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14 Best Pregnancy Subscription Boxes of 2024

Pregnancy subscription boxes are the perfect way to pamper a mother-to-be!

If you’re an expecting mother, receiving a pregnancy subscription box can be a wonderful relief. They help to ensure you have everything you need as your plus one is about to arrive.

But every subscription service is unique in what they offer and their wide range of prices.

We’ve examined every pregnancy subscription service we could find, comparing the products, prices, pros, and cons. We’ll review each of our top picks so you can narrow down your selection and choose the best pregnancy subscription box for you or the mama-to-be (or dad-to-be) in your life.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Bump Boxes
Best All-in-One
Bump Boxes
  • Different payment plans
  • Perfect pregnancy gift
  • 5-7 full-sized products
Product Image of the Mama Bird Box
Best for Self-Care
Mama Bird Box
  • Mostly vegan, natural products
  • Comes with a card and quote
  • Heavenly packaging
Product Image of the Perelel Health
Best for Health
Perelel Health
  • Vitamin subscription box
  • Gentle on the stomach
  • Non-GMO, fermented, vegetarian, and gluten-free
Product Image of the Le Tote Maternity
Best Fashion Pick
Le Tote Maternity
  • Fashion subscription service
  • Includes top brands like Kate Spade
  • Cute and trendy maternity clothes
Product Image of the Book of the Month
Best for Intellectual Moms
Book of the Month
  • Affordable subscription plan
  • Option to pick your fave book
  • With a free personalized gift card
Product Image of the Dollar Maxi Pad
Best for Postpartum
Dollar Maxi Pad
  • Postpartum mother’s pads
  • Budget friendly
  • Worth every penny

The Best Pregnancy Subscription Boxes of 2024

Here are some great pregnancy subscription boxes that will make the expectant mother in your life very happy.

Bump Boxes: The Perfect Pregnancy Gift Box

Best All-in-One Option

Tailored to the mother’s due date, Bump Boxes might be just the right pick for healthy and fun pregnancy products. From organic body creams to teas, this is a gift likely to impress. Best of all, you can choose from different payment plans, be it a one-off, one-month subscription, or multi-month package.

Some of the surprises from Bump Boxes that I found helpful were the MumEase Nausea relief bracelets in the first-trimester box and the Bumplife wood massager. Let me tell you, both of those work wonders!

In my first trimester, the bracelets were essential for discretely and effectively minimizing morning sickness. And the wood massager was a godsend for relieving that almost crippling muscle tension I felt.

User Experience

I recently purchased this first trimester box, and while the presentation could have been better, the contents definitely helped me through my morning sickness. The nausea bracelet and the powder for drinks provided some much-needed relief, and who doesn't enjoy a good bath bomb? My absolute favorite item, though, were the preggie pop drops, which made a significant difference in easing my nausea at work. The bump stickers were a cute addition for taking weekly photos, but the pressure band felt a bit too minty for my liking.

Universal Yums Snack Box

Best for the Foodie Mom

The experts tell us that babies exposed to a variety of tastes in utero will likely appreciate more foods as they age (1). And what better way to increase your own flavor exposures than with this fun international snack box!

Purchase a Universal Yums subscription for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months, or choose a month-to-month subscription to try it out. Plans start as low as $15 per month.

You can choose which country you’d like your box to focus on, and the package will come stuffed with a variety of unique and delicious snacks from that country. Change it up every month to expose your future foodie to tastes from all around the world. Each box also includes a fun interactive booklet with games, trivia, and some history, so you can learn more about your new favorite snacks.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased a Universal Yums subscription and have been delighted by the diverse flavors this international snack box offers. Each box is packed with unique treats from a chosen country, providing a fun and educational experience through the inclusion of an interactive booklet filled with games, trivia, and history. This snack box has not only expanded my own palate but also presents an opportunity to encourage a future foodie to appreciate tastes from around the world.

The Stork Bag

Best for Prenatal

With bags of goodies customized for every trimester, the Stork Bag is a great care package offering a range of body butters, nail polishes, cosmetics, body washes, sprays, teas, snacks, journals, and even a large, BPA-free water bottle, to ensure you stay hydrated throughout your pregnancy.

The subscription bag is on the generous side, making it a favorite among many. You’re unlikely to find these distinctive items anywhere else, including an almost magical find of ginger lip balm, which helps alleviate nausea and related symptoms.

All of the Stork Bag’s selections are sourced by women, which means the items in the basket are tried and tested to be the right fit for you.

