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Best Toddler Alarm Clocks of 2023

Want to know how to get more sleep when you have an early riser in your home?

Perhaps the one thing all parents obsess about at one time or another is sleep and getting enough of it. It seems like it’s always in short supply when you have a young child in the house.

If you’re struggling with keeping your child in bed, you might benefit from one of the 10 best toddler alarm clocks we found.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children's Trainer, Alarm Clock, Night Light and...
Best with White Noise
LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Clock
  • Volume control for sounds
  • Button lock feature
  • Has naptime function
Best Analog Alarm Clock
Claessens' Kids My First Alarm Clock
  • Digital & analog displays
  • Snooze function
  • Good for learning time
Product Image of the Kids Digital Alarm Clock, 7 Color Night Light, Snooze, Temperature Detect for...
Best for Visual Learning
TooTa Digital
  • Light & sound alarm
  • Simple for young children
  • 8 ringing tunes
Product Image of the Skip Hop Toddler Sleep Training Clock, Dream & Shine
Best Without A Clock Face
Skip Hop Sleep Dream & Shine Cloud
  • Simple enough for young toddler
  • Lights-off timer
  • Nursery appropriate design
Product Image of the Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light | 1st Gen | Sleep...
Best With Mobile App
Hatch Baby Rest Time-to-Rise
  • Flexible use
  • Simple light cues
  • Controls multiple units from 1 app
Product Image of the Windflyer OK to Wake Clock for Kids, Sleep Training Clock with Night Light and...
Best for Naps
Windflyer Little Teddi Toddler Clock
  • Appealing, friendly face
  • 5 brightness & volume settings
  • Power cord or battery option
Best Multipurpose Alarm Clock
My Tot Clock Toddler Clock
  • Time-out & thinking function
  • Flexible set-up options
  • Customizable look
Product Image of the Kids Alarm Clock for Sleep Training - Digital Alarm Clock for Kids with Red and...
Best Budget Alarm Clock
Big Red Rooster Alarm Clock
  • Battery or outlet power
  • Adorable, child-friendly design
  • Can set two alarm times
Product Image of the MOKOQI Star Projector Night Lights for Kids With Timer, Toys for 2-5-14 Year Old...
Best With Bluetooth Speaker
Star Projector Night Light
  • Stream stories & music
  • Works for toddlers, tweens, & teens
  • Has 6 optional projection films
Product Image of the Lepro Smart Table Lamp for Bedroom Bedside Lamp Works with Alexa Google Home,...
Best With Smart Home Compatibility
WiFi Smart Table Lamp for Bedrooms
  • Can be used anywhere at home
  • Cool light options
  • Flexible usage

The Best Toddler Alarm Clocks of 2023

Here are our recommendations for the 10 best toddler alarm clocks.

1. LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Clock

Best Toddler Alarm Clock with White Noise

The Mella Ready To Rise alarm clock for kids uses a combination of colors and facial expressions to show your child when it’s time for bed and time to rise. Plus it has a feature that plays white noise in the background.

The digital face display is both cute and easy to understand.

The two-part circles for eyes and a single mouth line indicate it’s time to sleep. When it’s almost time to get up, the larger eye circular pieces light up and an additional mouth line gives a partial smile. Then, when it’s time to get up, the face has full circle eyes and a smile.

There is also a digital time display. Also on the display is a sun to indicate wake time and a moon to indicate sleep time.

The ring around the clock face is also a night light that can shine in six colors. The baby night light is optional and comes with different brightness levels.


  • Volume control for sounds.
  • It comes with a button lock feature.
  • It has a naptime function.


  • The plug-in cable is short.

Product Specs

Clock Face Digital
Sounds White noise, lullaby, and ocean
Night Light Yes
Colors White with either blue, pink, purple, or teal feet
Power Cable with battery back-up

2. Claessens' Kids My First Alarm Clock

Best Analog Toddler Alarm Clock

This toddler alarm clock from Claessen’s Kids has a clear, bright analog clock face with an additional round display attached to one side.

This second face is split in two. The upper half displays a picture of a child playing outside with a dog. The lower half displays a child asleep in bed.

When your child should be asleep the bottom picture will glow gently, and when it is time for your little one to get up, the upper picture lights up.

