Best Kids’ GPS Watches of 2020

Know where your child is at all times by giving them a GPS watch.

Eventually, our children reach an age where they’re more independent. Perhaps they’re taking the bus alone to school, going to a friend’s house, or are simply spending more time on their own. This can be worrying for any parent — we’re used to being by their side, making sure they’re safe.

Since we can’t have them home forever, we must look for other ways to keep an eye on them. A phone would probably be the first thing that comes to mind. However, depending on your child, they may not be mature enough to handle their own phones (1).

A good alternative is a GPS watch. You don’t have to worry about them losing a watch like they might a phone since it will always be strapped on their wrist when they’re out.

Don’t worry — we’re not talking about pricey smartwatches from giants such as Apple. Instead, we’ve found the seven best kids’ GPS watches that won’t break the bank.

Our Top Picks

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    Why Buy a GPS Watch for Your Child?

    It can be easy to view GPS watches as toys. But if you invest in one with the right features, such gadgets can be a great benefit.

    A GPS watch helps you keep track of your child at all times. The Global Positioning System (GPS) utilizes satellites to track its approximate location.

    Many will have a backup LBS tracker, which uses cell towers to communicate its whereabouts.

    Most kids’ GPS watches work the same. They ask you to download an app that gets updates from the GPS inside the kids watch. Some high-tech models even allow you to set a limited perimeter, alerting you when your child steps out of it.

    It has been estimated that approximately 800,000 children are reported missing each year within the U.S. (2). If your child goes missing when they’re wearing one of these devices, you can find their location quickly.

    Even if the watch is removed or broken, it will still transmit where it last was. Many parents say that their child wearing a GPS watch gives them some peace of mind, particularly after the youngster starts school.

    Best Features in Kids’ GPS Watches

    1. SOS Alerts

    One feature that was at the top of our watch’s must-have list was SOS alerts. This is a specified button, which your child presses in an emergency.

    The watch then automatically calls out to a selected group of numbers that also receive notifications. Almost all devices with this feature will continue calling the numbers until someone answers.

    Teach the Power of SOS

    Let your child know about the power of the SOS button and not to press it unless it’s an emergency. Getting a false SOS alert will only create a “boy who cried wolf” scenario.

    2. Accuracy

    Accuracy is essential with such a watch. However, not all are equally precise.

    When searching, always look for watches that utilize GPS, not merely LBS, WiFi, or Bluetooth. Bluetooth, in particular, is fairly useless for tracking because it has such a short-range (3).

    There are different methods of identifying a location, which can make the reading more accurate, but usually, it’s best to stick with GPS.

    3. Two-Way Calls

    Another great feature to look for is two-way calling. This transforms the watch into a mini-phone, allowing you to stay in contact at all times.

    You will usually have to use an app to add phone numbers into the watch’s phonebook. Some models will then only allow the selected numbers to call, blocking others. Most also answer automatically when you call, preventing your child from declining.

    To use these functions, you must purchase a compatible SIM card. This will depend on the manufacturer of the watch and your location in the world. When used in the U.S., most typically call for Nano cards from T-Mobile.

    4. Durable Material

    The watch must be durable. A common material that manufacturers use for the strap is non-toxic silicone, which is soft and comfortable to wear.

    Another good thing to look for is a waterproof exterior. Having to remove the watch every time it rains or when washing hands can get tiring. Plus, forgetful kids may not remember to put it back on.

    Not To Be Used Underwater

    It’s fair to note that, even if the watch is waterproof, you shouldn’t use it underwater. Most manufacturers warn against this as it will compromise the waterproof shield.

    5. Camera

    Cameras are included on almost all GPS watches. It doesn’t necessarily add to the safety benefits, but it’s fun for the child. They can snap all the memorable moments and then upload them to a computer or cloud storage.

    The Best Kids’ GPS Watches of 2020

    Using our list of features above, we set out to find the best kids’ GPS watches. We researched leading sites on the subject as well as analyzing parent reviews. Here’s our top seven:

    1. Themoemoe Kids GPS Smartwatch

    Best Kids’ GPS Smartwatch

    Themoemoe Kids smartwatch, Kids GPS Watch Gifts for 4-12 Year Old Girls...
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    It’s super cute and has a lot to offer children between the ages of 4 and 12 years.

    The watch allows you to track your youngster’s whereabouts, ensuring they’re safe and within range. It offers several safety features, including an SOS button and two-way calls.

    Your child can even wear it in school thanks to the no-disturb function.

