under doorways and along the halls. However, I noticed that it's not as durable as I had hoped, especially for younger children who might be rough with it. Despite that, it has provided my kids with hours of fun and imaginative play with their knights and horses.
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Lego Hogwarts Building Kit

Great for Tweens

Children aged 9 and up will enjoy building their own castle. And Harry Potter fans (kids and adults alike) will love creating the Great Hall of Hogwarts. The set includes over 800 Lego pieces, so it will take some time to build.

It also includes 10 Harry Potter figures, a moving staircase, a magical mirror, and more surprises for playtime fun after assembly.

When finished, the castle will stand over a foot tall. This might just become the new centerpiece in your kid’s bedroom! As usual, Lego has left no details out, including the intricate windows.

Personal Perspective

Bought this LEGO set for my grandson who's a huge fan of the book series, and he absolutely loved it. The assembly process was enjoyable and pretty straightforward, though there were a couple of minor issues with a missing piece and a color discrepancy. The finished model looks great and comes with 10 mini-figures for recreating scenes from the movies, but fitting all the house banners and reaching inside the hall can be a bit challenging. Despite these minor drawbacks, it was a fun set to build and display, sparking conversations with everyone who saw it.

Peppa Pig’s Princess Castle Playset

The Preschooler Castle Pick

The preschoolers have decided! This is the castle they love most.

Let your child’s imagination run free as they invite their friends for tea at Peppa’s. This princess castle comes with everything needed to throw a delicious tea party. It includes Peppa and Suzy, of course, a treasure chest, and a dining table with a tea set, including all you need for high tea.

The castle can be stored easily: simply place everything inside, then fold and close, but watch those little fingers. This castle doesn’t take up much room, so it’s great for smaller living spaces. There’s also a handle so your child can carry it around.

Although the packaging states it’s for ages 2 and up, we recommend this set for older toddlers and preschoolers because of the tiny pieces that could become choking hazards.

Community Feedback

I've had a hands-on experience with this Peppa Pig playset, and I must say it has its pros and cons. While the plastic feels a bit thin and cheap, the set is true to the cartoon and includes two figurines to keep fantasy play alive. However, the latch may not be durable, so be prepared to possibly add a Velcro fastener or rubber band to keep it closed for portability.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Eagle Castle

Best High-Tech Castle

Let your kid dive into this medieval fortress as they protect their princess from ogres and dragons. It features technology that recognizes the included characters as they approach. As your child activates certain points in the castle, the castle’s sound effects kick in.

The set has many moving parts, and children can reconfigure it when they get tired of the initial setup. It comes with many accessories, including soldiers and weapons. It’s suitable for children 3 to 8 years of age, so you’ll get your money’s worth with this one.

First-Hand Impression

After receiving this Imaginext Castle as a gift for my 3.5-year-old son, I've been impressed with its durability and interactive features. The castle comes with various built-in mechanical functions that my son loves, such as a cannon, disc flingers and even an eagle head that shoots discs. The additional catapult and various action figures have kept my child entertained for hours on end.

Migargle Wooden Castle Building Blocks

Best Wooden Castle Blocks

This wooden building blocks set would be the ideal present for a creative child in the 3-year to 5-year age range. The castle comprises 80 smooth, durable hardwood pieces your child can build and configure as they like.

You can choose from natural wood blocks or a set that mixes natural wood with colorfully painted pieces.

Educational and lots of fun, this STEM toy will help to develop spatial awareness, problem-solving tools, and fine motor skills.

User Experience

I've enjoyed watching my child develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and reasoning while playing with these building blocks. They are beautifully made with a nice coating, vibrant colors, and smooth, rounded edges for safety. However, I must admit that the size of the blocks was smaller than I anticipated, which led me to put away the tiniest pieces for my 9-month-old's safety. These blocks reminded me of my own childhood toys, and they even come with a handy storage bag to keep everything organized.

Fisher-Price Magical Lights & Dancing Castle

Best Disney Castle Toy

Show your little princess how to wave the magic wand to make the castle come to life. This castle comes complete with interactive features like lights, songs, and sounds and is suitable for children from 1.5 to 5 years old.

The set includes two magical characters: Jasmine and Cinderella. As your child places them at specific points around the castle, they’ll come to life. Your child can also take Jasmine in a magic carpet ride and swing Cinderella to sleep, with plenty of rooms to explore, including a dressing room and dance floor.

Lego Disney Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Playground

Great Buildable Castle for Girls

This super cool Lego Juniors Frozen castle includes the two main characters from the movie: Anna and Elsa. Your child will get to build the ice castle using the 94 pieces. The castle features a large slide, treasure chest, rotating fountain, and snowball catapult.

All the pieces are compatible with other Lego bricks, so your little ones can add on as they like. Suitable for ages between 4 and 7 years, this castle should see its fair share of playtime memories.

Community Feedback

From the moment I introduced this LEGO set to my niece, she was captivated and instantly immersed in the Frozen-themed wonderland. Although she's only four, she enjoyed the challenge of assembling the set, and I was impressed by the detailed minifigures and whimsical design. We both loved all the tiny knickknacks and accessories that came with it, especially the cute polar bear. However, I did notice that some of the smaller pieces like jewels and icicles could easily be lost if not kept in the treasure box.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Castle

Best Wooden Construction

Here’s another great set from this trustworthy company! Your kids can open up this wooden castle for endless storytelling options. It’s well-built, and there’s plenty of detail, along with several rooms inside the castle and a staircase.

This castle toy includes two princess dolls, two horseback riders, and two horses. There’s also a treasure chest, bed, and two thrones — just enough to satisfy a 3-year-old. It’s easy to store: just place everything inside the castle and close it up.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this Melissa & Doug playhouse has been overwhelmingly positive. As a grandparent, I observed my 3-year-old granddaughter enjoying hours of imaginative play with it. The sturdy construction and easy-to-clean materials make it suitable for children of all ages. This playhouse also includes furniture and dolls, adding more value compared to other similar products. Despite some users reporting issues with the hinge breaking, I have not encountered this problem in my experience.

