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Best Kiddie Pools of 2023

Let your kids chill out this summer in one of these great kiddie pools.

Nothing beats the summer heat like a cool pool. No matter your age, a quick dip is always refreshing.

A kiddie pool can be a great investment — if you know what to look for. Not every kiddie pool is suited to every situation.

We’ve researched the best kiddie pools currently on the market and have rated them according to various criteria to help you make the best choice for your family.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Intex 12-56475NP Swim Center Family Lounge Inflatable Pool, 90' X 90' X 26', for...
Best for the Whole Family
Intex Inflatable Family Pool
  • Large enough for 2 adults & 2 kids
  • Includes a drain pipe
  • Built in backrest and drink holder
Product Image of the EverEarth E Lite Waterproof Beach Blanket & Kiddie Pool, Blue
Best Kiddie Pool for the Beach
EverEarth Waterproof Kiddie Pool
  • Sustainable & chemical-free materials
  • Can be used as beach blanket
  • Rolls up into a water bucket
Product Image of the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer Multicolor,...
Best Water Park Kiddie Pool
Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Bouncer
  • Inflates in ninety seconds
  • Folds up into carrying case
  • Durable and lasts for years
Product Image of the Intex Ice Cream Stand Inflatable Playhouse and Pool, for Ages 2-6, Multi, Model...
Best Non-Toxic Kiddie Pool
Intex Ice Cream Stand Playhouse
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Functions as playhouse or kiddie pool
  • Free of toxins & phthalates
Product Image of the V-HANVER Foldable Dog Pool Collapsible Heavy Duty PVC Pet Pool Bath Tub for...
Best Hard Plastic Kiddie Pool
V-Hanver Foldable
  • Easy to set up
  • Thick, high-density fiberboard
  • Non-slip bottom prevents injuries
Product Image of the SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad, Sprinkler for Kids and Wading Pool for Learning –...
Best Splash Mat Kiddie Pool
SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad
  • Can be used as splash pad or sprinkler
  • Can be rolled or folded for storage
  • Designed with letters and animals
Product Image of the SwimSchool Baby Splash Play Mat with Adjustable Canopy – Inflatable Play Pool...
Best Kiddie Pool for Babies
SwimSchool Splash and Play Mat
  • Inflatable backrest keeps babies upright
  • Includes stackable ring toys
  • Comes with removable canopy
Product Image of the FUNFEED Inflatable Kiddie Pool, Unicorn Swimming Pool for Kiddie, Baby, Toddler,...
Best Portable Kiddie Pool
FunFeed Inflatable Kiddie Pool
  • Folds up very small
  • Has a drain on the bottom
  • Flamingo & unicorn designs
Product Image of the Intex Snorkel Buddies Snapset Pool - 5'X10' (Style May Vary)
Best Budget Kiddie Pool
Intex Snapset Pool
  • Cheaper than most other kiddie pools
  • 10 inch pool depth
  • Can hold several young kids at a time
Product Image of the Intex Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center, 116' X 75' X 51', for Ages 2+ Blue
Best Kiddie Pool for Toddlers
Intex Candy Zone Play Center
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Landing mat included
  • Can be enjoyed by 1 to 2 children

The Best Kiddie Pools of 2023

We’ve reviewed the best kiddie pools on the market to help you make the perfect choice.

1. Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Pool

Best Kiddie Pool for Whole Family

If your family enjoys cooling down together in the summer, you will love this large inflatable pool by Intex. The pool has a 500-gallon capacity but is small enough to be emptied at the end of the day and doesn’t require the use of a pump or chemicals.

This pool was created with your family’s relaxation in mind as it has four comfortable built-in seats with backrests and two drink holders.

This pool is best for multiple kids (ages three and up) or a mixture of adults and children.


  • Large enough to hold up to two adults and two kids at once.
  • Includes a drain pipe.
  • Built in backrest and drink holder for relaxation.


  • Needs to be emptied daily to keep pool water clean, an additional cover would be a nice top up.

Product Specs

Dimensions 90 inches x 6 inches x 26 inches
Recommended Age Three years to adult
Materials Not specified
Free of Toxins Yes
Easy to Store Yes

2. EverEarth Waterproof Beach Blanket and Kiddie Pool

Best Kiddie Pool for the Beach

This unique product can be used as either a beach blanket or a kiddie pool.