You can set the alarm to go off with either a train sound, a cuckoo, or a gentle bird song. When it’s time for the alarm to go off, the sound starts off quietly and builds in volume until it is turned off.

A large mushroom-shaped button at the top of the clock provides a snooze function and also turns on the night light. This light goes out again after ten minutes, so it works well for middle-of-the-night bathroom trips or other brief wakings.


  • It has digital and analog displays.
  • The clock has a snooze function.
  • Good for learning how to tell the time.
  • It’s a fun-looking design for kids.


  • No dimmer on the clock.
  • You can set the wake-up time more than 12 hours in advance because the clock doesn’t note the difference between a.m. and p.m.

Product Specs

Clock Face Analog & digital
Sounds Birds, cuckoo, train
Night Light Yes
Colors Blue 7 white
Power Source Battery

3. TooTa Digital Alarm Clock

Best Toddler Alarm Clock For Visual Learning

Measuring about 3.8 inches high, this alarm clock displays date, day, room temperature, aside from time.

It features 8 alarm tones including folk rhymes. What’s more is that it has seven colorful night lights for your little one to choose. This can become handy when your child is afraid of the dark while they sleep.

Two alarms allow you to set either weekday and weekend wake-up times or main sleep and nap time. In addition, there is a snooze timer function.

Its minimalistic design is perfect to suit any bed room.


  • Minimalistic design.
  • It’s simple for young children to comprehend.
  • Multifarious colors to choose from


  • Battery not included.

Product Specs

Clock Face Digital
Sounds 5 folk rhymes and 3 different beep-beep
Night Light Yes
Colors Red, blue, green, yellow, orange
Power Source Battery

4. Skip Hop Sleep Dream & Shine Cloud

Best Toddler Alarm Clock Without A Clock Face

For the youngest of early risers, the Dream and Shine Cloud provides simple colored light cues to tell your child when it’s time to go to sleep, almost time to get up, and time to rise and shine.

If the cloud is glowing red, it means it’s time to sleep. In the morning, the cloud turns on and glows yellow to indicate it’s almost time for everyone to be awake. Finally, the cloud glows green to let your little one know it’s okay to get up.

The light in the cloud glows at one of three brightness levels and after 20 minutes the light turns off, allowing your child to sleep in their darkened room.

There is a “soothing mode” in which you can set the cloud to play a lullaby or some gentle white noise or rain sounds. This works well as a wind-down period before sleep.


  • Simple enough for the youngest toddler.
  • It has a lights-off timer.
  • Nursery appropriate design.


  • No night light since the light won’t stay on longer than 20 minutes.

Product Specs

Clock Face None
Sounds White noise, lullaby, gentle rain
Night Light No
Colors Blue and white
Power Source Cable

5. Hatch Baby Rest Time-to-Rise

Best Toddler Alarm Clock with Mobile App

Establishing the same time-for-bed and time-to-wake routine is important not just for kids but for adults too. However, the reality of modern family life means that we may have to get up and go to bed when it fits in with our ever-changing routines.

If this is true for your family, the Hatch Baby Rest has your back.

You can set the alarm to work automatically or by using either your kid’s tablet or your smartphone and setting it remotely. There is also the capability to turn it on manually by tapping the top of the light. That means the Hatch works as a night light as well as an okay-to-wake alarm.

The app has a Toddler Lock option that prevents your child from turning the alarm on or off, or from changing the settings manually. There is also the ability to control multiple units from one app so each child can have a personalized alarm in their room.


  • It’s flexible.
  • Simple to understand light cues.
  • It can be controlled from wherever you are.


  • The plug can be loose.

Product Specs

Clock Face None
Sounds 11 pre-set sounds
Night Light Yes
Colors White with multiple light colors
Power Source Cable

6. Windflyer Little Teddi Toddler Clock

Best Toddler Alarm Clock For Naps

The Little Teddi from Windflyer has both a digital clock display and a separate face display. This clock works well for toddlers who can’t tell the time, as well as older kids who can.

When it’s time to sleep, the face on the digital display closes its eyes and the mouth shrinks to a short line. In the morning, the eyes open up and the smile grows broader so your child knows it’s time to get up.