My Little Pony Crystal Castle

Best Themed Castle

Your child will love exploring this crystal-clear MLP castle. There are many surprising elements waiting to be discovered. This set includes two winding staircases, a spinning closet, and a rotating light-up feature.

The playset includes My Little Pony characters Princess Candace and Baby Flurry Heart and comes with several other accessories, such as a cradle, throne, dress, and jewels. A baby swing is included for the baby pony to have some fun as well.

There are many small parts included, and it comes unassembled, so it’s not recommended for children under 3.

User Experience

From the moment my granddaughter laid eyes on this My Little Pony castle, she knew she had to have it. Assembling it was a breeze and took only about 10 minutes, and the quality is surprisingly sturdy, making it a great addition to her ever-growing collection. The castle's lights are a huge bonus, casting beautiful shapes on the floor that mesmerize her. Though the packaging left a bit to be desired, it didn't matter in the end, as this castle quickly became her favorite toy.

Barbie Dreamtopia Doll and Castle

Best Castle Toy for Inspired Play

Based on the Barbie Dreamtopia movies and TV series, this castle could be the perfect place to reenact your child’s favorite scenes. It features two floors, a playground, a bedroom, and a closet. The playset comes with a table and chair set, a tea set, and a drawer for storage, with vanity mirrors topping off the glitzy decor.

Your fairy princess can fold the castle and carry it wherever her heart desires. The impressive portable design on the folded unit is stunning. The castle was designed for children ages 3 and up.

Personal Perspective

If you're looking for a portable and adorable addition to your Barbie collection, this playset is perfect for you. I love how it easily folds up, making it convenient to take anywhere. The little dog that comes with it adds an extra touch of cuteness. My granddaughter also received this as a gift and she thoroughly enjoyed incorporating it into her playtime.

ImpiriLux Knight & Dragon Castle Play Tent

Best Castle Toy for Boys

Take a deep breath before diving into this medieval period. This reliable polyester fabric tent features a high-quality, nontoxic painting of a castle, taking your little one into a previous era. Measuring 51 inches high and 40 inches in diameter, this castle tent can facilitate up to three toddlers inside for interactive role-play.

You can never go wrong with this royalty-inspired design. The castle and accessories are appropriate for ages three years and beyond. Some adult assembly is required.

Community Feedback

As a parent, I found this play tent to be a delightful addition to our playroom. My toddler enjoys spending time in her own private space, and I appreciate the cute details and vibrant colors. However, I did encounter some issues with the tent's durability, such as the rods not holding up well and the ties ripping off easily. Additionally, the tent could be a bit taller to accommodate older children. Despite these concerns, I believe that this play tent is a fun and affordable option that can provide hours of entertainment for young kids.

Barbie Dreamtopia Castle

Best Barbie Castle

Another one featuring the infamous Barbie, this rainbow-inspired castle is compact and portable, thanks to the sturdy handle on top. It opens up for play fun and comes with many small accessories, such as a puppy, tea set, and cake. Great for children aged 3 and up.

The castle features a few transforming elements, such as the throne, which can be turned into a bed. There’s also a cloud that the puppy can sit on. Just walk through the golden door into the world of rainbow-filled possibilities.

First-Hand Impression

My granddaughter absolutely adores this Barbie castle, especially since it's portable and easy to take with us on trips. The set comes with plenty of fun accessories, but they can be easily lost, so I recommend having a small bag to keep them organized. The only downside we've experienced is the fragility of the castle, but overall, it has brought endless joy to my granddaughter's playtime.

Playmobil Novelmore Grand Castle

Best Castle to Construct

This fort is an excellent place for your child to become a knight in shining armor. The Playmobil Novelmore castle features lots of fun elements, such as a secret trap door, a drawbridge, and 360-degree rotating cannons.

The drawbridge has a “weak point” where the enemy can break it down. Use the cannon or bow and arrow to protect the castle, and throw the bad guys in prison if they cross the line. This castle toy is best suited for children ages 8 to 13 — it’ll be a favorite for quite a while.

User Experience

I recently purchased this Playmobil castle for my 8-year-old grandson, and he was absolutely thrilled with it. The castle is not only massive but also packed with numerous interactive features that keep my grandson entertained for hours on end. As a Playmobil product, it is extremely well-built and durable, ensuring a long-lasting play experience. My only concern was that it arrived with a few minor pieces missing; however, it didn't affect the overall assembly. Despite the language barrier in one of the reviews, I gathered that some users may experience difficulty in assembling the castle. Nevertheless, my grandson enjoys playing with this set day and night, making it a fantastic investment in his imaginative playtime.

How to Choose a Castle Toy

When you head out to find the best castle toy for your child, there are a few things to keep in mind. This is what we focused on when choosing the items on our list.


As with many other types of toys, it’s important to consider your child’s age — especially if you have young toddlers or babies. At this age, they often like to taste things, which can lead to choking.

When you buy a castle toy for your toddler, look for something with large pieces. You might also want something made of nontoxic materials.

Children aged 3 and up might enjoy a castle they can build. Kids at this age also tend to have a bigger imagination and may enjoy more features and details.


We’ve already mentioned the choking hazard, but what other safety concerns could there be? For toddlers, watch for features that could trap little fingers.

Something else to check is the kind of paint used. Some manufacturers still use lead-based paints, so go for toys labeled nontoxic just to be sure (1).

What about a DIY project for all those handymen (and women) out there? Watch this video to find out how to make a castle using empty toilet rolls and cardboard!

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