Best Kids Watches of 2020

Do you need help choosing a watch that’s just right for your child?

It’s hard for a child to understand time because they cannot see, touch, hear, or feel it. The best way to help them understand time is to show them how we measure it with a watch or a clock.

Once your child can see time recorded and passing, they will be able to learn how to gauge instructions like you telling them they have 10 more minutes before it’s time to get ready for bed (1).

However, buying your child a watch helps them learn about more than just time. The best kids’ watches are also an important step toward learning responsibility and independence.

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    Should Kids Wear Watches?

    Most people are visual learners. Wearing a watch helps your child see time (2). Consequently, a watch is a crucial tool to help your little one understand:

    • How much time has passed.
    • What a specific period of time, such as 10 minutes, feels like.
    • Deadlines.
    • How to wind down an activity and prepare to stop doing something you enjoy.

    Kids’ watches meet these learning needs. They not only show the time, but they are fun to wear and stand up to a child’s rough and tumble world.

    Watches are also a key stepping stone to independence. When your child wears a watch you can tell them to be somewhere by a specific time.

    What Age Should A Child Get A Watch?

    There are no hard and fast rules about when to get a child a watch. However, a 3-year-old can begin to learn the basics of time. Therefore, anytime from that point on would be an acceptable time for a child to get a watch.

    Types Of Watches For Kids

    Analog Watches

    Venhoo Kids Watches Cute 3D Cartoon Waterproof Silicone Children Toddler Wrist...
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    Analog watches are those which have a traditional clock face with numbers and hands to indicate the hours and the minutes.

    • Good for teaching a child how to tell the time.
    • A child who learns to tell the time with an analog watch will find it simple to learn to read a digital display.
    • Being able to tell the time with an analog watch allows a child to read the time on other clock faces around them, no matter where they are.
    • It can take longer to learn to tell the time on an analog watch.
    • Analog watches have fewer features than their digital counterparts.

    Digital Watches

    Kids Watch Sport Multi Function 50M Waterproof LED Alarm Stopwatch Digital Child...
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    Digital watches show the time using digits on an LED display rather than on a clock face with numbers and hands.

    • Digital watches usually have more features than analog watches, including timers, lights, and alarms.
    • They tend to be more robust and are less likely to be broken.
    • Can be rather big and bulky.
    • Children who learn to tell the time on a digital watch need to relearn to tell the time on an analog watch or clock.

    Sports Watches

    Kids Digital Sport Watch Waterproof Children Outdoor Watches Kid Casual...
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    Sports watches are usually more rugged than other models. They have features such as a timer and stopwatch and can be the best watches for kids who love activity.

    • An excellent choice for active children as they are specifically designed to stand up to the rigors of sports and activities.
    • Additional features allow a child to monitor their sports performance.
    • Kids’ sports watches are usually waterproof, which means they can be worn outside in all kinds of weather.
    • Some of the programmable features can be difficult for a child to manage.
    • Younger children may be tempted to play with the buttons and functions. This can result in them breaking the watch.


    Waterproof Kids Smart Watch for Boys Girls GPS Tracker Smartwatch Phone Kids...
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    With a smartwatch, your child can play games, take photos, and even call home or another designated emergency contact. Many kids’ smartwatches also have a GPS system that will allow you to track your child when they are wearing their watch.

    • Enables your child to call you in an emergency, eliminating the need for an expensive cell phone.
    • Provides entertainment through games and other built-in activities.
    • Allows you to track your child when they are away from home.
    • Can be easily broken by a rambunctious child.
    • Some kids’ smartwatches may have security weaknesses that allow them to be hacked.
    • The battery life isn’t as great as it is with some of the other types of watches.

    How To Choose The Best Kids’ Watch

    To choose the best watch for your child you have to consider:

    Your Child’s Age

    As a general rule, the younger your child is, the more simple the watch should be.

    The fewer the features, the better, when it comes to little ones. No distractions, nothing to play with and, hopefully, nothing to break. A straightforward clock face on a strap is absolutely the best way to go when it comes to little ones.

    As your child gets older you may want to consider a watch that has GPS, especially when you first allow them to venture out and about without you.

    Whether Your Child Can Tell The Time Yet

    If your child can already tell the time, choosing which kind of watch you buy comes down to the other three factors for consideration.

    However, if your child cannot tell the time yet, an analog kids’ watch is the way to go. Children who learn to tell the time on digital clocks and watches may struggle to learn to tell the time on an analog clock or watch. There are plenty of adults who struggle with analog clock faces because they learned to tell the time on a digital watch.

