Best Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents of 2020

Get the help you need with the right baby monitor.
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You probably already know that having a baby is a huge step, right? Yet for deaf parents, babies come with extra complications to consider.

A baby monitor is a common item that most parents check off their list before their little one’s arrival. For those that are hard of hearing or deaf, it’s important to ensure that a monitor suits your needs, as well as your baby’s needs.

Below we’ll discuss the finer points of what makes a good baby monitor for a parent who is deaf. We’ll also give you the ins and outs of our top five picks for monitors on the market right now.

Our Top Picks

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Do I Even Need a Baby Monitor?

There’s no hard and fast parenting rule that says you must have a baby monitor. If you live in a small home, your baby is probably rarely out of your sight anyway.

For most parents, a baby monitor simply adds a bit more peace of mind. Plus, it keeps them from running to the nursery every five minutes while the baby is napping. It’s a convenience that most parents prefer, but whether you get one is up to you.

What Monitors Are Suitable for Deaf Parents?

In America, there are roughly 10 million people that identify as hard of hearing and one million identified as deaf (1).

As one of those 11 million, you’re likely seeking a baby monitor that doesn’t rely on audio alarms. You need other functions to notify you when the baby is crying or needs your attention.

In recent years, the industry has moved past simple audio-only contraptions, offering a better range of monitors than ever before. The three features that will be most important to you are video, vibration, and lights.

  • Video: A small camera is placed in the baby’s room, either on a flat surface or mounted to the wall, overlooking the crib. The video feed is streamed to the receiver, which is usually portable and can come with a night vision mode.
  • Light indicator: This feature will be activated when the baby is crying or making any sound.
  • Vibration indicator: Similar to the light-up indicator, the alert will vibrate, similar to a cell phone. A great option for those busy days when you can’t check for a visual alert all the time.

Other Features to Consider

While the alert method is crucial, there are other features to think about. Plenty of monitors come with bonus features that may be the deciding factor when you’re narrowing down your choices.

  • Rechargeable batteries are a great addition! This ensures you’re never without power, so no emergency trip to the store for batteries. If you’re a traveling parent, this could be a lifesaver.
  • Wireless network features may be a boon if you want to be able to view your baby on your smartphone or computer.
  • Don’t forget about special functions, like the ability to play a lullaby. Some video monitors will also have a night vision mode, giving you a good view in a darkened room.
  • Other features include monitoring the temperature in the baby’s room. Plus, you have to consider the range of the unit and the longevity of the battery.

Consider the bells and whistles carefully. There’s no need to pay extra for a feature that you won’t get any use from. Stick with what you need.

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The Best Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents of 2020

Baby monitors don’t have to be complicated. When you know what to look for, you ensure you get just the right device to help watch over your little one at home.

Now that we’ve laid out your pre-purchase considerations, let’s look at our top five choices. We hope there’s something on this list to suit you:

1. Motorola Video Baby Monitor

Best All Around

Motorola Video Baby Monitor - 2 Wide Angle HD Cameras with Infrared Night Vision...
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This baby monitor comes with two cameras for full coverage, so you can see your baby no matter where they’re relaxing in their crib. When they’re a bit older, the two cameras can help give you a bird’s eye view of the whole room when they’re left alone to play. You can even adjust the viewing angle of both cameras via the parent unit, so you never have to disturb your baby’s sleep.

As for the viewing unit, it has a real-time video with a five-inch LCD color screen. This high quality and large image work great during the day or the night, when infrared vision gives you a clear image.

Even if your baby makes the tiniest of noises, the high-sensitivity microphones will pick up on them and alert you as soon as possible.

  • Clear and large screen.
  • Cameras can be tilted and moved from the parent unit.
  • Room temperature monitoring.
  • Infrared vision.
  • Microphone won’t pick up baby noises if there is a sound machine on.
  • Poor battery life.

2. Philont Digital Baby Monitor

Best for Viewing

Video Baby Monitor Philont Baby Safety Monitor Indoor Security Camera with 3.5'...
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This monitor offers something most don’t, which is the option to add up to three additional cameras in your baby’s room, sold separately by the manufacturer. For those that want access to various angles, this would be your pick.

There’s a light indicator for gauging the noise being made in the bedroom, however, there’s no vibration feature. Two-way audio communication is available so calming your baby from afar won’t be a concern.

