Best Inflatable Water Slides for Kids of 2020

The right inflatable water slide can keep your children busy, happy, and active all summer.

As mothers, we want our kids to be active. The laziness that modern life affords our bundles of joy is demonstrably harmful (1).

The trick is to get children to enjoy physical activity. The only way you win is if what you offer is more fun than binge-watching something on Netflix. Impossible, right?

With an inflatable water slide, you’ll offer a pleasant way of keeping cool during hot summers. The best part is that it provides a lot of enjoyable physical activity.

This guide should offer some insight into what you should look for when shopping for one of the best inflatable water slides for kids.

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    Choosing the Best Inflatable Water Slides for Kids

    When buying an inflatable water slide for your little ones, you must consider their unique needs.

    Age Appropriateness

    Water slides are designed with different demographics in mind. Inflatable slides for teens and older children would be unsafe for younger kids. Like your typical amusement park rides, this equipment has various height and weight requirements (2).

    Always consider the manufacturer’s recommended age when buying one of these.

    Ease of Use

    Parents will be the ones setting the slide up. Before purchasing the rig, make sure it’s something you can handle putting up. That said, you needn’t worry — most of the products are easy to manage.

    First, pick a flat surface and lay the slide flat with the bottom facing the ground. Next, connect the air blower to the designated hole and turn it on. For the water, there is a specific connector that you need to put the hose in.

    Regarding the deflation process, drain the slide of its water and make sure it’s fully clean and dry to avoid molds. Let it dry for a few hours. Then, deflate the product, fold it, and return it to its storage bag.

    Deflating the slide can be more difficult than setting it up — be prepared.

    The weight of the equipment can also make the set-up harder or easier. You need to keep that in mind when shopping for a slide.

    Safety and Security

    You want your babies to have fun and enjoy themselves, but you also need them to be safe. That’s why you should lean toward buying inflatable water slides from renowned companies that have stood the test of time.

    Go for slides that come with clear set-up instructions and carefully follow the guide. Also, pay attention to the splash pool — the bottom must have good padding, the edges need to be smooth, and it shouldn’t be too deep (3).

    Choose a slide that has steel stakes, sandbags, and secure tether points. The tether points should be attached to ropes, anchors, or straps to help anchor the slide firmly onto the ground. Even then, remember that adult supervision is always necessary.

    Size of the Slide

    Where are you going to set-up the inflatable water slide?

    This question will help you determine which product to go for. The manufacturer will include this information in the specifications. Compare the specified dimensions to the space in which you want to set the slide.

    Don’t forget about the height too. If you plan to set up the slide under a balcony or a few trees, this consideration becomes absolutely critical.

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    Durability and Sturdiness

    You are making an investment so you want to make sure the equipment is sturdy and durable.

    The slide material needs to be strong enough to support the weight of your kids and constant bouncing. The material should also be thick, so it doesn’t develop holes. The thicker the material, the heavier it will be — that’s the price of longevity.

    Also, remember that the slide will sometimes stay exposed to the sun for a long time. Go for a material that can handle the summer heat.

    Is the Blower Included?

    Blowers make for quick inflation and fast set-up. Some inflatable water slides come with one, others don’t.

    If you don’t want to make an additional purchase, opt for products that have the blower included. If your heart is set on a specific slide but it doesn’t have a blower, don’t forget to get one when you check out — it’s absolutely necessary.

    Included Features

    Most inflatable water slides come with fancy extra pieces like cannons, fountains, basketball hoops, and rocks. These favor different kid demographics.

    If you are buying the slide for more than one child, make sure that it has a number of fun-filled additions. That way, all the little adventurers will be able to enjoy the rig at the same time instead of lining up and waiting for a turn — we all know how impatient kids get.

    Don’t neglect looking at these extras to keep the slide entertaining. There’s nothing worse than paying handsomely for a product that no one cares for.

    The Best Kids Inflatable Water Slides of 2020

    We have put together a list of the 10 best inflatable water slides for kids based on hours of extensive research, personal experiences with various products, and verified customer reviews.

    1. Hurricane Tunnel Blast Inflatable Water Park

    Best Water Slide for Sturdiness

    Bestway Hurricane Tunnel Blast Inflatable Water Park Play Center | Includes Big...
    Check Price

    The Bestway Hurricane Tunnel Blast inflatable water park is one of the sturdiest products on the market.

    It offers premium quality at a reasonable price.

    It comes with a rock-climbing wall, tower peak, tunnel, sprayer, and a large slide that leads into a splash pool.

    The climbing wall has grips and footholds which makes it easier and safer for younger users to climb.

    Why We Love It

    Quick Set-Up

    This product comes with a strong blower that inflates the slide in less than 2 minutes. That way, it is less of a hassle for you and more fun for your bundles of joy.

