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Best Kids Bounce Houses of 2023

The ultimate review of the top bounce houses your child will love to stay active in.

Once summer approaches, we want to ensure our children get as much outdoor play as possible. One thing that always motivates my little ones is a bounce house. They are fun — children can jump and tumble freely without getting hurt.

They must be durable to ensure they won’t collapse or cause injury — not all are equally safe and robust. We’ve found the best bounce houses that can stand up to active children and reviewed them below.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Blast Zone Magic Castle - Inflatable Bounce House with Blower - Premium Quality...
Best Overall Bounce House
Blast Zone Magic Castle
  • Strong materials
  • Safe
  • Easy set-up
Product Image of the Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer - 15x12 Inflatable Bounce House with Blower - Huge -...
Best for Multiple Children
Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer
  • Accommodates multiple children
  • Sturdy materials
  • Easy set-up and safe
Product Image of the L.O.L. Surprise Jump 'n Slide Inflatable Bounce House with Blower
Best for Girls
L.O.L. Surprise Jump 'n Slide
  • Great pick for little girls
  • Holds up to three children
  • Works indoors
Product Image of the Island Hopper Fort All Sport Recreational Kids Bounce House with Fort Area,...
Best for Boys
Island Hopper Fort Bounce House
  • Several sports and activities
  • Excellent design
  • Includes ball and games
Product Image of the Costzon Inflatable Bounce House, 7-in-1 Bouncy House for Kids Indoor Outdoor...
Best for Small Children
Costzon Inflatable Bounce House
  • Holds multiple children
  • Fun design
  • Straightforward to set up

The Best Bounce Houses for Kids of 2023

We’ve spent the week searching through expert sites and parent reviews to find the best bounce houses. Then we narrowed them down to our top five.

1. Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer

Best Bounce House Overall

The Magic Castle from Blast Zone has received stellar reviews from parents, suggesting it’s well worth our top spot. The bounce house is made of durable materials, which should last for years.

Your children can play safely in the Magic Castle — Blast Zone ensured that safety is a top priority. There are lots of opportunities for fun and imaginary play — you could even include some colorful balls.

The bounce house is suitable for children aged 3 to 12 and has a weight limit of 300 pounds. It includes a blower and is effortless to set up.

What We Like

Strong Materials

The Magic Castle from Blast Zone is constructed from high-strength commercial vinyl. It’s durable and long-lasting, allowing you to use it for several summers. Parents praise how well it is made, and some even had a go themselves.


Blast Zone stresses its emphasis on safety. The commercial-grade vinyl provides a steady surface to bounce on, while the stitching is heavy-duty. In addition to this, the bounce area is fully enclosed with netting, and there are plenty of foot holes and safety handles.

Easy Set-Up

In the package, you’ll receive a UL-approved blower, which can inflate the house in approximately one minute. You must leave the blower on for the entire time your children are playing.

Blast Zone states that air seeps through the seams to make the house sturdier. As air flows out, new air enters. Once you’re finished, it stores into a compact roll, taking up as much space as a medium-to-large sleeping bag.

Lots of Fun

The Magic Castle is awesome — it’s bigger than previous versions and can accommodate up to three children at once. Your little ones will stay busy — they can climb up the wall and go down the slope slide or bounce for hours.

The castle is excellent for imaginary play thanks to its bright colors, flags, and turrets.

What We Don't Like

The Surface Gets Hot

Some parents mentioned the surface gets hot when you place it in the sun. It’s better suited for the shade.

Product Specs

Dimensions 8.5 feet by 11 feet by 8 feet
Interior bounce dimensions 84 inches by 84 inches
Maximum occupancy Three children
Gross weight limit 300 pounds
Blower included Yes
Recommended age 3 to 12 years

2. Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer Inflatable

Best for Multiple Children

Blast Zone’s Big Ol Bouncer is a good backyard accessory if you’re hosting playdates or birthdays. It can hold as many as six children, weighing up to 100 pounds each.

With bright colors, a small slide, and a huge bouncing area, your kids should have fun with it. Parents have a lot of praise for this one, particularly its durability.

It’s great for using outdoors, but if your ceiling is tall enough, Blast Zone states it can be used indoors too. With an easy setup and powerful blower included, it’s well worth a look.

