Best Kids Alarm Clocks of 2020

If you need help keeping your little one in bed, or getting your not-so-little one out of bed, we have the clock for you.

It seems like parents spend half of our time trying to get our kids to wake up and get out of bed, and the other half getting them to fall asleep or stay in bed.

One way to minimize the stress of dealing with your kids’ sleeping and waking habits is to provide them with a clock that allows them to regulate their habits on their own. The best kids’ alarm clocks will promote a sense of independence or enthusiasm in your child.

Our Top Picks

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Are Alarm Clocks Good For Kids?

Alarm clocks can be good for kids because:

  • Some provide a comforting light or sound when they’re falling asleep, which can help children who are scared of the dark (1).
  • They give children an opportunity to take on some responsibility for themselves.
  • Some teach kids about the appropriate times to go to sleep and get up.
  • Alarm clocks can help learn to tell the time.

At What Age Should A Child Start Using An Alarm Clock?

It depends.

At 2 or 3 years of age, your child may understand the idea of a sleep trainer with a particular signal for sleeping and getting up. But, just because they understand, don’t expect them to take notice!

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the best alarm clocks for kids will fix all of your sleep issues.

If your child shows interest in having a clock in their room, the clock is a child-friendly one, and you are fine with them having it, then they are old enough for a clock.

How to Choose the Best Kids Alarm Clock

Age range

Choose an alarm clock that is appropriate for your child’s age and developmental stage.


Do you need a clock that will wake your child gently in the morning, or do you have a child who needs a brass band marching through their room before they wake up? Or, if you have an early riser, perhaps you need a sleep trainer to let them know when it’s okay to get out of bed. Figure out what you want from the alarm clock before you go shopping for one.


Stick to a budget. If your child’s fickle and likely to change their mind about their choice, avoid spending too much. Alternatively, if you’d give anything for an extra hour in bed in the morning, a high-end sleep trainer might be worth the extra money.

Best Kids Alarm Clocks of 2020

Here are our top alarm clock picks for kids:

1. Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Nightlight

Best Alarm Clock for Elementary School Kids

Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light
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This clock scores high marks for its versatility.

Starting out as an OK To Wake device, the clock then grows with your child, teaching them to tell the time on both digital and analog displays.

Finally, it becomes a fully functional alarm clock with a snooze option.

Why We Love It

Educational Game

The time-teaching game has five adjustable skill levels, allowing you to make the game more difficult as your child’s abilities develop.

Integrated OK To Wake Light

Before your child can tell the time, program the clock with what time it’s okay for your child to get up in the morning. Your child can learn they have to stay in bed until their clock turns green.


This clock works just as well for a 3-year old as it does for a 9-year-old. That means you may get many years of use out of this kids’ alarm clock.

Keep In Mind

Night Light

You can’t turn the nightlight function off, which may not appeal to those who like to sleep in total darkness.

Additional Specs

Power sourceUSB cord with 2 AA battery back-up
Age range3+
Digital or AnalogBoth
Integrated lightYes

2. Good Night Buddy Kids Alarm Clock

Best Kids' Sleep Trainer

Good Night Buddy by Sleep Whisperer Ingrid Prueher - All-in-One Sleep Training...
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Created by Ingrid Prueher, a baby sleep consultant, the Good Night Buddy addresses your child’s sleep environment to help them develop an appropriate sleep routine.

Why We Love It


The clock displays the temperature in figures through red, yellow and blue lights on the side. This allows you to see at a glance if the room is too hot (red), too cold (blue), or just right (yellow) for optimal sleep.

Nap Time Programs

There is the ability to program the wake and sleep time of three naps in addition to an overnight sleep time.

White Noise

Three white noise settings provide a gentle background sound, without being stimulating.

Winding Down

The sleep buddy yawns when it’s time to start winding down and get ready to go to sleep. This provides an excellent buffer between playtime and sleep time.

Keep In Mind


Some reviewers complain the brightness of the lights is not adjustable.

Additional Specs

Power sourcePlug-in power with watch battery back-up
Age range2 years +
Digital or AnalogDigital
Integrated lightYes

3. Vobot Bunny Smart Sleep Alarm Clock

Best Alarm Clock for Preschoolers

VOBOT Bunny Toddlers Smart Sleep Trainer with Alexa, Kids Wake Up Alarm Clock...
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This Alexa integrated alarm clock for preschoolers can be controlled via the app from anywhere in the world.