To use as a blanket, simply lay it soft-side-up on the ground and relax.

For a kiddie pool, dig a small area in the sand, flip the blanket so the pool side is up, and lay it over the area you dug out. Fill the carrying case with beach water, and empty it onto the pool (kids can easily do this job). Repeat until you’re happy with the pool depth.


  • Made entirely from sustainable and chemical-free materials.
  • Great solution for kids who find lake or ocean water too cold or frightening.
  • Rolls up to fit into the small carrying case that doubles as a water bucket.


  • Because it needs to rest on a surface that’s been dug out, it’s only suitable for the beach.

Product Specs

Dimensions 70-inch diameter
Recommended Age Twenty-four months to eight years
Materials Thermoplastic polyurethane
Free of Toxins Yes
Easy to Store Yes

3. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Slide Bouncer

Best Water Park Kiddie Pool

Kids of all ages love this bouncer! The pool is shallow enough that toddlers will have fun splashing around, even if they aren’t able to climb to the top. It can be used with or without water and has many options to keep children active and entertained.

With a climbing wall, two water slides, a bounce pad, and a surprise dump bucket that randomly empties on kids as they climb, your family can enjoy the full water park experience at home.

Kids love to race to the top and back down again with the dual slides.

Because of its large size, this bouncer is great for use with multiple children. And it provides the perfect party entertainment.


  • Inflates in ninety seconds.
  • When deflated, it folds up into a convenient carrying case.
  • Users claim it’s durable and lasts for years, even with lots of use.


  • Takes some effort to dry it all out properly before storing.
  • Pricier than most other kiddie pools.

Product Specs

Dimensions 161 inches x 169 inches x 103 inches13. feet 5 inches x 14. feet 1 inch x 8 .feet 7 feet inches
Recommended Age Five to ten years
Materials Mildew and tear-resistant plastic fabric
Free of Toxins Unknown
Easy to Store Yes

4. Intex Ice Cream Stand Inflatable Playhouse and Pool

Best Non-Toxic Kiddie Pool

Creative kids who love imaginative play will fall in love with this unique kiddie pool! This adorable gelato stand playhouse doubles as a small wading pool. Your little ones will have a blast serving frozen play food treats while staying cool in the shaded wading pool.

The Intex Ice Cream Stand comes with three inflatable ice cream treats. And you can rest easy knowing this ice cream (and the entire pool) is free of harmful toxins!


  • Can be used indoors as a playhouse or outdoors as both a playhouse and kiddie pool.
  • Free of toxins, including phthalates.


  • Doesn’t hold a lot of water
  • Only one child fits in the pool if seated (two if standing).

Product Specs

Dimensions 50 x 40 x 39 inches (5-inch pool depth)
Recommended Age Two to six years
Materials Soft plastic
Free of Toxins Yes
Easy to Store Yes

5. V-Hanver Foldable Plastic Pool for Kids and Pets

Best Hard Plastic Kiddie Pool

Hard plastic pools of the past were notorious for being difficult to store and challenging to empty. The V-Hanver Foldable Pool is a great alternative! This pool is convenient to set up, use, drain, store, and travel with.

Although designed with dogs in mind, this foldable pool is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. The non-slip bottom helps prevent dangerous falls.

We love that this pool comes in three sizes to suit your needs. The extra-large size can comfortably hold up to four kids.


  • Easy to set up. Simply unfold and fill with water.
  • Thick, high-density fiberboard means it’s more durable than most plastic pools.
  • Non-slip bottom prevents injuries.


  • May not hold up to rough play.

Product Specs

Dimensions Small: 32 x 8 inches Large: 47 x 12 inches Extra-Large: 63 x 12 inches
Recommended Age Two to eight years
Materials PVC and high-density fiberboard
Free of Toxins Unknown
Easy to Store Yes

6. SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad

Best Splash Mat Kiddie Pool

Kids love sprinklers, splashing, and lounging in cool water on a hot day. This multifunctional cool-down tool is a splash pad, sprinkler, and wading pool all wrapped up in one educational package.

