Best Baby Security Blankets of 2019

Does your baby need something to cuddle to feel safe at naptime? Or would you like them to have a security blanket for self-soothing overnight?

The popularity of security blankets has grown in recent times. They can make great newborn baby gifts for tired parents to introduce early in sleep routines. They can also bring babies and toddlers comfort at nap times, or for when you and your baby are away from home.

Maybe purchasing one just hasn’t been at the top of the ‘to do’ list since junior arrived, or you haven’t really considered their benefits. If you’re now exhausted from the multiple wake-up calls, and willing to try anything to soothe your little one overnight.

If you aren’t sure whether a security blanket is for you, read on. We will aim to help you make a decision on what is best for you and your little sleep thief.


    What Exactly Is a Security Blanket?

    You may still have your very own favorite teddy bear or doll from when you were a child. Although now, it’s a few decades old, has one eye and is looking particularly sorry for itself. Why is Polly dolly in such a state? Grandma’s house, sleepovers, show-and-tell, you took her everywhere.

    Even if you have no idea where Benny bear is these days, you probably remember everything about him. How you got him at the emergency room after you fell and bumped your head and took him with you wherever you went from that day on.

    Benny bear and Polly dolly were basically a form of security blanket for you. My eldest carried around a pillowcase everywhere he went until he was almost three years old.

    Actual blankets with soft toys attached are now fan-favorites among children, in the same way we used our own bears, dolls, hats, or whatever the item was.

    Does My Child Need a Security Blanket?

    Research has been carried out on the use of security blankets, and their benefits, particularly when the child is away from their mother (source). Whether a blanket, or a soft toy, these cuddle buddies are thought to aid child development by offering children emotional support, particularly in transitional phases (source).

    Young children need to learn how to become independent from their parents, and it is believed these transitional items can help achieve that.

    What Should I Look for?

    When looking for a security blanket, there are considerations you should make.

    You may wish to think about:

    • Texture: The material the blanket is made from matters — if your baby wants something to cuddle, understandably it needs to be soft!
    • Age: Is the blanket suitable for your child’s age?
    • Extras: Do you want a blanket with extra functions, such as a teether or rattle attached?
    • Multi-buy: Would a set of multiple blankets be better for you? If you are anything like me and lose bottles and pacifiers with every trip out you take, then yes!
    • Child appeal: With different patterns and textures of fabric styles, there is one to suit every child. The most popular blankets seem to have cute animal themes or soft toys attached, to appeal more to little ones.
    • Machine washable: For anything a child can get hold of, having the added benefit that it can be machine washed, makes parents’ lives so much easier. The idea behind a security blanket is that it becomes a figure of reassurance and attachment to infants. It will no doubt get dropped, spilled upon, and muddied, as your child will take their buddy wherever they go.
    • Durability: Longevity and strength are a must. The last thing you need is having to try to replace your child’s favorite blankie when they are particularly attached to it!

    Even though there are a wide variety of security blankets on the market, the choice you make will be one that’s suitable for your infant. You know your child better than anyone, and you will know what sort of things will be a calming, comforting influence for them.

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    The Best Baby Security Blankets of 2019

    Whether for comfort, easing anxiety, or to use for cuddling your baby to sleep, a security blanket may well be worth a purchase to help them—and you—get some much-needed rest.

    Now that we’ve had a look at the reasons to consider a security blanket, we’ll share our top picks with you.

    1. Saranoni Super Soft Luxury Blanket

    Best for Snuggles

    Super soft, extremely snuggly, and superbly comfortable, this blanket looks so appealing I’m, tempted to buy one myself to cuddle instead of my husband at night!

    Made from 100 percent poly microfiber, this security blanket is so soft and durable. The strength of the blanket has not compromised the quality of its fabulous fluffiness. It’s machine washable too.

    The blanket is available in two sizes. One is perfect for small hands to grasp and good for being on-the-go. The larger version is a luxurious throw, especially good for your child to cuddle up and watch a movie.

    2. Intimom Security Blanket for Strollers and Car Seats

    Best for Travel

    This security blanket is one I should have had to save me from losing so many! Not only is it soft and strong, but it has also been designed with two openings within it for securing to car seats or strollers. So it will stay put while keeping your little one cozy.

    The softness of this blanket is thanks to the minky fleece material. Created on the larger side, it is almost 30 inches wide. Thread it through the crotch strap on your stroller or car seat to keep your child snug and warm.

    An unexpected extra with this blanket is it has a double texture. With a smooth, flat finish on one side and bumps on the other, your little one will no doubt enjoy exploring the different feels.

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    3. Jellycat Soother Security Blanket

    Best for Newborn

    This velvety snuggler is small and light, making it a good choice for a newborn. Jellycat has designed the range with safety in mind, with only stitching used for detailing, making it safe for the smallest of babies.

