Best Kids Karaoke Machines of 2020

Singing boosts your child's self esteem & sense of rhythm.

What’s the number one sleepover activity? Karaoke of course. It’s all about singing along to a song of your choice.

You also have to be able to think on the spot as you’re singing and reading, which can be a fantastic challenge for children.

Furthermore, evidence proves that singing is good for the brain. We’re here to discuss that and more. But before you get to enjoy the fun, you have to find the right machine.

Don’t worry — we’ve reviewed all of the best karaoke machines for kids, to help you find the perfect model for your family.

Our Top Picks

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How Can Singing Benefit My Child?

Physical Benefits

Singing can improve the cardiovascular system and increase the oxygenation of the blood. This can lead to an increase in alertness and less chance of illness.

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Social Benefits

Singing is another way for children to express themselves, and their emotions, no matter the language. It can also help children, and families, to bond.

It can make your child feel better and happier as it’s known for releasing endorphins and dopamine — a “feel good” hormone (1).

Lingual Benefits

Another area where your child can benefit is in their language skills. When singing, the auditory network is stimulated, enabling your child to process sounds, thus being able to replicate them later (2).

Features of the Best Karaoke Machines

There’s more to karaoke than just singing. Do you need several microphones? Video effects? Are you looking for a built-in screen or the ability to connect to a TV?

You might want to consider your child’s age and the type of songs that would be best. Some machines also have the option to connect to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth, which means streaming could be available, creating endless possibilities.

Let’s look at some of the features karaoke machines provide.

Production Options

A feature your child might love is video recording. This would let them see themselves in action on the screen, taking their karaoke game to the next level. Some machines that have built-in screens will also have a camera to record all the fun.

Another fun feature for children is audio recording. Many karaoke machines will allow your child to record their personalized tunes.

Some are also capable of connecting to a computer or other device, where you can edit and save the recording. This would be fun to share with friends and family.

Sound Settings

Karaoke is known for putting the singer’s voice to the test, but not everyone in the family will sound like Adele. Being able to enhance the sound with the help of a few settings could improve the overall experience, and increase your child’s confidence in the process.

Some machines will allow you to adjust the following elements:

  • Echo: Can add depth to the sound.
  • Bass: Enhances the lower tones.
  • Tempo: Controls the speed of the song.


The more the merrier! Your child might enjoy rocking up to a slumber party with their machine in tow, making portability a good thing to consider. A portable karaoke machine requires a few things:

  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Lighter weight.
  • A compact size.

There are karaoke machines available that are compact and easy to transport for this reason. A newer model that could work great for this is the karaoke microphone with built-in speakers, but you can read more about this in our “top nine,” below.


A variety of accessories and extras can make it difficult to use for younger children. If they have to press several buttons to access their favorite song, they might not be interested for long.

Depending on your child, and if they’ll be using it independently, you’ll want to consider what features the machine offers. Try to keep it basic if your child is young.

Older children might enjoy more advanced settings, such as extra microphones for when friends are over, or maybe even wireless mics for more freedom to dance.

Also, try to think about the size and strength of the speaker. Young children may not need a machine to be that loud, but older kids will surely enjoy more volume (3). Just remember not to have the machine too loud to protect your child’s hearing.

LED lights are always a winner. Most machines for children will have lights; however, some will even flash, dim, or change to the beat.

Screen Size

Your child might not be the best reader yet, so they may benefit from a big, clear screen and simple songs. Some machines will have slightly better screen quality than others, which depends heavily on the price range.

Many machines will have to be connected to your home TV as they don’t include a screen on the actual device. If you have a good quality TV unit and the right connections, you’re ready to go.

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Some machines on the market will be compatible with a TV via Bluetooth, RCA cable or USB. If there’s a CD+G player, the lyrics and graphics will be displayed on the TV or the built-in screen.

The machines with Bluetooth can also be connected to a smartphone, tablet or iPad. They might even have an app with more karaoke songs, or you can find your own on YouTube.

The Best Kids Karaoke Machines of 2020

As you can see, there are quite a few things to consider before buying a kids karaoke machine. Hopefully, by now you’ll have a better idea of what to look for. To help you a little further, here are our favorites.

