The Best Changing Pad Covers and Liners (2018 Reviews)

Have you spent so much on your changing table pad that you worry about how to keep it clean?

Do you want to make sure the changing pad is comfortable for your baby?

If so, you need to find the best changing pad covers and liners you can. Changing pad covers and liners will help protect your changing pad from wetness and stains.

Our Top 5 Picks
ProductBest ForOur Rating
1. Circo Wipeable CoversWaterproof4.75
2. Ely’s & Co. CoversSet4.55
3. Burt’s Bees CoversOrganic4.3
4. Copper Pearl CottonCotton4.25
5. Summer Infant Ultra PlushNon-Skid4.0
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Are Changing Pad Covers Necessary?

You already have a changing pad. So why would you want a cover and a liner? Do all moms use them?

Covers and liners aren’t essential, but they are a good idea (source).

Why It's Useful

The cover and the liner serve a different purpose than the pad does. The pad is meant to keep your baby cushioned during diaper changes and protect your belongings from pee and poop that makes it way out of the diaper.

But what protects the changing pad itself? Depending upon what kind of material you get and if there are any indented designs on the pad, your changing pad can get stained. That’s where liners and covers come in. They protect the changing pad from stains.

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They both will also help soak up any pee that starts spouting after you take your baby’s diaper off. That leaves you with less cleaning you’ll have to do. If poop or pee gets on the cover and soaks through to the liner, you simply take them off and pop them into the washing machine.

Pee won’t be running off the waterproof surface and onto your belongings like it would if you were just using a changing pad.

Another upside to having a cover is that it keeps your baby comfortable. Most changing pads are enclosed with a plastic-type waterproof outer layer that makes your baby’s back feel cold during a diaper change. If you don’t want to potentially wake her up or make her less comfortable because of the cold surface of your changing pad, then a cover is a good way to go.

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What Should I Look For?

You don’t need to weigh a bunch of information when you’re buying covers and liners.

There are really just four things you need to look at.

  • Cost: Compared to how much money you’ll be spending on other baby items like breast pumps, bottles, a stroller and a crib, covers and liners will only require a small budget. Although there are pricier options out there too, you’ll be able to stick with something that isn’t too expensive if you need to.
  • Appearance: The great thing about covers is that you will have so many choices you’re bound to find one that will go great with your nursery decorations (source).
  • Material: Pay attention to the softness of the liner and cover because your baby will be on them multiple times a day. There are so many great-feeling materials out there for covers that you should make sure you buy one that will feel warm and comforting to your baby’s bare back and bottom and won’t cause a rash.
  • Absorbability: You’ll want to make sure that the liners you choose won’t just repel the water like your changing pad will. You want something that will actually absorb the pee so you won’t have a large pool of liquid on top of the changing pad. If you do, your baby will get it all over her back, bottom and clothes.

How Many Changing Pad Covers Do I Need?

Two Will Do

You’ll only need two changing pad covers for your diapering needs. Some people may think one is enough and if you’re really diligent about doing your laundry, it might be. But others aren’t as good about immediately washing soiled changing pads. That gets exhausting after a while.

With my first baby, I was convinced I would rock the whole mothering thing. I was right on top of things. As soon as something got dirty, I would whisk it right away to the washing machine and promptly take care of it. That lasted for three or four months and then I started to feel so bogged down by my daily to-do list that my reaction time slowed considerably. And that’s okay. Moms are often far happier when they let go of little things like that and give up that elusive goal of perfection.

So do yourself a favor and buy two changing pad covers instead of one. That way, you’ll always have one waiting in the wings.

The Best Changing Pad Cover of 2018

Now that you know why you might need a cover, the different kinds of materials and features, and exactly what to look for —

Here are our top 9 picks in 2018:

1. Circo Wipeable Cover

A good waterproof changing pad cover can eliminate the need for a liner too. If you can find a cover tough enough to do the job, you won’t have to double up.You’ll want to look for a soft cover that also is lined. It will make clean-up easy in case of accidents.
Circo Wipeable Changing Pad Cover - Navy Stripe

This changing pad cover can be wiped off when poop or pee gets on it, and then it’ll be as good as new. You don’t need to wash it in the machine to take care of accidents. That’s great for busy moms who don’t want to take the time to do extra laundry.

While the sides of the cover are soft, the middle is the tough, wipeable part.

