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Best Girls Bikes of 2023

Every princess needs a trusty steed.

Is your little girl ready for her first bike? Or is she old enough to upgrade to a woman’s bicycle?

There’s something so cute about a girl riding around on a bicycle, especially when they are little.

Girls’ bikes are often colorful and themed. The line between a fun girl’s bike and a toy is narrow though. It’s easy to end up with something that’s not going to last, especially with the small sizes.

It’s essential to look beyond the fun appearance and take note of useful features and durability. We’ll help you out by filtering the good from the bad, presenting the best girls’ bikes.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the RoyalBaby Kids Bike
Best 20-Inch for Girls
RoyalBaby Kids Bike
  • Safe braking system
  • Child-friendly structure
  • Lightweight frame
Best 24-Inch for Girls
Sixthreezero Around the Block
  • Comfortable ride
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to assemble
Product Image of the Joystar Kids Bike
Best 12-Inch for Girls
Joystar Kids Bike
  • Color popping design
  • Sturdy frame
  • Excellent starter bike
Product Image of the Coewske Kid's Bike
Best 14-Inch for Girls
Coewske Kid's Bike
  • Outstanding design
  • Two brakes included
  • Air-filled tires and chain guard
Product Image of the Nice C BMX Girls Bike
Best 16-Inch for Girls
Nice C BMX Girls Bike
  • Durable BMX-inspired bike
  • Thick tires
  • Dual brakes

The Best Bikes for Girls of 2023

Here are the top five bikes for girls.

RoyalBaby Kids Bike 20-Inch

Best Girls’ 20-Inch Bike

One girls’ bike with great reviews is the RoyalBaby bicycle. It resembles a grown-up model with all the features an adult would look for, but in a kid-friendly size.

The main feature of the RoyalBaby bike is the dual brake system. This means that the brake is located both in the front caliper and in the rear coaster, potentially preventing accidents. Furthermore, its steering limiter prevents the handlebar from overturning thus making sure that your child is safe from sharp turning.

This is the 20-inch bike, with a lightweight steel design — it does come with other wheel sizes as well. It’s suitable for girls aged eight or nine, with inseam length ranging between 22 to 25 inches. The seat is adjustable and included are decals to make the bike more fun.

The bike comes partially assembled, and many parents praised how easy it was to put the rest together.

What We Like

Safe Braking System

One of the things I fear the most when my little one is riding their bike is a head-over-handlebar accident. As a kid, I encountered this several times, and it’s not something I want my child to go through. RoyalBaby dual brake system works to prevent this.

Child-Friendly Structure

The geometry of the RoyalBaby bike is perfect for a child. The company has optimized everything for children, from the miniature grip length perfect for small hands, the seat with a handle that’s easy to hold during teaching, and the training wheel legs that can hardly be bent.

The result is a safe structure with a lower seat, giving your girl a better chance of sitting in an optimal position.

Lightweight Frame

RoyalBaby puts a lot of emphasis on safety, and a key point is a lightweight frame. As your child upgrades to larger sizes, the bikes become inevitably heavier. Some can feel more like tanks than girls’ bicycles.

The bike weighs 24.9 pounds, which most kids can lift. Despite being light, it’s durable and will be likely to last for years, perhaps even becoming a hand-me-down to a younger sibling.

Cute Decals

The bike comes partially assembled, with cute decals included. Depending on the color your child picks, it has different stickers to decorate it.

What We Don't Like

Issue With the Rear Reflector

The only concern about using the bike is that the rear reflector cannot be used in conjunction with the kickstand. You have to choose whether to use either the kickstand or the rear reflector. The bike mechanic can perhaps give assistance to this.

Product Specs

Age range 8 to 9 years
Recommended height 53 inches to 57 inches
Color Blue, fuchsia, green, orange, pink, red, white
Adjustable seat Yes
Bike weight 24.9 pounds

Our Ratings

Safety Features
4.5 / 5
4 / 5
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Total Rating
4.25 / 5

Sixthreezero Single-Speed Women's Cruiser Bike

Best Girls’ 24-Inch Bike

Once your girl is 9 years old, she’s ready to upgrade to an adult-like bike, and we’ve found a great one. The Around the Block Cruiser from Sixthreezero is a good introduction to grown-up bicycles.

It’s a classic design with 24-inch wheels and a 14-inch steel frame. It encourages an upright riding position for a casual cruise around the neighborhood or to the beach with her friends.

Everything is optimized for comfort, including a dual-spring seat and wide handles with soft foam grips. The 24-inch wheels come with treaded tires for a cushioned ride.

The bike also features a seven-speed gear, excellent for any leisure or commute ride. Your girl will feel confident and stylish.