The encrypted digital video signal is displayed on a 3.5-inch screen with a high-res display. It has a useful battery-saving mode to help conserve power, causing the screen to darken unless crying is detected. When this mode is in use, the battery life on the monitor will last from 8-12 hours.

The special features include a temperature sensor, allowing you to monitor the air in the nursery. It also has night vision for monitoring without waking your baby.

Preprogrammed lullabies are included, so your little one might start showing some genre preferences early on! In an open space, the range is up to 900 feet.

  • Light alerts.
  • Ability to add cameras for additional viewing.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Lullaby and night vision features.
  • No vibration alert option.

3. VTech DM221 Vibrating Baby Monitor

Best for Convenience

VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor with up to 1,000 ft of Range, Vibrating...
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This VTech model has a graphic sound indicator that can show up to five different levels of sound. It makes it easy for a hearing-impaired parent to visually monitor the sound in the baby’s room. One parent unit and one nursery unit are included.

On the parent unit is a vibration alert, so if you’re taking advantage of the hands-free belt clip, you won’t miss the notification. The range is substantial (1000 feet outdoors, 160 feet indoors), providing flexibility for moving about with your unit while baby is asleep.

On the nursery unit, the top loop doubles as a nightlight, to help soothe the baby, while parents can also speak to the baby through their unit.

Last but not least, you have three languages to choose from on the digital display — English, French, and Spanish.

  • Nursery unit doubles as a nightlight for soothing.
  • Belt clip included.
  • Alerting system includes lights and vibrations.
  • Substantial range.
  • Many parents have praised the customer service.
  • No video.
  • Some parents complained of connectivity issues.

4. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

Best for Tech

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount Gen 1 (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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For those parents that like their gadgets high-tech, the Nanit was made just for you. With all the special features, you might end up geeking out.

The set-up is easy for this specialized device, which contains a camera built into the included wall mount. There aren’t any exposed cords, so it’s safe. On the wall mount is a gentle night light with an option for dimming, which can be turned on and off via the Nanit app.

The HD video and audio stream directly to your mobile device, offering routine checks with ease. Temperature and humidity sensors help ensure your babe is cozy and you have the option to zoom in and out for better viewing.

Aside from these features, the app is full of data, including sleep tracking and more. On top of this, parents can snap pics and videos to send directly to loved ones. The features of this monitor just don’t end.

  • Easy to set up, thoughtful packaging.
  • Data collection.
  • Excellent video quality.
  • An app with unique features.
  • Temperature gauge.
  • Nightlight can be switched on/off remotely.
  • The camera can only be adjusted by hand.
  • Some of the features are only available with a monthly subscription.

5. SereneLife Monitor With Smart Watch

Best SmartWatch

Wireless Baby Camera Monitor System - Long Range Two Way Audio Cam Baby Monitor...
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The SereneLife smart watch monitor makes it much easier to carry your baby monitor with you around the house. No more chunky monitors in your back pocket. This smartwatch means you can see your baby from the little screen on your wrist. The 1.54 inch screen shows the camera, voice messaging, time, date and alarm clock, so you can use it for other things throughout the day.

This is good for deaf parents for two reasons. First, it has a video screen. Although it’s smaller than traditional monitors, it’s a super handy feature. It even has night vision so you can see what your baby is doing during the night. Plus, you can adjust the camera viewing angle.

Secondly, it has a vibration option. Turn on VOX mode and toggle on the vibration setting. When the monitor detects a noise, you’ll get a vibration alert and you can see your baby.

  • Video screen.
  • Vibration alerts.
  • Talk back communication.
  • Room temperature monitoring.
  • Short battery life.
  • Vibration wasn’t strong enough to wake up some people during the night.
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Wrapping Up

Raising a baby while hearing-impaired comes with its own set of unique challenges. That’s why you need all the help you can get from your baby monitor. Hopefully, these reviews will help you find your perfect unit.

Our personal favorite is the Motorola Video Baby Monitor. It has a great light-up function and can clip to the belt for easy, hands-free roaming around the house. Plus, it has two receivers, allowing you to share the baby-monitoring load.

What feature is most important to you? Have you found the ideal baby monitor for your needs? Tell us in the comments below! If you know a hearing-impaired mom or dad who could use this information, please share!

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