    Good Quality Material

    The water park is built with inflated, heavy-duty, colorful PVC polyester that preserves it from punctures and strengthens it enough for rough play.

    Maximal Safety

    It has an integrated pool of water that will ensure a safe and soft landing. The top tower peak is encircled with a secure safety mesh fence ensuring the stability of all players.

    Keep In Mind

    Inconveniently Heavy

    Users have reported that the slide is pretty heavy which can be bothersome when storing it.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended Age5 years to 10 years
    Features Dimension165.3 inches by 126 inches by 102.4 inches
    Max Occupancy7
    Is the Blower Included?Yes
    Inflate TimeLess than 2 minutes

    2. Bounceland Jump and Splash

    Easiest to Maintain Inflatable Water Slide

    Bounceland Jump and Splash Adventure Bounce House Bouncer
    Check Price

    You may be looking for a waterpark with amazing features to keep your kids active in the summers.

    With Bounceland Jump and Splash, you’ll be getting two products in one pack — a water slide and a bounce house.

    The Bounceland jump and splash can also be used dry or wet to maximize the joy.

    Why We Love It

    A Waterpark and a Bounce House

    It is the most important asset of this product. It can be used both ways and combines two of the most fun activities for kids.

    Includes a Repair Kit

    No need to purchase an extra repair kit. The Bounceland hooks you up with a repair kit that comes in handy in case of leakage or punctures.

    Easy to Set Up

    No hassle for parents, it is so easy to set up and inflates in less than a minute thanks to its strong UL blower.

    Keep In Mind

    Performance Issues

    Some users reported experiencing performance issues with the blower after a short period of usage.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended Age3 years to 10 years
    Features Dimension138 inches by 108 inches by 72 inches
    Max Occupancy3
    Is the Blower Included?Yes
    Inflate TimeLess than 1 minute

    3. Sunny & Fun Deluxe Water Park

    Best Water Slide for Big Families

    Deluxe Inflatable Water Slide Park – Heavy-Duty Nylon Bouncy Station for...
    Check Price

    If your kids are into climbing, then you should consider purchasing the Sunny & Fun deluxe water park. With its vast climbing wall, your children will enjoy climbing to get to the slides. It can be used wet or dry, increasing its versatility.

    An out-of-the-box approach to built-in pieces makes it unique. It has a water gun and a waterfall that gives surprise showers, keeping the rig wet and the little users refreshed. This inflatable water slide is highly recommended for birthdays and parties.

    Why We Love It

    Sturdy and Durable

    It’s made of heavy-duty nylon. It is durable, puncture-resistant, and designed to last for years.

    Prepared for Accidents

    Slides can get punctured. In the case of such an unfortunate event, this rig comes with four repair patches to save the day.

    Adults Are Welcome Too

    By virtue of its sturdy material, you can enjoy some mama-kids quality time, have a good time with your children, and supervise them up close or relax in the freshwater.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended Age36 months to 16 years
    Features Dimension157.2 inches by 134.4 inches by 94.8 inches
    Max Occupancy10
    Is the Blower Included?Yes
    Inflate TimeLess than 2 minutes

    4. Banzai Pipeline Sidewinder Slide

    Best Inflatable Water Slide for Safety

    BANZAI Sidewinder Falls Inflatable Water Slide
    Check Price

    The Pipeline Sidewinder slide made by Banzai is a large at-home park that can host five to six kids at the same time. Designed to be the ultimate at-home water park, it comes with dual slides and a secret clubhouse.

    The clubhouse at the top gives access to the slides so kids can woosh in the water after having their “top-secret agents meeting.” It also includes two cannons so the youngsters can enjoy some hide-or-get-splashed kind of games.

    Why We Love It

    Perfect for Playing Hide and Seek

    With the clubhouse and the secret tunnel, the kids can get creative and play all sorts of games. The tunnel has sprinklers inside which doubles the fun.


    This slide is quite comfortable and cushiony, which should guarantee the safety of your kids.

    Appealing and Durable

    Its yellow, blue, and orange color combination makes it appealing. The rig is made of durable rubber for long-lasting life.

    Keep In Mind

    Since it is a large product, it may require a big area. That’s a downside if you have a small backyard.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended Age5 years to 12 years
    Features Dimension180 inches by 202 inches by 125 inches
    Max Occupancy5 to 6
    Is the Blower Included?Yes
    Inflate TimeLess than 3 minutes

    5. Intex Rainbow Ring

    Best Inflatable Water Slide for Toddlers

    Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center, 117' X 76' X 53', for Ages 2+
    Check Price

    If your kids are 2 to 7 years old, this slide is a great choice. The Intex Rainbow Ring is made for younger children and you can tell that from its colorful rainbow colors and the multiple included games.

