Best Biking Gloves for Kids of 2020

Protect your child’s precious hands with these top sets of kids biking gloves.

We always tell our children to wear a helmet, and perhaps even elbow and knee pads when riding their bike. We do this to keep them safe, but what about their hands? Holding on to a handlebar, especially for small children or those riding aggressively, can lead to blisters.

Biking gloves can eliminate those potential blisters and protect the hands from being scraped up in case your child wipes out. So how do you find the best biking gloves for kids, and does your youngster really need them? Let’s find out.

Our Top Picks

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Why Buy Bike Gloves for Kids

Bike gloves may seem like a fun accessory, but they can be a crucial safety feature. It all depends on your child’s age and purpose of riding.

If your little one is riding their first balance bike where tumbles and falls are bound to happen, gloves are essential. Toddlers tend to fall with their hands first, so gloves keep their palms safe from cuts and scrapes (1). At this age, all it takes is one wipeout with injuries to convince your child they don’t want to ride anymore.

When your youngster becomes older and more serious about a specific riding style, gloves will serve a different purpose. If your child is into mountain biking or BMX, gloves absorb impacts from bumps in the road. They also enhance the rider’s grip by repelling moisture and easing the strain caused by a tight hold.

Finding the Best Bike Gloves


For bike gloves, sizes generally come in small, medium, and large. Manufacturers tend to give rough age ranges for each size, but we recommend you measure your child’s palm before buying.

Half Finger or Full?

Biking gloves are available with full finger coverage or half. Full fingers are a little trickier to size since they tend to be long at the fingertips.

But full fingers are best for older children who ride more aggressively or are into a bike sport. They offer extra comfort and will enhance their grip while they wrap their hands fully around the handles.

Half fingers are fantastic for toddlers or young children who are riding their first bike. Full-finger gloves are a hassle to put on small wiggly fingers, and the protection needed for their fingertips is minimal.


Biking gloves for children generally have a hook and loop closure, which is the one to look for with toddlers. These closures are easy for them to put on and take off independently. They also allow you to adjust the size a bit should it be too big.

For older kids, there are gloves without a hook and loop closure. These have elastic around the wrist to keep the gloves from falling off.

The Best Kids Biking Gloves of 2020

Using our points above as guidelines, along with helpful advice from experts, we searched through user reviews. Then we narrowed our choices down to the five best biking gloves for kids.

1. ZippyRooz Toddler & Little Kids’ Bike Gloves

Best Biking Gloves for Kids Overall

ZippyRooz Toddler & Little Kids Bike Gloves for Balance and Pedal Bicycles for...
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Arriving with a warning that your little one might get superhero powers from wearing them, these gloves are fantastic. For starters, they’re available in adorable, colorful prints, suitable for both boys and girls.

Besides the ultra-cute design, the gloves offer ample padding around the palm and fingers. The material on the thumb is extra soft and absorbent, there to serve as a nose wipe for the constant runny noses kids seem to have. These are ideal for young children riding on balance bikes — the padding protects their hands during falls.

The gloves are a half-finger style, excellent for summer use. On the fingers are hoops to assist your little one when putting them on and taking them off.

Various sizes are available, suitable for children ranging between 1- to 8-years-old. The materials used are a mix of nylon and polyester, plus they’re machine washable.

  • Adorable design, with various prints to choose from.
  • Lots of padding for extra protection.
  • Soft and absorbent material.
  • Easy for your child to take on and off independently.
  • The sizes run large.
  • A little slippery, so they won’t help when a good grip is needed.

Additional Specs

Sizes available for ages1 to 8 years
MaterialNylon and polyester
Machine washableYes

2. Finger Ten Kids’ Junior Cycling Gloves

Best for Active Kids

FINGER TEN Kids Cycling Gloves Padded Boy Girl Youth, Outdoor Sport Road...
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Designed for tough sports such as mountain biking or BMX, these gloves from Finger Ten are a solid pick. They’ve received stellar reviews from parents, praising their durability and the support they provide for small hands.

On the palm area, there’s a special material allowing cool air in while warmth and moisture escape. It’s terrific in the summer to prevent sweaty and uncomfortable hands.

Around the palm and fingers is anti-slip gripper foam, helping your little one keep their hands on the handles. It’s comfy, too, being made from soft lycra material which is stretchy and flexible.

Around the thumb sits a large microfiber patch, there to wipe a snotty nose or some tears after a spill. The half-finger gloves are available in green, blue, and pink.

  • Incredible durability, yet ultra-soft and flexible.
  • Special perforated material allowing for ventilation.
  • Includes anti-slip foam pads.
  • Microfiber patch for drying noses and tears.
  • The sizes tend to run small, but there’s a helpful guide.

