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30 Best Nursing Tops for Breastfeeding Moms: 2024 Picks

Find the perfect nursing tops to fit your budget, style, and body type.

While nursing tops were once hard to find, expensive, and all made with only one basic breastfeeding access design, you no longer have to stress when it comes to feeding your baby.

These days, you can purchase nursing tops in a wide range of styles and fabrics and with many clever and discreet opening styles for breastfeeding access. And you don’t have to sacrifice your comfort to nurse your baby — in any setting.

We’ve searched high and low to bring you only the best nursing tops and tanks of all styles and for all seasons. We’ve got all your wardrobe staples covered, from long-sleeved nursing hoodies to spaghetti-strap camis.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Short Sleeve Summer
Cute and Comfy
Short Sleeve Summer
  • Soft and breathable material
  • Double front layers
  • Fashionable
Product Image of the Long Sleeve Nursing Hoodie
As Good As Pajamas
Long Sleeve Nursing Hoodie
  • Comfortable and convenient
  • Dual-function top
  • More colors to choose from
Product Image of the Bearsland Summer
Floaty Florals
Bearsland Summer
  • Smart, discrete feeding design
  • Double front layers
  • Suitable for day or night feeding
Product Image of the Savi Mom Plus Size
Gorgeous Plus Size Luxury
Savi Mom Plus Size
  • Easy openings for nursing access
  • Made in the USA
  • Machine washable
Product Image of the iWollence Womens
Loose Fitting
iWollence Womens
  • Great wardrobe staple
  • Plenty of color options
  • Attractive V-neck style
Product Image of the Smallshow
Best for Big Bosoms
  • Breathable fabric
  • Stylish and practical
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
Product Image of the BBHoping Hoodie
Activewear Inspired
BBHoping Hoodie
  • Soft and high stretchy material
  • Double layer design
  • Fits different types of figure
Product Image of the Daisity Casual
Snug and Versatile
Daisity Casual
  • Seamless nursing cami
  • One-hand adjustable shoulder straps
  • Silky soft fabric
Product Image of the Bearsland Cold Shoulder
Flouncy and Feminine
Bearsland Cold Shoulder
  • Designed to fit pregnancy and postpartum
  • Excellent quality
  • Double front layers

Best Nursing Tops, Nursing Tanks and Camis of 2024

Here are our favorite short-sleeved nursing tops and tanks.

Short-Sleeve Summer Nursing Shirt

Cute and Comfy

This shirt is made of soft and breathable material, making it a great summer nursing top. Not only can you easily nurse your baby with the double-layered feature, but you can do so while looking stylish. The pale color blends perfectly with the shirt’s super trendy ruffles to help any mom feel even more beautiful.

User Experience

Great comfortable and lightweight shirt, perfect for breastfeeding moms or expecting women. I love the material, as it provides enough coverage without being too thin or thick. The ruffles on the sleeves add a nice touch, and the blue color is true to the picture.

Savi Mom Plus-Size Nursing Shirt

Gorgeous Plus-Size Luxury

This top is great for breastfeeding, and you can even wear it during pregnancy. The hidden flap allows easy access to discreet nursing openings for hassle-free feedings.

The shirt is made from ultra-soft material and has a lovely drape for ultimate comfort in every situation. We love the cozy side pockets for holding a pacifier or car keys, and the V-neck shape provides a sleek profile and allows you to stay cool.

Choose from a variety of colors to suit your style.

Personal Perspective

In my experience, this nursing top is a fantastic find for plus-sized moms who struggle to find comfortable and stylish nursing clothing. The material is soft and comfy, and I especially appreciate the convenience of the pockets for storing essentials like burp cloths and pacifiers. One issue I encountered is that the boob holes sometimes open up, revealing my bra or stomach, but this doesn't deter me from loving it for pumping.

Bearsland Cold Shoulder Summer Top

Flouncy and Feminine

This affordable shirt has a very feminine look, so if you feel like breastfeeding has compromised your style, this nursing top may be your saving grace. It allows you to breastfeed your baby via some clever double layering. The open-shoulder style allows you to change up your typical nursing attire.

Community Feedback

I'm really enjoying this shirt, especially its comfort and cute style. As a plus-size, postpartum mom, it's difficult to find flattering outfits, but this lightweight and super comfy shirt does the job. The design offers discreet and easy breastfeeding access with its well-designed layers. However, the neckline is a bit higher than it appears in the picture, and the color may differ from what's ordered. Despite these minor issues, the shirt remains a good buy with its soft, stretchy material, and I've even received compliments on it!