Community Feedback

Definitely a thoughtful and convenient care package, the Stork Bag provides an array of unique and useful items tailored for each trimester of pregnancy. From body butters and cosmetics to nausea-relief ginger lip balm, I found these carefully selected products to be both high-quality and practical. The generous size of the bag and the inclusion of a large, BPA-free water bottle for hydration were added bonuses. With all items sourced by women who understand pregnancy needs, this Stork Bag felt like a personalized and supportive gift for expectant mothers.

Perelel Health

Best for Health

These vitamin subscription boxes support women’s health at all stages of the reproduction cycle. You can choose from a box with a formula of vitamins that focuses on your general health or at various stages, such as conception, each trimester, or after your baby’s birth. The subscription costs around $50 a month.

The company was founded by an OBGYN and is supported by women’s health care providers.

Each formula includes a blend of vitamins, omega fatty acids, and other nutrients targeted to your current stage, such as folate, anti-nausea ingredients, calcium, magnesium, and much more. Each box includes a packet of vitamins for each day of the month, making it easy to track your intake.

No more searching for what you need to be taking and spending hours in the drugstore looking for different supplements — Perelel will take care of it!

First-Hand Impression

If you're seeking a convenient and tailored solution for women's health at various stages of the reproduction cycle, these vitamin subscription boxes are worth considering. As someone who has tried this product, I appreciate the option to choose from different formulas, focusing on general health or specific stages such as conception, each trimester, or postpartum. Founded by an OBGYN and supported by women's health care providers, the subscription costs around $50 a month and offers a blend of vitamins, omega fatty acids, and targeted nutrients like folate, anti-nausea ingredients, calcium, and magnesium. Each box provides a daily packet, which simplifies tracking your intake and eliminates the need to search for individual supplements at a drugstore.

Le Tote Maternity

Best Fashion Pick

This fashion subscription service allows users to rent clothing and accessories for a monthly subscription fee — a super practical way for moms-to-be to plan their pregnancy wardrobe!

I remember spending so much on maternity clothing, only for it to be worn for a few weeks and then given away. This is a much better option — they have a range of cute and trendy maternity clothes.

Top brands are included, from BCBG to Kate Spade and Nike. And if you want to buy something, rather than borrowing, you get up to 50% off the regular price.

To start, you fill out a style quiz to get a list of customized options. You can choose plans for one or two totes as needed. Maternity plans start from around $79 a month, and shipping is free both ways.

User Experience

When I was pregnant, I spent a fortune on maternity clothes that I barely wore. This fashion subscription service is such a practical solution for moms-to-be! They offer a wide variety of trendy maternity clothing from top brands like BCBG, Kate Spade, and Nike, and you can even get up to 50% off when you decide to buy instead of rent. After taking a style quiz for customized options, you can choose plans for one or two totes starting at $79 a month, with free shipping both ways.

Stitch Fix Maternity Subscription Box

Best Fashion Pick (Bonus)

Stitch Fix is your personal stylist, curating gift boxes of apparel options based on your size and style. Each box holds five pieces, including a mix of sweaters, T-shirts, pants, or even shoes. The boxes even contain a card with guidelines on how to style each piece.

You choose what you want to keep and return any unwanted pieces free of charge. A $20 styling fee is deducted from the aggregate price of the pieces you choose to buy. However, you have to pay the fee, even if you mail back all the pieces. The average cost is $55 per item, with a 25% discount if you buy the entire box.

Best of all, Stitch Fix doesn’t only specialize in maternity wear. So this is an ideal way to keep you looking like a trendsetter long after pregnancy when the demands of caring for a young child begin.

Personal Perspective

This personalized styling service, Stitch Fix, offers curated gift boxes of clothing based on individual size and style preferences. Each box contains five unique items, ranging from sweaters and T-shirts to pants and shoes, along with a helpful card illustrating how to style the pieces. After trying the items on, customers can decide which ones to keep and send back unwanted items free of charge. However, a $20 styling fee is applied, which is deducted from the total cost of the purchased items or forfeited if all items are returned. With an average price of $55 per item and a 25% discount if the entire box is purchased, this service extends beyond maternity wear, making it an excellent option for maintaining a fashionable look during and after pregnancy.

Book of the Month

Best for the Intellectual Mom

While you definitely don’t have to be a mom or mom-to-be to enjoy a great read, I’d recommend considering this gift option, particularly for mothers who love books.

Pregnancy is a time when many would rather stay home than spend time out with friends — I know I did. Books are a great way to keep the special mom-to-be in your life entertained. Book of the Month looks for the best new reads around, with new releases, debut authors, and fresh perspectives.

After you gift the Book of the Month, the giftee receives the gift card printed on elegant cardstock and a fancy note you can personalize. Recipients also choose one of five recommended books each month for delivery — so the cherry on top is that it’s a gift they can pick for themselves!

