Best Nursing Dresses of 2020

Breastfeed in style with one of these gorgeous nursing dresses.

Are you tired of having to sacrifice good-looking clothes for comfortable ones during your breastfeeding journey?

A quick and easy way to pick yourself up and make yourself look put together is to buy a nice dress! If you are a breastfeeding mother, there are many nursing dresses you can buy that are both stylish and comfortable.

Like they say, if you look good, you feel good. Being a mom and breastfeeding shouldn’t interrupt your fashion game.

Here’s what you need to know when looking for the best nursing dress.

Our Top Picks

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What Is A Nursing Dress?

A nursing dress is just like an ordinary dress except it has a bonus feature. This feature is the ability to easily breastfeed your baby without having to remove any clothing.

Typically a nursing dress has a hidden opening that allows you to quickly and discreetly access your breast for feeding.

Many nursing mothers love these dresses because they are comfy, convenient, and can make you look good! Mothers who are slightly hesitant of nursing their baby in public may love a nursing dress. The dress helps you easily feed your baby and keeps your girls underwraps for anyone else who might be trying to sneak a peek.

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Different Types of Nursing Dresses

All nursing dresses have a feature that allow you to breastfeed without removing clothing, but the dresses have different ways of letting this happen. Breastfeeding openings in nursing dresses can be found in the following ways.


The zipper is placed in a way that it looks natural rather than forced. To feed your little one, you would simply unzip the zipper to reveal your breast.


With this design you would unbutton as many buttons as needed to properly expose your breast. There are some regular dresses that aren’t considered nursing ones that have buttons and can also be used in this way.

Stretchy Neck

A nursing dress with a stretchy neck is designed to have a neck that has super stretchy fabric that allows you to pull it down for feeding and then it will go right back into place when you are done.


The double-layer feature is very similar to many of the nursing tops on the market. The dress will simply have an added layer of fabric near your bust and you will lift this fabric to reveal your breasts for feeding.


The crossover dress is also sometimes referred to as a wrap dress. This is where two pieces of fabric overlap each other and you can simply pull one side down to expose your breast for feeding.

Choosing the Best Nursing Dress

So you have decided you want to make the plunge into the feminine world of dresses, but there are some things you need to keep in mind.


You want to make sure the dress is a comfortable length for you. Some dresses may be too long and some could be too short. Find your happy medium.


You probably want to opt for a dress with a stretchy type of material. This allows your breasts to have room to breathe when they fluctuate in size. And if you’re breastfeeding, you’ll feel like they will go from mountains to molehills at times.

Feeding Opening

You should make sure you are happy with the way the nursing opening is within the dress.Don’t just go buy a nursing dress without inspecting this feature because if you wanted a double-layered dress and then you have one with a stretchy neck, you aren’t going to be happy.

Ease of Access

Once you determine the type of feeding opening you prefer, make sure it is functional for you. You should try on different styles because you may find you can breastfeed with a crossover dress easier than one with a zipper.


Often times women will pair their nursing dress with a nursing bra. There are nursing dresses that have built-in bras, so if this is something you are interested in make sure it offers legitimate support. Ladies with bigger breasts — you know who you are — this is not the route you want to take.


You should always keep in mind the color of the dress. If you have been prone to leaky breasts, a darker color may be your friend because it can help mask leaks. You are free to wear lighter colors, just make sure you do so with breast pads.


Some dresses are tighter than others. You may want to choose a more flowy dress if you are self conscious about your post-baby body. Tighter fitting dresses are great options too, just make sure they aren’t too constricting on your bust.

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The Best Nursing Dresses of 2020

Now that you are familiar with the different styles of nursing dresses and the features to look for, here are our top 20 choices. We’ve found some styles to fit every lifestyle and occasion.

Best Casual Nursing Dresses

Every woman needs a casual dress, and that includes nursing mothers. By simply putting on a dress you can help enhance your mood and make yourself feel put together without being too fancy.

1. Modern Mummy Nursing Dress

If you have been trying to find a dress that can be dressed up or down, this is a great option. The subtle design of the dress makes it appropriate to pair with your favorite heels or sneakers.

The soft material is also lightweight, so this is a great option for warmer weather.

