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Self-Balance Scooter Weight Limit: Complete Guide

How much weight can a hoverboard handle? Find out here!

Navigating the world of hoverboards can be perplexing, especially when adhering to the self-balance scooter weight limit. However, respecting these weight limits is crucial in ensuring safety and optimal performance as you or your child ride.

A self-balance scooter weight limit varies from brand to brand, model to model. The average hoverboard weight limit is 170 to 265 pounds; however, verify your model’s exact capacity in the user manual or manufacturer’s specs.

I’ve researched dozens of hoverboards and expert advice to create this ultimate guide to hoverboard weight capacities so you know what to expect.

What Is a Hoverboard’s Weight Limit?

Hoverboard weight limits can vary drastically from 80 pounds up to 420 pounds. On average, kid-friendly hoverboards have a 200-pound weight limit. Heavy-duty hoverboards, typically made for adults, tend to have a maximum payload of 265 pounds. This varies from brand to brand, so always double-check with your manufacturer.

What Is a Hoverboard Weight Limit?

Typically, hoverboards have a weight limit of between 170 and 265 pounds. But this varies depending on the type of hoverboard you choose.

Many hoverboards are designed with kids in mind. These hoverboards have smaller wheels (about 6.5 inches), beginner-friendly modes, and usually don bright colors.

Of the dozens of children’s hoverboards I researched, the average hoverboard weight limit was around 200 pounds. Some had a maximum of 220 pounds, while many were capped at 176 pounds. Some even went as low as 80 pounds.

Heavier-duty hoverboards, characterized by bigger wheels and higher speeds, typically have a higher maximum payload. These are better suited for adults. This ranges from 176 pounds up to 300 lbs. Most heavy-duty hoverboards have a maximum payload of 250 lbs to 265 lbs, but always check with the manufacturer before purchasing.

Is There a Minimum Weight Limit for a Hoverboard?

The minimum weight limit for most hoverboards is 44 pounds. Unfortunately, most manufacturers don’t state this minimum weight limit on their listings, but it’s important to keep in mind.

For reference, 44 pounds typically aligns with ages six and up, but always check your child’s weight before purchasing a hoverboard. They need to adhere to the minimum weight requirement to be able to ride the hoverboard safely. Sufficient weight and control are essential for maneuvering; if your child doesn’t meet the minimum weight limit, they won’t have much control over the gadget.


Even if your child meets the weight limit, they should also meet the age limit. Many manufacturers state that their hoverboards are only suitable for eight years and up. So, even if your child weighs 44 pounds, always check the minimum age requirement stated by the manufacturer.

What Happens if You Are Too Heavy for a Hoverboard?

If a person exceeds the weight limit for their chosen hoverboard, here are a few things that might occur:

  • Potential Accidents: The hoverboard may malfunction if a person exceeds the weight limit. This can result in unnecessary accidents, falls, and possibly even injury.
  • Hoverboard Damage: Exceeding the weight limit can damage the hoverboard. If the user is too heavy, the board, wheels, and motor may wear down quicker.
  • Faster Battery Depletion: Your hoverboard battery might run out quicker if you exceed the weight limit, giving you less time to ride per charge.
  • Harder To Maneuver: Exceeding the weight limit can make maneuvering the hoverboard more challenging. Steering, stopping, and self-balancing can be trickier, resulting in more accidents and injuries.

Best Hoverboards for Heavy People

I’ve narrowed down the best options for heavier riders. These three hoverboards have higher max weights and can better withstand heavier loads.

1. Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Off-Road Hoverboard

  • Weight limit in pounds: 420.
  • Weight limit in kgs: 190.

This hoverboard has one of the best weight capacities on the market. At 420 pounds, this maximum payload makes this power board an excellent choice for most people!

Not only that, take this heavy-duty hoverboard over all kinds of terrain, including mud and grass, in all kinds of weather. It can even tackle 30-degree inclines, included in its 12-mile range.

With 10-inch tubeless tires and a built-in BlueTooth speaker, you’ll be cruising in style with this gadget.

2. Gyroor Warrior Off-Road Hoverboard

  • Weight limit in pounds: 265.
  • Weight limit in kgs: 120.

Sturdy and safe, the Gyroor Warrior hoverboard has a maximum payload of 265 pounds. One of the most incredible aspects of this power board is the all-terrain wheels, which can take their rider across dirt paths, bumpy sidewalks, grass, sand, and more. It can even handle 30-degree inclines.

With 8.5-inch wheels and a 700-watt motor, this hoverboard boasts a travel speed of 9.95 miles per hour. Depending on how fast you travel, count on this hoverboard to last up to two hours between charges, giving you hours of fun.

3. XPRIT 8.5” All Terrain Hoverboard

  • Weight limit in pounds: 264.
  • Weight limit in kgs: 119.

Say hello to this hoverboard, which claims to be four times better than the rest. With a maximum weight capacity of 264 pounds, the XPRIT hoverboard also has front LED lights, which are great for riding in the early evenings or gloomier months.

If you’re nervous about riding, the built-in stabilization system might put your mind at ease, as this provides a more beginner-friendly experience. Besides that, the hoverboard is also UL-listed and has non-slip threaded tires that can handle 15-degree includes and up to six miles per hour speeds.


Are Self-Balancing Scooters Safe?

Hoverboards come with risks. As a motorized vehicle, there comes a risk of falling, bumping into things, and crashing, which can all lead to injury. In fact, between 2017 and 2021, there were 77,200 reported injuries related to micromobility vehicles, including hoverboards (1).

The other risk is that of fire. Since hoverboards are electric, they pose a fire risk. This can be caused by overheating batteries, overcharged batteries, and poor wiring within the hoverboard. In 2022, there were 11 deaths associated with hoverboard-induced fires (2).

That being said, the risks are relatively minor. You can massively minimize the risks by wearing protective equipment, adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines, and charging your hoverboard in a well-ventilated room while you’re nearby.

What Hoverboard Holds the Most Weight?

My research found that the Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 has the highest weight capacity on the market at 420 pounds.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Ride a Hoverboard?

Many manufacturers recommend eight as the minimum age for riding a hoverboard; however, this varies from brand to brand, so always check the specs. On the other hand, the American Academy of Pediatrics states that children over six can ride a hoverboard if they are closely supervised by an adult (3).

Can a Hoverboard Help You Lose Weight?

A hoverboard can burn calories! In fact, a 30-minute ride can burn up to 300 calories, making it a good choice for squeezing exercise into your daily routine.

The reason it works well for exercise is because you must engage your muscles to balance the hoverboard. It’s a fantastic core workout. Riding a hoverboard is also great for cardiovascular health since it’s aerobic, but riders love that it’s also low-impact.

Similarly, a one-wheel hoverboard, a Segway, a skateboard, and a scooter can also provide great exercise.

Stay In Your Lane

Before purchasing a hoverboard, it’s important to consider your weight. This will help you choose a hoverboard that can support you without any issues.

Most hoverboards have a maximum weight limit of between 170 and 265 pounds, but some have as little as 80, and some can handle up to 420! It’s crucial you take note of the hoverboard’s specs.

If you’re buying your child a hoverboard, they might not be too happy if you step on it and find out (the hard way) that the weight limit was lower than expected. So shop wisely and maybe get a hoverboard for you and your child.

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