Best Baby Pajamas of 2019

Have you yet to find the perfect pajamas for your little one? Or maybe you’re looking for a few more. No matter your situation, we’re here to help.

Pajamas are more than just sleepwear, they should be comfortable too. My kids even have “fancier-looking” pajamas for overnight trips or sleepovers at granny’s.

From one mom to another, let’s look more into the wondrous world of pajamas.


    Are Baby Pajamas Necessary?

    Two-piece pajamas might not be completely necessary until your baby is getting closer to the toddler age.

    For newborns and infants, it’s a better choice to dress them in all-in-one pajamas for bedtime. If your baby moves around when asleep, loose clothing could ride up over their face and create an unsafe environment (source).

    You can dress your baby in a wearable sleeping blanket over pajamas when it’s chilly. Again, this is safer as you don’t need to cover them with loose blankets.

    Use your own body as a guide: If you feel the need for a sweater or a blanket on the bed, chances are, your baby will need an extra layer (source).

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    Should the Pajamas Be Flame Resistant?

    Once babies begin to move around, their pajamas should be fire safe. There are two types of fire-safe clothing — snug fit and flame-resistant. All sleepwear for older babies and children must be one or the other.

    • Snug-fitted: This sleepwear will have ribbed cuffs, and it will not be loose in any places.
    • Flame-resistant: This sleepwear is usually coated in a flame-retardant chemical. These should be able to either resist a flame or not catch fire at all (source).
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    What to Look For In Baby Pajamas

    1. Material

    Dressing babies in a breathable material is a good choice, particularly for sleeping. Something like a cotton blend is ideal, like polyester, bamboo, or spandex.

    These are stretchy and soft — and gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin.

    2. Size and Shape

    One-piece pajamas with feet are a great option. However, if your baby is longer than average, they might outgrow it rather quickly.

    I personally found that non-footed pajamas lasted longer. You could always put on a pair of socks or knitted booties if it’s too cold for bare feet.

    3. Diaper Changes

    Long zippers, snaps, or buttons down the legs are a must. If your baby needs a change, simply unfasten the pajama, and you’re good to go.

    Best Pajamas for Babies & Toddlers of 2019

    Now we’ve covered some of the things to look for, let’s dive into our top choices currently on the market.

    1. Carter's Boys' Cotton Pajamas

    Best for Winter

    For cold winter days and nights, your little one needs something warm to sleep in.

    Cold air can sometimes slip through loose openings around ankles and wrists. This two-piece pajama set has ribbed cuffs to keep it all out, and it’s made from soft cotton.

    Waistbands can be irritating for a child at times. In this pajama, the waistbands are wide and pinch-free. The pajama is also a snug fit for safety.

    2. Leveret Baby Girls Footed Pajamas

    Best Footed Baby Pajamas

    Separate socks or booties are cute. But if your baby pulls off everything you put on them, it can cause more trouble than it’s worth. This one-piece footed pajama can keep your baby warm and happy.

    With a footed pajama, like this one, you won’t have to worry much about your precious peanut getting cold feet. The pajama is made from 100 percent cotton and has a snug fit. The feet have a non-slip grip finish for walking.

    Tags can be a nuisance, and if you cut them off, you’re often left with harsh edges. In this pajama, however, the label is printed onto the fabric.

    3. Burt's Bees Baby - Organic Cotton Pajamas

    Best Organic Baby Pajamas

    Babies have sensitive skin — harsh or treated fabrics can irritate or even cause rashes. This Burt’s Bees pajama is made from certified cotton. The fabric is also highly breathable, to help your baby maintain a good body temperature.

    Long zippers are a gift from heaven when you need to change your little one. In this pajama, the zipper runs all the way down the leg. Sleeves have wide cuffs and scratch mitts are incorporated on the newborn and 0-3 month sizes.

    The PJ is footed, and there is elastic at the ankles to keep the footies in place.

    4. Owlivia Footless Sleep'n'Play

    Best for Chunky Baby

    For babies on the larger side, a footless pajama might be a better choice. My babies were chunky and tall, therefore, footed PJs were outgrown super quick.

    This Owlivia one-piece is made from certified organic cotton fibers. This will keep your chunky monkey comfy, and is also gentle on the skin.

    The zipper is long, allowing for quick and easy changes. There’s also a tab at the top to keep your baby safe from the hard edges of the zipper.

    Sleeves and legs are cuffed, so it fits closely for safety reasons.

    5. Simple Joys by Carter's Snug Fit Pajama Set

    Best for Summer

    Something lightweight and breathable is an excellent choice for warm summers.

    In this packet, you will get something that should suit all summer evenings. There is a long-sleeved shirt, good for cooler nights, or air-conditioned rooms. You also get two T-shirts, a pair of shorts, and two long pants with ribbed cuffs.

    These cotton pajamas are a snugfit, although not flame-resistant.

    6. Burt's Bees Baby - Non-Slip Pajama

    Best Non-Slip Baby Pajamas

    Footed PJs aren’t always ideal for babies learning to walk since they easily slip. But, at the bottom of the feet in this pajama, there’s a non-slip grip. Burt’s Bees calls it the “bee grip,” (you’ll see why), so it will help your baby stay upright as they move about.

    The long zipper will help to get the snug-fit PJs on and off easily. The sleeves have ribbed cuffs to keep them from slipping over your baby’s hands, and smaller sizes have convertible mitts in the cuffs.

