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20 Best Maternity Clothing Brands: 2024 Picks

Medically Reviewed by Jennifer Schlette, MSN, RN
The best places to shop for the next nine months.

Need new clothes to accommodate that growing baby bump? Maternity fashion has come a long way from the days of giant tent dresses. This is an incredible time in fashion for anyone pregnant. These days, you’re either overwhelmed or spoiled for choice.

We’ve experienced the ups and downs of pregnancy — and have the maternity clothes to prove it. Over the years, we’ve learned which maternity brands can be trusted. We know which brands produce quality clothes that fit well, feel great, and last throughout a pregnancy — or a few.

There are so many delightful options in our list of the best maternity clothing brands. You’ll get everything you need, from underwear to skinny jeans and everything in between. Check out our most trusted maternity brands to save yourself some time and money and look and feel great throughout your pregnancy.

Key Takeaways

  • Maternity fashion offers stylish options for pregnant women, from underwear to skinny jeans and beyond.
  • Some popular maternity clothing brands include Seraphine, A Pea in the Pod, HATCH, and Motherhood Maternity.
  • Many brands offer clothes that can be used during and after pregnancy, providing versatility and value.
  • When shopping for maternity clothes, consider your changing body size and choose items that provide comfort and style.

The Best Maternity Clothing Brands of 2024

From casual clothing to smart-casual and more, there’s a maternity brand out there for you, we promise. Let’s take a look at our top 20.

1. Seraphine

Celebrity Favorite

If you want to be fashionably pregnant, try Seraphine clothes. This well-known maternity brand features everything from pregnancy to nursing to baby apparel. Maternity clothes from this brand will make you feel like a star.

The Seraphine website features a “Celebs Love” section, where you can wear the same designs as fashionable stars, including Jessica Alba and Kate Middleton.

No, they aren’t as expensive as you’re probably thinking. You might be surprised at the affordable options.

2. A Pea in the Pod

Iconic Brand

A Pea in the Pod is another well-known brand in the industry, and their clothes are the envy of many mamas. This company strives to provide answers to all maternity attire problems.

Don’t want to abandon skinny jeans? In need of cute, fitting, and comfy underwear? a Pea in the Pod has you covered, and if you sign up for their perks, you get discounts, exclusive offers, and even samples. How awesome.


Luxurious Brand

Hatch is a prominent maternity clothing line that strives for comfort and style. Its collection is carefully crafted to make you feel as beautiful as possible during pregnancy.

This maternity brand provides high-quality fabrics, chic patterns, and trendy fashions you’ll fall in love with. If you want to enjoy high-fashion clothing throughout your pregnancy, this is the place.

4. Motherhood Maternity

Most Practical Brand

If you’re looking to shop for maternity wear or have a friend in need, this is a great place to get value for money. They stand the test of time, and their stylish clothing lines have been the staple of pregnant moms for decades.

Motherhood Maternity keeps everyone in mind, from petite to plus size, with all the essentials from day wear to evening wear to night wear to swimwear. Their clothes are designed to offer comfort and keep you cozy until your little bundle of joy arrives — and well after, too.

5. ASOS Maternity

Trendy Fashion

Are you looking for the trendiest maternity clothes you can find? Then head over to ASOS. The maternity game of this brand is on point and pretty much unparalleled. If you’re an outgoing person, you don’t need to miss out if you shop here.

You’ll find maternity cocktail party dresses, beautiful maxi dresses, and cute sundresses for those summer days. Ladies who love dresses, from maxi to bodycon, will adore the collection here.

6. QueenBee Maternity

Chic Finds

QueenBee has everything from maternity to nursing clothes, so if you want all-inclusive shopping, this might be a good place. You can shop for cozy knitwear, support wear, feeding clothes, shapewear, and elegant dresses for those special occasions.

The website also features baby products, and you might be able to snag a discount or two and get some gift vouchers.

7. Le Tote

Wanna Rent?

Le Tote is a trendy maternity brand that features top-notch fashion. It would be a sin not to shop here! But seriously, this site’s clothing selection is nothing short of remarkable.

