The Best Pregnancy Journals to Treasure Your Trimester Moments

Are you trying to remember every special moment of your pregnancy, but you’re afraid you’re going to forget?

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey filled with many highlights, so it’s easy to forget some of those sentimental moments.

Using a pregnancy journal can help you capture and hold onto all of your meaningful memories. Not only can you look back, but one day your precious baby can enjoy them as well.


    Why Buy A Pregnancy Journal?

    We tend to get lost in big moments in our lives and we can never quite re-live the feeling of the first time. All of the immediate emotions we feel eventually lose some of their spark in our memory — ultimately memories do fade.

    A pregnancy journal is a great asset to your pregnancy because you can physically document your memories and feelings as they happen.

    What Should You Write?

    Imagine being able to look back on those first moments and feelings you had when you broke your pregnancy news, picked your baby’s name, or documented the changes in your body (source).

    Your pregnancy journal gives you a safe place to be honest and open. Our minds can remember certain things, but the details are what make memories great. A pregnancy journal allows you to document even the smallest details to enhance your memories.

    In addition to all of the pregnancy-related memories, you’ll also be able to document a glimpse of your pre-mom life. This can be beneficial for you after birth because many new moms tend to feel like they have lost their pre-parent self.

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    How to Choose a Journal

    There are many different pregnancy journals to choose from, so it can be hard to find the perfect one. The journals all have the same purpose, but some have more to offer.

    Here are some things to consider before buying one:

    • Length: If you plan on writing a lot, you need to purchase one with enough space. You may prefer one that has space to document something from each day, or something from each week.
    • Tips: Some journals include pregnancy tips or insight into the point you’re at in your pregnancy. If you’re looking to get a little more out of a journal, then this is a great option.
    • Questionnaires: There are journals that have breakdowns at the beginning of each month that let you fill in a quick questionnaire. These monthly questions allow you to quickly look back on each stage of your pregnancy.
    • Design: The design is another big selling point. It should be sturdy enough to hold up as a keepsake and you should like the way your journal looks. There are many different journals varying in size, color, binding, and even shape.

    Do I Need More Than One?

    You should be able to purchase one pregnancy journal and have it last throughout your pregnancy. It’s important you think about what you want out of your journal before you make a purchase so you don’t feel the need to buy a second one for features you overlooked the first time.

    The Best Pregnancy Journals of 2019

    It might feel like some moments in your pregnancy are truly unforgettable, but after some time, you will forget. The right journal can not only help you document all these awesome experiences as they happen, but also give you something fun to do as you count down to the big day.

    1. 40ish Weeks: A Pregnancy Journal

    Cute and Creative

    This journal is perfect for quirky moms wanting to put a little fun into their pregnancy.

    The colorful pages allow mom to document memories right from her first reaction to finding out she was pregnant, to the conclusion of those first moments after birth.

    There are included prompts to help you kickstart your thinking, and they cover everything like maternity clothes, morning sickness, and baby nicknames.

    2. Expecting You — A Keepsake Journal

    Simple and Elegant

    This journal is a perfect pregnancy keepsake because it guides you through your journey and gives you the space to write down important milestones and memories.

    There are provided suggestions that make it easier for you to quickly decide what to write about.

    If you’re looking for a simple way to record your pregnancy, this journal is great. You’ll cherish the details held within these pages and one day have the opportunity to look back and reminisce or share with your baby.

    3. My 9 Month Pregnancy Journal and Scrapbook

    Add Your Own Touch

    This scrapbook-style journal is great for a creative mother looking for a little extra in a traditional journal.

    The colorful pages, photo inserts, and stickers allow you to put your own creative touch on this journal and make it a little more unique.

    This hardcover book is built to last forever and the memories will be safely kept inside. You’re in complete control with just how much you’re willing to share.

    4. The Belly Book - 9 Month Journal

    Follows You Step by Step

    If you’re someone who loves precision and organization, then you’ll love this journal.

    The Belly Book is nicely broken down into each trimester. Under each trimester you have a week-by-week guide of your baby’s growth and guided questions for you to answer.

    All your special memories will be neatly collected and displayed in this book in an organized and quick-to-read fashion.

    5. When We Became Three Memory Book

    Memories for Mom and Dad

    Even the most laid back individuals need a book to keep their memories. If you like the freedom of choosing when to write in a journal and not feeling the pressure of writing something each week, then this journal is for you.

    You can jot down your memories at your own pace and keep them nicely recorded in this special book, with a focus on your relationship with your significant other.

    There are many pages for you to turn all your favorite memories into words so you can look back on them in the future.

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    6. A Mom-To-Be Pregnancy Journal

    Cute and Simple Keepsake

    This spiral bound journal offers you a fun space to document all your favorite pregnancy moments.

    The pages are simple yet versatile, and allow you to easily fill in all necessary information.

    A mom looking to document her pregnancy in a fun, yet simple manner would enjoy this journal. There are even spaces to personalize the book further and include your own photos.

    7. The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal

    Interactive Journalling

    If you’re hoping to have as many features as possible, this journal is for you. The Ultimate Journal includes 100 pages full of guided questions and places to write, colorful photo frames to incorporate your personal photos, and three sheets of milestone stickers.

    One of the bonuses to this journal is that it also includes a keepsake pouch for you to safely secure all your little mementos like a hospital bracelet or your baby’s first hat.

    8. From Pea to Pumpkin: A Pregnancy Journal

    A Fruity Alternative

    This journal incorporates a fun outlook regarding your pregnancy by comparing your little one to a fruit or vegetable every week of growth.

    There are many pages for you to jot down your favorite memories and easy fill-in prompts to kickstart and enhance your own thinking process.

    A ribbon placeholder is also incorporated into the journal so you never have trouble finding your place.

    A special bonus is added spots for ultrasounds and photos. You can keep all your treasured pregnancy memories in one place.

    9. The Nine Pregnancy Countdown Journal

    Modern and Minimalist

    If you already seem really busy and want to keep memories, but feel like you don’t have enough time — this journal may be for you.

    The sections of this journal are broken down by month and each month includes smart prompts to help you quickly and fully answer questions.

    There are spaces to write about the first time you felt your baby move, to spaces dedicated specifically for venting.

    This journal is a great way to record memories from all nine months of your pregnancy without struggling to find time to do so.

    10. Week By Week Pregnancy Journal

    Read and Reflect

    If recording memories each month seems like too long, this journal allows you space to record memories each day.

    If you like the idea of a journal that gives you useful information about your growing baby — this option is good for you.

    Read through the five minute summaries of where your baby is in their development and reflect your own experiences, day by day.

    Our Top Pick

    Our top pick is the 40ish Weeks pregnancy journal. This journal is quirky and fun and allows you to document your pregnancy in a stress-free way.

    The fun factor associated with this journal can make even the toughest pregnancy struggles seem a little more worthwhile. This journal may provide you with the perfect pick-me-up, and a safe place to keep your precious memories.

    There are many pregnancy journals to choose from, so making your decision can be difficult.

    What are your favorite features of a pregnancy journal? Let us know in the comments section below.

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