    Available in a selection of different animals and colors, this security blanket is bound to appeal to most young ones. The hippo and duckling are definitely my favorites!

    Small enough for little hands and compact enough to take out with you, this blanket is loved by many. This includes the grown-ups, as it is machine washable too.

    4. Baby GUND Lamb Huggybuddy

    Best Lambie Blanket

    The loveliest lamb we could find and another which is suitable from birth and beyond, as well as unisex use. This lambie has been made by combining a soft toy and a small blanket — it’s super soft, cuddly, and cute!

    Machine washable and made from 100 percent polyester plush, it has a satin underneath for tactile fingers. Your little one will find playing with the different textures interesting and fun.

    The lamb has been manufactured using stitching for safety, which has also made its eyes appear as though it is sleeping. A perfect nap buddy!

    5. Hudson Baby Security Blanket

    Best Security Blanket Set

    Hudson has hit the nail on the head with these adorable sets. Available in a variety of colors, prints, and with a selection of attached animal friends to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice.

    The polyester plush fleece of both the security blanket with the attached animal buddy, and the larger snuggle blanket, will ensure your little one’s comfort and warmth. The smaller blanket is large enough to use in the car, but small enough for portability.

    Machine washing is an added bonus, and these blankets have been created for durability — which is a good thing when it travels everywhere with your toddler!

    6. Bearington Lil’ Spout Snuggler

    Best Unisex Blanket

    The combo of babies and elephants — is there anything in the world more adorable? This elephant just looks like he needs a hug, and I’m sure your little one would happily oblige.

    This fluffy half blanket, half elephant, is made with a gray velour and satin lining, perfect for little, exploring hands. How super soft it is has improved its huggability!

    The eyes are embroidered for safety, and there is a patterned bow around the neck which just adds to its cuteness. This security blanket would make a great gift for a baby shower or newborn baby.

    7. Mary Meyer Oatmeal Bunny Blanket

    Best Bunny Blanket

    Bunny rabbits are certainly popular in the security blanket ranges, and this one is a personal favorite of mine. Part soft toy and part fabric blanket, it is so soft and gentle, and suitable for your precious cottontail. If they love it so much, there’s even a full family of the bunnies available to buy.

    The neutral color is calming and the blanket is, thankfully, machine washable. The design has been finished with embroidery and it is small enough for little hands. Your little one will enjoy the varying textures of the polyester fabric.

    It is worth noting, however, that you may find the size, at just 10 inches by 13 inches, too small for your growing child.

    8. Stephan Baby Activity Toy Security Blanket

    Best for Extras

    Yay — another elephant in the top ten!

    Teething chew, security blanket, and activity toy, all in one. The plastic elements are all chemical free and your little tyke will love playing with them. The toys featured are a satin knot, triangle, ring rattle, and teething chew, one on each corner.

    The soft toy/blanket is made from polyester plush and has lots of embroidery for added texture, as well as patterns to stimulate visual development (source).

    9. Burt’s Bees Organic Cotton Blanket

    Best Organic Blanket

    A busy bumblebee for your own baby bee. This little blanket is made from certified organic cotton with no harsh chemicals used in its manufacture. You can take comfort knowing you are being eco-friendly while giving your baby a special security blanket.

    The organic cotton velour shell is soft, and at each corner, there is a knot for fiddling fingers and mouths. The fabric is not only gentle and soft, but it is also durable. The bumblebee attached plush has bold colors, making it visually appealing to your little one too.

    This may be a little plain in comparison to others and is only 12 inches square, plus the 3-inch bee. But it’s still adorable and does the job.

    10. Aden and Anais Muslin Security Blanket

    Best for Summer

    This blanket is a sheet of 100 percent cotton muslin, making it more breathable due to the larger weave allowing better air flow. There are two blankets in a set, which are machine washable, and can be folded easily for travel. The fabric is comfortable and cool — making it a good choice for the warmer months.

    The child appeal isn’t so great in comparison to all the other available blankets, as the design is pretty simple. They are available in a variety of animal prints, however, and they have a satin trim for toddlers’ tactile sensory needs.

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    Cuddle Up Nicely

    Security blankets and toys do seem like a good idea. Introducing them at a young age may be beneficial, to ease your child’s anxieties about becoming independent as they grow older.

    Something that suits one will, of course, not be perfect for all, especially when it comes to our little ones. But with so many variations to choose from, you’re sure to find one your baby will love.

    Hey, if scientists approve, and some adults still have their security blankets (really!), they might be worth a shot. I guess if you don’t try, you won’t know!

    Sharing is caring folks! If you know a new mama, send this article her way. Get commenting, we would love to hear your baby blankie stories!

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