    Why We Love It

    Accurate GPS Tracker

    This smartwatch utilizes Assisted GPS (AGPS). This allows the watch to send accurate information about your child’s whereabouts in real-time. You connect the watch to your smartphone, and then you can track its location at any time.

    SOS Button

    A must-have safety feature is the SOS button. When your child is out, and there’s an emergency, they can push a simple button. As they do this, the watch will call the three guardian numbers you’ve chosen, as well as send them all a notification.

    Remember to add the contacts when you receive the watch, though. Otherwise, the emergency button won’t help. Parents praised how easy it was to set up and use, even for a technology novice.

    Two-Way Call

    The Themoemoe Kids smartwatch is compatible with SIM cards, so, if utilized, your youngster can engage in two-way calls with selected contacts.

    The watch goes on speaker, so it won’t be a private conversation, but it’s ample for getting quick messages through. You can also select three no-disturb times for when your child is at school or other places where quiet is necessary.

    Camera, Flashlight and Other Fun Gadgets

    Your youngster can also have some fun. The watch includes a front and rear camera to snap memories, and when it gets dark, they can activate the flashlight.

    Among many other features, the watch includes games and fun designs. There’s even an alarm clock, perfect for teaching independence.

    Keep In Mind


    Although the watch has a lot to offer, it’s best suited for younger children. It’s recommended for ages 4 to 12 years. However, the design and the simplicity is probably better suited for children under 10.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended age4 to 12 years
    ColorPink or blue
    Call optionsYes
    SOS emergency callYes

    2. Smart Kids’ GPS Watch

    Best GPS Watch For the Active Child

    Smart Watch for Kids Smartwatch Phone GPS Watch for Kids Waterproof Watch with...
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    For active children, we recommend this GPS watch. It features excellent functions, enabling your child to keep track of their fitness. They can use it while doing almost any sport, even swimming.

    It has a camera and photo album — catching all your child’s important moments. Connecting to the app allows you to keep track of your child and help them set alarms and no-disturb times.

    The watch is available in both pink and blue. It’s recommended for children between the ages of 5 and 12.

    Why We Love It

    Fantastic for Various Activities

    This watch is excellent for active children who engage in various sports. The watch includes a fitness tracker, which counts steps and keeps an eye on your child’s activity levels. It’s also waterproof and is capable of being submerged for up to three hours — ample time for swimming lessons.

    Large, High-Quality Screen

    The watch includes a 1.44-inch, high-definition screen. It’s perfect for viewing incoming calls and playing games, among other things. The touch screen is easy to use, enabling your youngster to scroll through the phonebook and other included apps effortlessly.


    Your child can record their life using the front-view camera on the watch. They can snap plenty of photos, which you can later upload to your computer using a USB cable. Or, you can view the images in the watch’s album, which can hold up to 32 MB.

    Classroom Mode

    As your child gets to school, different no-disturb times can be set for when they’re in the classroom. You can identify up to three different periods per day, and you control it all from the app on your phone.

    Keep In Mind

    Not Useful Without a SIM Card

    You will need to purchase a compatible SIM card — otherwise, most of the essential functions won’t work. For the U.S., the manufacturer recommends T-Mobile.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended age5 to 12 years
    ColorPink or blue
    Call optionsYes
    SOS emergency callYes

    3. LDB Direct Kids’ GPS Watch Waterproof

    Best GPS Tracker for Kids

    LDB Direct Kids Waterproof Smartwatches,LBS/GPS Tracker SOS Call Voice Chatting...
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    If your child does a lot of after-school activities, this watch is worth a look. It has received praise from parents, suggesting that it’s deserving of its spot on our list.

    The watch offers plenty of functions your youngster can use. They can snap pictures, send voice messages, call, and text. Plus, it will help your child call for help during emergencies.

    You can control it all, and keep track of your child, from an app you download on your smartphone.

    Why We Love It

    Precise GPS

    The built-in GPS is incredibly accurate when your child is outdoors. The manufacturer states that errors are less than 100 feet. Whenever your child comes indoors, it switches to LBS tracking, where location tracking can be off by 0.5 to 4 miles.

    Waterproof Materials

    Made with waterproof materials, your child can continue to wear the watch even during watersports. The materials keep the interior safe and make the rest of the gadget quite durable. However, the manufacturer warns against using the buttons while submerged or taking it into a sauna.