The nursing aspect is discreetly hidden with vertical access panels on both breasts that simply push over when you are ready to nurse.

2. Kindred Bravely Dress

This dress is great for casual wear because it is labeled a night gown, but looks like a regular dress. This means ultimate comfort! You can wear this grocery shopping or while running errands and you’ll look put together.

The crossover design allows you the ability to easily nurse and there are a variety of color options for you to choose from.

3. Bearsland Summer Nursing Dress

This nursing dress is cute and trendy and is a great summer dress option.

The double layer design makes it easy for you to simply lift the fabric and begin nursing.

This dress has a racerback that makes it a little different than others, but allows it to offer some extra coverage and support.

4. Angel Extra Soft Nursing Dress

This extra soft dress is not only comfortable, but it is practical.

The floor length of this dress and stretchy material will flow gracefully over your figure and not be too tight or constricting. Just ensure the length is not too long for you, you do not want to trip and fall.

The double layer nursing panel makes it easy to breastfeed, so you can wear this dress around the house or on the go and still have ease of access.

Best Nursing Dresses for Special Occasions

You may have felt doomed when you realized you had to attend a special occasion and had nothing decent to wear. A nursing dress can save the day and help you feel both sexy and confident, all while being able to easily breastfeed your baby.

5. Sweet Mommy Nursing Formal Dress

This dress comes in several fabulous colors and it looks like your typical formal dress.

In fact, this is one of the most discreet nursing dresses because the nursing feature is hidden under your armpit via a zipper.

If you were to look at this dress, you would never know it is a nursing dress. The flattering colors, intricate lace, and beautiful bow, make this a great option for special occasions.

6. Sweet Mommy Nursing Tule Dress

If you are looking for a flowing nursing dress that can still show off your figure in a flattering way, this one is a good option.

It has a variety of colors you can choose from, soft material, and it allows you to discreetly breastfeed your baby.

The dress utilizes the crossover design, but it also has a double layer. This means you have added discretion when nursing.

7. Jezero Ruched Maxi Dress

If you are looking for a floor-length dress, you may like this choice. It is very simple, yet elegant.

It utilizes the crossover design, so you can easily pull one side of your top down to reveal your breast for feeding.

There is an adjustable waist tie incorporated in the dress so you can choose just how tight or loose you would like the dress to cinch around your waist.

8. LaClef Maxi Nursing Dress

This dress is simple yet trendy and it is sure to keep you comfortable. You can wear this dress during pregnancy or simply for nursing.

The crossover design allows you to quickly and discreetly prepare to breastfeed your baby.

You don’t have to compromise style for comfort because this dress just so happens to be stylish and made of super soft material to help keep you comfortable.

Best Nursing Dresses for Large Breasts

It can be difficult to find nursing clothes that fit comfortably around your large bust and aren’t too constricting. A nursing dress has the free flowing feel of a loose shirt, but utilizes stretch material to keep the dress fitted around your bust.

9. Bearsland Short Sleeve Dress

This dress is super flowy all throughout, including the bust line. This design makes it a great option for women of all sizes.

You don’t have to worry about struggling to nurse in this dress either because there is a vertical slit in the dress that opens and allows easy access to the breast.

The lightweight material will help keep you comfortable in warmer weather and remain stylish at the same time.

10. Bearsland Comfy Nursing Dress

This dress uses the crossover nursing design that allows you to simply push one side of your top over quickly and easily feed.

A benefit to this style is that the bust line is made of stretchy material that allows you to have extra room for larger breasts.

You won’t have to worry about your dress becoming too constricting if your breasts fluctuate in size because the material will work with you and keep you supported, yet comfortable.

11. Bearsland Sleeveless Nursing Dress

This sleeveless dress is great for summer occasions and casual wear.

The double layer feature of this breast makes it less constricting than other nursing dresses. There isn’t an elastic band that cinches under your bust line, so larger breasts can be more comfortably accommodated.

If you aren’t into the super flowy look of dresses, this does have the double layer feature that makes the top look like a fitted tank and the rest of the dress is flowy.

12. Quinee Short Sleeve Nursing Dress

This cute short sleeve dress is super simple, yet flattering. You can dress this up for a special occasion or simply wear it for casual use.

