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Best Maternity Activewear of 2023

Ditch the hot, scratchy, uncomfortable gear that bunches and rides up in all the wrong places.

You want to stay healthy and active when you’re pregnant, but you need proper maternity workout clothes to do that.

Trying to squeeze yourself into pre-pregnancy clothes or choosing clothes not designed for exercise can cause uncomfortable pinching, chafing, and dangerous overheating.

The good news is we’re here to help keep you as fit, healthy, and comfy as possible.

We’ve tested dozens of options and scoured reviews from thousands of pregnant moms like you to find the best maternity workout clothes and shoes to keep you moving throughout your pregnancy.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Skechers Sneakers
Best Workout Shoes
Skechers Sneakers
  • Smooth woven mesh fabric
  • Flexible outsole
  • Air cooled memory foam insole
Product Image of the Mumberry Pants
Best Workout Pants
Mumberry Pants
  • Soft material
  • Comfortable fit
  • Great body support
Product Image of the Beyond Yoga Leggings
Best Workout Leggings
Beyond Yoga Leggings
  • Fold-over waistband
  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Cropped cuffs
Product Image of the My Belly Mama Shorts
Best Workout Shorts
My Belly Mama Shorts
  • Soft and breathable knit cotton
  • Versatile
  • Stretchy belly panel
Product Image of the Three Seasons Yoga Pants
Best Workout Yoga Pants
Three Seasons Yoga Pants
  • Solid knit yoga pants
  • Wide foldover waistband
  • Flared leg
Product Image of the Foucome Capri Leggings
Best Workout Capris
Foucome Capri Leggings
  • 3D cutting
  • Supports belly without excess pressure
  • Fabric isn't see-through
Product Image of the Kindred Panties
Best Workout Underwear
Kindred Panties
  • Ultra soft fabric
  • Non-itchy and stretchy
  • Full rear coverage
Product Image of the Movemama Maternity Workout Top
Best Workout Top
Movemama Maternity Workout Top
  • Perfect for body movements during pregnancy
  • For everyday use
  • Flattering strap design
Product Image of the Fittin Racerback Bra
Best Workout Bra
Fittin Racerback Bra
  • High support
  • Seamless
  • Moisture wicking
Product Image of the Baby Belly Band
Best Workout Belt
Baby Belly Band
  • Lightweight, breathable material
  • Perfect for sensitive skin
  • Personalized fitting consultation

The Best Maternity Workout Clothes of 2023

Here are some great maternity workout clothes to consider.

Best Maternity Workout Pants

You don’t want to be constricted, but you also don’t want to be tripping over your pant legs. The safest way to work out while pregnant is with form-fitting workout gear that moves easily as you bend and stretch and isn’t loose enough to pose a tripping hazard.

Mumberry Activewear Yoga Pants

Perfect All-Rounder

These workout pants have a belly band that not only keeps your pants from falling down but also provides support, compression, and upward lift. Basically, it’s a lightweight belly band built right into your yoga pants, relieving back and joint pressure and helping you maintain proper posture. It even has a pocket in the back big enough to hold your smartphone!

Ingrid & Isabel Active Capri Maternity Pants

Sleek Silhouette

With their synthetic construction, these capri-length workout pants will keep you from overheating and wick sweat away from your skin. The full belly panel provides belly and lower-back support, but the cutout in the back allows you to have less fabric touching your skin and causing your temperature to rise.

C9 Champion Under-the-Belly Cardio Pant

For the Cardio Bunnies

These pants are polyester construction, so they don’t retain moisture, and they have enough room that they won’t be constricting during your workout — but the leg openings aren’t so big that you will trip over them. They also sit under the belly, meaning you won’t have fabric rubbing on your bump and causing you to overheat while you’re working out.

Best Maternity Workout Tops

You don’t want to be overheated while working out. Cotton is okay if your workout is low intensity, but opt for a synthetic fabric if you think you’ll be sweating heavily. A looser fit is acceptable for your top, so choose whatever makes you feel comfortable, whether that’s a form-fitting tank or a breezy, flowing tee.

Movemama Maternity Workout Top

Supportive and Stylish

This workout tank is perfect for yoga sessions or intense workouts. It has a built-in shelf bra with removable inserts to offer medium bust support on top of your sports bra. The strappy back ensures the top is stylish, supportive, and comfortable.

The fit is designed for any stage of pregnancy and even postpartum. The material is high-quality, durable, and not at all see-through, which is perfect for trips to the gym!

LWJ 1982 Seamless Maternity Shirt

Soft, Stretchy and Simple

This lycra/spandex top is soft and stretchy to cradle your bump and stay out of the way of your workout. It comes in a couple of different color options, both of which wick moisture away, keeping you cool and dry. And, for the more modest mama, the sleeves keep you more covered than your typical workout tank.