Bearsland Nursing Tank Tops

Couldn’t Be Simpler

This bright-colored nursing tank top is perfect for work, and it even includes openings for pumping or nursing sessions. The shirt is designed to be used during pregnancy and nursing, so it’s super comfortable.

The flattering round neckline, stretchy material, and easy fit make this a great go-to nursing or pumping top for work.

First-Hand Impression

Got this nursing top for its convenience and comfort during breastfeeding. While the 5% spandex fabric may not be the most environmental-friendly choice, it fits nicely and allows easy access for nursing. However, the material can feel a bit thick and clingy, making it less suitable for hot weather. Additionally, the sizing runs small, so I would recommend sizing up for a more comfortable fit.

Ekouaer Layered Nursing Top

For Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

This top is one of our favorites because it doubles as a maternity or breastfeeding top, sparing you the need to buy both. This shirt makes nursing easier and more discreet with its layered design and is flattering for all kinds of figures.

We love the wide range of colors it comes in, and the affordable price tag makes it possible to add a few of them to your nursing wardrobe.

User Experience

I've been using this nursing cover and found that there's a bit too much fabric to manage while trying to unsnap my nursing bra and soothe a fussy baby. It can be quite annoying to deal with all the material, especially when I'm attempting to attach my Haakaa on one side and my baby is fussing on the other. The design could definitely be improved for easier use and convenience. However, it does provide ample coverage for nursing in public, which is a plus. The fabric itself is soft and comfortable for both me and my baby.

Ecavus Nursing Top

Low-key Glamorous

When you’re at work, you don’t want it to be obvious you’re wearing a nursing top. The double-layered design can be a dead giveaway, but this shirt masks the feature beautifully with its wrap-style design.

The soft fabric keeps it comfortable, while the layered style allows for a less casual design than the typical nursing tee.

Personal Perspective

My experience with these nursing shirts has been a mixed bag. On one hand, they are comfortable, fit perfectly, and boast a high-quality soft fabric. However, I struggled with the elastic on the middle flap, which caused me discomfort when I had sore nipples - though once that issue resolved, my main concern was the difficulty of putting myself back together one-handed. Additionally, while the shirts are quite flattering and the material is thicker than most, I found them to be too warm and bulky at times, especially in hot and humid environments.

Women's Maternity Raglan Top

Versatile Option

We love the casual feel of this soft nursing tee. This shirt has a design that comfortably conceals that post-pregnancy body and hides possible breast leaks. The design is stylish enough to be worn daily, and the double layer makes it easier for you to quickly breastfeed your baby, whether in public or at home.

Choose from a variety of colors or try one of the two- or three-packs for the best value for your money.

Community Feedback

For a breastfeeding cover, this product does its job, but the aesthetics leave something to be desired. The fabric is quite thick, which can make it uncomfortably warm during use. In my opinion, it's not the most comfortable option and may not be worth the investment.

Bearsland Plus Size Nursing Top

Cool and Classical

This nursing top is a great summer asset that will keep you feeling cool and pretty. The V-neck design is flattering, and with all the ease of a traditional nursing top, it is still an excellent piece of clothing in its own right. The layered style covers an easy opening that allows your little one to access food while you maintain elegance.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with these nursing shirts has been a mix of comfort and style. The material is soft and stretchy, making them perfect for around the house and sleepwear, but they do tend to show every lump and bump. The jewel tone colors are lovely, and the easy nursing access is a great feature, but some of the shirts may shrink after washing, so be cautious with sizing.

Quinee Women's Casual Breastfeeding Tunic

Keeping it Elegant

Sometimes simple is best. This shirt has an elegant design with side-button accents. The material is cool and lightweight. You can feed your baby by simply sliding one side of the shirt over to reveal the nursing opening.

User Experience

These nursing tops offer a comfortable and discreet design, but the fit may not be flattering for everyone. I personally found the shirts to be cute with a nice variety of colors, although the cream-colored one had an unexpected pink tinge. While the material and pocket lines may not be ideal for some, as a nursing mother, I appreciated how well they worked for pumping at work.

Smallshow Nursing Shirt

For the Chic Minimalist

If you’re looking for a basic nursing top or a cute and efficient tee, this is the one for you. The cinching on both sides is figure-flattering for postpartum moms. This cool and cozy nursing tee comes in a variety of solid colors and prints, making it one of our favorite summer staples!