1. BONAOK 4 in 1 Portable Handheld Karaoke Machine

Best Karaoke Microphone

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone with Controllable LED Lights,...
Check Price

If you want a karaoke machine that’s truly compact and lightweight, something like this four-in-one mic could be worth a look.

It looks somewhat like a regular microphone, however, it’s got built-in speakers, LED lights and more. Basically, everything you need for some karaoke fun is placed right in your child’s hand.

Your child can also record their songs and connect to a computer or other device to save or share those songs.

The LED lights will flash along to the rhythm, and become brighter as the sound gets louder. That could encourage a little voice to find its strength!

It also has a multi-protect lithium battery, which should give you plenty of hours of singing fun. Recharge it whenever the battery runs low.

  • Portable.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Rhythmic LED lights.
  • Bluetooth connection.
  • Some parents found the Bluetooth distance to be short.
  • Even if connected to a TV the sound will only come from the mic.

2. NYC Acoustics Powered 15

Best Karaoke Speakers

NYC Acoustics Powered 15' Karaoke Machine/System 4 ipad/iphone/Android/Laptop/TV
Check Price

If you’re a karaoke-loving family, you might need something a little more professional than a toy version. With this high-end machine, you’ll get a 600-watt speaker. You might need to buy some earplugs for the neighbors, though! You can connect your phone or other device using the Bluetooth function.

If you need to take the karaoke out in the yard, the batteries are rechargeable. This should give you six to seven hours of low-key karaoke fun. You also receive four wireless microphones, plus one wired option.

The speaker case is made out of wood, which gives it a nice crisp sound. It also has 15-inch woofers and voice coils to keep the sound clean.

  • High-quality speaker and microphones.
  • Microphones have individual settings.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable batteries.
  • The lights must remain on while the machine is plugged in.

3. Little Pretender Karaoke Machine

Best for Young Singers

L P Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones and Adjustable Stand, Music Sing...
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For aspiring little pop stars, this straightforward machine is a karaoke microphone stand featuring two mics: one is attached, and the other is for the guest singer.

The stand can be adjusted, so depending on your child’s size, you can move it between 18.5 inches and 40 inches. Great for toddlers and preschoolers.

The speaker portion of the machine is lightweight and can be carried while in use, if your tot likes to move around. There’s a flip-out handle for them to grab onto.

There is a variety of sound effects and songs for your child to play with. The two pedals at the bottom allow your child to quickly switch between desired effects and songs, simply by using their foot.

  • Connects to other devices via an AUX cable for more song choices.
  • Two microphones.
  • Adjustable stand.
  • Easily portable.
  • Bright colored light effects.
  • Parents found the microphone cord to be a bit short.

4. Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System

Best Portable

Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System with LED Disco Lights, CD+G,...
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This karaoke machine features brightly colored LED lights that flash to the beat of the music. There’s a CD holder, for your child to play their favorite music.

You can also connect it to other devices, like an iPad or phone, using Bluetooth. Then your child can have even more choice of music.

Production features include record and replay. This could be great fun for children who like to replicate, or the little stars who want everyone to hear their music. There’s also an active voice control feature which allows you to separate the music and vocal tracks.

Connect the machine to your TV to display lyrics and video effects. There’s an RCA cable outlet, however, the cable is not included.

The two wired microphones might help avoid a few arguments if you have more than one child. You can also control volume as well as the echo for sound effects.

  • Has record and replay features.
  • Easy-to-read instruction manual.
  • Has AVC (active voice control) feature.
  • Echo control.
  • Bluetooth capability.
  • Cables are not included.

5. Croove Two Mic Machine

Best for Duets

Karaoke Machine for Adults and Kids with 2 Microphones, Streams Music via AUX,...
Check Price

Maybe your child is having a sleepover, or it’s family night. Having a karaoke machine for two will only double the fun.

This machine will work great for children and adults. It has a speaker base, with a few color-changing lights. The stand can be adjusted, and there’s a phone holder, so you can store your phone securely while using it for lyrics.

The stand splits into two at the top, giving you two flexible microphone holders. You can also choose to hold the mic in your hand instead. Each mic has its own volume control, as well as the ability to customize the bass and echo.

