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20 Best Nursing Dresses of 2024

Breastfeed in style with one of these gorgeous nursing dresses.

Are you tired of sacrificing beautiful clothes for comfortable ones during your breastfeeding journey?

We’ve spent years breastfeeding, so we know the challenges of finding the best nursing dress for a party, the comfiest one to wear on casual days, or the perfect pick for easy-access pumping at work.

Like they say, if you look good, you feel good. And breastfeeding doesn’t have to interrupt your fashion game. You can look and feel amazing without having to starve your baby.

We’ve abandoned any frumpy tent-style maternity/nursing combination dresses, dresses with a super-obvious or gaping nursing panel, and dresses that look sexy but require contortionist moves to breastfeed in. Our final list contains all the best nursing dresses for every occasion.

Check out these 20 stylish, comfortable, and practical nursing dresses, and read on to find out what we love about each of them.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Liu & Qu Sleeveless
Best Casual Style
Liu & Qu Sleeveless
  • Slim and elegant
  • Fashionable
  • 15+ colors and prints to choose from
Product Image of the Sweet Mommy Nursing Formal Dress
Best for Special Occasions
Sweet Mommy Nursing Formal Dress
  • Tie closure
  • Simple but stylish
  • Cool comfort lace sleeves
Product Image of the Bearsland Short Sleeve Dress
Best for Large Breasts
Bearsland Short Sleeve Dress
  • Modal material
  • Soft and stretchy
  • Discreet feeding design
Product Image of the Savi Mom Nursing Nightgown
Best for Plus Size
Savi Mom Nursing Nightgown
  • Easy access openings
  • No snaps or zippers to fuss
  • Maximum softness and breathability
Product Image of the Bearsland Nursing Work Dress
Best for Work
Bearsland Nursing Work Dress
  • Breathable fabric
  • Generous round neck design
  • Discreet feeding design
Product Image of the Ekouaer Dress
Looks Like a Regular Dress
Ekouaer Dress
  • Ultra soft fabric
  • Versatile and functional
  • Hassle free comfort for busy moms
Product Image of the Sweet Mommy Nursing Tule Dress
Flattering On Your Figure
Sweet Mommy Nursing Tule Dress
  • Elegant design
  • Classic look
  • Variety of colors to choose from
Product Image of the Ouges Comfy Nursing Dress
Stretchy & Comfortable
Ouges Comfy Nursing Dress
  • Discreet feeding opening
  • Slim nursing wear
  • Made of stretchy material
Product Image of the Savi Mom Plus-Size Dress
Comfort for Larger Moms
Savi Mom Plus-Size Dress
  • For nursing easily and modestly
  • Made in the USA
  • Made for high style and comfort
Product Image of the Hello Miz Nursing Dress
Lots of Colors & Designs
Hello Miz Nursing Dress
  • Multiple designs
  • Pull on closure
  • High quality soft and stretchable material

The Best Nursing Dresses of 2024

We’ve found some styles to fit every lifestyle and occasion.

Best Casual Nursing Dresses

Every woman needs a casual dress, and that includes nursing mothers. Dresses can help enhance your mood and make you feel put together without being too fancy.

Liu & Qu Sleeveless Nursing Dress

If you’re looking for a nursing outfit you can dress up or down, this is a great option. The subtle design makes it appropriate to pair with your favorite heels or sneakers.

The soft material is lightweight, making this perfect for warmer weather.

The nursing aspect is discreetly hidden with vertical access panels on both breasts that you push over when you are ready to nurse.

User Experience

In my experience, this dress is quite stylish and versatile, though it may run a little small for some. As a 5'5", 145-pound woman, I found the small size to be a bit snug across the chest, but still modest and functional. The soft fabric and assortment of colors and patterns make it easy to dress up or down, and it's particularly convenient for nursing mothers. While it might not be the best option for pregnancy, it's a great choice for postpartum and nursing wear. Just be aware that the dress may be more form-fitting than expected, so consider sizing up if you prefer a looser fit.

Ekouaer Short-Sleeve Pleated Dress

This dress is great for casual wear! Although it’s meant to be a nightdress, it’s nice enough to wear as an everyday nursing dress. This means ultimate comfort! You can wear this around the house, grocery shopping, running errands, or to bed. You’ll look put together in every situation.

The crossover design allows you to nurse easily, and there are lots of cute prints and color options for you to choose from. It’s affordable enough that you could buy one for every day of the week!