Personal Perspective

This nursing shirt quickly became a favorite of mine, as it offers a perfect fit and makes breastfeeding in public a breeze. The material is light and breathable, ensuring comfort while recovering from childbirth. Although the shirt may be a bit bigger than some may prefer, it provides ample coverage and easy access for nursing. The fabric, however, can feel somewhat like a bathing suit and may cling to your back at times. Despite the occasional need to adjust the opening to avoid exposing my bra, this nursing shirt is a great addition to any nursing wardrobe.

iWollence Womens Waffle Knit Tunic Blouse

Loose Fitting

This is the perfect casual summer top. It doesn’t look like a nursing shirt, but the low cut, loose fit, and easy buttons make it great for nursing moms. When you’re done breastfeeding, this can double as a cute top for drinks with the girls! It comes in 21 different designs, so you can get a few for your closet.

Community Feedback

From my experience with these shirts, the fabric is incredibly soft and provides comfort, especially after undergoing shoulder surgery. Although the colors may differ slightly from the description, such as the pink appearing more peach, the variety of colors available is appealing. I noticed that the sizing recommendations may not be accurate, so I suggest ordering based on your own measurements and preferences. Despite the care instructions suggesting hand washing, I found that machine washing and drying the shirt resulted in no damage or shrinkage.

Here are our favorite long-sleeve nursing tops.

Ginkana Women's Nursing Hoodie

As Good As Pajamas

This lightweight nursing hoodie is so soft you’ll want to live in it during and after pregnancy. This shirt is discreet enough for nursing in front of company, and the double layer provides easy breastfeeding access.

It’s warm without being too hot, and it comes in more than 25 colors with a good mix of solid and striped options! The super-soft and stretchy cotton blend material means a comfy transition from pregnancy to motherhood.

First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased this green hoodie for a flight with my 4-month-old, and it made nursing a breeze without requiring any additional cover. The material is soft, lightweight, and comfortable to wear, even in warmer weather. However, the drawstrings are quite long, posing a potential choking hazard, so I had to tuck them in and consider trimming them. Despite this minor issue, this nursing hoodie has become a staple in my wardrobe due to its stylish design and functionality.

BBHoping Nursing Hoodie

Activewear Inspired

The fabric of this nursing hoodie is breathable and elastic, a little like a jogging top. It’s lightweight but warm and perfect for keeping you cozy on fall or winter days. It’s easy to feed your little one with the double-layer design that allows convenient nursing access.

Bearsland Comfy Long Sleeve Nursing Shirt

Best for Discretion

This shirt is made of a stretchy cotton-jersey blend that makes it practical and warm for spring and fall. The discreet design allows you to lift the outer drape when you need to breastfeed. There are no zippers or clips to undo, and this long-sleeved nursing top comes in a turtleneck or rounded neck design.

Personal Perspective

Great shirt with soft material and a stylish design, making it comfortable to wear. The nursing hole is located in the middle, which can be a bit awkward for some, but it's easy to adjust to either side for convenience. The shirt is also flattering for postpartum tummies and holds up well after washing. However, the chest seam might feel a bit high for those with larger busts, and the length might be too long for shorter individuals.

BEAdressy Long Sleeve Nursing Shirt for Work

Casual Fashion

This nursing top comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can choose the one that best matches your style. The long-sleeve design is suitable for spring or fall. You’ll be able to nurse or pump inconspicuously with this shirt because its double-layer design will keep you well-covered.

Community Feedback

Excellent nursing top with a few minor drawbacks. This nursing top is comfortable, functional, and stylish, but may run a bit small in the chest area for some. I found the fabric to be a bit different than expected, with a texture similar to a shirt that's already dry when taken out of the washing machine. The nursing access panel is easy to use, but might be a bit baggy or sit higher on the chest for some.

Bearsland Women's Maternity Sporty Hoodie

Best for Autumn

Go away with friends, and enjoy breastfeeding around the campfire with ease in the Bearsland sporty hoodie. These cozy and casual designs give a comfy and autumnal vibe to your style.

The nursing hoodie comes in 25 unique designs, so you can choose a few to add to your postpartum wardrobe! The feeding access is discreetly disguised behind a zipper, so once those breastfeeding years are over, you can continue to snuggle up in this sweater.

First-Hand Impression

In my experience, this nursing sweatshirt is a lightweight and comfortable option for breastfeeding moms. The material is of medium weight with a hint of stretchiness, making it perfect for various weather conditions. However, the sizing seems a bit inconsistent, and the zippers may leave you feeling more exposed than desired. Despite these minor issues, the overall quality and convenience of this nursing sweatshirt make it a valuable addition to any nursing wardrobe.

