How to Find the Best Changing Tables to Make Diaper Changes Stink A Little Less (2018 Reviews)

Are you overwhelmed researching all of the gear that you will need for your new baby?

I’ve been there, it seems like you’re buying one thing after the next. You might be wondering, “do I even really need a changing table?”

The harsh reality is that, from the time you bring home a newborn until your child learns how to use the potty, you’re going to be changing a lot of diapers.

Changing tables are designed to make this process stink just a little less. They will become your changing battle station, with everything you need to conquer diaper duty conveniently stored at an arms length away.

In this guide we will break down exactly what you should think about before purchasing and which we think are the best changing tables that money can buy currently on the market.

Our Top 5 Picks
ProductBest ForOur Rating
1. Graco Changing TableCloth Diapers4.8
2. Graco LaurenValue for Money4.7
3. Badger BasketSmall Spaces4.5
4. DaVinci Jenny LindTall Parents4.3
5. DaVinci Autumn 4Dresser Combo4.25
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How Much Space Do I Need for a Changing Table?

The first thing that you should do when choosing a changing table is to be realistic about how much room you have to work with in your home.

Consider whether the baby will have their own room or will be sharing a room with you. And if they do share with you, for how long? The initial setup is likely to only be temporary and you should be expecting some changes to occur after a few months. (source)

Therefore, it is important to think about all of the baby furniture and where it will go. It’s a good idea to establish a clear map of your babies room before you start adding everything to your Amazon cart. That way you won’t suddenly end up with more stuff than you have space for.

And if you are already short on space, your best bet will probably be be a combination dresser and changing table. This will allow you to remove the changing table portion as your child grows, so you can use the same piece of furniture for years to come.


What Should I Store In My Changing Station?

You definitely don’t want to be in the middle of changing a huge blown-out diaper and run out of baby wipes! You’ll want to find a changing table that you can use to store all of your diaper-changing supplies.

What would you need to store in your changing table to have accessible while changing diapers?

Some of the most obvious things would be diapers, wipes and cream.

But what you may not have considered is keeping some:

  • Hair ties to keep your hair from getting in the way
  • Hand sanitizer for before and after you are finished changing
  • Distractions for your baby like toys or something to chew or suck on (source)

Changing tables need to do much more than just provide an elevated surface for changing your baby’s diapers. Make sure you figure out how much usable storage they provide when making your selection.

Special Considerations When Choosing a Changing Table

Take some time to think about the practicalities of different changing table options. Did you know that they don’t all come in one standard height? There are some that will be better suited for taller parents.

There is even baby furniture that is specially designed for caregivers who rely on a wheelchair or other types of physical limitations.

Even if you don’t require any special accommodations, you’ll still be spending quite a bit of time leaning over the changing table. Be sure to consider your own comfort when picking one out for your home.

Will It Match The Decor?

While not the biggest issue, you still want a changing table that looks nice and matches the decor of your nursery.

Whether you’re shopping online, in a store, or even at garage sales, you can look for matching styles and colors. Or, you can also choose one item of furniture that is a little different, to add some variety to the nursery.

A light-colored, modern changing table might add some character to a nursery filled with more traditional, dark wooden furniture.

If it’s your first child, you might want to consider choosing something that is more gender neutral. It will save you the embarrassment of having a bright pink table in your baby boy’s nursery room a few years down the road.


What Should My Changing Table Be Made From?

As with anything else, you pretty much get what you pay for. In shopping for children’s furniture, you have to decide whether to spend more for higher quality items or to settle for one of the cheaper options.

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding how much to spend on a changing table is whether you plan on having additional children.

A cheaper table should last through one child, especially if it’s just a changing station and not also being used as a dresser. However, if you want to reuse a changing table for multiple children, you’re probably better off going with a higher-quality one that will be more durable.

The cost of a changing table will often depend on whether it is made out of real wood or particle board. While particle board may look nice at first, it will not stand the test of time. The laminate or veneer may peel away and the bottoms of drawers can actually fall out (source).

If you’re looking for a changing table to use for an extended period of time (either with siblings or one to grow with the child), then you’re probably better off investing in a higher-quality changing table.

Important Safety Features for Changing Tables

Safety is obviously a massive consideration when it comes to your precious baby.

Things you will want to keep in mind:

  • Are there sharp corners that kids can run into?
  • Is there a safety belt on either the changing pad or the actual table?
  • Is anything that would be in reach of the baby that could cause them harm?
  • Does the changing table comes with a kit to secure it to the wall?

Furniture can tip and fall on children. In the United States, forty children visit emergency rooms every day after being injured by heavy furniture falling on them (source).

How Many Changing Tables Do You Need?

Will you be changing diapers for one or two children?

Maybe you have siblings who are close in age or you could be having twins.

Either way, you can only change one diaper at a time, so multiple changing tables are probably unnecessary. But they might provide some convenience if you live in a large house and you don’t want to run upstairs to the nursery every time that your baby needs a diaper change.

If you are changing diapers for more than one child, you should probably focus on finding a changing table with a good amount of storage. This is especially true if you will need to keep it stocked with diapers in more than one size.

The Best Changing Table of 2018

Now that you know about the benefits of using a changing table, some of the safety precautions you should be aware of, and exactly what to look for —

Here are our top 5 picks in 2018:

1. Graco Changing Table

Best for Cloth Diapers

More and more parents are opting to go with the environmentally friendly and cost-effective option of cloth diapers. If you’re planning on going with cloth over disposable diapers, then there are some special considerations you should make when choosing a changing table. Using cloth diapers requires a few extra supplies, which is why our top pick is the:
Graco Changing Table, Pebble Gray, Nursery Changing Table for Infants or Babies,...