When a hose is attached, the outer rim fills with water, inflating the sides. If the hose is left running, the holes along the top edges spray water, creating a fun fountain sprinkler effect. If the hose is turned off, it functions as a kiddie pool for children who don’t love being splashed.

This splash pad is best for toddlers and preschoolers, but babies will also enjoy sitting or crawling around in the cool water. And although it is small, several young children can play at once as they tend to jump in and out, unlike with deeper wading pools.


  • Can be used as a pool, splash pad, or sprinkler.
  • Can be rolled or folded for easy storage.
  • Designed with letters and animals to keep kids learning while they play.


  • Side seams can burst if water pressure is too high or kids are too rough with it.

Product Specs

Dimensions 60-inch diameter
Recommended Age Twelve months to seven years
Materials Soft plastic
Free of Toxins Yes
Easy to Store Yes

7. SwimSchool Splash and Play Mat

Best Kiddie Pool for Babies

Few kiddie pools hit the six to ten-month age range when a baby is starting to sit up unassisted but still risks frequent tip-overs in a typical toddler pool. This little splash mat includes a light backrest and a ring stacker that also helps babies stay upright.

The removable canopy will protect your little one from harmful UV rays and keep them cool on those hot summer days. This bright play mat is perfect for use at home, camping, or at the beach.


  • Inflatable backrest keeps babies safe and upright.
  • The stackable ring toys are entertaining.
  • Removable canopy protects babies from harmful UV rays.


  • Most babies outgrow this within a couple of months.
  • The canopy isn’t adjustable, so the whole unit needs to be moved to maintain shade.

Product Specs

Dimensions 28-inch diameter
Recommended Age Advertised: six to eighteen months (We recommend six to ten months)
Materials Soft plastic
Free of Toxins Unknown
Easy to Store Yes

8. FunFeed Inflatable Kiddie Pool

Best Portable Kiddie Pool

For kids (and adults!) of all ages, this basic pool is cute, fun, and functional. It’s perfect for taking to the cottage, to Grandma’s house, or camping. And it comes in your choice of two kid-friendly designs — unicorn or flamingo.

This pool is easy to inflate. Simply attach an electric pump, and the pool will inflate within minutes. Fill with as much or as little water as you would like, and enjoy!

As this pool is pretty small, it is best for one to two small children. (But moms have also confessed to sitting in it with a glass of wine on a hot day.)


  • Folds up very small.
  • The drain on the bottom makes for easy emptying of the water.
  • Flamingo and unicorn designs are fun and look great on your lawn.


  • The thin plastic can easily puncture.
  • It requires the use of an electric pump (not included).

Product Specs

Dimensions 43 x 37 x 75 inches
Recommended Age Three to seven years (can also be used for lounging moms)
Materials Soft PVC plastic
Free of Toxins Unknown
Easy to Store Yes

9. Intex Snapset Pool

Best Budget Kiddie Pool

If you’re looking for an affordable pool for your kids, snapset pools are always a favorite. And since they’re not inflatable, no air pumps or other tools are required.

This pool holds a decent amount of water and will keep kids cool and entertained for hours.

As the depth of the pool is 10 inches, it is best for use with children three years and older. The sides aren’t supportive enough for younger children who may not be as steady on their feet.

With a wider base than most other low-budget pools, the snapset pool can hold several children. This makes it a great option for larger families and fun for playdates and parties.


  • Cheaper than most other kiddie pools on the market.
  • Can comfortably hold several young kids at a time.


  • Requires some effort to keep the sides from collapsing while filling.
  • Can be awkward to fold up and store.
  • Some users complain of the sides forming cracks during storage.

Product Specs

Dimensions 60 x 60 x 10 inches
Recommended Age Three to eight years
Materials Semi-firm plastic
Free of Toxins Unknown
Easy to Store No

10. Intex Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center

Best Kiddie Pool for Toddlers

This colorful play center includes a toddler-sized slide, water sprayer, and two inflatable lollipops to create fun and sweet moments with your tots. The six candy balls add up to fun.

The item is easy to set up. Simply inflate each air chamber, attach a hose, and enjoy! Kids love the combination of a kiddie pool, sprinkler, and slide. And it’s made with quality materials that last not to mention that a repair patch is also included.