What We Like

Classic Design

This bike will help your girl feel self-assured and grown-up. The classic, curved design of the frame makes it the perfect beach or recreational cruiser.

The white-wall tires add a retro edge, making it eye-catching. It’s available in various colors, but we’re in love with this teal and black combo. It’s feminine without being too girly.

The high and wide handles are the last, and best, complement to the cruiser. Just verify that she’s ready for a bike this size.

Comfortable Ride

Everything about this beach cruiser screams comfort. The seat features dual-spring padding — it’s wide and will be soft to sit on for long rides.

Your child will enjoy sitting in an upright position. It’s less wearing on the back and shoulders, allowing the cyclist to ride for longer.

Additionally, the low-pedal design makes the bike a little less intimidating for young riders. Moving up to a 24-inch size isn’t always easy. Having your feet closer to the ground helps.

Durable Construction

This cruiser is made to last for years. The frame is a 14-inch steel structure, which offers ample durability, even for the oldest rider. It’s suitable for girls ranging between 4 feet, 2 inches and 4 feet, 11 inches.

Sturdy wheels are another crucial point, and these do not disappoint. They’re 2.125-inch wide aluminum wheels, suited with large tires for added stability and a smooth ride.

Easy to Assemble

The bike arrives 80 percent assembled. Most reviewers said the needed construction was straightforward and didn’t take long to complete.

Also, both the handlebars and seat allow for adjustments, which many reviewers said was quick to do. All you need is an Allen wrench for the handlebar, and you’re ready to adjust.

What We Don't Like

Not for Uneven Surfaces or Hills

The bike is not an off-roader, nor great for hills. Even with the gears, a few users pointed out that it was an unnecessary struggle. It’s best as a cruiser around paved neighborhoods or cities.

Product Specs

Age range 9 years and up
Recommended height 4 feet, 2 inches to 4 feet, 11 inches
Color Mint green and black
Adjustable seat Yes
Bike weight 34 pounds

Our Ratings

Safety Features
4 / 5
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Total Rating
4.25 / 5

Joystar Macarons 12-Inch Kids Bike for Girls

Best Girls’ 12-Inch Bike

This 12-inch girls’ bike from Joystar is a sturdily built, ultra-cute bicycle, fantastic for little girls who love popping colors.

This size of bike is recommended for children aged two to four. Suitable for girls measuring 33 to 41 inches, this bike includes a set of training wheels to help your little one develop her balance and gain confidence.

Your little girl will love riding this bike. It features a coast brake, comfortable seat, and air-filled tires. It’s a single-speed, meaning there are no gears to fumble with or high speeds to worry about.

What We Like

Color Popping Design

Who said girls’ bikes had to be pink? This Joystar bicycle sports five vibrant, pastel colors all in one design. They include pink, purple, yellow, green, and blue, with matching training wheels.

The colors are eye-catching, which likewise makes your little one more visible while out and about. It’s also customizable — some parents attached baskets and baby doll seats to make it more playful.

Sturdy Frame

Joystar constructed the frame using hi-ten steel, formally known as high-tensile steel. It’s an ideal material, especially for kids’ bikes since it’s lightweight and flexible.

It can last for years without showing significant signs of wear because of its resistance to environmental factors like heat and cold.

Joystar also includes a limited lifetime warranty.

Excellent Starter Bike

Experts generally recommend either balance bikes or training wheels for 2 to 4-year-olds. Training wheels are the old-school way of teaching your child how to ride a bicycle and remain the most common. Joystar includes a set of matching training wheels you can attach if needed.

Once your little one has established a good sense of balance, you can remove them and let her grow with the bike. The seat adjusts, so there’s plenty of room to develop.

What We Don't Like


This bike is considerably heavy, weighing in at 19.8 pounds. It’s not ideal for petite novice users, but since there are training wheels, they hopefully won’t tip over too often.

Product Specs

Age range 2 to 4 years
Recommended height 35 to 43 inches
Color Multi-colored design
Adjustable seat Yes
Bike weight 19.8 pounds

Our Ratings

Safety Features
4 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
4.5 / 5
Total Rating
4 / 5

Coewske Kid's 14-Inch Bike

Best Girls’ 14-Inch Bike

For 4- to 6-year-olds, we present this girls’ bike from Coewske. It’s a sporty yet elegant bicycle, ready for a sassy preschooler or kindergartner.

With a low-frame structure, It’s an eye-catching design for a kid’s bike. Reviewers commend how their girls love the design and dubbed it a “big-kid” bike with a girly-girl color.

