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Best Bikes for 6 to 8 Year-Olds of 2023

The best 18 to 20 inch bikes your kid will love to ride.

As parents, we want our children to be safe on their bikes, and that means finding the correct size. Your kiddo should be able to reach the ground while sitting in the seat.

At the same time, you don’t want their knees coming up too high because the seat is too low or the wheels are too small.

So what are the best bikes for 6- to 8-year-olds? For this age range, you’re generally looking at 18- to 20-inch bikes — these usually feature big-kid components like kickstands and gears.

When you’re choosing a new bike for a growing kid, where do you start? When your child moves up to these sizes, durability and good brakes are two of the main things you need.

We’ll guide you to making a safe and popular choice.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the 16' Boys Major Damage/Magna
Best Dirt Bike
Dynacraft Magna Major
  • Coaster brakes
  • Padded handlebar
  • Easy assembly
Product Image of the Raleigh Bikes Jazzi 20 Kids Cruiser Bike for Girls Youth 4-8 Years Old
Best Lightweight Bike
Raleigh Bikes Jazzi
  • Excellent weight
  • Aggressive geometry
  • Traction tires
Product Image of the Firmstrong Bella Classic Girl's Single Speed Cruiser Bicycle, 20-Inch, Mint...
Best 20-Inch for Girls
Firmstrong Bella Classic Cruiser
  • Wide tires and comfy saddle
  • Braking made easy
  • Fashionable design
Product Image of the Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike for-Kids,-Children and...
Best BMX
Mongoose Legion Sidewalk BMX
  • Outstanding durability
  • High precision brakes and steering
  • BMX tires
Product Image of the Schwinn Koen & Elm Toddler and Kids Bike, 18-Inch Wheels, Training Wheels...
Best 18-Inch for Girls
Schwinn Elm Girl's
  • More stability
  • Fun features
  • Child-friendly proportions
Product Image of the Royalbaby Space Kids Bike, 18 Inch Boys Girls Mg Aluminum Alloy Lightweight...
Best 18-Inch for Boys
RoyalBaby Space Shuttle
  • Ultra-light
  • Superb stability
  • Color options available
Product Image of the RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle BMX Bicycle With Kickstand Gifts for...
Best Sports Bike
RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s
  • Superb sports bike
  • Dual brakes
  • Easy assembly

The Best Bikes for 6 to 8 Year-Olds of 2023

Here are the top seven bikes for 6- to 8-year-olds on the market.

1. Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Dirt Bike

Best Dirt Bike

This BMX dirt bike is an epic way for your little one to ride around your neighbourhood, the park or bike trails. It’s ideal for beginners, and can be ridden by kids between four and eight years old.

It comes with training wheels so they can learn how to balance and stabilize themselves on the bike. Once they grow in confidence, you can easily adjust or remove these to give your child a bit more independence on the bike.

We also love the bright yellow fashion of this bike, meaning it’s highly visible. This is perfect for riding around neighbourhoods so cars are aware of the bike.

Photo of the Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Dirt Bike

What We Like

Coaster Brakes

When your child is flying through the trails on their bike, and needs to suddenly stop, they’ll be super grateful for the coaster brakes. These brakes mean stopping is smooth, steady and safe.

Padded Handlebar

The handle bar is padded in a super vibrant and stylish design. This makes the bike look epic, so your little one can ride in style. But it also means there is extra safety in case they lean on the handles a little bit as they’re stopping the bike.

Easy Assembly

When this arrives, your child will be eager to get on it right away for a test ride. Thankfully, assembly is really easy and takes less than 30 minutes for most customers.

What We Don't Like

Not a Lot of Growing Room

This bike is best suited for kids around 43-48 inches. That means there isn’t a lot of growing room. Most customers say this bike lasted for around one year before they had to upgrade to a bigger size. The seat is adjustable, but it still doesn’t help too much.

Tight Pedals

Customers found the pedals were really tight. It made it quite difficult for younger kids to pedal this bike. Keep that in mind when buying; it’s best for kids with a bit of strength behind them!

