Best Kids Dollhouses of 2020

Inspire your child's imagination with this timeless childhood toy.

How many hours of endless fun did you spend with a dollhouse growing up? Dollhouses are a timeless toy that can be used by kids of all ages and genders. We’ve searched and found the best toddler dollhouses for you.

Choosing the right one can get overwhelming, I’ve been there — should you get the princess castle or the minimalist foldable villa? It’s a tough call. If you’re on the hunt for the best dollhouse, look no further.

Our Top Picks

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Things to Consider When Buying a Dollhouse

Before we reveal the best toddler dollhouses, let’s go through a few things you might want to consider before buying.


When shopping for toys, this is the first thing to take into consideration. And since the best dollhouses aren’t the cheapest, you want to make sure you choose one that your child will love. Even better, one they’ll play with for a long time.

  • Babies: If you’re looking for a dollhouse for your baby, it’s essential to choose something with no small, loose parts. Basically, anything that could be a choking hazard is a no-no — straightforward, sturdy, and chunky is best here.
  • Toddlers: Sturdy dollhouses without too many accessories are the best option here. Stick to a simple setup and bigger pieces, to keep them safe and avoid potential accidents. A toddler may also like a dollhouse with a few added features, such as lights or sounds.
  • Older kids: As children grow up, they might like a house they can customize. Older children may also be interested in more intricate details. Depending on your child’s capability and interests, you can choose something with lots of extra furniture and pieces that they can rearrange.
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Size & Space

Dollhouses come in a range of sizes, but which should you choose? Consider where it’s going to be stored, and also where it will be used. Some of the best dollhouses can be folded — these may be fun for toddlers as they can open and close it as they like.

If you have multiple children, you might want to consider a larger dollhouse, to avoid arguments. This will allow each child to use their creativity. It will also teach them to share as they create an imaginary world together.

The weight of the dollhouse also plays a role. If it’s too light, it could fall over as your child plays. On the other end, if it’s large and heavy, it wouldn’t be a suitable option for traveling, for example.


Since your toddler will most likely spend a lot of time with their dollhouse, there are a few safety issues to look for:

  • BPA-free materials: Bisphenol A has been shown to disrupt endocrine functions and is often found in plastic items (1).
  • Non-toxic paints: Most toy manufacturers today use paints without lead. If the dollhouse you’re looking at is painted, make sure that the products used are non-toxic (2).

The Best Toddler Dollhouses of 2020

Finding the best dollhouse for your child to enjoy might require more thought than you expected. Hopefully, our buyer’s guide has pointed you in the right direction. To help you even further, we’ve put together a list of our favorite dollhouses.

1. Fisher-Price Disney Princess Palace

A Palace for Your Princess

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess, Songs Palace
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Our favorite princess palace might not be the largest, but it has so much to offer. As with many other Fisher-Price toys, music and sounds are a feature. A unique characteristic of this palace is that it recognizes some of the classic Disney princesses.

Cinderella and Snow White are included. Your princess can listen to songs and phrases from other princesses, such as Tiana, Ariel, and Rapunzel. However, these have to be purchased separately.

Other lovable features include a magical mirror, a dance floor, and a whistling tea kettle.

2. Barbie DreamHouse

Favorite for Barbie Girls

Barbie Dreamhouse
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The Barbie DreamHouse is known for being the ultimate dollhouse. It has three large and spacious floors, there’s a slide leading into a pool, which can be filled with water, a working elevator, and even a garage.

There are also different sound effects to create the scene for more realistic play. For instance, the stove will create a sizzling sound as your child presses a button. In total, your child will get 70 accessories, these include furniture pieces, a dog, and plants.

3. All Seasons Kids Wooden Dollhouse

Siblings Choice

All Seasons Kids Wooden Dollhouse by Hape | Award Winning 3 Story Dolls House...
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If you have more than one child, you know the daily struggle of teaching them to share. Having multiple children playing together calls for a dollhouse with more visibility — this one is great, with various angles to approach from.

This dollhouse is made out of wood, so it’s quite sturdy. It’s also open and easy to access from all sides. There are three floors and six fully furnished rooms, with lots of pieces to move around.

4. Lego Duplo My First Playhouse

Fun for Boys and Girls

LEGO DUPLO My First Playhouse 10616 Toy for 1-Year-Old
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This playhouse is a great size for toddlers. It’s compact but with pieces that are suitable for their small hands to use, and easy to assemble.

It comes with four key blocks, each displaying everyday activities such as reading or brushing teeth. The set also includes two Duplo figures to play with as well as a slide.

5. Little People Big Helpers Home

Budget-Friendly Toddler Dollhouse

Fisher-Price Little People Big Helpers Home
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This small dollhouse is lightweight, compact and perfect for toddlers. It also comes with all the necessary parts and requires no assembly.