What We Like

Accommodates Multiple Children

The Big Ol Bouncer is a good pick for get-togethers and playdates. Its bouncing surface is approximately twice that of a standard 8-foot by 8-foot bouncer. There’s room for tumbles, jumps, and other play — it can safely accommodate up to six children at once.

Sturdy Materials

Blast Zone constructed the Big Ol Bouncer in accordance with their strict safety and quality standards. It’s made of reinforced polyester Oxford with heavy-duty stitching.

On the bounce floor, you’ll find the same material as used in commercial-grade bouncers to give extra strength and bounce.

What’s more, there’s a one-year warranty.

Easy Set-Up

Inflating this huge bouncer is effortless. Blast Zone included a 680-watt blower, which can raise it in minutes. The blower continually feeds air to the bounce house, creating a good surface for jumping.

When you’re done, turn off the blower and the house deflates by itself. Then you’re ready to roll it up and store out of sight.


Blast Zone is all about safety, which is why its products exceed acceptable safety standards. The bounce house safety features include high-impact surfaces, multiple reinforced stitches, X-weave material, and multi-stage quality control.

Your children can bounce safely within the mesh walls, while the multiple anchor points keep the house steady. The slide has just the right length and height to be both fun and safe.

What We Don't Like

Hot Surface

A few parents said a roof would’ve been nice for summer use. If you don’t have shade, the surface gets hot due to exposure to the sun.

Product Specs

Dimensions 15 feet by 12 feet by 7 feet
Interior bounce dimensions 12 feet by 12 feet
Maximum occupancy Six children
Gross weight limit 600 pounds
Blower included Yes
Recommended age 3 and up

3. L.O.L. Surprise Jump 'n Slide Bounce House

Best Bounce House for Girls

This L.O.L Surprise-inspired bounce house from Little Tikes is great for girls between the ages of 3 to 10. It can carry a total weight of 250 pounds and provides lots of excitement.

Little Tikes included all the colorful hues of L.O.L Surprise — it’s bright, and has everything girls love about the popular toys.

There is a large surface to bounce on, as well as a big slide. The whole area is enclosed with see-through mesh to ensure safety.

Everything needed to set up the house is in the package. It takes only a few minutes to inflate fully and, when not in use, stores in a compact roll.

What We Like

Great Pick for Little Girls

The colorful L.O.L-themed bounce house from Little Tikes is fantastic for small girls. It’s bright with colors of pink and blue. There is a big bouncing surface and a giant slide they can tumble down.

Everything Included

Along with the bounce house, you’ll also get a heavy-duty blower, capable of inflating the house in minutes. When using it outside, Little Tikes included stakes to secure it on the ground. What’s more, you’ll get a storage and carrier bag as well as a repair kit.

Holds up to Three Children

It can hold up to three children at a time. It has a weight limit of 250 pounds, so light adults can also try it out.

Works Indoors

You can easily set this bounce house up inside on a rainy day. It won’t be as stable without being anchored to the ground, but as long as you don’t exceed the weight limit, it should be fine.

What We Don't Like

Poor Customer Service

Although this isn’t so much a complaint about the product, a few parents mentioned the customer service is poor.

Product Specs

Dimensions 144 inches by 108 inches by 75 inches
Interior bounce dimensions 7 feet by 7 feet
Maximum occupancy Three children
Gross weight limit 250 pounds
Blower included Yes
Recommended age 3 to 10 years

4. Island Hopper Fort Recreational Bounce House

Best Bounce House for Boys

This bounce house from Island Hopper is great for active boys. With it, they can engage in several activities, including soccer and basketball. There’s everything a little boy would want, including a secret hideout.

The house sports good colors for blending in with the backyard. It’s easy to inflate and to store once finished with it.

Island Hopper has designed its bounce house to last and even included a three-year guarantee. It’s constructed with sturdy materials that also provide ample softness, even for rough play.

It’s suitable for children aged 4 to 10 years and can hold up to five children or 500 pounds.

What We Like

Several Sports and Activities

Your little ones will get lots of exercise playing in this bounce house. It facilitates a range of sports and activities your children can engage in. These include soccer, basketball, climbing, a twist and tangle game, and sliding, as well as a lookout fort.