    When And Where Your Child Will Be Wearing The Watch

    If your child takes part in sports or other physical activities, you might want to choose a watch that has a more rugged strap and casing.

    Sports and digital watches are also an excellent idea for the sporty child because they also have features such as stopwatches, timers, and more.

    You should also think about where your child will be wearing their watch when you are deciding how much to spend. Smaller children may lose their watch at school, or take it off and give it to a friend. Older kids can be just as forgetful so if your child has to take their watch off for any reason when they are away from home, consider a more affordable option.

    Your Child’s Personality And Preferences

    You should also think about your child’s personality and preferences. Are they a fan of a particular cartoon character or superhero? Perhaps they like pretty items with lots of bling?

    No matter what your child’s likes, dislikes, or style, you are likely to be able to find a watch to suit them.

    The Best Kids Watches of 2020

    Here are the top watches for kids:

    1. Dayllon Kids’ Watch

    Best Watch For Boys

    Kid's Digital Watch LED Outdoor Sports 50M Waterproof Watches Boys Children's...
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    If you are looking for an affordable watch for boys that will also stand up to rugged play, the Dayllon kids watch is an excellent choice.

    The rubberized backing straps prevent rubbing or chafing from the watch body. This makes the watch especially comfortable to wear.

    The display shows the day, date, and time with either a regular light level or an additional light mode to make the display easier to read in bright daylight.

    • This watch is rated water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters.
    • Lightweight construction makes it comfortable for even the smallest of little ones to wear.
    • It has an analog display so your child can see both kinds of time display at once.
    • There are a number of colors and styles for this watch but not all of them offer the same features.
    • While it is water-resistant, it is not waterproof so there is no guarantee that it will survive use during a heavy rainstorm.

    Additional Specs

    Weight4 ounces
    Strap MaterialRubber
    Closure SystemStainless Steel buckle
    FunctionsStopwatch, alarm
    Other FeaturesWater-resistant

    2. PASNEW Easy Reader Girls’ Watch

    Best Watch For Girls

    Girl Watches PASNEW Easy Use and Easy Reader Time Leather Band Watch for Kids...
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    This pretty watch with a leather band is designed to appeal to children as young as 3 years old.

    However, the design is sophisticated enough for older kids, tweens, and even some teens.

    The watch face is decorated with delicate flowers and the points where the strap attaches to the bezel have a trio of crystals.

    • The design will appeal to a wide age range. Your child may want to wear this watch for many years to come.
    • The analog display is most appropriate for learning to tell the time.
    • Could be more easily damaged than plastic or rubber watches.

    Additional Specs

    Weight1.27 ounces
    Strap MaterialLeather
    Closure SystemStainless steel buckle
    FunctionsBasic analog watch face only
    Other FeaturesNone

    3. Angels Kids’ Watch

    Best Watch For Tweens

    Kids Children Girls Teen Watch, 2017 Autumn New Rainbow Stripe Time Teacher...
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    This fun and funky watch is an excellent choice for tweens.

    Cute enough to still be appealing, but adult enough to feel grown-up, this watch is specially constructed to be lightweight and comfortable for little ones.

    The silicone strap and water-resistant casing make this a watch that can be worn at playtime while still being stylish with a more dressed-up look.

    • Flexible silicone strap makes the watch lightweight and safe.
    • The water-resistant casing will stand up to splashes of water at school or at play.
    • Watch is supplied with a gift box.
    • May be damaged by extreme heat or cold.

    Additional Specs

    Weight1.4 ounces
    Strap MaterialSilicone
    Closure SystemStainless steel buckle
    FunctionsBasic analog watch only
    Other FeaturesShock-resistant, gift box

    4. Turmmeon Kids’ Smartwatch

    Best Kids’ Smartwatch

    Waterproof Kids Smart Watch for Boys Girls GPS Tracker Smartwatch Phone Kids...
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    The Turmmeon kids’ smartwatch allows your child to play games, take photos, and call home all from one simple device.

    A parent remote function lets you monitor your child’s position via GPS and take photos remotely using the watch’s camera.

    You can even set the watch to go into Do Not Disturb Mode so your little one cannot play with it during class time.

    • GPS allows you to see your child’s location and track their movements.
    • A special SOS mode allows your child to call you for help by touching one button.
    • Voice “micro chat” allows brief conversations to three numbers of your choosing.
    • The watch can only use 2G networks.
    • Speedtalk SIM card is included but requires a $5 per month subscription fee.