If you do want to occasionally give this cover a thorough cleaning, you can toss it in the machine on the gentle cycle.


  • You won’t have to wash it every time your baby has an accident.
  • Fits contoured changing pad really well.
  • It’s affordable.

2. Ely’s & Co. Changing Pad Cover Set

With a changing pad cover set, you’ll always have a cover waiting in the wings when one gets dirty. That means you won’t have to rush off to the laundry room the second your cover gets dirty.That’s a time saver for busy moms who have enough on their plates without worrying about being coverless.
Changing Pad Cover Set , Cradle Sheet 2 Pack 100% Jersey Cotton Unisex Sheets...

This unisex set gives you two covers to work with. They are machine washable and are made of lightweight cotton. These will hold up well in the washing machine, and even hard-to-treat poop stains come out if you put it in the wash right away.

These covers will keep your baby’s back warm and cozy when you change him because they are so soft. They have a universal fit that will work for standard changing pad sizes. The thick elastic means they’ll wrap around the changing pad without slipping much.


  • These covers are super affordable.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • The colors are muted enough that they’ll fit with a variety of nursery designs.

3. Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Knit Terry

If you’re worried about the safety of the material your baby lies on when you change his diaper, you’ll want to check out organic options. They’ll have none or at least less of the chemicals and materials you’re worried about. An organic choice may give you the peace of mind you’re seeking.
Burt's Bees Baby - Changing Pad Cover, Super Absorbent Knit Terry, 100% Organic...

These covers are made of 100 percent organic cotton jersey knit, which makes them super soft and breathable. They are naturally hypoallergenic, which is nice for moms who have numerous allergies and worry their child might also be affected. This fabric also won’t have fertilizers or have been treated with synthetic pesticides.

You can put these in the washer and dryer, and they seem to get softer each time they come out.

The durable elastic will keep the cover from shifting and sliding off, while the cotton jersey knit will give you a bit of stretch for a better fit.


  • You’ll get your choice of four soft colors and they don’t have any busy patterns that will clash with your nursery design.
  • It will keep your baby warm and snuggly while you change her.
  • This cover is a safe choice for moms worried about harmful chemicals.

4. Copper Pearl Grace Floral Premium Cotton Pad Cover

If you like the idea of using all-natural cotton as the fabric for your baby’s changing pad cover, you’ll have several great options to choose from. Cotton is a good fabric for moms who don’t like putting their babies on the cold, slicker surface some covers use.
Premium Cotton Diaper Changing Pad Cover'Grace Floral' by Copper Pearl

This floral design should please moms who are looking for a more feminine touch for their daughter’s nursery. The flowers on this pad are large and bold, which some moms may like better than a lot of the gender neutral designs and colors on the market.

The cover can be cleaned in a washing machine and the fabric will look as good as new.

The company even offers a full money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with the product, which should please moms who are worried they won’t be satisfied with the product when they get it home.


  • With the money-back guarantee, there’s no risk for trying this cover.
  • The material is soft.
  • It may stain — it isn’t wipeable, just washable.

5. Summer Infant Ultra Plush Changing Pad Cover

When you have a non-skid changing pad, you’ll want a cover that doesn’t envelope the whole pad. It needs to have that non-skid backing resting on the dresser or changing table you’re using it on so it won’t defeat the purpose of having non-skid protection to begin with.
Summer Infant Ultra Plush Changing Pad Cover, Sage

This cover will fit standard changing pads measuring up to 16 by 34 inches and it accepts security straps, which should make safety-minded moms happy.

The pad cover is machine washable and it will also resist stains, which is nice for moms who have been burned by poopy blowouts before. The Velboa material is soft and will keep your baby’s back warm during diaper changes. The material is lightweight enough that it will be comfortable even in hot summer weather.

This is a good choice for babies who have sensitive skin — it won’t irritate them like the scratchy fabric on some other covers.


  • This cover is a great value for the price you’ll pay for it.
  • The cover is always warm so you won’t startle a sleepy baby when you go to change her diaper.
  • The pastel is brighter and more colorful than many others are.

6. DaffaDoot Luxurious Waterproof Changing Pad Liner

If you want to avoid stains on your changing pad at all costs, you’ll want to invest in a good changing pad liner. They’ll keep the water and diarrhea off of your changing pad by creating a protective barrier over it. That will help preserve the lifespan of your changing pad.
DaffaDoot Luxurious Changing Pad Liner, WaterProof, Plush, Hypoallergenic,...