Community Feedback

My experience with this book subscription has been delightful, especially during my pregnancy when I preferred staying home. The Book of the Month offers a fantastic selection of new releases, debut authors, and fresh perspectives, keeping me entertained and engaged. I also love that recipients can choose one of five recommended books each month, making it a personalized and enjoyable gift.

Dollar Maxi Pad Club’s Postpartum Package

Best for Postpartum

This handy pack of postpartum pads might not seem as fancy as gifting cosmetics, clothes, or books. But they’re just as crucial for a new mother to feel comfortable and healthy.

Containing both overnight and day pads, panty liners, and perineal spray to ease discomfort after birth, this pick is crucial for the recovery of every new mom postpartum.

As a bonus, packs also contain nipple cream, diaper cream, and more random treats, such as a face mask and chocolate bar. Going into labor might seem a little less daunting if you have some of these products beforehand— especially if this is your first pregnancy!

At the time of writing, the postpartum package is reduced from $43 to $30.

First-Hand Impression

Definitely a must-have for new moms, this postpartum pad pack provides comfort and support during recovery. It includes overnight and day pads, panty liners, perineal spray, nipple cream, diaper cream, and even self-care treats like a face mask and chocolate bar. Not only does it make the postpartum process less daunting, but it's also a great value at its current reduced price.

Mama Bird Box

Best for Self-Care and Wellness

The facial washes, creams, organic nail polish, sunscreen, and scrubs make this box enjoyable, both for moms and non-moms. Each box usually comes with a card and an inspiring pregnancy quote written on it, serving as an ode to motherhood, with the box’s contents described inside the card.

With the heavenly packaging and the mostly vegan, natural products enclosed, this is one subscription box that would make any woman feel like a queen. You can choose either a monthly subscription at $34.95 or a multi-month subscription plan. Six months will cost you $194.95.

User Experience

Love how this box caters to both moms and non-moms with its variety of facial washes, creams, organic nail polish, sunscreen, and scrubs. The inclusion of a card with an inspiring pregnancy quote adds a nice touch, while the heavenly packaging and mostly vegan, natural products make you feel pampered. Plus, the flexible subscription options allow you to choose between a monthly or multi-month plan, depending on your needs.

Honest Diapers Bundle

Best Essential Subscription Box

While this may not be as alluring as a gift of clothes or cosmetics, diapers are an often-overlooked essential needed in early postpartum. Honest Company delivers a seven-pack of diapers and four-pack of baby wipes each month; it’s a hassle-free way to stay on top of your supply.

The diapers come in stylish, super-absorbent varieties, and the wipes are plant-based. Your baby is less likely to develop allergies or rashes with the latex- and chlorine-free processing of this product.

A monthly bundle saves you over $20 on the original value of the products, costing $82.99 instead of $103.73. This is a useful gift for a mama-to-be, as she can build up a little stash for when her baby arrives.

Personal Perspective

For new parents seeking a practical and stylish solution to diapering needs, Honest Company's monthly bundle is a valuable option. My experience with their super-absorbent, latex- and chlorine-free diapers, along with the plant-based baby wipes, resulted in minimal skin irritation for my baby. Furthermore, the cost-saving aspect of this subscription service, which saves over $20 on the original value, is a beneficial factor for parents building up their diaper supply.

Postalist PowerMama Cards

Best For the Budget

Sometimes the simplest gifts are some of the nicest. Although this isn’t a box, it’s still a monthly subscription any new mama is bound to love.

Each month, you will receive a unique PowerMama card from Postalist with an encouraging note or funny pregnancy or parenting anecdotes. Sometimes a little pick-me-up in the snail mail is just what a discouraged or tired mom needs to bring a smile to her face.

Postalist gives you the option of purchasing a month-to-month subscription for $9 or paying for six or twelve months in advance at a discounted rate.

Community Feedback

This monthly subscription from Postalist is a perfect gift for new moms, providing a unique PowerMama card each month filled with encouraging notes or humorous pregnancy and parenting anecdotes. These cards serve as a delightful pick-me-up in the mail for those days when moms feel discouraged or exhausted. I personally found them to bring a smile to my face whenever I received one. Postalist offers a flexible subscription plan, allowing you to choose between a month-to-month subscription for $9 or purchasing six or twelve months in advance at a discounted rate.

Oh Baby Box

Best for Gifting

This subscription box is one of our favorites. It makes the perfect gift for a pregnant mom, with its wide range of full-sized products geared to each stage of pregnancy and beyond. Oh Baby boxes are even tailored to the current season, making them a fun and relevant gift.

Each box includes six to eight products, such as skin-care items, treats, tea, nipple cream, a photo album, essential reading, and so much more. And this box is a steal, with a month-to-month subscription costing just $44.99. You can also prepay for three or six months, saving even more off each box.