The bike includes a lot of big-kid features such as both a coaster brake and handbrake for easy stopping. It’s suited with large 2.125-inch wide, durable rubber wheels, which are air-filled to provide a smooth ride.

To protect your girl’s ankles from the chain, Coewske attached an extended chain guard, which also works as a footrest. On the handles are flanged grips that ensure a secure hold.

What We Like

Outstanding Design

The low-profile frame adds a subtle touch of femininity to this kid’s bike. It’s not a conventional design, making the bike stand out.

Your girl will love the pink color. It isn’t overbearing, but a cute baby-pink with contrasting black tires. If your daughter prefers, it’s available in purple, white, yellow, or blue.

Two Brakes Included

Teaching your child how to brake is just as important as how to get going. The Coewske bike is fitted with two brakes — one coaster, controlled by the pedals, and one handbrake. They’re easy to operate for small drivers and are a great introduction to big-kids’ bikes.

Also included are optional training wheels that are quick to attach if needed. They even match the color of the bike.

Air-Filled Tires and Chain Guard

Air-filled tires are often the best choice as they’re the most durable option. The air inside the tires helps to make the ride as smooth as possible by adding some suspension.

A large chain guard is attached to protect your little one from potential ankle or lower leg injuries. It’s enclosed fully, so there’s no way to get small fingers inside either.

Straightforward Assembly

Assembling the bike couldn’t be easier. There are thorough instructions included, as well as the necessary tools. Many parents noted it took less than 30 minutes to get it ready — if there were any issues, customer service was responsive and helpful.

The frame is already intact with the wheels. All you need to do is attach the pedals, handlebar, and saddle.

What We Don't Like

Hard to Turn

Some parents noted the handlebar isn’t easy to turn, and requires a bit of muscle while going. This prevents your little one from doing a 90-degree turn.

Heavy Bike

The bike is quite heavy, weighing in at 21.4 pounds. It’s something to consider if you’re buying it for a 3-year-old.

Product Specs

Age range 3 to 6 years
Recommended height 31 to 48 inches
Color Pink, yellow, blue, purple, or white
Adjustable seat Yes
Bike weight 21.4 pounds

Our Ratings

Safety Features
4.5 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5
4.5 / 5
Total Rating
4.25 / 5

Nice C BMX Girls 16-Inch Bike

Best Girls’ 16-Inch Bike

A high-quality bike with an ultra-light frame is a good description of our choice for the best 16-inch bike. It’s a BMX-inspired bicycle, based on a heavy-duty magnesium alloy metal frame. The bike is suitable for girls aged 6 to 8 years.

It’s a one-piece frame, meaning there was no welding involved in the construction. The result is a much more durable build. The bike features extra-thick tires as well as optional training wheels.

Your child can go almost anywhere with this Nice C bike. The thick tires deliver outstanding shock absorption, and the lightweight design makes the bike easy to steer. It also features a dual braking system for an efficient stop.

What We Like

Durable BMX-Inspired Bike

Nice C used some outstanding materials when constructing this bike. Magnesium alloy metal is lightweight, yet its strength is tremendous — it’s much more elastic than aluminum.

By avoiding any welding procedures and keeping to a one-piece frame, Nice C ensured it’s a bike that’ll last. Having everything in one piece is also safer in case of an accident. There are fewer chances that parts will break and hurt your child.

Thick Tires

Since Nice C advertises this bike as a BMX type, it’s only to be expected that the wheels are for off-roading. And they are. The tires are air-filled and made with double layers of rubber.

The additional layers allow for superb shock absorption. They will enable your child to ride on almost all surfaces, be they paved or off-road. Even the included training wheels can handle adventures on unpaved paths.

Lightweight Frame

Nice C puts a lot of emphasis on the lightness of the bike. Compared to other similar, same sized bicycles, this one is significantly lighter weighing in at 18.5 pounds.

The lightness makes it super easy to maneuver for young riders. Seeing that it’s suitable for children aged six to eight years, it won’t cause significant injury should it fall on them.

Dual Brakes

To make braking efficient, Nice C fitted the bike with a dual brake system. It consists of a traditional v-brake controlled by a hand lever. This is then coupled with a disc brake attached to the rear wheel.

The rider controls both wheels by the touch of the lever. Having full control of the front and back can also prevent head-over-handlebar accidents.

What We Don't Like

Problems with the Tubes

Quite a lot of parents have reported issues concerning the tubes that hold the air inside the tires. Many of them had holes, which caused air to escape. It seems, though, that this was a quality control error, and most reviewers received prompt replacements.