It opens up 360 degrees and has a discovery button for all-around interactive play, with phrases, sounds, and lights. The house includes two characters, a dog, and several pieces of furniture.

6. LEGO Friends Stephanie’s House

The Lego Lover’s Dollhouse

LEGO Friends Stephanie's House 41314 Build and Play Toy House with Mini Dolls,...
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Once assembled, this house can provide your children with a sense of accomplishment, especially if they love Lego. The set comes with everything needed — building blocks, furniture pieces, and characters.

There’s also a cute rabbit house. The whole house is decked out in bright colors. It even has a balcony and large windows, and a cozy little porch.

Keep in mind that the recommended age group for this Lego set is from 6 to 12 years, due to the size of the pieces.

7. Little People Surprise and Sounds

Songs and Sounds Dollhouse

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home
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With over 50 songs and sounds to choose from, your curious toddler will be fully entertained with this product. There are also a few lights to keep your tot intrigued.

Several characters and furniture pieces can be rearranged as they please. All accessories in this dollhouse are large and won’t pose a safety risk for your little one. The dollhouse can be closed and carried around using the handle.

8. CuteBee Miniature DIY Dollhouse

DIY Dollhouse for Creative Kids

CUTEBEE Dollhouse Miniature with Furniture, DIY Wooden Dollhouse Kit Plus Dust...
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This is not like a traditional dollhouse — here, your child actually has to build the whole thing. So for any go-getters out there, six years of age and up, this could be a great buy.

It comes with all the pieces your child will need, made from high-quality wood. It also includes LED lights, plants, furniture, and decorative ornaments.

A downside might be that it requires a strong glue, so you may have to help out with assembly. It also requires batteries if you want the lights to work.

9. Minnie's Bow Sweet Home

Disney’s Dreamy Dollhouse

Fisher-Price Minnie Mouse - Minnie's Bow Sweet Home
Check Price

Welcome to your “Bow Sweet Home,” where everything is about Minnie Mouse. This cute little dollhouse from Fisher-Price has it all. There are four floors, five rooms, and a staircase. I’m sure your toddler will love the light up polka dots for the dance party.

At the push of a button, your little one can listen to cheerful phrases from Minnie herself. It’s fully furnished and ready for move-in day. At just five inches deep, it takes up minimal space.

10. Melissa & Doug Mini Dollhouse

Fun Fold-and-Go Dollhouse

Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Dollhouse
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This wooden folding dollhouse is not as intricate as some of the others, but it’s sturdy and great for traveling. It has 11 furniture pieces and two characters, also made from wood.

The furniture and dolls are large to prevent choking. It features two levels as well as opening doors and windows. There’s also a handle at the top of the dollhouse, so your little one can fold it up and carry it wherever they desire.

11. Polly Pocket Big Pocket World

Best Pocket-Size Dollhouse

Polly Pocket Donut Pajama Party Compact [Amazon Exclusive]
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Don’t underestimate the capabilities of this tiny dollhouse. Each “Pocket World” has a specific theme, with my favorite being the cupcake. It’s full of surprises as your daughter explores the tiny world. Micro-sized characters and accessories are included.

The café table reveals a stage as you open it. Place Polly on the stage and press the button to watch her dance. Open the door on top of the stairs to see what’s hidden behind it. Due to the small size of the accessories, it’s not suitable for kids under four years old.

12. Imaginarium Luxury Dollhouse

Great Dollhouse for Barbie Dolls

Toys R Us Imaginarium Modern Luxury Dollhouse
Check Price

If your child is a doll collector, you probably know the frustration when they try to play with them in a dollhouse. If you want a dollhouse that can fit Barbie and similar sized dolls, this might be ideal, although it does require assembly.

It has three large levels and four spacious rooms, including a balcony and a working elevator. The dollhouse is made out of wood and it comes with 11 furniture pieces and accessories. Dolls are not included.

13. KidKraft Sparkle Mansion

A Mansion in Pink

KidKraft Sparkle Mansion
Check Price

The Sparkle mansion comes with 30 pieces of modern furniture. All accessories are highly detailed and work great together to create a trendy space for fashion dolls. There’s a black piano, a large standing mirror, and even a pool and outdoor grill!

Your child can move the accessories around to redecorate and create a dream dollhouse. This is another one that can fit fashion dolls. Requires assembly.

14. PlayMobil Take Along Modern Dollhouse

Best Toddler Dollhouse for Traveling

PLAYMOBIL Take Along Modern Doll House
Check Price

A portable dollhouse has to be easy to pack up and carry. This modern dollhouse is compact and comes with everything your child needs to have a good time. The house has two levels and four rooms, all decorated and full of colorful furniture.