Glampunch Long Sleeve Nursing Top

Best for Modesty

This super discreet and stylish nursing top is perfect for both work and casual wear. The soft and comfortable material was designed with postpartum moms in mind with a forgiving design on your post-baby body. The nursing openings are hidden underneath to make this top look more like regular clothing than a double-layer nursing shirt.

This nursing top comes in several designs, including an option with a pumpkin on the belly for autumn maternity wear or a Santa on the belly for some Christmas fun.

User Experience

As a nursing mom, I've found these nursing tops to be a stylish and comfortable addition to my wardrobe. They're more fitted than other options, giving me a bit of my pre-pregnancy shape back. One of the best features is the ease of nursing, with no zippers or buttons to fumble with, making it great for nursing in public. However, the fabric feels a bit cheap, and I've experienced dye rubbing off on my pants. Sizing can be a bit tricky, as some colors seem to fit differently from others, so be prepared to potentially size up.

Bhome Long Sleeve Breastfeeding Shirt

Roomy and Loose

This shirt has a generous double-layer front that makes it convenient to nurse your baby on demand. The long-sleeve design is ideal for spring and autumn wear, and the stripe pattern means you can mix and match it with the rest of your closet, easily dressing it up with jeans or leggings for off-duty style.

Personal Perspective

I've been using this shirt for my daughter, and she finds it extremely comfortable while nursing. The fabric is soft and high-quality, even though the price was a bit steep and the sleeves are slightly long. This shirt is particularly great for postpartum wear when finding the right fit can be challenging.

Bearsland Women's Scoop Neck Nursing Top

A Pop of Color

If you’re looking for a nursing shirt that’s just a little different, this one is perfect. This fashionable, color-blocked piece is fitted with elastic and super comfy for that postpartum figure. It features a scoop neckline and a straight hem. You can discreetly nurse your little one with the well-hidden openings underneath.

Community Feedback

This nursing shirt has a slimming design and is convenient for breastfeeding, but runs a bit small, so it's a good idea to size up. The material is comfortable, not too thin or thick, and the fabric around the chest area is functional for nursing. However, it may be less forgiving around the tummy area, making it less suitable for those looking for a looser postpartum fit. Some customers also mentioned the colors may appear darker and duller than in the product images.

Bhome Nursing Sleeve Top

Totally Effortless

This multipatterned shirt is great for daily casual wear as it’s both comfortable and stylish. We love that it looks nothing like a nursing top! There are multiple colors and designs you can choose from, so you are sure to find one that matches your personality. This shirt will look great paired with your favorite jeans or leggings.

First-Hand Impression

I'm delighted with this shirt for its soft fabric and stylish design, perfect for breastfeeding and pumping. The machine washable and dryer safe features make it convenient for busy moms like me. However, I did notice the sizing runs small, so I'd recommend sizing up for a more comfortable fit. The fabric is on the thinner side, which may not be ideal for everyone, but it works well for me. One drawback is that the shirt pilled after the first wash, which was a bit disappointing.

Here are our favorite nursing tanks and camis.

Bearsland Summer Nursing Tank

Floaty Florals

This tank is a perfect summer solution because it’s lightweight, comfortable, and trendy. The feminine floral patterns and ruffles make this a staple nursing top. The ruffles hang down and conceal your breasts during feeds, and you can adjust the straps for a perfect fit.

User Experience

Best nursing top I've ever purchased! The flattering cut and ruffles not only hide my tummy but also provide great coverage while nursing, making me feel comfortable even in public. I've tried a few different colors and patterns, and they all look and feel amazing, though the lighter colors might need a warm iron after washing. The soft material and discreet nursing access make this top perfect for summer time. It's comfortable, easy to breastfeed in, and stylish - an absolute win for moms!

Smallshow Nursing Tank

Best for Big Bosoms

This shirt is designed to be super flowy, so if you have a larger bust, it has all the room you need. The pleats are subtle and stylish, making it look more like an ordinary top. The soft material and many color choices mean you’re sure to find something you like.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased this nursing top and have found it to be quite comfortable and soft. It fits well and has maintained its durability through washes. The side openings for nursing are more noticeable than I expected, but it's still a functional and easy-to-use top. The shirt is both maternity and nursing-friendly, though the side pick-ups can add a bit of unwanted bulk.

Daisity Casual Nursing Tank

Snug and Versatile

This gently supportive nursing cami is a fashion essential for breastfeeding moms! It will add a little flair to your nursing wardrobe and can be worn as either outwear or underwear. Wear it on its own or under your favorite jacket or sweater.