The Graco Changing Table is a great option for parents who use cloth diapers for their children. It has an open, two shelf design which provides plenty of flexibility for storing all of the supplies necessary for cloth diapering. You can use baskets to hold diapers, liners, wipes, and creams. And they are tall enough for you to fit a small pail for holding the used diapers.

This changing table has a simple, but quality appearance. The pebble-gray color is versatile enough to work in most nurseries. It even comes with a waterproof changing pad, with a safety belt.

One of the features that makes this changing table perfect for cloth diapering is the high sides around the changing area. This feature, along with the safety belt on the changing pad, should provide parents with some peace of mind while they mess around with the cleaning dirty diapers.


  • Two tall open shelves for storing supplies.
  • It is very sturdy and well built.

2. Graco Lauren Changing Table

Some parents may say that a changing table is completely unnecessary baby gear, but having everything that you need in one convenient location can make the unpleasant task of changing diapers a little more bearable.What are your options if you don’t want to spend too much on a changing table?
Graco Lauren Changing Table, White Changing Table with Changing Pad and Safety...

The Graco Lauren Changing Table provides a changing surface and two open shelves for storing supplies. It has a clean, basic design, with white painted wood.

There is a safety bar surrounding the entire changing surface. It’s also a decent height, so most parents won’t have to bend over too much to change their baby’s diapers.

This Graco table comes with a one-inch changing pad with a safety strap to keep your squirmy baby in place during diaper changes. Unlike other tables, this one comes with wheels, so it can be easily moved throughout your home. Two of the wheels can be locked, so the table doesn’t move during use.

This changing table is especially affordable because it can be used as a different type of furniture after your child outgrows it. For example, you can repurpose it as a bookshelf or a coffee cart.


  • Parents found it easy to assemble.
  • Versatile design can be re-purposed once you are done changing diapers.
  • Very affordable price.

3. Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table

Some babies don’t come home to a large room all to themselves. For families who live in apartments or have other issues with space, it can be hard to find room for a changing table. If this is your situation, you should know that there are options besides leaning over a bed or getting down on the ground to change a dirty diaper.
Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table, White

The Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table is an innovative solution for the issue of how to fit a changing table into small spaces. It is designed to fit in the corner of your baby’s nursery.

You change diapers with the baby’s feet facing towards you, with shelving on either side of the baby. It comes in a white, natural, or cherry, so you can easily coordinate this changing table with the other furniture in your baby’s nursery.

In addition to the shelving on the side of the changing area, there are two levels of open storage. This changing table provides quite a bit of space for keeping diapers, wipes, and everything else you could possibly need for changing your baby.

It comes with a contoured changing pad, with a terrycloth cover, and a safety belt. The changing pad actually screws to the table, so it doesn’t slide around.


  • Parents love the shelving on either side of the baby, both for convenient access to supplies and an added sense of safety.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Takes up minimal space in the corner of the nursery.

4. DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table

Babies go through a lot of diapers. You probably don’t even want to start adding up the hours that you’ll spend changing diapers as a parent. For those parents who are taller than average, leaning over their baby to change diapers can come to feel like a back-breaking chore.
DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table, White

The DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table stands a full forty inches in height. This is one of the taller changing tables available, providing lower back relief for many parents who would otherwise be bending over to tend to dirty diapers.

This changing table comes in a clean, white color and a classic or vintage design with spindles. It includes a changing pad, with safety strap. There are two large, open shelves for storing all of your diaper-changing supplies.

The shelves are sturdy with reinforcement braces underneath each level. You can use a variety of different sized canvas bins on the shelves to organize diaper-changing supplies.

While this table is sturdy, it is also lightweight, so it can be easily moved to different locations in the nursery. There are bars on the top which enclose the changing area on all four sides, for extra safety. The changing table is made out of cherry wood.


  • No assembly required.
  • Includes an anti-tip kit for securing the changing table.
  • One of the taller changing tables available.

5. DaVinci Autumn 4 Drawer Dresser

Although it may seem like you’re dealing with diapers forever, your child is really only wearing them for the first couple of years of their life. A changing table will not be very useful once your child graduates to using the potty. That’s one reason why purchasing a combination changing table and dresser might be a better option.
DaVinci Autumn 4-Drawer Dresser, KD, in Slate

The DaVinci Autumn 4 Drawer Dresser provides a versatile way for parents to combine two pieces of furniture into one. This dresser and changing table combo features a changing tray that helps keep babies in place during diaper changes.

The changing tray is removable, so this item can simply be used as a dresser once your child gets older. Also, since the changing tray attaches to the back of the dresser, it will not leave any visible marks on the top area once it is removed.

You can purchase this combination dresser and changing table in either slate, espresso, or white. There are two smaller drawers on the top, which can be used for diaper-changing supplies. The dresser also features two full-width drawers below the top ones. There are metal drawer glides.

Parents who like the look of this item can purchase a matching crib, full dresser, and/or bookcase.


  • Great safety features, including an anti-tip kit and a stop mechanism on the drawers.
  • Most parents found it to be very sturdy.
  • Unique and appealing appearance.

Our Favorite Is…

Overall, our favorite changing table is the Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table. It’s so unique! We love how it uses corner space while providing a ton of storage. And some of that shelf space is conveniently at at the same level as the changing area.

Having said that, taking some time to research and consider which option will be the best for you, is sure to make your life that much easier. There are plenty of choices, so why shouldn’t you find the one changing table that will make this part of child care stink just a little less?

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