    Additional Specs

    Weight7 ounces
    Strap MaterialPlastic
    Closure SystemPlastic buckle
    FunctionsTimer, GPS, camera, calls
    Other FeaturesCan be used remotely by parents

    5. Venhoo 3D Cartoon Watch

    Best Watch For 3-Year-Olds

    Venhoo Kids Watches Cartoon Waterproof Silicone Children Wristwatches Time...
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    Your child’s first watch is a big step. The Venhoo 3D cartoon watch gives your child that older kid feeling while being safe enough for your tiny loved ones.

    The silicone strap is attractively decorated with cute 3D cartoon characters and the theme carries onto the watch face. The hands-on watch face is large, brightly colored, and easy to read, as are the numbers, while the second “hand” is a character from the watch strap.

    • The silicone strap and watch case covering make this comfortable and safe to wear.
    • It comes with a clear, protective plastic covering to prevent scratches.
    • Splash resistant so it can be worn for regular activities.
    • The small strap size means that some children may grow out of this quite quickly.
    • No extra features.

    Additional Specs

    Weight1.6 ounces
    Strap MaterialRubber
    Closure SystemStainless steel buckle
    FunctionsAnalog watch face only
    Other FeaturesNone

    6. Gizmowatch Disney Edition Kids’ Smartwatch

    Best Kids’ Watch With GPS

    Gizmowatch Disney Edition - Connected Kids Smartwatch with GPS Tracking and...
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    This high-quality smartwatch with GPS works on the fastest Verizon 4G network.

    Using the app, you can program up to ten numbers of your choosing, allowing your child a small pool of safe contacts.

    There is also an integrated fitness tracker which can be used to count steps and set activity goals.

    • Works on the Verizon 4G LTE networks to allow two-way calling between child and parent.
    • Set boundaries using the GPS and you will receive an alert when your child leaves the approved area.
    • An expensive item to give to a small child who may not be as careful with it as you might hope.

    Additional Specs

    Weight7 ounces
    Strap MaterialPlastic
    Closure SystemStainless steel buckle
    FunctionsDigital and analog clock faces, GPS, limited phone
    Other FeaturesGeo-fencing and remote control of the watch’s function via the parents’ app

    7. YF Wood Kids’ Waterproof Digital Watch

    Best Waterproof Kids’ Watch

    Kids Digital Sport Watch Waterproof Children Outdoor Watches Kid Casual...
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    This pick is a lightweight, shockproof, and waterproof watch designed to appeal to school kids from the age of 5 on up.

    Listed as waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, the watch can be worn for swimming and is safe to wear in the shower or during other water-intensive activities.

    • It can be worn while swimming.
    • Sturdy enough to be worn during the active day of young children as well as while playing sports.
    • This watch has few functions so older kids might find it boring.

    Additional Specs

    Weight4 Ounces
    Strap MaterialRubber
    Closure SystemStainless steel buckle
    FunctionsTime, stopwatch, alarm
    Other FeaturesWaterproof, shockproof

    8. EasyRead Time Teacher

    Best Learn-To-Tell-The-Time Watch

    EasyRead Time Teacher Analog Learn The Time Childrens Watch Purple #ERW-COL-24
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    The EasyRead Time Teacher has a special time teaching analog watch face.

    The dial has the regular 1 to 12 layout with an additional outer ring with the numbers 1 to 59.

    Your child can quickly learn to read and tell the time by saying the number at the end of the little hand and then the number at the end of the big hand.

    • The design allows your child to tell the time simply and quickly.
    • The new watch face material is scratch resistant.
    • The bright, simple design is appealing to many children.
    • It’s not shatterproof, so some users have reported a broken watch face when the watch has been dropped onto a hard surface.

    Additional Specs

    Weight2.4 ounces
    Strap MaterialNylon
    Closure SystemStainless steel buckle
    FunctionsAnalog clock face with a unique double ring of numbers
    Other FeaturesNone

    9. Garmin Vívofit Jr, Kids’ Fitness/Activity Tracker

    Best Kids’ Fitness Watch

    Garmin vívofit jr, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker, 1year Battery Life, Red,...
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    The Garmin Vivofit Jr. kids’ fitness activity tracker can be managed by parents via an app that allows you to monitor multiple children.

    Compatible with both android and iOS, you can see your child’s sleep, steps, activities, and chores data from your phone, as well as setting goals and giving rewards.

    • Parents can assign chores via the app, and the chore information will be displayed on the watch.
    • Coins can be awarded on the watch and used for rewards of the parents’ choosing.
    • When your child hits their 30-minutes-in-a-day activity goal, a step on the fun electronic adventure trail is unlocked.
    • The band rips fairly easily because it’s so soft.