    It is quite affordable, but that doesn’t mean it is any less convenient than more expensive models. This slide has built-in security points and high-quality games that are usually synonymous with high-end equipment.

    Why We Love It

    Lots of Features for Endless Fun

    It has so many games and inflatable accessories — four inflatable rubber hoops and six plastic colorful balls. It has a slide and a wading pool. This product also comes with games such as ball roller, water sprayer, and toss ball, ensuring your kids have lots of fun.

    Easy to Drain

    It comes with two separate drain plugs that make the deflating process both quick and simple.

    Two Separate Pools

    The great thing about this product is that it has two pools that are connected with a slide. Kids will incorporate this unique feature into their games — doubling the enjoyment.

    Keep In Mind

    Separate Blower

    It doesn’t come with a blower. You should keep that in mind and purchase a separate blower.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended Age24 months to 7 years
    Features Dimension117 inches by 76 inches by 53 inches
    Max Occupancy4
    Is the Blower Included?No
    Inflate Time2 minutes

    6. Blast Zone Pirate Bay

    Best Overall Inflatable Water Slide for Kids

    Product Image of the Blast Zone Pirate Bay
    Learn More

    This slide is pirate-themed, which should be a plus in the eyes of most kids. The Pirate Bay slide can be used dry — so your children can enjoy it throughout the year. It’s suitable for thrill-seekers aged between 3 and 12 and can be used by five of them simultaneously.

    This slide is straightforward to set-up and deflate, and it comes with a blower. It’s made of commercial-grade vinyl which makes it durable.

    It comes with safety netting and climbing surfaces with plenty of foot holes and safety handles.

    Why We Love It

    Easy to Set-Up

    It is simple to set up, and the included blower makes for a fast inflation process. The slide doesn’t require much storage space. That means that after the fun is done, you won’t have to stress over where to keep it.

    Many Included Features

    It has many highlights — a bounce area, splash area, water cannon, and slide. That way, kids can be occupied with different items instead of lining up and getting frustrated.

    Won’t Dry When Using It

    Thanks to the built-in two-spray nozzles, the slide will be wet and slippery throughout the day. This will also prevent the product from cracking under the sun.

    Keep In Mind

    Difficulty Cleaning

    Since it is a large product, the Blast Zone Pirate Bay can be hard to clean. But keep in mind that this goes for all the big inflatable water slides.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended Age36 months to 12 years
    Features Dimension20 inches by 144 inches by 96 inches
    Max Occupancy5
    Is the Blower Included?Yes
    Inflate TimeUnder 2 minutes

    7. Blast Zone Hydro Rush

    Easiest to Clean Water Slide

    Product Image of the Blast Zone Hydro Rush
    Learn More

    The Blast Zone Hydro Rush has a 10-foot curved slide with a surprise sprinkler that is set at the rig’s top to keep it wet and slippery.

    It has a climbing wall that makes sliding more challenging and enjoyable.

    Another important feature is the circular layout that connects the splash area directly to the climbing wall.

    It ensures that water won’t get dirty with grass and debris from the ground.

    Why We Love It

    The Built-in Hydro Cannon

    When kids get to the end of the slide, they receive a fun spray from the cannon.

    Super Durable

    Thanks to the sturdy high-strength X-weave and commercial vinyl, you needn’t fear punctures.

    Guaranteed Safety

    The Blast Zone company considers safety a top priority. With its meticulously measured height, many anchor points, and safety net, your little ones can enjoy themselves with maximum safety.

    Keep In Mind


    Some users complained of a little leakage at the seams.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended Age3 years and above
    Features Dimension216 inches by 96 inches by 132 inches
    Max Occupancy6
    Is the Blower Included?Yes
    Inflate TimeLess than 2 minutes

    8. Little Tikes Slam 'n Curve Slide

    Best Water Slide for Small Families

    Product Image of the Little Tikes Slam 'n Curve Slide
    Learn More

    The Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve slide’s most distinguishing characteristics are the challenging climbing wall that the little ones have to climb before sliding and the gentle curve that is built into the product.

    The two make for an enjoyable and safe ride.

    Though it accommodates fewer children, it makes sure they are having a good time thanks to the basketball hoop, an included ball, and the large wading pool.

    Why We Love It

    Easy Assembly

    The Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide is quite simple to set-up if you follow the provided instructions.

    Compact to Store

    Once used, the slide doesn’t take up much storage space, which can be great for many parents

    Open for Optimal Supervision

    Thanks to its open design, you will be able to supervise and see all the kids at the same time.