First-Hand Impression

When I received this subscription box, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of full-sized products tailored to my pregnancy stage and the current season. I loved the assortment of items, like skincare, treats, tea, and even a photo album. It's great value for money, with a month-to-month subscription costing only $44.99, and even more savings if you prepay for three or six months. The Oh Baby Box has become one of my favorite gifts for pregnant moms, as it offers both practical and fun items for this special journey.

Rad Dad Box

Best For Dads

We can’t forget about the dads! This box makes the perfect gift for any partner or friend who’s about to experience fatherhood for the first, second, third, or tenth time.

Each box includes four to five products, including self-care items, like sanitizer for diaper changes, quality soaps, or even T-shirts; baby bonding items, like books or toys; snacking items or treats like kettle-cooked chips, maple syrup and pancake mix, or preserves; and much more.

The boxes often have fun themes and include items that dads and babies can enjoy together. There are two Rad Dad boxes to choose from, with prices ranging from $28 to $45 plus shipping.

User Experience

From personal experience, this box is an excellent gift choice for fathers-to-be or dads celebrating another addition to their family. Each box contains four to five thoughtfully curated items such as self-care products, baby bonding essentials, and delicious snacks that cater to both dads and their little ones. The fun themes make it even more enjoyable, providing a bonding experience between father and child. With two Rad Dad box options available, priced between $28 to $45, it's a delightful and valuable investment in making fatherhood even more special.

Nurtured 9 The Feel Good Pregnancy Gift Box

Feel Good Mama

Nurtured 9’s goal is to give mama something that’s just for her while everyone else is focused on the baby.

Lifelong friends (and two-time moms) founded Nurtured 9 to alleviate the stressful guesswork of pregnancy-safe products. They bundle the most luxurious and effective products in beautiful packages so that other moms can enjoy an elevated pregnancy. Understanding the toll that pregnancy takes on the mind & body, Nurtured 9’s Pregnancy Gift Boxes soothe pesky pregnancy discomforts with the best pregnancy-safe, non-toxic products available.

The Feel Good Pregnancy Gift Box tackles some of the doozies: Zoe Belly Butter for stretching skin, Earth Mama Organic’s Heartburn Tea for indigestion, a soft floral Maternity/Delivery robe, and a Brooklyn Candle Studio Non-Toxic Candle to cozy up & ease pre-baby nerves.

Gift your special mom-to-be with a quiet moment to herself and a reminder that she is amazing. It’s all for you, Mama.

Personal Perspective

If you're looking for a thoughtful gift for an expecting mom, these Nurtured 9 Pregnancy Gift Boxes are a fantastic choice. I personally enjoyed the carefully selected, luxurious products that helped me feel pampered and relaxed during my pregnancy. My favorite items were the Zoe Belly Butter for my stretching skin and the Earth Mama Organic's Heartburn Tea for indigestion relief. The soft floral Maternity/Delivery robe and the non-toxic candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio also added a cozy touch, allowing me to focus on self-care during this important time.

How to Choose a Subscription Box That Wows

Pregnancy subscription boxes include must-haves, such as clothes or wellness and self-care products, delivered to the special mom-to-be in a cute box. There are lots of options out there. You’ll find some that include one or more of the following:

And so much more! Some varieties even include more than one type of product. For instance, beauty and wellness boxes sometimes contain various natural creams, oils, and vitamins.

Another bonus is that some subscription box suppliers can tailor and vary the contents. This is usually based on how far the mother is in her pregnancy or early motherhood journey. So there’s no reason not to opt for a multi-month or year-long plan if you find that brilliant pick!

Even if you send over a one-off pregnancy subscription box, the recipient is sure to thank you for it. Many of these products are pregnancy and maternity essentials — things a lethargic mother-to-be might not purchase herself as her energy levels decline.

Almost all the subscription boxes we’ll feature are a safe bet. Many are delivered in cute packaging. Most will come as a welcome breather for women who need to take the best care of themselves before they bring a new little one into the world!

Pregnancy Subscription Box FAQs

What Does a Pregnant Woman Need From Her Husband?

A pregnant woman needs emotional support, understanding, and practical help from her husband. This might include accompanying her to appointments, helping with household chores, providing comfort, and being involved in the pregnancy journey.

How Do You Make a Pregnancy Gift Box?

Make a pregnancy gift box by including items that cater to comfort, health, and sentimental value. Consider adding maternity wear, skincare products, healthy snacks, a journal, and perhaps a keepsake or two. Tailor it to the recipient’s tastes and needs.

Can You Customize Your Bump Box?

Some companies offer customizable bump boxes where you can choose specific items or themes based on the recipient’s preferences or pregnancy stage. Just double check with the company you’re getting yours from.

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