This is a great pool for toddlers and kids who don’t mind the splashing effect of a sprinkler.


  • Can be enjoyed by one to two children.
  • The slide is just the right size for toddlers to enjoy without being intimidated.
  • Includes a landing mat for added safety.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate.


  • Doesn’t come with an inflator. (Users recommend purchasing an electric pump.)

Product Specs

Dimensions 116 x 75 x 51 inches
Recommended Age Two to ten years
Materials Plastic
Free of Toxins Not specified
Easy to Store Yes

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Dimensions Recommended Age Materials Free of Toxins Easy to Store
Intex Family Lounge Pool Best for Whole Family 90 x 6 x 26″ 3 years N/A Yes Yes
EverEarth Beach  Kiddie Pool Best for the Beach 70″ diameter 1-8 years Thermoplastic polyurethane Yes Yes
Little Tikes River Race Bouncer Best Water Park 161 x 169 x 103″ 5-10 years Mildew & tear-resistant plastic fabric N/A Yes
Intex Ice Cream Stand Playhouse Best Non-Toxic 50 x 40 x 39″ 2-6 years Soft plastic Yes Yes
V-Hanver Foldable Plastic Pool Best Hard Plastic Small: 32 x 8″ Large: 47 x 12″ Extra-Large: 63 x 12″ 2-8 years PVC & high-density fiberboard N/A Yes
SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad Best Splash Mat 60″ diameter 1-7 years Soft plastic Yes Yes
SwimSchool Splash and Play Mat Best for Babies 28″ diameter 6-18 months Soft plastic N/A Yes
FunFeed Inflatable Kiddie Pool Best Portable Kiddie Pool 43 x 37 x 75″ 3-7 years Soft PVC plastic N/A Yes
Intex Snapset Pool Best Budget Kiddie Pool 60 x 60 x 10″ 3–8 years Semi-firm plastic N/A No
Intex Candy Play Center Best for Toddlers 116 x 75 x 51″ 2-10 years Plastic N/A Yes

Are Kiddie Pools Safe?

Kiddie pools are only safe if children are fully supervised by an adult at all times. Young children and non-swimmers can drown within seconds in just one inch of water (1). Always be within arms reach of your child when they are in a kiddie pool.

Drain your kiddie pool when not in use, or create a barrier such as a locked gate to keep children from falling in.

To prevent the spread of germs in a kiddie pool, do not allow children who aren’t feeling well to enter the pool. After emptying your pool, thoroughly rinse it and allow it to fully dry before storing it.

How to Choose the Best Kiddie Pools

There are several factors you should consider when shopping for a kiddie pool.

Yard Size

The size of your yard or play area will determine what size of kiddie pool you should look for.

Kiddie pool sizes vary greatly, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that fits your space, regardless of how small it may be. Some small splash pads for toddlers are just twenty-eight inches in diameter, but an inflatable family pool may be 10’ long.

Before shopping for your pool, measure the area of the space you would like it to occupy. Then look for pools that are at least a couple of feet smaller than that measurement. You’ll want to ensure that there is plenty of room to move around the outside of the pool so you can stay within arms’ reach of your child.

Your Child’s Age

Always look for a pool that is suitable for your child’s age and abilities.

Before a baby is mobile, to prevent accidents, you probably don’t want more than one or two inches of water for them to splash around in. Also, most babies don’t love the sprinkler effect of some toddler pools. It’s a good idea to look for a pool meant for younger babies that includes some support to keep them upright.

Once your baby becomes mobile, you can add a couple of inches in water depth or try a splash pad with some fun additions like a slide or sprinkler.

As your child continues to grow, you can increase the depth of the pool water according to their comfort level and abilities.

Extra Requirements

An inflatable pool will require some form of pump for inflation. If the pool is small, a foot pump may suffice. But for many kiddie pools, an electric air pump is necessary.

The average kiddie pool can be inflated in less than three minutes with an electric pump but will require three to four times that (and a lot of physical energy) if you’re using a foot pump. However, if you’re using an electric pump, you’ll also need a power source nearby.