The snug-fitting style is feminine and flattering, and it features easy one-hand nursing clasps and an internal shelf bra for support and modesty.

Community Feedback

I'm really enjoying these nursing tank tops, as they have made breastfeeding much more convenient and comfortable. The fabric is soft and durable, providing good support for my postpartum body while still being stretchy and easy to wear. Although the length is quite long, it pairs well with jackets and sweaters and offers a nice option for discreet nursing sessions.

Caramel Cantina Nursing Tank

Best Multipack

These nursing tanks are great to wear as undergarments or nighttime camis. They come with a built-in shelf bra with light support but no pads. The adjustable straps make it easier for you to control your comfort, and the super-soft spandex material can stretch to accommodate your post-baby shape.

First-Hand Impression

I've been using these nursing tanks for a while now, and I must say they've exceeded my expectations. The quality is excellent, providing a snug and stretchy fit that offers support and comfort in all the right places. The built-in bra has been a lifesaver for me, especially during nighttime feedings when I can simply tighten the straps, insert my nursing pads, and not worry about them shifting throughout the night. One thing to note is that these tanks are quite long, even on my 5'10" frame, but I personally like that aspect. However, they're not really suitable for wearing out without something over them, due to the seams around the breast area which can be quite noticeable. The non-black colors also tend to show everything underneath, so bear that in mind when choosing your options.

Ekouaer Summer Nursing Tank

Hot Weather Must-have

This summer nursing tank top is just so cute. You don’t have to sacrifice style in order to breastfeed. And you no longer have to sacrifice comfort on those hot summer days. The shirt’s ruffles make for easy access, and the lightweight material and spaghetti straps keep you feeling cool and fresh.

User Experience

Great nursing tank tops for a comfortable and convenient breastfeeding experience. The material is soft, stretchy, and the ruching fits well around the baby belly. However, the fabric is not very breathable, which can lead to some discomfort on hot summer days. The design options are limited and the front layer tends to bunch up, making it noticeable that it's a nursing shirt. Despite this, the tank tops are still handy and serve their purpose well for feeding the baby. They may fit differently on various body types, but overall, they are a useful addition to a nursing wardrobe.

Suiek Nursing Tank


This tank top can be dressed up or down and is even appropriate for the workplace. The double-layered design makes it easy for you to breastfeed on demand no matter where you are. The cotton-spandex blend has just the right amount of stretch while allowing your body to breathe.

Personal Perspective

My experience with these nursing tanks has been fantastic, as they provide great coverage and accommodate larger breasts without any hassle. The material is soft and gentle on the skin, making it comfortable even for those with sensitive stitches or incisions. I appreciate the convenience of the easy-to-use clips that can be operated with one hand, and the option to add in cup padding for additional modesty. These tanks are suitable for various situations, from nursing to post-surgery recovery. However, the length of the shirts may be a bit too long for some, so keep this in mind when considering your size.

Bearsland Spaghetti Strap Nursing Camisole

Laid-back Loveliness

Nothing says summer quite like this stylish camisole. The pretty patterns and triple-layered front give character to this piece and allow you to nurse with ease wherever you are — from a backyard barbecue to the poolside.

Throw a cardigan over this nursing cami, and you’re set for a cool evening outdoors.

Community Feedback

I recently purchased these nursing tops and they quickly became my favorite among several other brands. The flattering cut and adjustable shoulder straps make them comfortable and easy to wear. The ruffles help conceal my tummy while providing excellent coverage for discreet nursing in public. The tops come in various colors and patterns, with the floral designs being particularly appealing. Although the material can get wrinkly after washing, a quick ironing solves the issue, and I appreciate the lightweight, breathable fabric for summertime nursing.

Suiek Casual Nursing Tank Tops

Pure Cotton

These tank tops are a necessity for nursing mothers who prefer natural fabrics. You can wear these 95% cotton tops alone or under another top. The expandable bust area ensures your breasts are never constricted, and you can easily feed your baby by pulling down on one side of the tank — no clips required.

The best nursing tops and tanks include inserts for breast pads to help catch those unexpected leaks — and this one does not disappoint.

First-Hand Impression

My experience with these nursing tops has been mostly positive, especially during the later months of my pregnancy when I needed something to keep me cool and comfortable. The absence of included padding was a minor inconvenience, but I managed to use padding from my maternity bras, and it fit perfectly. The material is just right, not too thin nor too thick, and the ease of nursing access is a major plus. However, I did notice that the fabric may stretch out after pulling it down for feedings, leaving me feeling a bit more exposed than I'd like.