Product Specs

Color Yellow
Adjustable height Yes
Wheel size 16 inches
Bike weight 25.8 pounds
Gears included No

2. Raleigh Bikes Jazzi 20-Inch

Best Lightweight Bike for 6- to 8-Year-Olds

The Jazzi 20-inch bike from Raleigh is built using lightweight materials. It’s amazingly light when compared to other bicycles from Raleigh, weighing in at 21.6 pounds.

Some of the outstanding features included are the alloy V-brake and rear coaster. The bike is suitable for children aged 4 to 8, with heights ranging between 44 to 52 inches.

The geometry of the bike puts the rider in an aggressive position. If your kid loves to go fast or race around a track, this is the form to look for. With the smooth tires, your child can glide across the roads in your neighborhood.

Photo of the Raleigh Bikes Jazzi 20-Inch

What We Like

Excellent Weight

Although weight isn’t a huge factor for this age group, a lightweight bike is still preferable. Built with a low-standover aluminum frame, Jazzi is incredibly light, giving the rider full control. Building speed, making turns, and stopping is a breeze, even for the smallest user.

Aggressive Geometry

When designing the Jazzi bike, it’s clear Raleigh intended it for more than just leisure use. With the aggressive position, your child leans slightly more forward than on other bikes. It’s optimal for making sharp turns, going fast or tackling a jump.

Traction Tires

With the smooth tires, going over various types of terrain is a breeze. They provide ample traction for simple dirt roads. The rims are durable, made of alloy, and capable of taking on a few jumps.

What We Don't Like

Brakes Are Flimsy

The Rowdy bike features alloy V brakes, but some parents weren’t impressed. A few said they were flimsy and weren’t as efficient as they’d hoped they would be.

Product Specs

Color Blue
Adjustable height Yes
Wheel size 20 inches
Bike weight 21.6 pounds
Gears included Yes

3. Firmstrong 20-Inch Bella Classic Cruiser Bike

Best 20-Inch Kids’ Bike for Girls

With a laid-back geometry, the Bella Classic Cruiser from Firmstrong is a good pick for growing girls. It’s a 20-inch bike, built for cruising around town or going on a trip to the beach with friends. The cruiser is suitable for kids measuring 3 feet, 2 inches to 4 feet, 4 inches tall.

Due to the laid-back position, it’s an excellent introduction to leisure riding. It’s a one-speed bike — for the relaxed biking this was designed for, there’s no need for gears.

White-wall balloon tires are featured on this bike, so the ride is cushioned and smooth. Girls will love the look — it’s mint green and retro-inspired, but also available in other colors. When the ride is over, your girl can come to a soft stop using the coaster brakes.

Photo of the Firmstrong 20-Inch Bella Classic Cruiser Bike

What We Like

Leisure Riding at Its Best

Without disturbing cables or complicated handles to twist, this bike lets your girl cruise how she likes. The smooth balloon tires make the ride soft by adding some suspension, and the single-speed allows the rider to maintain a steady speed. It’s all about sitting back and enjoy the surroundings with her friends.

Wide Tires and Comfy Saddle

With wide tires, the cruiser is stable and comfy to ride. Aiding that is the broad saddle and extra cushioning. The seat also features a dual-spring system, which helps to even out bumps in the road.

Braking Made Easy

Once your girl has mastered pedaling, she’s ready for coaster brakes. When riding the cruiser, all the rider needs to do is pedal backward, and the bike comes to a soft stop.

Fashionable Design

Cruiser bikes often have an old-school look to them, and this one from Firmstrong is no different. With the white-wall, wide tires, the retro vibes are through the roof. It’s intriguing to look at with the unique frame and wide handlebars.

What We Don't Like

Missing Accessories

One parent noticed the incomplete accessories shipped by the seller. Make sure to remind the seller prior to check out.

Product Specs

Color Mint green
Adjustable height Yes
Wheel size 20 inches
Bike weight Not available
Gears included No

4. Mongoose Legion Sidewalk Freestyle BMX 20-Inch

Best Introduction to BMX Riding

BMX-style bikes are not so newbie-friendly, but if you mix them with a sidewalk cruiser, you’ve got a winner. The Legion Mag is a great introduction to BMX riding. It’s a 20-inch bike suitable for children between 4 to 5 feet tall.