Womens Workout Buddy Tank Top

Most Adorable Slogan

This tank top is made of cotton, so it’s not ideal for your most intense workouts, but we just couldn’t resist the adorable “Workout Buddy” lettering over the bump. For the fitness-loving mama, it’s a great addition to your wardrobe — whether at the gym or just lounging around the house on a Saturday.

Best Maternity Workout Bras

When you’re pregnant, your breasts are not only heavier than normal, but they’re probably sensitive, too. Choose a bra that will keep your girls in place — and that means offering support, not just elastic coverage. Skip the stretchy night nursing bras or camis and opt for a good-quality, thick sports bra.

Fittin Racerback Sports Bra

Boobs' Best Friend

This ultra-supportive racerback bra isn’t developed specifically for pregnancy, but it will provide the extra care and support your breasts need during this time. It has Climacool technology, which helps maintain a comfortable temperature, and it also comes with removable breast pads for you to use if you choose.

AKAMC Removable Padded Sports Bras

Great for Smaller Busts

This bra is made of breathable and moisture-wicking fabric, while the criss-cross back makes a super style statement. It also has removable breast pads and was developed just for moms and their unique support needs.

Stelle Wirefree Maternity Bra

Wonderful Wire-Free

This soft, supportive bra has built-in nursing panels, so you don’t have to sacrifice functionality for support. It is wire-free and doesn’t cause discomfort while you’re working out. It also has removable, washable breast pads.

Best Maternity Workout Leggings

While they might be called “maternity leggings,” what you really want for working out are form-fitting yoga pants. True leggings typically aren’t thick enough to provide full coverage of your behind and are commonly constructed of cotton. Instead, opt for pants made of synthetic fabric that won’t become sheer when stretched.

Beyond Yoga Maternity Capri Leggings

High-Performance Fabric

These polyester/spandex capri leggings are thin enough to breathe but thick enough to cover your behind. They have a full belly band, ensuring they stay in place during your workout, and they come in three different colors to fit your personal style.

Cloya Active Maternity Capri Pant

Easy Comfort

These workout pants are constructed of four-way stretch fabric, so they will comfortably hug your belly, not constrict it. The belly band can be worn up or folded down, and the innovative flat-lock stitching minimizes chafing and irritation.

Ingrid & Isabel Workout Capri

Something a Little Different

These pants have a straightforward design. The crossover panel is supportive and offers full coverage. They have a full belly panel to keep them hoisted while you’re doing squats and are made of nylon — which means they resist not only moisture but also odors.

Best Maternity Workout Shorts

You already run hot since you’re carrying around a full-time heater in your belly, so it’s no wonder you want to wear as little fabric as possible while working out. Choose shorts that aren’t constricting and provide enough coverage for you to stretch and move without feeling self-conscious.

My Belly Mama Cotton Shorts

Short and Sweet

These sexy, form-fitting shorts will hug your curves and won’t restrict your movement. They’re machine washable and dryable for easy maintenance, and their super-short length will keep you cool in the hottest temps.

Foucome Women's Maternity Yoga Short

Pretty but Practical

These yoga shorts are made from a comfy nylon and spandex blend to accommodate your growing bump. The breathable fabric will keep you cool in summer, and at a very reasonable price point, they won’t break the bank either. They also come with side pockets for your convenience.

Motherhood Under-Belly Maternity Shorts

Low and Out of the Way

The under-belly waistband on these shorts helps to keep you from overheating, and the cotton fabric keeps you cool by allowing your skin to breathe. The straight-leg design won’t hug your thighs like spandex, so they are a good choice for the woman who doesn’t want her workout gear to be so form-fitting.

Best Maternity Workout Capris

Capris are a great option for keeping cool during workouts. They offer full coverage, so you don’t have to worry about putting on a show while doing squats. However, they still allow plenty of airflow on the lower leg to keep you cool.

Foucome Capri Leggings

Cropped to Keep You Cool

These workout capris not only increase airflow and reduce the amount of fabric that can overheat you, but the design actually helps support your belly and reduce lower back strain. The 3D panel is engineered to help keep your pants from falling down by cradling your belly, not simply fitting over it like an oversized elastic waistband.

Ingrid & Isabel Active Capri Maternity Pant

Affordable Quality

The synthetic construction ensures that these pants are breathable and moisture-wicking, and their thickness ensures that your bum will stay fully covered. The belly panel offers both back and belly support and can be worn up or down, depending on your preference.

Best Maternity Workout Yoga Pants

Let’s be honest — not all yoga pants are bought to practice yoga. But if you’re actually planning to work out in your yoga pants, make sure they’re made from a synthetic, moisture-wicking material, aren’t too constricting in the belly, and don’t become sheer when you bend over.