Between sleep and wake, there is a buffer zone. You can set this to last for between five and 90 minutes. You can choose to allow your child to stay awake but stay in bed, get up and play quietly, or anything else you like during this period.

There are also four background sounds from this device, a separate nap timer,  and a child lock to prevent your little one from changing the clock’s settings.


  • It has an appealing, friendly face.
  • It comes with five brightness and volume settings.
  • It has a power cord and a battery option.


  • Instructions could be clearer.
  • The battery compartment is difficult to open.

Product Specs

Clock Face Digital
Sounds Music box, lullaby, ocean wave, white noise
Night Light Yes
Colors Blue and white
Power Source Cable, backup battery

7. My Tot Clock Toddler Clock

Best Multipurpose Toddler Alarm Clock

The My Tot Clock has all the basic features you find on the majority of toddler alarm clocks and some unique ones. As well as the usual bed-time and wake-time light-up functions, it also has cyan for nap time, green for playtime, and red for time-outs or thinking times.

The clock can play lullabies, white noise, and fun wake-up music as well as bedtime stories that are stored on separate cartridges. However, this is one area where the clock could be improved. Instead of having to buy and insert extra cartridges to expand your library, it would be nice to have internal storage to which you could download any audiobook you like.

There are digital and analog clock displays, and the parental controls are hidden behind a fun faceplate. Extra faceplates featuring cartoon dinosaurs, farmyard, ocean, sports, and other scenes can be purchased separately. There are even plates with characters like Dora The Explorer.


  • It has a time-out and thinking function.
  • Flexible set-up options.
  • You can change the look of it by buying a new faceplate, which is good if you’re handing it down to a younger sibling.


  • Needs extra cartridges for new stories.

Product Specs

Clock Face Digital and analog
Sounds White noise, lullabies, music
Night Light Yes
Colors White
Power Source Cable with battery back-up

8. Big Red Rooster Alarm Clock

Best Budget Toddler Alarm Clock

Despite what the name suggests, this clock doesn’t take the form of a big red rooster. Instead, it is a cute cartoon-style dog sitting on its back legs and holding a ball between its front paws.

The ball lights up green when it is time to wake and red when it is time to sleep. This makes it simple for kids to understand, even before they can tell the time on the digital clock face.

You can set two different alarm times and change the amount of time the green light stays on.

If it’s not critical that your child gets up at a specific time, there is also a function to use the alarm with just the light rather than the light and buzzer together. This way the alarm won’t necessarily wake up your sleeping child if, by some luck, they are sleeping a little later than usual.


  • Battery or outlet power.
  • Adorable, child-friendly design.
  • You can set two alarm times, so it’s good for naps too.


  • Only has a buzzer sound.
  • No volume or brightness control.

Product Specs

Clock Face Digital
Sounds Buzzer
Night Light No
Colors Brown
Power Source Cable or battery

9. Star Projector Night Light

Best Toddler Alarm Clock With Bluetooth Speaker

Although not designed specifically for toddlers, this star soother projector night light can do everything a toddler alarm clock does. It has the additional advantage of being a clock that will appeal to older children too.

Set the light to glow in one of ten colors for sleep time and another of the ten for the wake-up alarm. There is a digital clock display so your child can use the standard clock when they are older.

You can also remove the standard lamp cover and replace it with one of the six projector shades included with the lamp. These shades project a soothing 360-degree scene across the walls and ceiling.

Finally, you can use the lamp without a shade for a single color projection, as well as streaming music or bedtime stories of your choosing via the built-in Bluetooth speaker.


  • Stream stories and music.
  • Will work for toddlers, tweens, and teens.
  • It has six optional projection films, including a cosmic sky, underwater scene, universe, love, happy birthday, and lucky.


  • Not specifically made for toddlers.
  • No “cute” factor.

Product Specs

Clock Face Digital
Sounds Multiple
Night Light Yes
Colors Multiple
Power Source Cable and rechargeable internal battery

10. WiFi Smart Table Lamp for Bedrooms

Best Toddler Alarm Clock with Smart Home Compatibility

This is another item that isn’t made specifically as a toddler alarm clock, but it does have the features you will need. There’s also the added advantage of it being an item that, if your child doesn’t get on well with a toddler alarm, you can still use it elsewhere in the house.