Ekouaer Nursing Top

Best for Tandem Nursing

This is the perfect, fashionable, everyday nursing top. The style and cut of this top make it a trendy piece to add to your collection.

While many nursing tanks only allow you to access one breast at a time, one major benefit of this one is that it allows you to freely tandem nurse or pump. This tank can be dressed up or dressed down to meet your wardrobe needs.

User Experience

These nursing tank tops offer a comfortable and functional design for breastfeeding moms. The soft, stretchy material provides easy access, but the lack of breathability may cause discomfort on hot days. While the ruching fits a baby belly well, the front layer's clear trim is visibly noticeable, making it obvious that it's a nursing shirt. The fit may not be flattering on all body types, but overall, these tanks serve their purpose and are ideal for summer months.

ILoveSia Plus Size Maternity Cami

Plus Size Camis

These tanks are fantastic for women needing a little more stretch out of their nursing attire. This shirt not only unclips for nursing, but it also offers additional support with a built-in bra. The top is perfect if you are looking for a larger nursing tank that will provide all-day comfort.

Personal Perspective

After trying out these nightgowns during my postpartum period, I found them to be comfortable and supportive, especially in the chest area for a well-endowed person like myself. The stretchy material makes it easy to wear, but be cautious of the sizing as it may run a bit small. One minor issue I encountered was the bottom becoming wavy after washing, which I believe is due to the fabric.

Why Do You Need a Nursing Top?

Some mothers don’t mind going without nursing-specific clothing, while other mothers may benefit from it greatly.

Nursing clothes typically look like regular clothes but are made with special fabrics to be more comfortable. The openings on these shirts are virtually invisible and easily disguised within the piece’s design.

Take Note

A nursing shirt is designed to help you feed your baby comfortably no matter where you are.

Even in a crowd of people, you can discreetly feed your little one thanks to the clever openings in your clothes. If you’re a person who’s nervous about public feeding, this solution will be right up your alley.

The best part is these shirts are not just functional; they are modern and fashionable and usually loose enough to be flattering to any post-pregnancy figure.

How to Choose the Best Nursing Tops

Not all nursing tops are created equal, so it’s important you look for certain key features before making your purchase.


Let’s be honest, spit-up and leaks happen, so you want to make sure you can wash your shirt easily and frequently.

Not Too Tight on Your Body

Tight-fitting clothing when breastfeeding can compromise milk supply and cause mastitis.

The Fabric is Opaque

Comfort is one thing, but you don’t want your top’s material to be so thin you can easily see through it.

Works Well With Your Nursing Bra

Some nursing bras open in different ways than nursing shirts. You want to make sure your bra and nursing tops or tees work well together.

Hides Your Post-Pregnancy Belly

Many nursing shirts have designs that are more flattering to your post-baby body. If this is something that makes you self-conscious, it would be helpful for you to seek a more forgiving design.

Has a Built-In Bra

If you want to skip a nursing bra and hope your tank can offer enough support, look for one with a great built-in bra.

Gently Supports Your Breasts

You want to ensure your nursing top supports your breasts to help prevent stretch marks or discomfort.

Ease of Access

If you are worried about undoing buttons or clips when preparing to feed your baby, choose a style you can easily access.


Are Nursing Tank Tops Worth It?

Absolutely! They make breastfeeding on the go a breeze. Plus, they can be stylish. Who said mom-chic isn’t a thing?

Do You Wear a Bra Under a Nursing Tank?

Depends on the tank. Some have built-in support, while others might need a little underwire reinforcement. Always choose what makes you feel most comfortable and supported.

How Many Nursing Bras and Tanks Do I Need?

A few of each to rotate through should do. Consider your laundry habits. If you’re like most new moms and laundry is a once-in-a-blue-moon event, stock up!

The Bottom Line

Our top pick for the best nursing top is the Short-Sleeve Summer Nursing Shirt.

This shirt has everything you could want in a nursing top. It doesn’t have the traditional look of other nursing tops that use the double-layered design, so nobody will be able to tell you’re wearing one.

This clever design allows you to be unobtrusive when you’re nursing, as the stylish ruffles help conceal your breasts while not hampering your easy access.

If you’re a little nervous about modesty during a feed, this top has you covered (literally!). And though many moms worry about sacrificing style when trying to find ideal nursing clothing, this top allows you to have the best of both worlds.

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