    Additional Specs

    Weight0.64 ounces
    Strap MaterialSilicone
    Closure SystemNone – it’s a solid, stretchy silicone band without a closure system
    FunctionsStep, sleep, and activity time tracker and watch
    Other FeaturesCan assign chores, award coins, and set activity goals

    10. Venhoo Kids’ Watches

    Best Kids’ First Watch

    Venhoo Kids Watches 3D Cute Cartoon Waterproof Silicone Children Toddler Wrist...
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    The Venhoo silicone strap analog watch is simplicity itself.

    An analog watch face with bright primary colored numbers is held on the wrist by a fun silicone band. The band is decorated with simple math, and the watch is delivered in a coordinating gift box.

    A Japanese quartz movement is powered by a standard watch battery which lasts about a year and can then be easily replaced at home.

    • The simple design is good for the youngest of watch wearers.
    • The silicone band is comfortable and less likely to cause allergic reactions.
    • The face is shatterproof, but it could still be cracked if there is enough of an impact.

    Additional Specs

    Weight1.6 ounces
    Strap MaterialLeather
    Closure SystemStainless steel buckle
    FunctionsAnalog watch face only
    Other FeaturesNone

    11. LEGO Time Teacher Buildable Watch

    Best Kids’ Watch And Clock Set

    LEGO Time Teacher 9005008 Blue Kids Minifigure Link Buildable Watch,...
    Check Price

    Not only can your little one enjoy a Lego watch, but they can also have a matching Lego clock. The clock is easy enough for a 3-year-old to follow the instructions and build with the only help from an adult being the placement of the clock mechanism.

    The watch itself has an outer dial for quick learning of the minutes past and minutes to the hour. You’ll also get learning to tell the time cards to make teaching and learning fun.

    • The watch and clock have the same face. This means your child does not have to be wearing the watch to keep learning the time.
    • The watch strap and face are built in the bright primary colors of Lego basics.
    • Having the learning to tell the time cards gives some structure to teaching your child at home.
    • The primary colors may not appeal to all children.
    • Some kids might find the plastic strap uncomfortable.

    Additional Specs

    WeightWatch – 1.3 ounces
    Strap MaterialPlastic
    Closure SystemPlastic sliding clasp
    FunctionsBasic analog watch with an additional outer dial for learning to tell the time
    Other FeaturesClock with the same features as the watch plus learn-to-tell-the-time cards featuring Lego features

    12. Bozlun Kids’ Military-Style Sports Watch

    Best Kids’ Military Style Watch

    Boy's Digital Watch Camouflage Blue Sports Military Style Alarm LED Backlight...
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    Created with the rugged outdoor enthusiast in mind, the Bozlun kids’ military-style watch comes in either a blue or green camo design, as well as four other colors.

    The digital display has two modes — regular and EL. The regular display has dark numbers against a light background, and the EL has numbers that light up. This makes it great for those overnight camping trips or night hikes.

    • Appealing camo design with four other options including matt black — a popular military choice.
    • Built to survive the rigors of rough outdoor play.
    • It has options to display either a 12-hour or 24-hour clock, as well as an alarm and stopwatch.
    • The watch is promoted as a kids’ watch but is quite large. It might not be a good fit for smaller kids.

    Additional Specs

    Weight1.8 ounces
    Strap MaterialPlastic
    Closure SystemDouble hole, double prong, stainless steel and plastic
    FunctionsTime, date, alarm, stopwatch
    Other FeaturesShock-resistant, water-resistant, 24-hour clock option

    13. VIVIKEN Kids’ Watch

    Best Affordable Kids’ Watch

    VIVIKEN Kids Watch 3D Cartoon Waterproof Children Toddler Wrist Watch Time...
    Check Price

    The Viviken kids’ watch has 14 cute design options, all of which have 3D cartoon figures on the adjustable strap.

    All of the watches have analog faces with fun designs and most have brightly colored numbers and hands.

    The battery that comes in the watch is listed as lasting for a year. Replacement batteries are readily available and can easily be replaced at home.

    • Its watch design is appealing to younger children.
    • Affordable price makes this a good option for a child who wants a watch but isn’t yet ready to tell the time independently.
    • Only likely to appeal to a younger child, so it’s not the best affordable option for an older kid or tween.
    • It’s not a great choice for smaller children because the watch face is big.