    Keep In Mind

    Holes in the seams

    Some users reported noticing holes in the seams even when the slide was brand new.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended Age5 years to 10 years
    Features Dimension85 inches by 71 inches by 46 inches
    Max Occupancy3
    Is the Blower Included?Yes
    Inflate TimeLess than 2 minutes

    9. Blast Zone Misty Kingdom

    Best Inflatable Water Slide for Aesthetics

    Product Image of the Blast Zone Misty Kingdom
    Learn More

    With its bounce house, slide, sprayer, ball pit, and splash area, this product should keep children busy.

    One of the most remarkable assets of this rig is that it is designed to be used with or without water. Therefore, you can use it all year round.

    During the summer, it can be used as a waterpark and when winter comes, you can throw in small plastic balls and turn it into a ball pit.

    Why We Love It

    Easy Set-Up

    At first glance, you may be fooled into thinking it‘s hard to set-up because of its big size. But on the contrary, Blast Zone made sure that you can put it all together in two minutes.

    The Kit’s Got Everything You Need

    The kit comes with every tool you need to set-up. It has a UL blower, a storage case, stakes, and a “Safety and Usage” instructional DVD.

    The Castle Theme

    It has one of the most well-executed themes. Your little adventurers will believe they are kings and queens.

    Keep In Mind

    Steep slide

    The slides have big drops. Smaller children may need assistance when using the product.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended Age36 months to 12 years
    Features Dimension168 inches by 156 inches by 108 inches
    Max Occupancy5
    Is the Blower Included?Yes
    Inflate TimeLess than 2 minutes

    10. Blast Zone Crocodile Isle

    Best Inflatable Water Slide for Durability

    Product Image of the Blast Zone Crocodile Isle
    Learn More

    If your kids love nature, pretend to be Tarzan, and often imagine themselves in tropical adventures, the Blast Zone Crocodile Isle is the way to go. With its creative design of a huge crocodile, your children can pretend to conquer the croc when they climb the back ramp.

    The material is durable — the slide is made of x-woven commercial-grade vinyl.

    This slide is a great option for parties and playdates since it can accommodate eight fun-seekers all at once. Included are three splash pools where they can rest or play games whilst enjoying the cool water.

    Why We Love It

    More Than Just Slides

    It has two commercial spray tunnels, a climbing wall, and water sprayers to keep the slide safe and slippery throughout the day.

    Premium Quality Blower

    The robust blower will ensure constant airflow and quick inflation, and the blower is quiet.

    Easy to Set Up

    The set-up process shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. Just lay the slide down, hook it to the blower, and you are good to go.

    Keep In Mind

    Cleaning Time

    Due to its big size, the Blast Zone Crocodile Isle may take a longer time to clean and store than other inflatable water slides.

    Additional Specs

    Recommended Age36 months to 10 years
    Features Dimension252 inches by 252 inches by 99 inches
    Max Occupancy8
    Is the Blower Included?Yes
    Inflate TimeLess than 2 minutes

    Inflatable Water Slide Comparison Chart

    ProductBestRecommended AgeDimensionsMax OccupancyBlower Included?Inflate Time
    Hurricane Tunnel BlastSturdiness5 to 10 years165.3″ x 126″ x 102.4″7Yes<2 minutes
    Bounceland Jump & SplashMaintenance3 to 10 years138″ x 108″ x 72″3Yes<1 minute
    Sunny & Fun Water Park Big Families36 months to 16 years157.2″ x 134.4″ x 94.8″10Yes<2 minutes
    Banzai Pipeline SidewinderSafety5 to 12 years180″ x 202″ x 125″5 to 6Yes<3 minutes
    Intex Rainbow RingToddlers24 months to 7 years117″ x 76″ x 53″4No2 minutes
    Blast Zone Pirate BayThrill-seekers36 months to 12 years20″ x 144″ x 96″5Yes<2 minutes
    Blast Zone Hydro RushEasy Clean3 years & above216″ x 96″ x 132″6Yes<2 minutes
    Little Tikes Slam ‘n CurveSmall Families5 to 10 years85″ x 71″ x 46″3Yes<2 minutes
    Blast Zone Misty KingdomAesthetics36 months to 12 years168″ x 156″ x 108″5Yes<2 minutes
    Blast Zone Crocodile IsleDurability36 months to 10 years252″ x 252″ x 99″8Yes<2 minutes
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    Slip and Slide

    Now that you know everything about inflatable water slides, you can purchase the one most suitable for your family and enjoy endless hours of uninterrupted fun.

    It’s a hefty investment, but think about all the money you would be saving considering the high prices of water parks, the long lines, and the long drive. Most importantly, it’s worth all the smiles and laughter your little thrill-seekers will be having.

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