Personal Perspective

Excellent comfort and versatility are the hallmarks of this maternity dress. As someone who is well into my third trimester, I can attest that this dress has been a godsend during these final weeks. Its stretchy material easily accommodates my growing belly without sacrificing style or convenience. The nursing-friendly design allows for discreet breastfeeding or skin-to-skin contact without feeling overly exposed. While it may be a bit snug for some postpartum bodies, the overall quality, comfort, and practicality make this maternity dress a fantastic choice for expecting moms.

BerryGo Boho Wrap Dress

This nursing dress is a cute and trendy summer dress option, and we adore the wide selection of fabric prints!

The sexy leg slit allows for airflow on warm days, but the maxi length provides plenty of coverage when seated. The wrap style makes it a great fit for women of all sizes — during pregnancy, while nursing, and beyond — and provides easy breastfeeding access.

Add some strappy sandals and a wide-brim sun hat, and you’ll have the perfect nursing dress for any summer event.

Community Feedback

My recent purchase of this dress left me with mixed feelings. On one hand, the quality of the fabric was surprisingly good, and the long skirt with its ruffled edge looked beautiful. However, as a busty woman, I found the waist to be higher than expected, which made me feel self-conscious and matronly. Despite my initial hesitation, I received numerous compliments when I wore it to a wedding, and it turned out to be quite comfortable and flattering.

Glamix Summer Casual Nursing Dress

This extra-soft dress is not only comfortable, but it is practical.

The knee-length hem and stretchy material will flow gracefully over your figure without being too tight or constricting.

The double-layer nursing panel makes it easy to breastfeed, so you can wear this dress around the house or on the go and still have ease of access.

This nursing dress comes in several prints and colors. Some are casual enough for a day on the beach, while you can pair others with heels and accessories for more formal events.

First-Hand Impression

I've been wearing this extra-soft dress and found it to be not only comfortable but also practical with its knee-length hem and stretchy material that flows gracefully over my figure without feeling too tight or constricting. The double-layer nursing panel makes breastfeeding easy, allowing me to wear this dress both at home and on the go. With several prints and colors available, some are casual enough for a day at the beach, while others can be dressed up with heels and accessories for more formal events.

Best Nursing Dresses for Special Occasions

You may have felt doomed when you realized you had to attend a special occasion and had nothing decent to wear. A nursing dress can save the day and help you feel both sexy and confident, all while being able to breastfeed your baby easily.

Sweet Mommy Nursing Formal Dress

This dress comes in several fabulous colors, and it looks like your typical formal dress.

It’s one of the most discreet nursing dresses because the nursing feature is hidden under your armpit via a zipper.

If you were to look at this dress, you would never know it is a nursing dress. The flattering colors, intricate lace, and beautiful bow make this a great option for special occasions.

User Experience

This nursing dress is undeniably attractive, but I found it somewhat challenging to use due to the side openings. Before nursing, I had to untie the belt and adjust the dress, which was inconvenient during feedings. Additionally, the quality of the dress was not as impressive as I had hoped. Despite its stylish appearance, the functionality and durability of the dress fell short of my expectations.

Sweet Mommy Nursing Tule Dress

If you are looking for a figure-flattering, flowing nursing dress, check this out!

The soft fabric comes in a range of modern colors, and it allows you to breastfeed your baby discreetly. The dress utilizes the crossover design, but it also has a double layer for additional security.

This dress offers room to grow and will fit during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, and beyond the baby stage.

Personal Perspective

This dress initially disappointed me due to its frumpy appearance and oversized fit. However, after making some alterations, I found that it became quite flattering. The lace arms are pretty, but I had to wear a nursing tank underneath for modesty when nursing. One issue I faced was the thin layer of fabric at the upper back, which clung to my bra and made it visible. Despite these setbacks, the dress is comfortable, stretchy, and doesn't look like your typical nursing dress.

Jezero Ruched Maxi Dress

If you are looking for a floor-length nursing dress, this is one of the best options we’ve found. The style is simple yet elegant, and you can wear it as both a maternity and nursing dress.

It utilizes the crossover design, so you can easily pull one side of the top across to reveal your breast for feeding.

You can cinch the adjustable waist tie to fit the dress as tightly or loosely as you like.

Community Feedback

My experience with this maternity dress has been quite positive overall. I found the material to be super soft and comfortable, making it perfect for my growing baby bump. However, the bust area was a bit too large for my current size, and the dress is quite long, so it may not be ideal for more petite women. I appreciate that the dress is not see-through, but I would still recommend wearing spanks underneath for added confidence. Despite these minor issues, I've received numerous compliments on how flattering the dress is and how well it suits my pregnant figure.

LaClef Maxi Nursing Dress

This dress is simple yet trendy, and it is sure to keep you comfortable. You can wear this dress during pregnancy or for nursing.