It has a large bounce floor for your children to jump or play with balls on. The curved slide is cool too.

Excellent Design

The bounce house is pleasing to the eyes. It doesn’t have the bright red and blue colors many others do. Instead, it sports more natural hues like green, beige, and black — excellent for the backyard.

Durable Construction

With a three-year limited warranty, Island Hopper stands behind the quality of its product. It’s built to last, made of strong materials, and capable of accommodating up to 500 pounds. The floor is PVC, creating a safe surface for play while also being soft.

Includes Ball and Games

Island Hopper includes everything you need to set the bounce house up. Your children receive a ball for basketball and soccer games. On the floor is painted colors for the twist and tangle games, and you’ll receive a blower to inflate it all.

What We Don't Like

The Walls Aren’t Resistant Enough

The sides of the bounce house have mesh walls to keep children safe inside. However, some parents noted there’s too much give in the mesh. When their children bounced against them, they wouldn’t resist — heavier children would end up in a pocket of mesh on the grass.

Product Specs

Dimensions N/A
Interior bounce dimensions 13 feet by 10 feet
Maximum occupancy Five children
Gross weight limit 500 pounds
Blower included Yes
Recommended age 4 to 10 years

5. Costzon Inflatable Bounce House

Best for Small Children

Costzon has delivered a great bounce house — inspired by crayons — it’s full of fun for children aged 3 to 10 years. It has bright colors, a big slide, and ample room to jump — great for birthdays or playdates.

We’re impressed by the quality of the materials. The bounce house is heavy-duty, and parents say it was well worth the cost. Included is a powerful blower, and the house is effortless to set up and store again.

With an emphasis on safety, your children can play and bounce for hours. The walls will keep them inside while the materials used make landings soft.

What We Like

Holds Multiple Children

It can safely accommodate up to five children. Costzon made the house of heavy-duty 420D Oxford materials, while the bouncing surface is 840D Oxford for extra durability.

The materials are wear-resistant and puncture-proof, and with a weight limit of 297 pounds, it can take lots of bouncing.

Fun Design

The crayon theme is cool — children like something familiar, and who doesn’t love blocks? The bright colors and columns make this a winner.


The materials are soft, even in the case of a rough landing, so children can play safely. The slide makes it easy to enter and exit, while the tall walls have mesh to ensure occupants don’t fall out unintentionally.

Straightforward to Set Up

Parents praise how easy the bounce house is to set up. The purchase includes a 480-watt blower, which inflates the product in minutes. It’s effortless to store away in a carrying bag, which also works for transportation.

What We Don't Like

Not for Older Children

The bounce house isn’t for children over 10 years. Reviewers pointed out the bouncing surface is too small for bigger children.

Product Specs

Dimensions 149.5 inches by 120 inches by 84.5 inches
Interior bounce dimensions N/A
Maximum occupancy Three children
Gross weight limit 297 pounds
Blower included Yes
Recommended age 3 to 10 years

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Dimensions Interior bounce dimension Max occupancy Weight limit Blower Recommended age
Blast Zone Magic Castle Overall 8.5 ft x 11 ft x 8 ft 84″ x 84″ 3 children 300 lbs Yes 3 – 12 yrs
Blast Zone Big Ol Bouncer Multiple Children 15 ft x 12 ft x 7 ft 12 ft x 12 ft 6 children 600 lbs Yes 3 and up
L.O.L. Surprise Jump ‘n Slide Girls 144″ x 108″ x 75″ 7 ft x 7 ft 3 children 250 lbs Yes 3 – 10 yrs
Island Hopper Fort Boys N/A 13 ft x 10 ft 5 children 500 lbs Yes 4 – 10 yrs
Costzon Inflatable Small Children 149.5″ x 120″ x 84.5″ N/A 3 children 297 lbs Yes 3 – 10 yrs

Why Buy a Bounce House?

Bounce houses are great fun for children. They aren’t items you can keep inflated all year round, but they’re perfect for when the weather allows.

A lot of the benefits a bounce house provides for children are hidden. Kids are having so much fun they don’t know they’re exercising. It motivates them to keep active by jumping and keeps them away from screens and technology.