With a hi-tensile steel frame and a 20.43-inch tube length, the Legion Freestyle is durable and excellent for aggressive riding. The 2.3-inch wide tires add ample stability, and the aluminum wall rims prevent the bike from being too heavy.

Your child will love riding this bike — it’s smooth to turn and easy to build up speed. A threaded headset with a 48-millimeter stem connecting the handlebar and fork enhances the steering. The drivetrain features a 170-millimeter, one-piece crank, making it easy to go fast.

Photo of the Mongoose Legion Sidewalk Freestyle BMX 20-Inch

What We Like

Outstanding Durability

With a hi-tensile construction, it’s the perfect combo for quiet neighborhood riding, while still being sturdy enough to go on the trail. The bike will grow with your child, and may even become a hand-me-down.

High Precision Brakes and Steering

BMX riding is all about control, and the brakes play an important role. The Mag features steel U-brake. These are perfect for high precision speed control and ultimate brake capacity.

The threaded headset offers a superb steering performance. Whether your kiddo rides on the pavement or trails, they’ve got full control.

BMX Tires

Featuring BMX-style tires, with aluminum rims and optimal grips, going off-road or doing tricks becomes a breeze. The wide design optimizes the rider’s stability.

What We Don't Like

Requires Adjustments

Out of the box, a few parents noted many parts, including the chain, bracket, and steerer tube bearings were too tight and required a fair amount of adjusting.

Many reviewers complained about the brakes, saying they’re useless. Some parents said the issue was that the brakes are way too loose upon arrival and a quick tightening mends the problem.

Product Specs

Color Orange or silver
Adjustable height Yes
Wheel size 20 inches
Bike weight 32 pounds
Gears included No

5. Schwinn Elm Girls 18-Inch Bike

Best 18-Inch Bike for Girls

For 5- to 7-year-olds, 18-inch bikes like this one are the perfect size. They’re a bit smaller and less intimidating than the 20-inch, while still featuring most of the “big-kid” components.

With child-friendly colors and features, your girl should love cruising around on the Elm Girl’s bike. It includes a cute front basket, coaster, and hand brakes as well as a full chain-guard to protect her legs.

An adjustable seat ensures the bike can accommodate growing girls who are between 42 and 52 inches tall. It has a slack-tube angle for easy mounting and includes optional training wheels.

Photo of the Schwinn  Elm Girls 18-Inch Bike

What We Like

More Stability

The main highlight of the Elm Girl’s bike is the Smart Start design. It consists of a sturdy steel frame with child-specific proportions, making pedaling and steering easier. What’s more, the construction optimizes stability, minimizing wobbling while riding, helping the cyclist’s confidence.

Fun Features

The Elm bike is fun to look at with a superb child-friendly appearance. It sports vibrant colors — every element is coated, even the rims. At the front, your girl has a matching basket for carrying her stuff around.

Child-Friendly Proportions

Schwinn strives to make your child feel comfortable and confident riding the bike by optimizing the proportions. Everything from the handle’s diameter to the distance between the pedals provides the perfect balance for small riders.

What We Don't Like

Fragile Basket

It’s made of plastic and can’t take rough handling or heavy cargo. A few parents said they changed it for a more durable alternative.

No Instructions

Unless you’re a bike expert, or at least have some experience, you’ll have a hard time putting this together. It doesn’t come with instructions and reviewers said they went to bike shops or viewed online videos for assembly guidance.

Product Specs

Color Teal, purple, or pink
Adjustable height Yes
Wheel size 18 inches
Bike weight N/A
Gears included No

6. RoyalBaby Space Shuttle 18-Inch Bike

Best 18-Inch Bike for Boys

For active boys between the ages of 5 and 7, we’ve chosen this bike from Royalbaby. It’s the ultra-light, magnesium alloy Space Shuttle bicycle — ready for boys who love speed.

This bike is uniquely built. The frame is in one-piece, meaning there are no welded parts, making it more durable. It also features a sturdy single-speed drivetrain.

The Space Shuttle works well for going off-road. It’s suited with 2.4-inch wide tires that are textured to provide extra grip.

Everything about the bike works to stabilize the ride. It can help your child feel more confident by making the experience less intimidating.