    Easy Emergency Button

    The watch includes an emergency button your child can press. It’s straightforward to use — hold the button for three seconds, and the device will continue to call up to three pre-selected numbers. It keeps calling until someone picks up.

    Flashlight and Camera

    Your child can have hours of fun snapping photos or playing with the flashlight. The watch will notify you when it needs charging.

    When the memory is full, connect it to your computer via a USB cable to upload the photos.

    Keep In Mind

    Problems with Texting Function

    Some parents reported an issue with the texting function. However, others said it worked perfectly. It’s essential to purchase a compatible SIM card — if it’s not right, the function won’t work.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended age3 to 12 years
    ColorPink or blue
    Call optionsYes
    SOS emergency callYes

    4. Waterproof Kids’ Smart GPS Watch

    Best GPS Watch for Watersports

    Jsbaby Kids smartwatch Waterproof with LBS/GPS Tracker Smart Watch Phone 3-12...
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    If your child loves playing in the water, then this watch is worth considering. Its materials are durable, capable of keeping the device safe while submerged. However, the manufacturer warns against using it underwater.

    In addition to the super exterior, the interior is fantastic, too. You can stay in contact with your child at all times, thanks to the two-way call function. There’s even a super-secret feature, which enables you to keep watch from a distance.

    The watch is comfortable and looks neat. It’s recommended for children aged 3 to 12 years.

    Why We Love It

    Super Waterproof

    This watch is ready to dive into the blue with your child. It’s made of durable materials, making it both water and dustproof. Your child can wear it while swimming, running in the rain, or other daily activities that include water.

    Two-Way Calls

    You and your child can remain in contact at all times. The watch can make and receive calls from selected phone numbers, which you choose through the app. What’s more, it allows the wearer to send voice messages, and it can receive texts.

    Food-Grade Material

    To ensure your child is safe from toxins, the material used for the strap is food-grade silicone. It’s soft and comfortable, and there are ample holes to adjust the size for your child’s wrist.

    Spy-Worthy Feature

    One unique feature of this watch is that from the app, you can listen to your child’s surroundings. When using this function, the gadget won’t play any sound from your side, while letting you listen to what your child is doing.

    Keep In Mind

    GPS Is a Bit off

    The GPS on this watch isn’t as accurate as some of the above. It’s good to keep in mind, however, that the GPS only works when the watch is outdoors. Whenever the wearer steps indoors, it switches to LBS tracking, which isn’t as accurate.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended age3 to 12 years
    ColorLime green/blue
    Call optionsYes
    SOS emergency callYes

    5. Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch GPS Tracker

    Best GPS Watch for Boys

    Jsbaby Kids Smartwatch LBS/GPS Tracker Phone with IP67 Waterproof Smartwatch Two...
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    This watch from Jsbaby is good for boys who enjoy being active. The watch uses a GPS and LBS tracker to give you the most precise location. It can make and receive calls and has a built-in phonebook for all the important numbers.

    Your child can wear the watch on any occasion, whether it’s at the pool or school. It includes lots of fun features, even some educational games.

    It’s easy to set up all the functions by downloading and connecting to the compatible app on your smartphone.

    Although no age range is listed for this watch, any child over 8 years would likely find it too babyish based on its appearance.

    Why We Love It

    Fun Features

    This watch is more than just a GPS tracker — it includes fun educational games teaching your little guy math. There’s also a camera function, allowing your child to record their day and present it to you later.

    Waterproof Materials

    The watch is excellent for summer as the wearer can safely jump in the pool or run through the sprinklers. Your child can even continue to wear it during bathtime or when washing hands. However, don’t press the buttons or try to use it while it’s submerged.

    Time Tracker

    Your little one can easily keep track of time, thanks to the large clock display on the watch. They can even set their own alarms to wake up in the morning, or have you do it through the app.

    What’s more, you can set up specific no-disturb times for when your child is in class. All of this is controlled in the app.

    Two-Way Calls and Phonebook

    When you set up the watch, you can add up to ten numbers to the phonebook. Your child can then call and receive from those selected numbers. Also, it allows you to set up three emergency numbers that will get calls and notifications during emergencies.

    Keep In Mind

    The Clock Uses a 24-hour Format

    One complaint about the watch was that the time is displayed in 24-hour format. Not all children are accustomed to this mode, so some parents would’ve preferred a 12-hour only display.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended ageN/A
    Call optionsYes
    SOS emergency callYes

    6. Smart GPS Watch Phone for Kids

    Best GPS Watch for Girls

    Smart Watch for Kids - Boys Girls Smartwatch Phone with Waterproof GPS Tracker...
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    For your girl, we found this cute GPS watch. Besides the pretty appearance, this watch has plenty to offer. It utilizes three methods to give you an accurate location.