    Additional Specs

    Weight0.8 ounces
    Strap MaterialSilicone
    Closure SystemStainless steel buckle
    FunctionsAnalog watch face only
    Other FeaturesNone

    14. PASNEW Kids Watch

    Best Digital Plus Analog Combo Watch For Kids

    PASNEW Kids Watches Colorful Cool Waterproof Digital Watch Christmas...
    Check Price

    This Pasnew kids’ watch has both digital and analog time displays for the best of both worlds. In addition to the time displays, there is an alarm, stopwatch, step counter, and timer. You can set the watch to display either the 12-hour clock or the 24-hour clock.

    Rugged, shock-resistant and water-resistant, this watch is an excellent option if you want to encourage the use of a numbers and hands watch face but your child likes digital.

    • The watch has an analog clock with numbers and hands as well as a digital display. Both displays are visible at the same time.
    • Can show either the 12-hour clock or the 24-hour clock.
    • Available in 14 designs which range from military and camo style to powder blue so there is a design for every taste.
    • The watch face has a lot going on and the busy design may be confusing for some younger children.

    Additional Specs

    Weight1.9 ounces
    Strap MaterialPlastic
    Closure SystemStainless steel and plastic buckle system
    FunctionsAnalog and digital time display, date, stopwatch
    Other FeaturesAlarm, light, 12-hour or 24-hour time display

    15. Lacoste Kids' TR90 Quartz Watch

    Best High-End Kids’ Watch

    Lacoste Kids' TR90 Quartz Watch with Rubber Strap, Blue, 14 (Model: 2030002)
    Check Price

    If you have a miniature designer label fan, how about the Lacoste watch?

    With the signature crocodile at the 3 o’clock point, your child can tell the time in style. As well as being a timepiece, this watch could be considered timeless and your child could wear it for many years to come.

    The mineral watch face is scratch resistant and the entire watch is water-resistant.

    • Clean, stylish design will appeal to kids for years to come.
    • The watch comes with a two-year warranty.
    • The rubber strap is comfortable and easy to clean.
    • Not suitable for wear during rough and tumble play.

    Additional Specs

    Weight1.4 ounces
    Strap MaterialRubber
    Closure SystemStainless steel buckle
    FunctionsAnalog watch face only
    Other FeaturesNone

    Kids Watch Comparison Chart

    ProductBestWeightStrap MaterialClosure SystemFunctions
    Dayllon Kids’ WatchBoys4 ozRubberStainless Steel buckleStopwatch, alarm
    PASNEW Easy Reader Girls1.27 ozLeatherStainless steel buckleBasic analog watch face only
    Angels Kids’ WatchTweens1.4 ozSiliconeStainless steel buckleBasic analog watch only
    Turmmeon Kids’ SmartwatchSmartwatch7 ozPlasticPlastic buckleTimer, GPS, camera, calls
    Venhoo 3D Cartoon Watch3-Year-Olds1.6 ozRubberStainless steel buckleAnalog watch face only
    Gizmowatch Disney EditionGPS7 ozPlasticStainless steel buckleDigital & analog clock faces, GPS, limited phone
    YF Wood Kids’ Digital WatchWaterproof4 ozRubberStainless steel buckleTime, stopwatch, alarm
    EasyRead Time TeacherLearning Time2.4 ozNylonStainless steel buckleAnalog clock face
    Garmin Vívofit Jr, Fitness Watch0.64 ozSiliconeNoneStep, sleep, & activity time tracker
    Venhoo Kids’ WatchesFirst Watch1.6 ozLeatherStainless steel buckleAnalog watch face only
    LEGO Time TeacherWatch & Clock Set1.3 ozPlasticPlastic sliding claspAnalog watch with outer dial for learning time
    Bozlun Kids’ Sports WatchMilitary Style1.8 ozPlasticDouble hole, double prong, stainless steel & plasticTime, date, alarm, stopwatch
    VIVIKEN Kids’ WatchAffordable0.8 ozSiliconeStainless steel buckleAnalog watch face only
    PASNEW Kids WatchDigital & Analog Combo1.9 ozPlasticStainless steel & plastic buckle systemAnalog & digital display, date, stopwatch
    Lacoste Kids’ TR90 Quartz WatchHigh-End1.4 ozRubberStainless steel buckleAlarm, light, 12-hour or 24-hour display
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    Giving The Gift Of Time

    A first watch is an exciting gift for a child. It makes your child feel more like a grown-up and is one of the first steps toward learning responsibility and independence.

    When you are choosing the best watches for kids, you need to take into consideration where and when your child will be wearing their watch, what they will be doing while wearing their watch, and your child’s own personality and style.

    Analog or digital, child-like or grown-up, whichever style you choose for your child’s watch, you will be giving them a gift that will stay with them long after they have outgrown the watch itself.

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