The thing is, you don’t actually have to buy anything from Le Tote. You rent whatever you fancy, and once you’re done with it, you return it.

8. PinkBlush Maternity

One Stop Shop

PinkBlush is another one-stop shop I fell in love with when dressing my second pregnancy. Things weren’t as overwhelming as the first time around, so I knew exactly what to get and liked the collection here.

It features fashionable maternity clothes for modern moms, making it easy to find your style. From baby shower dresses to maxi dresses, jeans, overalls, leggings, and pretty underwear, this is a high-quality, stylish brand. For chic and comfortable clothing, shop here.

9. GapFit Maternity

Get Active

You probably own something from Gap already, so you know the quality. Gap has maternity clothes that are just as good as their everyday collection. The GapFit line has an incredible selection of bump-friendly jammies and workout wear.

The maternity section of the website will take you through all the options, from leggings to sports bras and more. For on-the-go style and activewear, look no further.

10. Target Maternity

Beautiful Basics

If you’re already a Target shopper, you’ll be thrilled to learn they have an extensive maternity line — both online and in stores.

Shop for maternity clothes while you satisfy your food cravings at this one-stop shop. We love the wide range of maternity swimsuits that include styles for every purpose and body type. They also carry all the seasonal maternity clothes you’ll need, in styles from casual to professional. And you can’t beat those Target prices!

11. Isabella Oliver Maternity

The Ethical Choice

When you’re looking for simplicity and comfort, Isabella Oliver is a great brand. Its main aim is to provide eco-friendly products such as natural and biodegradable fabrics. You get a lot more than just chic maternity dresses here.

You’ll also find stylish tees and shirt dresses for those pre-baby outings and even activewear for workouts. There’s an “Inspire Me” page where you can take a peek and get tons of ideas for dressing your baby bump.

12. Boohoo Maternity

Best Discounts

If you want to keep your professional look from start to finish, this brand may be worth a scroll. Boohoo has a vast collection of maternity wear, from casual to professional and more.

You’ll find dresses, jumpsuits, overalls, T-shirts, and leggings, making Boohoo a worthy stopover. Better than that, everything seems to be discounted here, so brace yourself for seriously slashed prices.

13. Hotmilk

Hot Lingerie

Hotmilk is a lingerie collection that has revolutionized the maternity and nursing lingerie market. The brand designs provocative, fashion-forward, yet comfortable maternity lingerie. If you want to look and feel good during this exciting journey, Hotmilk has you covered, with lace, T-shirt bras, and unique fashions.

This brand has premium products at affordable prices. Shop for maternity wear that defies the norm and stands out with zero apologies.

14. Boob Design

All-Inclusive Brand

Mothers are fantastic, and this is something Boob Design acknowledges. This brand tries to ensure that all mothers-to-be have a fabulous wardrobe from top to bottom. Beyond that, it has a variety of accessories to match every outfit.

Most of the designs incorporate smart nursing functions so you can continue to use the clothes post-delivery. Fall in love with these amazing maternity clothes and nursing wear.

15. Envie de Fraise

For Modern Moms

Envie de Fraise is a Paris-based superstore that has everything for every occasion. The seasonal collections are well designed and made of high-quality materials. Modern moms could have a field day with this collection of comfortable and trendy essentials.

You’ll find many flattering and gorgeous bump-friendly clothes, from trendy tops to sexy swimwear and figure-hugging jeans.

16. Cake Maternity

Comfortable Underwear

Cake maternity is globally recognized for maternity lingerie, maternity swimwear, and organic nursing pads. If you need well-fitting, comfortable, and luxurious lingerie, Cake has an extensive assortment of undergarments you might love.

There are classic, sleek, and contemporary maternity bras, sexy nursing bras, transition bras, and breathable T-shirt bras.

17. Lukalula

For Boho Mamas

If you adore anything bohemian, then you’ll fall in love with Lukalula. This maternity brand produces gorgeous, dreamy dresses and clothing.

We love the timeless style, and they have the best collection of baby shower dresses, maternity photoshoot designs, nursing fashions, and even beachwear.