Your child will also get a Playmobil family and two puppies, with 129 pieces in total. When it’s time to go, simply place everything inside the house and close it. The large handle makes it easy to carry.

15. KidKraft Uptown Dollhouse

Luxurious Living for Your Dolls

KidKraft Uptown Dollhouse with Furniture (49.25' x 25.25' x 46.25')
Check Price

An uptown dollhouse has to be magnificent but also modern, which is why we chose this one. It has three stories, five rooms, and two outdoor spaces, including a large balcony and a front yard with a pool.

Your child will get 35 accessories, including a lamp that lights, a black keyboard that actually plays music, other furniture, and a kitty. Children can rearrange the furniture as they use their imagination to create new settings. Suitable for fashion dolls.

16. Disney Princess Pop-Up Palace

Best for Disney Lovers

Disney Princess Pop-Up Palace, Castle Playset with Handle and 13 Accessories, 5...
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This adorable castle by Disney features a variety of rooms, such as Aurora’s kitchen, Cinderella’s foyer, Ariel’s bathroom, Belle’s dining room, and the luxurious lounge.

The playset comes 13 different accessories including a shell-shaped bathtub, royal lounge seat, kitchen stove, rose-detailed table and chair, and more.

The dollhouse easily folds into a portable storage case which makes clean up time a breeze.

17. Melissa and Doug Victorian Dollhouse

Stylish Victorian Dollhouse

Melissa & Doug Victorian Dollhouse
Check Price

This stunning dollhouse has two floors and a loft, with staircases and decor. It does require some assembly, so you might need to help your child with this. The dollhouse is made out of wood and has been painted by hand, using safe paints.

The exterior features detailed latticework and a pink facade. The dollhouse is the perfect size to fit 1:12 size dolls and furniture (not included). Suitable for older kids, starting at age six.

18. Melissa and Doug Wooden Dollhouse

Great for Playdates

Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Dollhouse and Furniture Set
Check Price

The hi-rise wooden dollhouse was created in gender-neutral colors, with both girls and boys in mind. It has three stories and a loft area on one side. All rooms are large and open, it’s open-sided, so easy to access from multiple angles.

The dollhouse also features an elevator and a garage with opening door. It comes with three characters and 15 pieces of furniture, with other accessories available separately.

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19. KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse

A Girly Girl’s Dream Dollhouse

KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse with Furniture
Check Price

With the Annabelle dollhouse, you will get three levels to play around with. There are four rooms, all brightly decorated in a pink theme, with scrollwork detail.

There are large windows for your child to peep in from the sides, as well as a balcony with a parasol. There’s even an elevator!

The dollhouse is made of wood and can fit dolls as tall as Barbie. You won’t need to purchase extra accessories, as this dollhouse comes with lots of brightly colored pieces of furniture. Step-by-step dollhouse assembly instructions are included.

20. Disney Princess Pop-Up Palace

Best Disney Princess Dollhouse

Disney Princess Pop-Up Palace, Castle Playset with Handle and 13 Accessories, 5...
Check Price

Disney is known for being the place where you can let your imagination run free, and they certainly haven’t held back here. This pop-up dollhouse allows your little superstar to be creative anywhere. Each room is dedicated to a classic Disney princess, whether it’s Ariel, Belle, or Cinderella.

When the dollhouse isn’t in use or when your princess is on the go, she can store the 13 accessories inside the castle and close it up. When it’s time to play, open up the castle and pull the top part up, to reveal a second floor. Dolls sold separately.

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21. Costzon Dollhouse

Baby’s First Dollhouse

Costzon Dollhouse, Toy Family House with 13 pcs Furniture, Play Accessories,...
Check Price

When it comes to entertaining babies as they grow, a dollhouse is a great choice. This example from Costzon is suitable for them, as the eight included furniture pieces are handcrafted in wood and painted with environmentally-friendly paint.

The dollhouse has three floors, five rooms, and a small balcony. The details in the dollhouse are realistic-looking. Your baby will love the side windows. They may not be able to stand yet, but they can peek through the windows at the interior. This will also make it fun for you to join in and initiate some pretend play.

Take Note

Seller information states this product is for ages 3 months and up, but our advice would be from 6 months. We also suggest full supervision until your baby is at least 12 months old.

Let’s Play House

There you have it, our ultimate list of the best toddler dollhouses. Hopefully, you found the best dollhouse for your child or at least gained some inspiration from our list. Remember to keep small parts away from babies, and always check for safe materials.

Our favorite is the Fisher-Price Disney Princess Palace. It has lots of things to discover and learn, and given the brand’s reputation, this classic piece is sure to remain in your family for a long time.

Did you have a dollhouse growing up? Which one of our products was your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section, and please share our article.

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