Plus, it has such an adorable design that your child will likely love having their own clock.

Why We Love It

Multiple Pre-Programmable Modes

Use the app to set up different schedules and create a variety of light, timer, and sound combinations.

Smart Home Control For Parents

You’ll have the ability to control SMART elements of your home from your child’s room. So, you could switch the kettle on, set the house alarm, and check that the doors are locked while you sit with your little one.

Turn Off Alexa Integration & SMART Home Control

You can turn the Alexa integration off if you do not want your child to access stories and music.

Keep In Mind

Some Limitations

It needs a 2.4Ghz AP wireless modem to work and it does not have a battery back-up. Consequently, if it’s unplugged or there’s a power outage, you lose all of your settings.

Additional Specs

Power sourceA/C power
Age range2 years +
Digital or AnalogDigital
Integrated lightYes

4. Uplayteck Light Kids Alarm Clock

Best Kids’ Alarm Clock With Bluetooth Speaker

Uplayteck Light Alarm Clock for Kids - Wake Up Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker...
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This sophisticated kids’ alarm clock/light/speaker combo will appeal to the older kids in your home as well as some of the smaller kids.

Why We Love It

Gentle Light Modes

The alarm light turns on at a low setting and gradually brightens to wake you up. You can also program it to gradually dim when you are going to sleep.

Excellent Sound

The high-quality Bluetooth speaker allows you to stream from any device in a 10-meter radius.


It can be used by plugging into an outlet or charged for up to 160 hours of use.

Keep In Mind

Learning Curve

Some reviewers complain the instructions are not as clear as they could be and that it can be tricky to learn how all of the functions work

Additional Specs

Power sourceA/C power and rechargeable
Age range8 years +
Digital or AnalogDigital
Integrated lightYes

5. Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

Best Alarm Clock for Middle Schoolers

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels (Original) | Extra Loud for Heavy Sleeper (Adult or...
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Clocky is a good kids’ alarm clock if you have middle schoolers who struggle to get out of bed in the morning.

Once it’s time for the alarm to go off, Clocky will come to life, bounce off of your bedside table and roll around the room until you get up and turn it off.

Why We Love It

One-Time Snooze

Clocky has a one-hit snooze, which means you get ten minutes and then there’s no turning it off until you get up. You also can turn the ability to hit snooze off entirely.

It Runs And Hides

Once the alarm on Clocky goes off, the wheels activate. Then it jumps from the table to the floor and starts moving around the room. You have to get out of bed to track it down and turn it off.

Quirky Sound

The alarm on Clocky sounds rather like R2-D2. Lots of electronic noise, and no gentle music!

Keep In Mind

Difficult For Everyone Else To Ignore

When we say loud, we mean it. If you have anyone else in your home who does not want to get up at the same time as your child, you might want to choose a different alarm clock.

Some People Have Had Issues with These Breaking

You may want to make sure your nightstand isn’t super high off the ground, as perhaps that could be one reason for people complaining their clock broke.

Additional Specs

Power source4 AAA batteries
Age range7 years +
Digital or AnalogDigital
Integrated lightNo

6. PPLEE Olfactory Alarm Clock

Best Alarm Clock For Kids With Sensory Issues

Olfactory Alarm Clock, Scent+Light+Sound Digital LED Clock with 4 Perfume...
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Not everyone reacts well to being woken up by noise.

If your child is one of those, you could try a gradual light alarm clock or the PPLEE, which can wake you up with smells.

Why We Love It

Gentle Waking

This clock emits an aroma for 15 minutes before it’s time to get up, allowing you to wake up gradually and gently.

Flexible Combinations

As well as the smell, you can add gentle sounds and/or light combinations.


It has dim light and display options as well as the ability to hook up your device and use any sound as your alarm.

Keep In Mind

Must Use Sound

It would be nice to use only the smell and light to wake, but you must also have sound if you do not turn the alarm off within 15 minutes.

Additional Specs

Power sourceA/C power and 3 AAA battery back-up
Age range8 years +
Digital or AnalogDigital
Integrated lightYes

7. Urban Hello - Remi Sleep Tracker, Baby Monitor & Alarm Clock

Best Smart Kids’ Alarm Clock

REMI - The Best Children Clock to teach kids to sleep better and longer - Sleep...
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The Remi sleep tracker combines a kids’ alarm clock, a baby monitor, and a smart Bluetooth speaker.