Product Specs

Age range 6 to 8 years
Recommended height 41 to 55 inches
Color Pink, champagne, or yellow
Adjustable seat Yes
Bike weight 18.5 pounds

Our Ratings

Safety Features
4 / 5
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
4 / 5
Total Rating
4.25 / 5

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Age range Recommended height Color Adjustable seat Bike weight
RoyalBaby Pink Bike 20-Inch Bike 8 – 9 yrs 53 – 57″ 7 colors Yes 24.9 lbs
Sixthreezero Around the Block 24-Inch Bike 9 yrs and up 4′, 2″ – 4′, 11″ Teal & black Yes 34 lbs
Joystar Kids Bike 12-Inch Bike 2 – 4 yrs 35 – 43″ Multi-colored design Yes 19.8 lbs
Coewske Kid’s Bike 14-Inch Bike 3 – 6 yrs 31 – 48″ 5 colors Yes 21.4 lbs
Nice C BMX Girls Bike 16-Inch Bike 6 – 8 yrs 41 – 55″ 3 colors Yes 18.5 lbs

How to Choose a Girls Bikes

Pick the Right Size (Chart)

In the world of adult bikes, there are significant distinctions between women’s and men’s bicycles. They’re sized differently to accommodate variations in torso length and height. With kids’ bikes, however, all are sized according to the same measurements, regardless of the intended gender.

While manufacturers generally use children’s height as the sizing guide, the inseam measurements are more precise. We always recommend aiming for the lowest seat setting, as it allows room for growth.

For children, there are five standard wheel sizes. These are 12-, 14-, 16-, 20-, and 24-inch. This range caters to children from 2 years old up to 10 and over.

When your child is trying the bike, ensure there’s at least a 1- to 3-inch gap between her and the top bar (1).

You can use our chart as a general guide:

Child’s height Child’s inseam Child’s age Bike wheel size
3 ft, 1 in to 3 ft, 3 in 14 to 17 in 2 to 4 years 12 in
3 ft, 3 in to 3 ft, 7 in 16 to 20 in 4 to 5 years 14 in
3 ft, 7 in to 3 ft, 8 in 18 to 22 in 5 to 6 years 16 in
4 ft to 4 ft, 5 in 22 to 25 in 7 to 9 years 20 in
4 ft, 5 inc to 4 ft, 9 in 24 to 28 in 9 to 11 years 24 in

Take Note

This is a general chart — bikes allowing for adjustments can last a few years longer.

Structural Design

The bike’s frame can be the making or breaking point for your child. Having a bicycle that puts your child in an uncomfortable position will make the experience fearsome or painful.

The shape of the bike’s frame will determine your child’s position while riding. Upright postures are best for beginners or relaxed cruisers who only ride for recreational purposes.

Other bikes let your child sit in a forward-leaning form, a more aggressive position. You can expect to see this with BMX-style bicycles. It’s excellent for experienced bikers who want to be able to maneuver quickly, but not for beginners.

Girls’ bikes often have swooping tubes which dip down, giving the bicycle an old-fashioned look. While these structures look feminine and appealing to young girls, they don’t have a lot of benefits. It can even decrease the frame’s durability, although this might not matter if your child only cruises around the neighborhood.

Good Brakes

Depending on the size you purchase, you’ll get different types of brakes. There are two main types — handbrake and coaster brake, also known as a pedal brake.

Handbrakes are the norm on most kids’ bikes, and they’re often the best option for a beginner. If a bike has coaster brakes, a child can lose their balance while riding if they accidentally pedal backward and brake unexpectedly.

Coaster brakes do have their benefits though. They won’t cause an accident by sending your child over the handlebar because of a locking front wheel.

Most manufacturers allow your child to control both the rear and front-wheel brake from the handles though. On such bikes, you’ll see a lever on each handle, just like adult bikes.

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Lightweight Frame

Girls’ bicycles should never be too heavy. Ideally, they should weigh less than 30 percent of your child’s body weight.

A lightweight bike is easier to maneuver, pedal, and pick up off the ground in case of a wipeout. This is especially important for young riders around the 12- to 16-inch bike range.

Once your child is older and upgrades to 20- to 24-inch wheels, the weight isn’t as important as the rider is usually strong enough to handle it.


When your daughter upgrades to a 20-inch bike, there will be options for gears. This is a great way to get her ready for an adult bike, which she’s likely to be riding soon.

Ensure that she’s coordinated enough to handle shifting. With gears, she’ll be able to go much faster, so feeling confident on two wheels is a must.

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The Takeaway

When choosing a bike for your girl, pick one with a frame structure that promotes a comfortable position. It should also have good, usable brakes and a lightweight frame.

To make sure you get the right size bike, remember to use your child’s height and inseam as a guide. Find a fun design your girl will love, but remember it has to be durable and not merely a toy.

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