    7. Little Me Unisex Footed Pajama

    Best Unisex Baby Pajamas

    Unisex clothing can be so charming. Not everyone is into princesses or trucks. Unisex clothing takes a more neutral approach, but that doesn’t necessarily mean boring.

    This footed PJ is designed with a cute giraffe on the front. It’s a snug fit, so there are no flame-retardant chemicals to worry about.

    The fabric is soft and warming cotton, with snaps that go from the neck to the foot. Your little bundle of joy will also get a matching hat to keep their head warm.

    8. Simple Joys by Carter's Holiday Fleece Footed Pajamas

    Best for Christmas

    For Christmas, you might want something warm and cozy, as well as a cute seasonal design.

    Simple Joys by Carter’s has made a holiday fleece pajama for babies and toddlers. It’s footed, with a neck-to-ankle zipper for easy changes.

    Since it’s fleece, you should consider what your baby is wearing underneath to prevent overheating. Unless the room is cold, dressing your baby in thin layers underneath should be just fine.

    9. Gerber Baby Sleep 'n Play

    Best Baby Girl Pajamas

    A little princess, of course, needs cute pajamas. This Gerber Sleep ‘n Play is made from pure cotton.

    Late night changes have to be quick, and the long zipper on this pajama makes it easy. Ruffles elegantly hide the zipper, and there’s a protective tab at the top to prevent scratches.

    You get two sleepsuits in this pack, with a choice of 10 color combos.

    10. Gerber Baby Boys 2 Pack

    Best Baby Boy Pajamas

    If you are looking for something warm and snug for your little boy, this could be it. These pajamas are made from 100 percent cotton and the long zipper will make changes quicker.

    There is also a safety tab at the top to prevent the zipper from scratching your baby. Two pajamas are included and you get to choose between a wide range of colors and prints.

    11. baby deedee Cotton Quilted Pajama

    Best Quilted Baby Pajamas

    During the coldest months of winter, parents often resort to fleece to keep their baby warm. But it’s not always breathable though.

    This quilted pajama is pure cotton and highly breathable to prevent overheating.

    The zipper is long, and there’s a non-skid grip at the bottom of the feet to help your baby stay upright when walking.

    12. Gerber Baby Girls' 4 Piece Pajama Set

    Best Cheap Baby Pajamas

    Cheap doesn’t always mean bad. Buying two pairs at once makes sense and is easier on the pocket.

    Quality is not compromised in this set. It’s made from cotton, and the waistbands are pinch-free so they shouldn’t leave a mark.

    The neckline is stretchy to make it easy to pull over your little one’s head. The set has a long-sleeved and a short-sleeved T-shirt, a pair of shorts, and a pair of long pants, with ribbed cuffs.

    13. Carter's Boys' Glow-in-the-dark Halloween Pajamas

    Best for Halloween

    Let the Halloween fun commence with trick or treat time, and continue at home — no need to change for bedtime. Your little one will love to glow in the dark with these mummy PJs. Made from cotton, this set has a snug fit with a wide neckline for easy dressing.

    If you’re not into mummies, there are skeleton and Frankenstein options as well. I just hope they don’t scare the wits out of you when they pay a midnight visit to your bedroom!

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    How to Sew Baby Pajamas

    If you’re a crafty momma, you might be tempted to sew some pajamas for your little one. Below we’ve detailed some tutorial steps for you.

    Here’s what you need:

    • Chosen fabric and pattern. Alternatively, measure against a spare shirt from your child’s closet.
    • Sewing machine.
    • Quality scissors.
    • Measuring tape.
    • Pins.

    1. Step One

    After cutting out the fabric according to the pattern used, pin the bodice right sides together along the shoulder, then sew. When the two pieces are sewn together, spread the bodice out on a flat surface, right side up.

    2. Step Two

    Cut out a neckband and divide it into four equal parts using pins. Find the center of the neckband and pin it to the sewn shoulder seam. Then pin the rest of the neckband.

    Slightly stretch the neckband to cover the whole neckline. Then sew in place: You might also have to stretch it a little while sewing. Then, sew the other shoulder.

    3. Step Three

    Now, lay out the body, right side down, and place the sleeve on top (right side up). Pin the sleeve’s center to the shoulder seam. Pin the sleeves (as with the neckband), then sew it together. Repeat on the other side.

    4. Step Four

    Get out the wristbands. Pin them to the sleeve using the same technique as the neckband and sleeve. Sew together.

    5. Step Five

    Pin the bottom band to the bodice, same technique as before. Then sew.

    Finally, you want to put the shirt with right sides together, pin and sew the sides of the shirt and sleeves.

    6. Additional guidance

    You should now have a pretty good-looking pajama top. If you would like to try out a one-piece, here’s another helpful video.

    Or, if you would like to make a pair of matching pants, there’s a video for that as well.

    Nighty Night

    We had fun choosing our best baby and toddler pajamas, and hope you found something you like, too, or even just a little inspiration. Maybe you’ll have a try at making your own?

    A personal favorite of mine has to be the Leveret Footed Pajamas. In part because they printed the label onto the fabric instead of having an itchy tag. Oh, and they’re super cute!

    Which are your favorites? Did you go out and buy one of our suggestions? Please share your thoughts below, and remember to share our article with your friends!

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