You begin by pairing the lamp with your smart home device. You can then set the lamp to come on and go off at any time with the colors of your choice. And with 16 million colors and shades, you are going to find something that works for you and your toddler.

After set-up, you can use your smart device to override your alarms at any time, change the color of the lamp, or set the brightness. This works either via the app or through voice control. If you have a child who will instruct Google or Alexa, you’ll have to lock them out of the lamp.


  • Flexible usage.
  • Can be used elsewhere in the home, not just a child’s bedroom.
  • The light options are cool with an amazing number of choices.


  • No clock display.
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi only.

Product Specs

Clock Face None
Sounds None
Night Light Yes
Colors Silver and white
Power Source Cable

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Clock Face Sounds Night Light Power
LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Clock White Noise Digital White noise, lullax, & ocean Yes Cable/Battery
Claessens’ Kids My First Alarm Clock Analog Analog/Digital Birds, cuckoo, train Yes Battery
TooTa Digital Visual Learning Digital Folk rhymes and beeps Yes Battery
Skip Hop Sleep Dream & Shine Cloud Clock Face None White noise, lullax, gentle rain No Cable
Hatch Baby Rest Time-to-Rise Mobile App None 11 pre-set sounds Yes Cable
Windflyer Little Teddi Toddler Clock Naps Digital Music box, lullax, ocean wave, white noise Yes Cable/Battery
My Tot Clock Toddler Clock Multipurpose Digital/Analog White noise, lullabies, music Yes Cable/Battery
Big Red Rooster Alarm Clock Budget Pick Digital Buzzer No Cable/Battery
Star Projector Night Light Bluetooth Speaker Digital Multiple Yes Cable/Battery
WiFi Smart Table Lamp for Bedrooms Smart Home Compatibility None None Yes Cable

What Is a Toddler Alarm Clock?

A toddler alarm clock functions both as a regular “it’s time to get up” alarm and an “okay-to-wake” clock.

It usually has a light or other indicator to show a toddler when it’s time to sleep and when it’s okay to get up without the need for your child to tell the time.

Do Okay-to-Wake Clocks Work?

I speak from experience when I say okay-to-wake clocks work. While they will not, alone, make your child sleep any longer, they do let your child know whether it’s time to get up, without the need for them to come bouncing into your room. That means these alarm clocks can help you get more sleep while teaching your child about the importance of following a schedule.

The key is teaching your child to sleep early so that it would be easier for them to follow what the alarm clock is telling them about their schedule. It may take a few days for them to adjust to staying in bed when they wake up until the alarm indicates it’s time to get up. Stick with it, be consistent, and they’ll learn to follow the rules.

At What Age Should a Child Start Using an Alarm Clock?

Your child has to understand the concept of time before an alarm clock is useful. Most kids reach that stage somewhere between 2 and 3 years of age. These alarm clocks can remain useful for years afterward — until your child deems them too babyish and wants a more grown-up alarm clock.

How to Choose the Best Toddler Alarm Clock

To choose the best toddler alarm clock for your child, you should consider the following:


You don’t want to waste money on a clock that doesn’t work for you. And since there are so many options out there, it’s something you don’t have to spend a ton of money on. Set a price in your mind that you’ll be comfortable spending and then try to stick to that.


Toddler alarm clocks are available to match the aesthetics of most homes. Whether it’s sleek and stylish simplicity you want to match your whole-home decor or super cute character styles with heaps of kiddie appeal, you can find something that fits.

Extra Features

The best toddler alarm clocks have additional features such as a white noise function, a separate night light, or smart home compatibility.

When you are looking at clocks, think about what you need and whether the clock under consideration will have features to meet your needs and your family’s lifestyle.

It’s Not Forever

If your toddler likes to rise and shine before the sun makes an appearance, you’ll know the pain of being woken up by a bouncy bundle of energy in the dark. That’s horrible if you’re an early bird, but if you’re a night owl, it’s positively torturous.

Toddler alarm clocks provide your child with a simple way of knowing when it’s time to sleep, when it’s okay to play quietly, and when they can wake the rest of the household.

But don’t worry, before you know it they’ll be teenagers and you won’t be able to get them out of bed at all.

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