Three Seasons Maternity Yoga Pants

Loose and Lovely for Lounging

These yoga pants with a slight flare at the leg opening will allow you free movement without hugging your body. The belly band can be worn up or down based upon your preference, and they are machine washable for ease and convenience.

Lamaze Maternity Yoga Pants

Ultimate Relaxed Fit

These comfy pants have a hint of spandex, giving them stretching properties so you don’t feel constricted. They also have a relaxed leg, so they don’t show off all your imperfections, and the mid-belly panel will prevent overheating.

Best Maternity Workout Belts

Your back already has enough stress — you don’t want to exacerbate it further. However, you can’t just use a regular workout belt when you’re pregnant. You need to pick a belt specifically designed for your pregnant body.

Cabea Baby Belly Band Sport Maternity Belt

Wear it with What You Have

This band was designed specifically for workouts. It’s latex free and antimicrobial to prevent post-workout stink. A female health professional designed it to make sure it hits all the marks you need for adequate support. And it comes in sizes up to XXL, meaning it will fit and function better than a “one-size-fits-all” belt.

Azmed Breathable Abdominal Binder

This support belt helps ease any potential back pain because it puts less pressure on your spine. It lifts your belly a little, which lessens discomfort on your back and offers some reprieve from pelvic and hip pain.

Best Maternity Workout Underwear

You don’t want your underwear riding up or slipping down when you’re working out. Choose ones with solid, stay-put elastic. And while cotton is typically your best bet for maternity underwear, if you’re planning to work up a sweat, you may want to opt for synthetic. However, avoid polyester as it can trap bacteria which will result in an odor.

Kindred Bravely Pregnancy Panties

Under the Bump, Full at the Back

These bikini-style briefs won’t cause you to overheat since there isn’t extra fabric covering your midsection, and the full bottoms won’t ride up and give you a wedgie. Made primarily of rayon, they’ll wick sweat and moisture from your skin, which will help keep you cool and dry during your workout.

Kuci Bamboo Fiber Maternity Underwear

Smart Eco Option

Bamboo is a great fabric choice for workouts because it’s all-natural and wicks away moisture while not trapping bacteria that can cause odor or infections. These briefs fit all the way over the belly, so they won’t fall down while you’re active, and they offer a little bit of belly support in the process.

Best Maternity Workout Shoes

Don’t overlook your footwear when working out. A proper, supportive maternity shoe can be the difference between comfort and pain in your back, hips, and feet. Choose ones that feel supportive to prevent rolling your ankle but have a little bit of wiggle room in the event your feet swell. And, most of all, make sure they have good arch support.

Skechers Sport Empire Sneaker

Slip-on Simplicity

These shoes have a bungee lace design, meaning you don’t have to be able to reach your feet to fasten them. They are supportive and won’t slip off when you’re in motion. The fabric upper lets your feet breathe and allows for a little “give” for feet that may swell a bit as pregnancy progresses. They also have air-cooled memory foam so your feet don’t overheat and a shock-absorbing midsole to help keep your joints happy.

Skechers Sport Women's Fashion Sneaker

Wardrobe Workhorse

These comfy yet affordable shoes have a memory foam insole for good support and shock absorption and a mesh fabric exterior for easy cleaning and breathability. They do not require you to tie them, but they still make a great pair of sporty, eye-catching slip-ons.

How to Choose Maternity Workout Clothes

When buying maternity workout clothes, look for the following:

Developed for Maternity

With the only possible exception being sports bras, choose clothes specifically designed for athletic use during pregnancy. While your husband’s oversized t-shirts or your old pre-pregnancy yoga pants may fit, they won’t provide the best level of support or comfort.


Choose clothes (especially pants) that are fitted close to the body. When wearing baggy leisure pants, you run the risk of tripping, which is especially dangerous during pregnancy. The same goes for shoes; though slip-ons may be comfy on your ever-expanding feet, they don’t provide the same level of support and safety as a lace-up shoe.

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Seam Placement

Your clothes will be in direct contact with your skin, which may be getting extra sensitive — especially toward the end of pregnancy. Be aware of the cut of seams, and if possible, choose seamless or low-profile seams to prevent chafing and irritation.


Unless you’re doing low-intensity activities, choose synthetic fabrics. They’ll help keep you dry and cool without feeling uncomfortably restricted. Well-designed clothes will also keep your blood circulating and prevent you from overheating.


Choose clothes that offer a good level of support for your belly, breasts, and back. Don’t expect nighttime camis to function as sports bras just because they’re stretchy. And don’t expect thin leggings to work in your step class if they don’t have a fully-functioning belly panel.

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