Additional Specs

Sizes available for ages2 to 10 years
MaterialLycra and microfiber
Machine washableN/A

3. Nature Ann Children’s Fingerless Glove

Best Urban Street-Cred Gloves

Boy Girl Child Children Kid Half Finger Fingerless Short Shock-absorbing No-Slip...
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With tough-looking designs like army green and blue wolf, these half-finger gloves are excellent for urban boys and girls. They work great for sports such as biking, skateboarding, and roller-skating.

The thick, shock-absorbing material around the palm area reduces the chance of painful accidents. The gloves are ergonomically designed to hug the natural curves of the fingers, ensuring flexibility and comfort. They’re made from a stretchy blend of spandex and microfiber to create a hand-hugging glove.

The material is fully breathable, allowing moisture to escape while cool air can enter. This material is also quick to dry, which is ideal since the gloves should only be washed by hand, then dried in the shade.

These gloves come in one size, suitable for palms measuring 1.97 to 2.79 inches across. Many reviewers said they were excellent for 8- to 10-year-olds.

  • Includes shock-absorbing materials.
  • Ergonomically designed to hug the hand and fingers.
  • Breathable material, allowing moisture to escape.
  • The rubber on the palms is stiff.
  • Only one size.

Additional Specs

SizesOne size for 1.97 to 2.79-inch palms
MaterialSpandex and microfiber
Machine washableNo

4. Strider Adventure Riding Gloves

Best Full-Finger Gloves

Strider - Full Finger Adventure Riding Gloves for Hand Protection, Large
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For the child who prefers a “big-kid” glove, we recommend this pair from Strider. Without playing into the cuteness factor with bright colors and toddler-friendly prints, these have a professional look. And their performance matches their appearance.

The Strider gloves are available as full fingers or half. The full-finger gloves are only sold in size large, which is suitable for children aged 4 to 6 years. With a well-proportioned design, the gloves will hug the rider’s hands without being too snug.

Across the hand sits a hook and loop closure, easy to operate for children. Putting them on may take some getting used to due to the full-fingers, if you choose that type, but they provide an all-around shield.

There are high-quality pads, specifically designed to suit children to provide some cushioning during falls. They also work to enhance the rider’s grip across the handles, giving them the confidence to go faster.

  • A good “big-kid” design.
  • Excellent material that will hug the hands.
  • Easy hook and loop closure.
  • Full protection.
  • They are a little long in the fingers for the full-fingered glove option, so small kids may need time to grow into them.
  • The white color will show dirt easily.

Additional Specs

StyleFull-finger or half-finger
Sizes available for ages4 to 6 years
MaterialPolyester, PVC, and faux leather
Machine washableYes

5. Finger Ten Cycling Gloves

Best Touch Screen Gloves

Cycling Gloves Kids Boys Girls Youth Full Finger Pair Bike Riding, Children...
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If your youngster uses their phone for maps or Strava while cycling, then they need the Finger Ten Cycling Gloves. These gloves have a touch screen design, so they work on smartphones, smartwatches, and other electric devices through the material.

The gloves themselves are comfortable and breathable. So your little one’s hands can stay dry and comfy while they’re cycling. No more slipping and sliding as they try to grip handlebars. The non-slip and thick material keeps the gloves super reliable. Plus, the extra padding reduces vibrations which is ideal if you’re doing cross country bike rides.

With four different sizes, and adjustable wrist straps, you’ll find the perfect fit for your child. Plus, the gloves come in six different designs to suit your child’s personal style.

  • Double leather over finger and thumb.
  • Breathable material keeps hands dry.
  • Touch screen design.
  • Thick padding on palm.
  • Sizing is off, usually running too small.
  • Not warm enough for freezing cold days.

Additional Specs

Sizes available for ages2 to 11 years
MaterialFaux leather and silicone
Machine washableN/A

Kids Biking Glove Comparison Chart

ProductBestStyleSizes available for agesMaterialMachine washable
ZippyRooz Bike GlovesOverallHalf-finger1 – 8 yrsNylon & polyesterYes
Finger Ten Cycling GlovesActive KidsHalf-finger2 – 10 yrsLycra & microfiberN/A
Nature Ann Fingerless GloveUrban Street-CredHalf-finger1 size (1.97″ – 2.79″)Spandex & microfiberNo
Strider Adventure Riding GlovesFull-Finger GlovesFull or half-finger4 – 6 yrsPolyester, PVC, & faux leatherYes
Finger Ten Cycling GlovesTouchscreenFull-finger2 – 11 yrsFaux leather & siliconeN/A
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Fits like a Glove

Just like helmets and knee pads, gloves will help protect your youngster during a fall. You must measure your kid’s hands to make sure you get the right size before looking for the best biking gloves for them.

Then consider whether they need a full-finger or half style — for toddlers, we recommend fingerless.

Ensure it has a closure right for your child, and maybe even a fun design. Now, your little one is ready to ride, so grab your camera and document these memories.

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