Photo of the RoyalBaby Space Shuttle 18-Inch Bike

What We Like


As opposed to using the usual aluminum or steel, Royalbaby used magnesium alloy for the Space Shuttle. It’s incredibly light, weighing roughly 21 pounds, yet highly durable.

The Space Shuttle is great for building speed. The lightness of the frame makes it easy for even the smallest to pedal, while still having full control.

Superb Stability

A great benefit of using magnesium alloy, besides the lightness, is its anti-impact elements. You have to be rough to make it budge. This translates to its riding performance, giving it superb stability.

Your kiddo can safely bring it onto the rough off-trail roads. The frame and the wide tires reduce the risk of falling.

Color Options Available

The Space Shuttle is available in three colors. Royalbaby stresses how the design is appealing to children of all ages.

The magnesium alloy has another benefit here. It’s easy to form and mold, adding clean lines to the bike and eye-catching shapes.

What We Don't Like

Hard Hand Brake

While most reviewers are happy with the bike, some said there was an issue with the hand brake. It’s tough for a child to use correctly, which compromises their stopping time.

Product Specs

Color White, purple, or black
Adjustable height Yes
Wheel size 18 inches
Bike weight 21 pounds
Gears included No

7. RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s 20-Inch Bike

Best 20-Inch Kids’ Sports Bike

If your child enjoys biking sports, then the Freestyle from Royalbaby is well worth a look. With 20-inch wide, deep-treaded wheels, it’s perfect for activities, be they on or off-road.

The bike is available in various sizes, down to 12-inch wheels — each variant featuring specific components. The 20-inch bike comes with a kickstand and dual-brakes — one caliper and a coaster brake.

Putting together the bike is easy. Everything you need is in the package along with additional features such as a bell, water bottle, and tools for the assembly. The seat adjusts with ease using the quick-release system.

Photo of the RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s 20-Inch Bike

What We Like

Superb Sports Bike

With large, wide tires and durable wheels, the Freestyle is great for doing sports. The rider can take it around the track, do stunts at the park, or race around the neighborhood.

Dual Brakes

Having full control of the speed is essential when doing biking sports, and the Freestyle includes two brakes. On the handlebars, there sits a lever to control the front wheel brake. This is ideal for fine adjustments while doing tricks.

Then the coaster brake helps to come to a smooth full stop. It will also prevent those dreadful head-over-handlebar accidents.

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Lots of Extras Included

A kid-sized bike with grown-up features is perfect for 6- to 8-year-olds. Royalbaby includes fun things such as a bell and water bottle for your speeding child. It also features a kickstand for easy parking.

Easy Assembly

Everything you need is ready in the box. Tools and an owner’s manual are in the bundle — the instructions are easy to follow. There may not be much to do to get it on the road — many reviewers said the bike comes mostly assembled.

What We Don't Like

Considerably Heavy

A few parents noted their disappointment concerning the bike’s weight. Many said it was too heavy to lift, even for an adult.

Product Specs

Color Red, blue, green, pink, orange, or white
Adjustable height Yes
Wheel size 20 inches
Bike weight 31 pounds
Gears included No

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Color Adjustable height Wheel size Bike weight Gears included
Dynacraft Magna Major Dirt Bike Yellow Yes 16″ 25.8 lbs No
Raleigh Bikes Jazzi Lightweight Bike Blue Yes 20″ 21.6 lbs Yes
Firmstrong Bella Classic Cruiser 20″ For Girls Mint green Yes 20″ N/A No
Mongoose Legion Sidewalk BMX BMX Bike 2 colors Yes 20″ 32 lbs No
Schwinn Elm Girl’s  18″ For Girls 3 colors Yes 18″ N/A No
RoyalBaby Space Shuttle 18″ For Boys 3 colors Yes 18″ 21 lbs No
RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Sports Bike 6 colors Yes 20″ 31 lbs No

How to Choose a Bike for 6 to 8-Year-Olds

Picking the Right Size

When talking about bike sizes, we’re referring to the diameter of the wheels. For children who are 6- to 8-years old, the best sizes are anything from 18- to 20-inch bikes.