The crossover design allows you to quickly and discreetly prepare to breastfeed your baby.

You don’t have to compromise style for comfort because this classic dress is made of super soft material to help keep you comfortable.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with this maternity dress has been quite positive overall. The dress is comfortable, flattering, and features convenient pockets. I found it to be true to size and long enough even for taller individuals. There were minor issues with the quality, such as the dress being slightly sheer and a small stitching error in the pocket. Despite these drawbacks, this dress has been one of my favorites during pregnancy and I appreciate its versatility for dressing up or down, as well as its potential for nursing post-pregnancy.

Best Nursing Dresses for Large Breasts

It can be difficult to find nursing clothes that fit comfortably around your large bust and aren’t too constricting. A nursing dress has the free-flowing feel of a loose shirt but utilizes stretch material to keep it fitted around your bust.

Bearsland Short Sleeve Dress

This nursing dress is super flowy throughout — including the bust line — and it’s one of the comfiest nursing dresses on the market for women of all sizes!

The side-open nursing access makes for quick and easy feeding sessions, even when your baby has totally lost their patience.

We especially love the pockets — the perfect addition to any comfy dress.

Wear it as it is for a cool summer lounge dress. Add jewelry or accessories to dress it up. Or pair it with an infinity scarf, leggings, and boots for cold-weather outings.

User Experience

If you're looking for a nursing-friendly dress with pockets, this one may have its pros and cons. On the plus side, the material is soft and comfortable, making it a nice choice for lounging around the house or even wearing as a going-home outfit from the hospital. The nursing flaps, however, can be a bit too obvious and the dress may not be as flattering around the postpartum belly. Additionally, the fit seems to run small, particularly for those with larger chests. The pockets, while useful, have a somewhat odd shape and may not be the most durable.

Ouges Floral Maternity Dress

This dress uses the pull-on nursing design and has pockets to store some essentials.

A benefit to this style is that the bust line is made of stretchy material that allows you to have extra room for larger breasts.

You won’t have to worry about your dress becoming too constricting if your breasts fluctuate in size because the material will work with you and keep you supported yet comfortable.

Another inexpensive option with multiple prints, you can purchase one or several to extend your nursing-wear collection.

Personal Perspective

Best nursing dress I've ever owned, hands down! I found this dress to be incredibly comfortable and versatile, fitting me perfectly during pregnancy, and now it's a go-to for nursing my little one. I appreciate the discreet design that allows me to nurse in public without exposing too much. The pockets are a game-changer, making it convenient to carry small items like keys or a phone. The material quality varies between colors and patterns, but overall, I'm thrilled with my purchase and have even bought multiple dresses.

Bearsland Sleeveless Nursing Dress

This sleeveless dress is excellent for summer occasions and casual wear.

The double-layer feature makes it less constricting than other nursing dresses. It doesn’t have any annoying elastic that cinches under your bust line, so it better accommodates larger breasts.

The double-layer nursing access offers a more fitted look in the bodice, while the skirt remains comfortably loose and flowy.

Community Feedback

I'm thrilled with these comfortable and stylish dresses that cater to post-pregnancy and nursing needs. As a taller individual, I appreciate the longer length that falls to the middle of my calves. The fabric is soft and easy to style, making it perfect for both casual and work settings. I've found the nursing layer to be convenient and discreet, which is a huge plus for me. While the internal bust could have better shape and structure, it's not a deal breaker as the overall fit is flattering and accommodates my changing body.

Quinee Short Sleeve Nursing Dress

This cute short-sleeve dress is super simple, yet flattering. You can dress this up for a special occasion or wear it for casual use.

The top fits like a t-shirt, and this nursing dress is available in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can find one that best fits your personality and body.

Nurse easily and discreetly with the double-layer feature by simply lifting the top layer.

First-Hand Impression

Great nursing dress that combines comfort and style! I wore this dress to a party and was able to easily feed my baby without any issues, while still looking fashionable. The fabric is a bit thicker than expected, but it's still super comfy, true to size, and the stunning color adds a touch of elegance.

Best Plus-Size Nursing Dresses

Nursing dresses can be flattering for all figures! Don’t let your body size stop you from rocking a great dress. These nursing dresses are comfortable and easy to breastfeed in and look flattering on any full-figured mama.

Savi Mom Nursing Nightgown

This dress is zipper- and button-free for no-fuss nursing and is comfortable in all situations. You can wear this soft, flowy dress as a nightgown, around the house, to the beach, or out and about.