This ultra soft liner will give your baby even more cushioning than a changing pad alone will. It’s made out of 100 percent polyester microfleece.

Because it’s made out of microfleece, it’s a hypoallergenic choice, which is nice for moms who have allergic tendencies in their family. You’ll avoid the formaldehyde resin that cotton and polyester can contain.

The liner contains an absorbent layer that will suck up the fluid and protect the surface you’re working on.

This liner is one of the biggest you can find at 20 by 30 inches, so it works well even for toddlers.


  • The microfleece won’t pill, meaning it will stay as smooth at the day you bought it.
  • It’s machine washable and you can put it in the dryer.
  • Absorbent, but it also has a waterproof layer.

7. Swaddlez Non-Slip Changing Pad Liners

If you have trouble with liners that have turned into slip and slides the second your baby peed on them, you need one that will stay in place no matter how much water gets thrown at it. You don’t need it to be any harder holding onto a wet, wiggly baby.
Changing Pad Liners [3 Pack] - Waterproof Changing Pads Liners - EXTRA LARGE 27'...

You’ll get three liners in this pack, which means you’ll always have a clean one on hand when you need it. They are made out of bamboo viscose fabric and are lead, BPA and phthalate free.

The bottom layer is waterproof, which protects whatever surface you’re using it on, whether it’s a friend’s couch or your own changing pad. The top bamboo layer absorbs the fluid with no problems to keep liquid from pooling around your baby.

To help your baby avoid irritated skin, this brand doesn’t bleach or dye the fabric they use.

When they are soiled, you can toss these liners in the washer and dryer.


  • These liners come with a lifetime warranty.
  • They’ll help you make sure your baby won’t go anywhere during a diaper change.
  • They are compact when folded, making them a great option for travel.

8. Sunshine Disposable Changing Pad Liners

When you want liners on the go that you won’t have to clean up when you’re done, you’ll want to look at disposables. These are great for moms who are traveling, or for moms who don’t relish the idea of carrying around a soiled liner with them all day in their diaper bag.
Plastic Flip Top Container with Disposable, White, Multi Use Changing Table...

These 75 disposable changing table liners come in a plastic flip-top holder, which means they won’t be scattered everywhere. The liners are 13 by 19 inches and are made of 2-ply paper and polyester backing.

Because the flip-top container is clear, you’ll never have to guess when the container is getting low on liners — you’ll be able to see with one quick look.

Because these changing pad liners are plain white, you’ll never have to worry about whether they work for boys or girls — they’ll work for either gender.


  • You’ll never have to clean a dirty liner, you’ll just throw them away.
  • The handy carrying case means they’ll stay neat and clean until you need them.
  • You can take them anywhere you need to go.

9. Bubbawarez Changing Pad Liners

When you don’t want to throw money down the drain, you might want to consider buying reusable changing pad liners. You won’t have to throw these liners out after one use like you will with disposables. These types of liners are great for moms who are watching their wallets closely.
Premium Changing Pad Liners | Waterproof Antibacterial & Hypoallergenic |...

These changing pad liners are absorbent with a waterproof backing so they’ll protect the surface you’re using them on from poopy diapers and pee. You’ll get three in a pack so, as long as you keep up on laundry, you’ll never be without one. To clean them, you just have to toss them in the washing machine and they are fine to put in the dryer.

They are hypoallergenic so they won’t cause your baby to break out in a rash when she uses them. Plus, they’ll feel soft and warm for your baby.


  • They have a quilted design, which helps trap air and make them fluffier.
  • They are non-toxic and antibacterial.
  • Considering you get three in a pack, they are very affordable.

My Favorite Is…

As a mom of two kids who have struggled with sensitive skin, my favorite product off this list is Burt’s Bees Baby organic knit terry changing pad cover. I love that it is hypoallergenic so it’ll protect kids from developing rashes from the time they spend on their changing pads.

As a health-minded mom, I also appreciate that the fabric hasn’t been treated with synthetic pesticides. I love that they retain their softness wash after wash.

Whichever product you choose, I hope you take a few moments out of each busy day to treasure your baby and all those quiet, snuggly moments.

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