If your child is taller or about to turn 9, you could go for a 24-inch. However, pay close attention to your child’s height and inseam measurements — age isn’t always the best guide. The seat height varies between brands — some are high, even on the lowest setting, while others remain on the shorter side.

To find their inseam size, attach a piece of paper to a wall using duct tape. Take a book and place it between the child’s legs in the crotch area. Mark the paper at the tallest point of the book.

Measure from the mark to the floor, and you have their approximate inseam. This is where it may get confusing, so stay with us. Once you’ve decided on an 18- or 20-inch wheel size, focus on the seat height of the bike you’re looking at.

Go for a seat height that’s 2 to 3 inches higher than the inseam. For this age, your child should have a slight bend of the knee while seated and resting their feet on the ground.


Another helpful feature to look for is adjustability. Having a bike that allows for alterations will enable your child to use it longer.

How much the bike can adjust varies between brands — ensure there’s ample room for growth. Some seats can be raised as much as six inches or more. This makes a significant difference, potentially adding years of use.

When buying, always aim for the lowest height setting — otherwise, your child will outgrow it faster.

Watch The Tippy Toes

For this bike size and age group, the rider should have their toes just touching the ground while seated. This helps them achieve maximum efficiency when pedaling. If your child’s still learning, perhaps lower the seat so both feet can fully touch the ground.

Bike’s Geometry

With the 18- and 20-inch bikes, the design of the frame varies depending on the primary purpose of the bike. Some are constructed for leisure riding — these are called cruisers and promote an upright position, ideal for beginners.

Other manufacturers focus on sports bikes, like BMX or mountain biking. These promote what we call an aggressive position where the rider sits forward-leaning.

This stance assists them with turning, building speed, and balancing. These bikes are more suited to experienced riders.

Other bikes come somewhere in-between, enabling the rider to use it for different activities, but not to an exacting standard. This is an excellent option if your child is still learning.

Proper Brakes

At this age, most children are coordinated and strong enough to handle both a hand and a coaster brake. The manufacturer has a requirement to include both types on this sized bike (1).

There are conflicting views on which type of brake is best for young riders. Some think it’s best to avoid a foot-controlled brake as it may throw your child off balance.

Others state coaster brakes are best as small hands have a hard time activating a hand brake (2). Either way, once they’re comfortable and confident when riding, they can easily handle both.

Some advanced companies like Guardian Bikes utilize a single-lever braking system. This is a design where one lever controls both the front and rear wheel.

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The bike should weigh 30 percent less than your child’s body weight. A lighter bicycle means better control and more comfortable pedaling, which is imperative for children.

Once in the 20-inch bike market, the bicycles become considerably heavier due to added features such as shocks and gears. As long as your kiddo can handle it, it’s okay.


Another first on bikes for this age range is the option for gears. Up until this point, gears were non-existent as small kids don’t need them and they’re complicated to use.

Gears are still optional though — not all manufacturers include them until the 24-inch sizes. Whether you should choose gears depends on your child. Many around this age are still not able to use them properly.

Knowing when to switch gears can be challenging for a 6-year-old. In the beginning, they may do it randomly, but soon they’ll learn.

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Appropriate Tires

The terrain your child will be riding on should impact what type of tires to look for. Do you live in the countryside surrounded by dirt roads, or in a suburban neighborhood with flat roads? If your youngster merely cruises around your street, smooth tires, perhaps even foam-filled ones, will do.

When riding on rough terrains such as dirt or gravel, the tires should be durable. For grip, deeply treaded tires are best — these are textured and ensure superb traction.

Should your child’s interest change, you can always switch the tires out. Many parents admit to doing this if their youngsters weren’t happy.

And That’s the Best

Watching your baby upgrade to a larger bike isn’t always easy. You want to ensure they feel safe, while still challenging themselves. Finding the best bike for your child can certainly help.

It’s crucial to pick the right size — we recommend going by height or inseam measurements as they’re more accurate. Then find a bike allowing for seat height adjustments — aim for the lowest setting when choosing. This way, the rider will have plenty of room to grow.

And remember to take plenty of pictures as keepsakes while they are out on their new bike. You’ll both love looking back at them someday.

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