Children require exercise to prevent them from becoming overweight and to reduce the chances of developing Type 2 diabetes. Kids should get at least 60 minutes of physical exercise per day. For toddlers, this should be spread out throughout the day (1).

Many parents with bounce houses said in reviews that their children often spent well over an hour playing at a time.

There’s always the question of whether the best option is to rent or buy. If you live in a region where the weather rarely allows for a bounce house, it’s probably better to rent. There are models you can place indoors, but you’ll need a considerable amount of space.

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How to Choose a Bounce House for Kids

The Size

Bounce houses are available in several sizes. They range from as big as a small house, down to the tiny ones fit for indoors.

If you’re planning on setting it up outdoors, the size won’t matter as much. Perhaps you want to go as big as possible — if so, verify that there’s plenty of space all around, and it won’t rub against fences or the main house. You don’t want anything poking at it, causing a tear.

For indoor use, always ensure there’s ample clearance to the roof and light fittings. Children can bounce surprisingly high, so you don’t want anyone hurting their head on the ceiling.

Another point worth considering is the bouncing area. Some bounce houses look huge but have a relatively small surface for actual play. Check this in the product’s description, or look at user reviews.


A simple bicycle pump won’t inflate a bounce house — you’ll need a powerful blower. Most manufacturers will include one with the bounce house, and this is worth looking out for.

If there’s no blower included, look for a 480- to a 600-watt machine. These are powerful and can run while your children play.

If the bounce house is for use outside, verify there’s an electricity source nearby. The blower must work continuously — otherwise, the house will deflate. You might need to consider an extension cord.

Durable Materials

Durable materials are a must for bounce houses. You need something that won’t tear when your children play, keeping them safe. Heavy-duty polyester and vinyl are best — these also give the surface a little extra bounce.

Another thing to check is the assembly and seams. Look for those that have reinforced and double stitching.

Air Leaks

Noticing slight air leaks around the stitching and seams is normal and a good thing. Since the pump continually feeds air, some must come out to accommodate the pressure of bouncing children.

Fun Features

Bounce houses can include elements that make them even more fun. Some allow for other activities such as basketball and soccer. Many have built-in slides and climbing walls.

If the house you choose doesn’t have an additional fun factor, you can always buy a bag of colorful balls to create a ball pit inside. Some bouncers even include a bundle.


Useful safety features are essential with bounce houses. Look for one that has mesh walls to prevent children from flying out and injuring themselves. You might also want to consider a roof to hinder anyone from climbing up and potentially causing a collapse.

You should always anchor the bounce house down when using it outdoors. Stakes are included with most of them.

Avoid exceeding the weight limit or the number of children allowed at once. Doing so can compromise the durability and overall safety.

While your children are playing, stay close. Always be watchful and never leave them unattended.

How to Clean Bounce Houses

Cleaning the bounce house is vital to keep germs at bay (2). Aim to clean it after every big use — following playdates or birthdays. Otherwise, a good clean after a week of use is ample.

To clean the bounce house, you will need a handheld vacuum, disinfectant, cleaning rags, cleaning solution, and a surface lubricant. While the bounce house is inflated, get inside with your handheld vacuum to take out debris. Don’t worry about the weight limit — most can take more than 250 pounds, some as much as 600 pounds.

Remove debris and dirt from the surface and crevices. Then use a disinfectant to clean any surface the children have played on. Good cleaning solutions include Awesome, Simple Green, and OdoBan.

If applicable, dilute the solution with water and use a rag to wipe the surface. You can also use a spray bottle to cover a large area quicker. If it has a slide, apply a surface lubricant to keep it slippery and more fun for the children to use.

Let it dry before deflating and storing.

Let’s Bounce

Making sure your children stay active is crucial for their well-being and preventing weight issues. Bounce houses are great for this.

As an attraction at birthdays, bounce houses are always a hit with young and old. Finding the ideal one, however, can be challenging.

The best bounce houses are made of durable materials and have a range of safety features, as well as lots of fun elements.

Make sure the size is right for your location and suitable for the number of children who’ll be using it.

Then, after use, don’t forget to give it a thorough clean to keep everything sanitary.

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