18. Ingrid and Isabel

Sustainable and Sophisticated

Ingrid and Isabel is an international brand that strives to ensure mamas look their best before, during, and after pregnancy. It has most of the items you’ll need, from casual maternity clothes to maternity work attire, gifts, and more.

We appreciate the brand’s focus on sustainability, especially its goal to keep clothing out of landfills. The clothes are designed to last longer than a 9-month pregnancy, so you can wear them after pregnancy or for future pregnancies, or you can pass them on to your expecting friends. Clothes are manufactured in small batches, and most are created with recycled or plant-based fibers.

19. Baby Be Mine

Unique Brand

Baby Be Mine has some unique prints and products, including socks specifically for labor with cute images on them. You’ll find sleepwear and endless house dresses that will take you through pregnancy, delivery, and beyond.

The delivery robes and gowns are comfortable and stylish. Or purchase mommy-and-me sets if you want to shop early for your baby. They also carry matching clothes in larger child sizes, making this an excellent choice for post-baby family photos. The website is so well categorized that you can even shop by print.

20. Old Navy Maternity

Guilt-Free Shopping

Yes, Old Navy does maternity clothes too. You’re probably not new to Old Navy, but you may be surprised that they found a way to charm pregnant ladies into their stores.

If you’re still not excited about outgrowing your favorite outfits, wait until you see what they have here. To begin with, you’ll find gorgeous dresses, but you also might not be able to stop yourself from taking home all the stylish and comfortable tops. The leggings are seriously comfortable, and we love that they have a full maternity activewear line with everything from bike shorts to maternity sports bras.

Maternity Clothing Buying Guide

When shopping for maternity clothing, the first thing that comes to mind is size. Your body will grow progressively — and maybe significantly.

Some women’s bodies change more than others. However, unless you undergo a drastic change, your regular size should do fine in maternity wear, so aim to purchase the same size you usually wear (1).

The one thing you can be sure that will change is your bra size. Your bust will definitely increase, and even though the band size may remain the same, the cup size won’t.

Try not to wear baggy clothes that hide your belly. This is your baby, and you look fantastic — own it! I know you’ve heard this from almost everyone, but don’t rummage through your spouse’s closet either.

This is an incredible time for every woman. So go shopping, treat yourself, and look fabulous through this beautiful journey. Pregnancy is one of the easiest excuses for women to get away with anything, right?

One of the most incredible things about today’s maternity brands is innovation. Designers have made maternity garments that double as nursing clothes. From wrap tops to lift-up flaps, they have you in mind.

This means you’ll get to keep them and look stylish in them for longer.


What are the Best Brands For Maternity Clothes?

Popular maternity clothing brands include Motherhood Maternity, ASOS Maternity, H&M Maternity, and Gap Maternity. These brands have a bunch of styles, sizes, and prices to accommodate the diverse needs of pregnant women.

Are Maternity Clothes Worth Buying?

Maternity clothes are worth buying for many women due to the comfort, support, and fit they provide as the body changes throughout pregnancy. Even a few well-chosen pieces can make a significant difference in your comfort level.

At How Many Weeks Pregnant Should You Wear Maternity Clothes?

The time to start wearing maternity clothes varies for each woman but is typically around the second trimester when the belly begins to expand noticeably. Some may need them earlier or later, depending on body changes and personal comfort.

When Should You Start Wearing a Belly Band During Pregnancy?

You might start wearing a belly band when you begin to feel discomfort from wearing regular pants or need additional support for your growing belly, usually in the second trimester.

How Many Dress Sizes Do You Go Up When Pregnant?

Most women find that maternity clothes in their regular size fit them throughout pregnancy because maternity clothing is usually designed to accommodate a growing belly.

However, some may go up a size, especially in later pregnancy or if they experience significant weight gain elsewhere.

What Should I Wear to the Hospital For Delivery?

Wear something comfortable to the hospital for delivery, like a maternity dress or loose-fitting clothing. Also, consider a robe, slippers, and a nursing bra for post-delivery comfort.

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