You will be able to easily breastfeed your little one by using the easy-to-access vertical opening on both sides of the breast.

User Experience

When I first tried on this nursing nightgown, I immediately noticed how comfortable and soft the material was. The hidden nursing slits provide discreet access for breastfeeding, but I found that sometimes my bra could be visible, so I mostly wore it indoors. As a plus-sized woman, the fit was great with room to grow, but the nursing slits could use a bit more coverage to prevent any accidental exposure.

Savi Mom Plus-Size Dress

This short-sleeve dress provides comfort and modesty. The T-shirt style is casual enough to wear at home, but the solid-color design adds a touch of formality, so you can get away with wearing it to church or for a night on the town. Simply accessorize to dress it up or down.

This is a perfect option for moms seeking an alternative comfort outfit that helps them feel a little more put together.

The vertical opening makes it easier to breastfeed anytime and anywhere because you don’t have to undo any clips or buttons.

Personal Perspective

Got this nursing gown for postpartum hospital use and found it to be incredibly comfortable and convenient. The soft material and easy breast access make it perfect for feeding and pumping. I'm a plus size woman and it fits well, but I do wish it was a couple of inches longer to cover my knees. The nursing flap took some getting used to, but it didn't cause any issues with accidental exposure.

Kissmay V-Neck Coctail Midi Dress

This adorable wrap dress comes in a print to suit any style — from cheerful florals to casual plaids, you’re sure to find an option to suit you.

Although the dress wasn’t designed to be a nursing dress, the wrap style provides easy nursing access and ensures a great fit even during pregnancy. It comes in sizes up to 24 plus and accommodates bust sizes up to 52 inches. The adjustable ties cinch under the bust and add some shape to the fit.

This dress sits just below the knees, making it a breathable summer option while still offering some modesty. Pair it with leggings or tall boots for cool-weather wear.

Community Feedback

In my experience, this dress is not only comfortable but also a great value. Although the fabric may not be of the highest quality, it looks fantastic once worn and the material lies flat, making the pockets hardly noticeable. The sash, however, is sewn onto the dress and I would have preferred it to be separate with loopholes, but a safety pin can easily fix this minor issue. As a faux wrap dress, it's perfect for those with larger busts since it avoids the common issues associated with true wrap dresses.

Udderly Hot Mama Nursing Dress

Every mama deserves the option to dress up and feel good. This dress is a fabulous plus-size option because it is fitted without being too tight, boxy, or overly flowy.

This dress is perfect for any special occasion or night out. You will be able to easily breastfeed your little one with the use of the double layer and crossover feature that allows discreet access to your breast.

Best Nursing Dresses for Work

It can be tricky to find a dress that is appropriate for the workplace in general. It’s even harder to find an appropriate option with breastfeeding capabilities. Here are some of our favorite work-friendly nursing dresses.

Bearsland Nursing Work Dress

This nursing dress is great for the workplace because it is both professional and stylish. It is long enough to wear to work, and keeps the girls well hidden.

Although your breasts are totally out of view, this dress allows you to nurse or pump discreetly with its layered opening and drops right back into place when you’re finished.

User Experience

Excellent for post-pregnancy wear, this dress is not only comfortable but also provides easy access for nursing. I found it to be flattering on my postpartum body and appreciated the soft fabric. The dress is a bit longer than expected, reaching the middle of my calves, but it remains a versatile piece that I can dress up or down for various occasions.

Hello Miz Nursing Dress

This dress is great for the mamas who love to have many choices. If this style suits you, you’re in luck because it comes in more than 25 patterns and colors. With options to suit a formal business environment, lunch meetings, conferences, or casual wear, you’ll be sure to find a great fit for any event.

With a handy crossover design, this dress enables you to pump at work quickly or nurse at home.

Personal Perspective

Definitely a versatile dress for various occasions during pregnancy, this dress is both comfortable and flattering on the baby bump. The material is stretchy and lightweight but can be a bit tight in the bust area, so it might be better suited for those with a smaller chest. The A-line design is slimming and provides ample space for a growing belly, making it a great go-to dress throughout pregnancy.

Hello Miz Asymmetrical Nursing Dress

This dress has an asymmetrical design that is fashionable and inviting for the work environment.

Simply lift a piece of fabric to reveal an inner layer, making your breasts accessible for nursing or pumping. The extra layer of fabric also allows for privacy when pumping at work.

Community Feedback

Got this dress during my pregnancy, and it has been a great addition to my wardrobe. The fabric is thick yet lightweight, making it comfortable to wear, and the design allows for easy feeding access. As someone with larger breasts, I appreciate that this dress provides a flattering fit without revealing too much cleavage, and the loose drape helps to conceal my post-pregnancy curves. The only downside is that the fabric may not hold up to numerous washes, but for the price, it's worth it.

