The 10 Best Bottles for Feeding Your Baby (2018 Reviews)

Finding the perfect bottle might sound like a daunting task.

After all, who wants to spend hundreds of dollars and an equal number of hours trying to find the ideal baby bottle for their situation?

No parent has the time—or the money—for that.

Luckily, we have done the work for you, so all you have to do to find the best bottle for your little one is read on.

Our Top 10 Bottles
ProductBest ForOur Rating
1. Comotomo Natural-FeelBreastfed Babies4.8
2. Lifefactory BPA-FreeGlass4.6
3. Dr. Brown’s Natural FlowColic4.6
4. Klean KanteenStainless Steel4.5
5. Playtex Drop-InsTravel4.5
6. Philips AventPreemies4.3
7. Medela Collection BottlesExclusively Pumping4.2
8. NUK Disney BottlesToddlers4.2
9. Sassy Baby BottlesCereal4
10. Mixie BottlesFormula3.85
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Should I Invest in High Quality Baby Bottles?

One of the most important things you will ever do for your child is giving them nourishment. Unfortunately, this is not always as easy as it seems.

Breastfed babies may choose the same path as my little girl and refuse to take a bottle when mommy is away, and colicky infants may have trouble taking a bottle without experiencing the pain of a gassy buildup. Finding the perfect bottle for your family is crucial to overcoming difficulties and ensure your baby is eating properly.

If you have a little one on the way, and especially if the bundle of joy is already in your arms, you have likely already spent a small fortune on this tiny being. Obviously, if you are bottle feeding, you are going to need bottles, but you may be wondering why on earth you would invest in the pricier bottles available on the market.

The answer is simple, really: quality. With bottles, as with most things in life, you truly get what you pay for, meaning it is a good idea to steer clear of the super cheap baby bottles and go ahead and invest in some high-quality ones that will last for quite some time.

If you are breastfeeding or planning on breastfeeding, you may feel even less inclined to invest any amount of money in a set of bottles. While this is understandable, it is also probably pretty unrealistic.

You will, after all, probably be leaving your little one on occasion—even if only for a date night—and your sitter will want to have a way to feed your baby. For this reason, you are going to need to have at least a few bottles on hand.

Mother bottle feeding her baby

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When Is The Right Time To Start Using A Bottle?

Once you have put together your shiny new bottle collection, you may be wondering when you can put it to use. The answer to this question is simple for those who are planning on formula feeding. Because your newborn will want to eat right away, you can put those fancy food vessels to use right away.

However, for those who wish to breastfeed, the answer is a bit more complicated.

If your child is not getting the nutrients he or she needs from your breast milk for any reason at all, you should start using a bottle right away.

That said, the vast majority of mamas can breastfeed without issue. These mothers are advised to stay away from bottles, pacifiers, and other artificial nipples for the first month or so until they establish a healthy nursing relationship.

At this point, it is a good idea to introduce the bottle 1–2 weeks before leaving the baby with another caregiver to give them an adjustment period.

Should I Buy a Bottle While I’m Still Breastfeeding?

Some breastfeeding moms have concerns about introducing a bottle to their baby. Many are afraid that the introduction of a bottle—which requires much less work on the infant’s part—will hinder the nursing relationship she has worked so hard to establish.

As long as the bottle is introduced and used correctly, giving a bottle when mom is away should not hurt the child’s ability or desire to nurse.

In fact, the occasional bottle from daddy or even some bottles during the day while mama works could help strengthen the nursing relationship, as baby will see nursing as a special time, and mom will get a bit of a break.

So how do you go about introducing and using a bottle properly? The first step, as mentioned before, is to wait until a healthy nursing relationship has been established before introducing a bottle. When you are ready to give the bottle, try to do so during a time of day when your little one is least likely to protest, and before he or she is too hungry to focus on learning a new technique.

Tips For Introducing The Bottle

  • You may find it helpful to have daddy, grandma, or another loved one feed your baby the bottle, as many babies will refuse a bottle when a breast is easily accessible. 
  • Always choose a slow-flow nipple for breastfed babies, as this most closely mimics the flow of the breast, and try to find a nipple that has the same shape and feel of a breast. 
  • Additionally, it is a good idea to fill the bottle with pumped breast milk to provide your child with a familiar taste and smell for comfort during this time of transition. 

What Are The Different Types of Baby Bottles?

There are many different bottle types to choose from. While this may leave you feeling overwhelmed, it is also reassuring to know you have plenty of options, should one type of bottle not work well for you and your hungry little companion.

Here are a few of the different kinds of baby bottles:

  • Plastic bottles: The most popular type of bottle by far, the plastic bottle is the perfect lightweight and economical option. Plastic bottles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so finding a style to suit your needs is easy peasy.
  • Glass bottles: Years ago, all baby bottles were made from glass. With the birth of the lighter-weight plastic bottle, glass bottles all but disappeared. However, with the discovery of the harmful effects of BPA glass bottles have been making a comeback, and are the perfect eco-friendly solution.
  • Stainless steel bottles: Another great eco-friendly option, the stainless steel bottle is perfect for parents who may be concerned about chemicals found in plastic. They are durable, easy to clean well and don’t tend to harbor bacteria.
  • Silicone Bottles: The silicone bottle is quite novel. It offers the lightweight bonus of the plastic bottle, but with a squishy element as well. The ability to squeeze the silicone bottle makes releasing excess air a simple process. Additionally, many breastfed babies prefer the squishy feel of silicone bottles because it is the most like a breast.
  • Liners And Pouches: Great for those opposed to washing dishes, bottles with disposable liners do not need to be washed after every feeding. This means fewer dishes for mom and dad, and more time to play. These liners are also squeeze-able, giving parents the ability to squeeze out excess air just as they can with the silicone bottle.