If you will be taking your kiddie pool with you to the cottage, the beach, or elsewhere, you will want to consider how easy it is to transport. Most inflatable pools, when empty, can be folded up fairly small, but they will also require an air pump (and a power source if your pump is electric). Large, hard plastic pools are not very portable and are best to use at home only.

Some pools even come with a carrying bag or case, making them a great choice for portability.

Storage Space

Another consideration you need to make is where you will be storing your pool when it’s not in use.

If you only have a small space on a shelf indoors, an inflatable pool will be a good choice as they are fairly compact after folding. But if your pool will be stored somewhere that isn’t temperature controlled (such as an uninsulated shed), you may wish to opt for something made with canvas or hard plastic, as they’re less likely to warp or crack in extreme temperatures.

Kiddie Pool FAQs

Here are our answers to the most common questions about kiddie pools.

At What Age Can Babies Use a Kiddie Pool?

Babies can begin using a kiddie pool at any age if you’re willing to join them and hold them in the water. However, most younger babies won’t appreciate the cold water of a kiddie pool.

The best time for a baby to use a kiddie pool is when they’re strong enough to sit unsupported without tipping over. For maximum safety, don’t add more water than a baby can comfortably crawl in. If the water is more than a couple of inches deep, it will be very easy for your baby to tip over and struggle to get back up.


Always ensure you are within arm’s reach of your child when they are in the water, and keep your gaze on your child at all times. Water accidents can happen within seconds.

How Long Can You Keep Kiddie Pool Water?

It’s best to empty your kiddie pool whenever it’s not in use. This will prevent potential accidents and keep the water from growing bacteria.

As chlorine isn’t used in kiddie pools, it is easy for bacteria to grow and develop rapidly in the warm sun, making it a health risk for children.

Got a shallow kiddie pool that gets lots of use throughout the day? Then you may wish to empty and refill it more than once to keep the water safe and clean.

What Can I Put Under a Kiddie Pool?

The floor of most kiddie pools is made of thin plastic. It’s easy for this layer to become punctured by sticks or rocks. And if the ground under the pool isn’t soft, it can be uncomfortable for children.

To prevent your pool from developing leaks and make it more comfortable, it’s a good idea to have a protective layer beneath it. If the ground is already fairly soft, a tarp may be sufficient. But for further protection, we recommend using a thicker mat.

An affordable option that you can customize to the size of your pool is interlocking foam mats — the kind used for playroom floors or exercise surfaces.

What is the Best Way to Keep a Kiddie Pool Clean?

Kiddie pools are notoriously difficult to keep clean. Kids love to hop in and out of them, dragging in all kinds of dirt and debris. Sunscreen can add a messy oil layer to the mix. And don’t even get us started on kids who spit water or pee in the pool!

If you’re able, keep your pool in a clean area, such as a patio, or lay tarps around it, so kids’ feet stay as clean as possible. Another option is to set up a foot-washing station (a bucket of water will work just fine) so kids can rinse their feet off before entering the pool.

To keep your kiddie pool clean, be sure to empty and refill it often. Use a pool net to scoop out any debris. Rinse the pool after each use and allow it to dry completely before storing it.

How Long Do Kiddie Pools Last?

Kiddie pools can last for years if they are made with durable material and are properly cleaned and stored between uses.

Always clean your kiddie pool thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before storing it. When your pool is not in use, it’s best to store it indoors to prevent the heat or cold from warping or cracking the fabric.

To make your pool last longer, don’t allow kids to sit on the sides of the pool. Also, remember to keep pets and sharp objects away.

What’s the Best Way to Blow Up a Kiddie Pool?

We strongly recommend an electric air pump. True, a foot pump will work for most inflatable pools, and some are small enough to be blown up with the power of your own lungs. However, electric air pumps are more efficient and less time-consuming.

This is a worthwhile investment, and it’s not too difficult to find affordable options at department or camping supply stores. Your feet and lungs will thank you, as will your kids because most electric pumps will inflate a kiddie pool in just a couple of minutes.

Let the Fun Begin!

Now that you know what to look for in a kiddie pool and have some recommendations to suit your needs and your budget, it’s time to choose the best kiddie pool for your family.

Whichever option you choose, your kids are sure to be grateful. So, here’s to a cool summer filled with water fun and great memories!

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