Bearsland Nursing Dresses

This dress utilizes the double-layer design fashionably. It’s not immediately recognizable as a nursing dress, as many other layered-style options are.

The length and style of this dress make for work-appropriate attire. There is an extra piece of fabric within that looks like a tank top but lifts for you to nurse or pump.

First-Hand Impression

After purchasing this dress, I found it to be extremely comfortable and perfect for post-pregnancy wear. The length was longer than expected, reaching the middle of my calves, but it didn't bother me too much. This dress is flattering, soft, and convenient for breastfeeding, making it a great addition to my wardrobe. The only downside is the internal bust area could have a better fit and structure, but overall, I'm satisfied with this purchase.

Different Types of Nursing Dresses

All nursing dresses have a feature that allows you to breastfeed without removing clothing, but the dresses have different ways of letting this happen. These are some of the breastfeeding openings you might find in nursing dresses.


Zippers are placed naturally within the dress top, often to the side of the breast, concealed within the folds of the fabric. Simply unzip the opening to reveal your breast and feed your little one.


Most dresses that button up the front will work to nurse your baby — even those that aren’t made specifically for nursing. With this design, you unbutton as many buttons as needed to give your baby access.

Stretchy Neck

Stretchy nursing dresses allow you to pull the neckline down for feeding. These are some of the comfiest nursing dresses and the most convenient as they don’t require any extra unfastening that can be challenging when you have a baby in your arms.


The double-layer feature is similar to many nursing tops. These dresses have an added layer of fabric near your bust that you lift to reveal your breasts for feeding.


The crossover dress is sometimes referred to as a wrap dress and has two pieces of fabric that overlap in the front. Simply pull one side down to expose your breast for feeding.

How to Choose the Best Nursing Dress

So you’ve decided you want to take the plunge into the feminine world of nursing dresses. Here are some things you need to keep in mind.


You want to make sure the dress is a comfortable length for you. Shorter dresses often look dressier, but they may be trickier to sit in comfortably when nursing your baby. You don’t want to be trying to tug the bottom edge of your dress down while holding a sleepy, nursing baby.

Long dresses are often more comfortable, but if the hem reaches your feet, you’ll have to consider whether you feel safe carrying your baby around while wearing heels or if you’ll have to risk tripping on stairs. Find your happy medium.


While snug-fitting fabrics may look a little more professional, stretchy fabrics allow your breasts to breathe and continue to fit while they fluctuate in size. And looser fabrics make it easier to change positions while holding or feeding your baby.

Feeding Opening

Carefully consider what type of nursing access you prefer. If you wear a nursing bra that fastens near your shoulder, it’s best to avoid nursing dresses that don’t allow you to reach the clasp easily.

If your bra fastens between your breasts, you should probably look for a nursing dress that allows access from the bottom, rather than a size-zipper style so you don’t have to reach down the front of your dress to unclasp your bra.

Ease of Access

If your baby tends to be impatient at feeds, avoid dresses with complicated openings or clasps, and opt for those with stretchy necks or an easy-access flap. You don’t want to be dealing with a screaming baby in a crowd while you try to unfasten your dress opening.


Most women pair their nursing dress with a nursing bra, but some nursing dresses have built-in bras. If this is something you are interested in, ensure it offers legitimate support. Big-breasted mamas — you know who you are — this is not the route you want to take.

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If you are prone to leaky breasts, a darker dress color may be your friend because it can help mask leaks. If you choose lighter colors, use breast pads to prevent that wet-shirt look.


Remember that your breast size and body shape will continue to change over the months after birth. If you plan on wearing your nursing dresses for more than one event, make sure they allow for these changes.

Nursing Dresses FAQs

What Are Nursing Dresses Called?

They’re typically just called “nursing dresses.” They’re the unsung heroes of the breastfeeding wardrobe, combining style with snack accessibility.

What to Wear While Breastfeeding Other Than Nursing Tops?

Button-down shirts, V-neck tees, or wrap dresses are all fabulous choices. Essentially, anything that provides easy, stealthy access to the milk bar.

The Bottom Line

Our top pick for the best nursing dress is the Liu & Qu Nursing Dress.

This dress can be both casual and dressy. It’s comfortable and practical. Every mom needs a great go-to dress in their arsenal, and this one has many quality features that sets it apart.

You can quickly and easily breastfeed your little one with the vertical nursing panels. The material is super soft and stretchy. And the mid-length style suits all settings.

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