    You can keep a close watch through the app.

    Among other things, it allows you to add your number as the main contact.

    Why We Love It

    WiFi and GPS Tracker

    This watch utilizes WiFi, GPS, and LBS to give you the most accurate location of your child. Whenever your child walks indoors, the device switches from GPS to WiFi and LBS. If you encounter errors, they’ll be less than 100 feet.

    Smart Emergency Button

    Whenever your child is in distress, they can use the emergency button to contact you. It’s straightforward to use and doesn’t even require the wearer to watch the screen. As they push the button, the watch sends out notification calls to all of the three selected numbers.

    Remote Monitor

    One of the best things about this watch is that the parents are in charge of almost everything. Through the app, you can choose a number the watch will automatically answer whenever it calls. You can also control the settings and set up alarms and no-disturb times.

    Keep In Mind

    The Battery Drains Fast

    Some parents had a complaint about the battery. They stated that it requires daily charging, which was quite inconvenient.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended ageN/A
    Call optionsYes
    SOS emergency callYes

    7. Smart GPS Kids’ Watches By Benobby

    Best GPS Watch for School-Aged Kids

    Benobby Smart Watches, Watches for Kids with GPS, Children Tracker Watches...
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    If you’re looking for a GPS watch your child can wear to school, this one should do the trick. This watch from Benobby is a decent pick for children aged 5 and up.

    It has received stellar reviews from parents who praise how great it is to use. The watch is made of non-toxic materials, is comfortable to wear, and is easy to use in any setting.

    With an array of features, your child shouldn’t be disappointed. You can set up different quiet times when needed, like in class. Then when it’s time to stop playing, the app allows you to shut it off from a distance.

    Why We Love It

    Fantastic Material

    Parents praise the materials used on this watch. The strap is made of non-toxic, high-quality silicone — it’s mild for delicate skin, which is great for children. The watch is available in both blue and pink.

    GPS Tracker and Phone Calls

    When you receive the watch, connect it to an app that you download on your smartphone.

    You can always keep track of your youngster using the app to connect to the GPS tracker on the device. Parents compliment how great and accurate the map is — it displays your child’s real-time position.

    Whenever you need to get in touch, the app allows you to call as well as send voice messages. However, you will need a compatible SIM card — otherwise, the watch won’t function.

    Emergency Button

    If your child is ever in danger, they can use the SOS emergency button. You preselect three numbers so that when the button is pressed, the watch will call them. Your child holds the button down for three seconds to send the SOS.

    Loads of Features

    The watch illuminates in the dark. Your child can use it in any light setting.

    However, if they’re using it after bedtime, you can shut it down using the app on your phone. Besides this, the watch includes a weather forecast, alarm settings, and low power notifications.

    Keep In Mind

    Not for Small Children

    A few reviewers said they purchased the watch for their preschoolers. However, they also stated it was perhaps too complicated and would be better for school-aged children, around 5 to 7 years old.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended ageN/A
    Call optionsYes
    SOS emergency callYes

    Detailed Comparison Chart

    ProductBestRecommended ageColorCall optionsCameraSOS call
    Themoemoe Kids GPS SmartwatchGPS Smartwatch4 – 12 yrsPink or blueYesYesYes
    Smart Kids’ GPS WatchFor the Active Child5 – 12 yrsPink or blueYesYesYes
    LDB Direct Kids’ GPS WatchGPS Tracker3 – 12 yrsPink or blueYesYesYes
    Waterproof Kids’ Smart GPS WatchWatersports3 – 12 yrsLime green/blueYesYesYes
    Jsbaby Kids GPS TrackerBoysN/ABlue/redYesYesYes
    Smart GPS Watch PhoneGirlsN/APurpleYesYesYes
    Benobby Smart GPS Kids’ WatchesSchool-Aged KidsN/ABlueYesYesYes
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    Final Thoughts

    Investing in a GPS watch for your child can prove to have many benefits. You will always know approximately where your child is and call them when you need them.

    The best kids’ GPS watches include an SOS button, two-way calls, durable materials, and a fun camera. You should also look for high accuracy that only true GPS can provide.

    Teach your child this isn’t a toy and that the SOS button is only for emergencies. Also, get a compatible SIM card so you can stay in contact at all times.

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