You can connect it to a screen or opt for more song options using the AUX, USB, Bluetooth, or SD card slot.

  • The stand is flexible.
  • High-quality speaker.
  • Different ways to connect for more song options.
  • Each mic has its own settings.
  • Durable materials.
  • Some parents found the stand to be a little shaky.
  • Not easily transportable.
  • No production options available.

6. iKaraoke Pedestal CD&G Karaoke System

Best Karaoke Pedestal

iKaraoke KS878-BT Bluetooth Pedestal CD&G Karaoke System, Black
Check Price

For those families who are more serious about their karaoke endeavors, it could be good to invest in something a little bigger.

This pedestal will give the singing superstar all the tools needed to win a karaoke contest. The 480-watt speakers produce a clear sound, so one shouldn’t get lost following along to the music.

There’s a 7-inch color screen and, because of the pedestal, the screen will be at a good height for children and adults to read the lyrics.

Underneath the screen, there’s a CD player for easy input. There are two USB ports, where you can sync up with your own tunes.

You can also record those extra-special performances and send them to loved ones who couldn’t make it to karaoke night.

  • Good quality screen and speakers.
  • No assembly needed.
  • Good height for children and adults.
  • Can connect to a TV.
  • Due to its size, transportation is inconvenient.

7. Karaoke USA with Screen

Best with Screen

Karaoke USA GF842 DVD/CDG/MP3G Karaoke Machine with 7' TFT Color Screen, Record,...
Check Price

If you want a professional karaoke machine, this might suit you. The machine comes with two large, wired microphones. Your child can record songs and instantly replay them, and even create a little remix.

The screen is a 7-inch TFT digital color screen. If you find it hard to read, place the machine on a stool to add a little height. There’s also a solid amplifier for an extra boost in sound.

The LED lights will add a little pizazz to karaoke night, as they flash to the beat. The remote control makes it easier to operate from afar, meaning you don’t have to get up to press a button every two minutes.

There’s a phone holder at the top of the machine. You can also plug in your phone, iPad or tablet, for more song options.

  • Remote control.
  • Phone holder.
  • Built-in amplifier.
  • No Bluetooth connection available.

8. KiddoLab Penguin Karaoke Buddy

Best Karaoke Toy

Check Price

The youngest member of the family might not be able to read lyrics off a screen just yet. But I’m sure they’ll still want to join in for the singing action.

This karaoke penguin has a little microphone for your tot to sing along. It will also play songs that are easy to remember, and maybe even some your child already knows. A few fun animal sounds are included to play around with.

There are only three buttons your tot needs to become familiar with: play, pause, and skip. The penguin buddy also has an applause button, so if mommy isn’t around to give a hand, the penguin can offer some praise.

To help keep your toddler’s attention, this toy will be flashing colorful LED lights to the music.

  • BPA-free material.
  • Simple fun features.
  • Easy for a toddler to use.
  • Bright lights.
  • Some moms found the microphone wire to be a bit short.

9. Singing Machine Karaoke Player

Best Compact Karaoke Machine

Singing Machine SML-283P CDG Karaoke Player
Check Price

A compact, easily portable karaoke machine is great for whenever your child is going to a friend’s house, or maybe on vacation. The singing machine has a practical size and a handle, so it’s easy for small hands to hold.

You can play CD+Gs and connect it to a TV to display lyrics and video. It has a fun little LED display to help set the music mood. There are also two microphones, so there’s the possibility for more than one singer at a time.

The microphones each have their own controls of volume, echo, and balance. To help the family member who is feeling a bit discouraged or shy, there’s also an auto voice control. With a little help, they might sound better than expected.

  • Auto voice control.
  • Small and compact size.
  • Individual settings for the microphones.
  • Parents thought the speakers could be better quality.
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That’s a Wrap!

Karaoke is a family-favorite activity. It can help encourage your child to use their voice and maybe even make it stronger. When buying a machine, try to look for a nice balance between quality and risk of breakage.

Our top pick as the best kids karaoke machine is the 4-in-1 Microphone. It’s small, light and powerful, and it works well for any member of the family, big or small.

Does your family have a karaoke tradition? Do any of the machines on our list catch your eye? Share your thoughts and comments down below.

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