Why We Love It

Sleep Data Tracker

The Remi will note the times your child wakes during the night and the noise and temperature data for your child’s room. This allows you to see, over time, if there are specific causes for sleep issues.

Acts As A Baby Monitor

The Remi is also a regular baby monitor that allows you to hear and speak to your child without entering the room. You’ll also receive an alert to your phone when there’s noise in your baby’s room.

Stay Connected

You can speak with your child through the app from anywhere in the world.

Keep In Mind

Hooked On Data

It can be easy to become overly focused on the data and not on your child.

Additional Specs

Power sourceA/C power
Age rangeNewborn to 10 years
Digital or AnalogDigital
Integrated lightYes

8. Betus Non-Ticking Robot

Best Affordable Kids’ Alarm Clock

Betus Non-Ticking Robot Alarm Clock Stainless Metal - Wake-up Clock with...
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A cute mix of traditional and modern, this kids’ alarm clock has an analog face, a second hand, and no sound.

Why We Love It

Unique Style

This funky robot is appealing enough for younger children and geeky enough for the older kids.

Note Clip Hands

This robot has hands capable of holding notes so you can leave a few words of love for your child to discover in the morning.

Great For Light Sleepers

The special “no-tick” design means that light sleepers will not be disturbed.

Keep In Mind

Very Basic

This alarm clock does not have any sleep trainer or other advanced features.

Additional Specs

Power source2 AAA Batteries
Age range9 years +
Digital or AnalogAnalog
Integrated lightNo

9. Sharp Projection Alarm Clock

Best Projector Kids’ Alarm Clock

Sharp Projection Alarm Clock with Soothing Nature Sleep Sounds – Easy to Read...
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This is a traditional alarm clock that has the ability to project the time onto a wall or ceiling.

Why We Love It

Adjustable Projection

The projection arm lets you project the time onto the walls or ceiling.

Simple Design

Smooth, unobtrusive design.

Ease Of Use

Easy for a child to set and use. There aren’t many buttons to figure out on this unit.

Keep In Mind

Not A “Kiddie” Clock

The basic, adult design won’t appeal to younger kids. But it’s one that will last them into adulthood because it will never be too babyish for them.

Additional Specs

Power sourceA/C power and 2 AAA batteries backup
Age range7 years +
Digital or AnalogDigital
Integrated lightYes

10. Witti Beddi Style

Best Alarm Clock For Teens

WITTI BEDDI Style | App Enabled Smart Alarm Clock with Bluetooth Speaker & USB
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This is a sleek and sophisticated clock for the teen years and beyond.

It has an integrated Bluetooth speaker which your tech-loving teen should like.

Why We Love It

Wake With Light

It has a gentle light alarm option to wake you with light.

Integrated Charger

The clock has USB charging ports so your teen can hook up their cell and wake to a fully-charged phone.

Sound Asleep

It also has white noise and gentle sounds for falling asleep and waking.

Keep In Mind

Could Encourage Cell Use

Having a phone plugged into the alarm clock can make it too easy to stay up.

Additional Specs

Power sourceA/C power
Age range9 years +
Digital or AnalogDigital
Integrated lightYes

Kids Alarm Clock Comparison Chart

ProductBestPower sourceAge rangeDigital or AnalogIntegrated light
Teach Me Time! Talking NightlightElementary School KidsUSB cord with 2 AA battery back-up3+BothYes
Good Night BuddySleep TrainerPlug-in power with watch battery back-up2 years +DigitalYes
Vobot BunnyPreschoolersA/C power2 years +DigitalYes
Uplayteck AlarmBluetooth SpeakerA/C power & rechargeable8 years +DigitalYes
Clocky AlarmMiddle Schoolers4 AAA batteries7 years +DigitalNo
PPLEE Olfactory Alarm ClockSensory IssuesA/C power & 3 AAA battery back-up8 years +DigitalYes
Urban Hello – Remi Sleep TrackerSmart ClockA/C power0 to 10 yearsDigitalYes
Betus Non-Ticking RobotAffordable2 AAA Batteries9 years +AnalogNo
Sharp ProjectionProjectorA/C power & 2 AAA batteries backup7 years +DigitalYes
Witti Beddi StyleTeensA/C power9 years +DigitalYes
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Be Guided By Age

Alarm clocks for kids come in such a wide variety of styles and have so many features it can be difficult to choose.

When you are trying to find the best kids’ alarm clocks, you should be guided by your family’s needs and your child’s age. You could also narrow the field down to two choices and let your kids have the final say.

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