The top fits like a t-shirt, so it will fit you much like other tops. It is available in a variety of sizes and colors so you can find one that best fits your personality and body.

You will be able to easily nurse by utilizing the double layer feature and simply lifting the layer up to expose your breast.

Best Plus-Size Nursing Dresses

Nursing dresses can be flattering for all figures, and you shouldn’t let your body size stop you from rocking a great dress. There are dresses designed with full figures in mind and they are just as flattering as regular-sized dresses.

13. Savi Mom Nursing Nightgown

This dress is zipper and button free for no fuss and to increase comfort. You can comfortably sleep in this as a nightgown, or simply wear it around the house during the day.

You will be able to easily breastfeed your little one by using the easy-to-access vertical opening on both sides of the breast.

14. Savi Mom Plus-Size Dress

This short sleeve dress provides both comfort and modesty. The dress resembles that of a t-shirt dress, but can also be worn as a nightgown.

This is a perfect option for moms seeking an alternative comfort outfit that helps them feel a little more put together.

The vertical opening makes it easier to breastfeed anytime and anywhere because you don’t have to undo any clips or buttons, you simply pull the fabric aside.

15. Involand Plus Size Nightgown

If you are looking for go-to nightly attire, this nightgown may be a great option for you.

There are three buttons in the front that make it quick and easy to undo and begin breastfeeding your little one.

The super soft material and breastfeeding convenience make this a good lounging or night time option.

16. Udderly Hot Mama Nursing Dress

Every mama deserves the option to dress up and feel good. This dress is a fabulous option for plus-size women because it is designed with full figures in mind and it is fairly fitted, but not too tight or flowy.

This dress is perfect for a special occasion or a night out. You will be able to easily breastfeed your little one with the use of the double layer and crossover feature that allows you to discreetly access your breast.

Best Nursing Dresses for Work

It can be tricky to find a dress that is appropriate for the workplace in general. It is even harder to find one that is appropriate and has breastfeeding capabilities. Here are some of our favorite work-friendly options.

17. Bearsland Nursing Work Dress

This nursing dress is great for the workplace because it is both professional and stylish. It is long enough to wear to work, and keeps the girls well hidden.

Although your breasts are totally out of view, this dress has a way for you to discreetly nurse. You can simply push the vertical piece of fabric to the side to reveal an opening to your breast.

Don’t worry, this fabric is secured in place when not feeding, so your breasts won’t make an unwanted appearance.

18. Hello Miz Nursing Dress

This dress is great for the mamas who love to have many choices. If you like this dress, you will be in luck because it comes in more than 10 different patterns and colors.

It utilizes the crossover design, so you will be able to quickly pump when at work and nurse when at home.

19. Hello Miz Asymmetrical Nursing Dress

This dress has an asymmetrical design that is very fashionable and inviting for the work environment.

There is a piece of fabric that lifts to reveal an inner layer where your breasts are accessible for nursing or pumping.

The extra layer of fabric will help you feel more reserved and hidden when pumping at work as well.

20. Bearsland Contrast Nursing Dress

This dress utilizes the double layer design, but in a fashionable way. You won’t look at this dress and immediately think it was made for nursing.

The length and style of this dress makes it work appropriate. There is an extra piece of fabric within that looks like a tank top, but actually lifts for you to nurse or pump.

How Many Dresses Do You Need?

It comes down to personal preference when determining how many nursing dresses you want.

If you were someone who wore dresses all the time before and during your pregnancy, then you may want to stock up and buy several.

If you never really wore dresses and want to give it a try, start out with one and if you love it, buy another!


You don’t necessarily have to buy a nursing specific dress. You can try to find a dress with extra stretchy fabric or buttons that can also be worn after nursing.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick for the best nursing dress is the — Modern Mummy Nursing Dress.

This dress can be both casual and dressy. Not only is it comfortable, but it is practical. Every mom needs a great go-to dress in their arsenal, and this one has many quality features that sets it apart.

You will be able to quickly and easily breastfeed your little one with the vertical nursing panels, the material is super soft and stretchy, and the length is not too long or too short.

Let us know the comments section below what you thought about our nursing dress reviews and what of nursing opening you prefer most when you are dress shopping.

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