What Are The Different Types of Bottle Nipples?

Another important thing to consider when purchasing your first set of bottles is the kind of nipple you think you might need. There are several different kinds of nipples to choose from, so if one doesn’t seem to be working for your baby, try something else until you find what does work.

Below is a list of attributes to consider when shopping for baby bottle nipples:

  • Material: In general, nipples are either made from latex or silicone, with silicone being the most popular of the two. Latex tends to be more flexible, something many babies prefer. However, silicone is much more durable and will protect those who may have a latex allergy from having a severe reaction.
  • Size: Bottle nipples come in a wide variety of sizes. Generally speaking, newborn babies will begin with a smaller-sized nipple and work their way up as they grow. However, many babies have a strong preference for bigger nipples over smaller, or vice versa, so it is important to experiment until you find what your baby likes.
  • Shape: In addition to size, bottle nipples also come in a wide variety of shapes. Some are made to reduce air intake; others are made with orthodontics in mind. Some are narrow all the way through, while others have a very broad base and a smaller nipple, much like the shape of a breast. Nipple shape is one of the most important things to take into consideration when choosing bottles.
  • Flow: The last attribute to consider when purchasing bottles is the flow. Most newborns start out with the slow-flow bottles to reduce the likelihood of gagging, choking, and swallowing air. However, as your child grows, he or she will likely become frustrated with the slow pace of the slow-flow nipples. At this point, moving on to a faster flow is recommended. The exception to this is in the case of a breastfed baby, as many breastfed babies prefer the slow-flow nipples for the entirety of their bottle usage career.

If you are still feeling a bit confused about what you should be looking for in a baby bottle, you might find this video helpful. In the video, the host shows examples of the many kinds of bottles and nipples, so you can get a look at what we have already gone over in the sections above.

Is There Anything Else That I Need?

There are some additional accessories that can help you in your bottle feeding journey such as:

  • Bottle sterilizers: to help you keep your baby’s milk or formula free of germs.
  • Bottle warmers: to quickly and safely warm your baby’s milk to a comforting temperature.
  • Bottle brushes: to help you get in all those awkward nooks and crannies when you’re washing your baby’s bottles before use.

While none of these are essential, they do help you save a lot of time and effort when it comes to cleaning and preparing your babies bottles.

There’s also a lot to learn when it comes to knowing how, when and why to bottle feed. Here is some related reading to help get you started:

The Best Baby Bottles of 2018

Now that you have an idea of what you are looking let’s get down to business. Here are out top 10 picks in 2018:

1. Comotomo Natural-Feel Baby Bottle

Best for Breastfed Babies

Breastfed babies are used to the real thing when it comes to nipples, so you’ll want to look for a bottle that offers that same softness and shape. You’ll also want a bottle that takes work to suck milk out, not a gravity-fed bottle.
Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle, Green, 8 Ounces

When choosing bottles for breastfed babies, we were looking for a bottle that could most closely mimic the human breast. We were also looking for a slow-flow nipple that would help pace feedings in the most natural way possible.

When we came across the Comotomo Natural-Feel Baby Bottle, we just knew it was the one.This silicone bottle is unusual, to say the least. The broad, dome-shaped nipple is the best replica of a mother’s breast we have seen, making it ideal for breastfed babies.

Additionally, the body of the bottle is made from flexible silicone, allowing parents to simulate the let-down effect by gently squeezing the bottom of the bottle, and giving babies the opportunity to squeeze the bottle just as they might squeeze a breast while nursing.

The flexible, short body of this bottle also makes it easier for little hands to hold, which is a major plus when you need to have free hands but the baby is hungry.

Other excellent bonuses of this bottle include a neck that is as wide as the body of the bottle—making it easy to clean—and the fact that it is silicone instead of plastic, meaning it is less likely to contain harmful chemicals.

However, despite all of the amazing things about this bottle, there are a few cons which we should point out. The most obvious downfall is the fact that the cap over the nipple has a tendency to pop off, making spills during travel a likelihood. Due to its strange shape and material, it is also much more likely to tip over. This makes filling the bottle a bit more difficult.


  • Mimics breast shape.
  • Simulates let-down.
  • Easy for baby to hold.
  • Easy to clean

2. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle

Glass has long been used as a substance in the food industry so it has a proven track record of safety, which should appeal to moms who are nervous about plastic. When looking for glass bottles, you want to find one that won’t shatter easily when your baby drops it.
Lifefactory 4-Ounce BPA-Free Glass Baby Bottle with Protective Silicone Sleeve...

As a growing number of parents become concerned about the chemicals found in plastic products, glass bottle sales continue to be on the rise. Consequently, the number of glass bottles on the market has grown, and there is now a wide variety to choose from.

When looking for the best glass baby bottle, safety was our number one concern. After all, one of the reasons more parents aren’t switching to glass is simply out of concern for baby’s safety.

After all, an easily broken glass baby bottle is probably not the safest thing to hand to an infant. However, with our pick, you will have very little to worry about in the way of breakage.

The Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle looks much like a traditional baby bottle. It is the same size and shape as a regular bottle, and the silicone nipple closely resembles the type you might find on a traditionally shaped bottle.

Unfortunately, this means the bottle is not made to mimic the human breast, but with all that is good about it, we can forgive that quite quickly.

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This bottle is made from borosilicate glass. This particular type of glass is quite sturdy and can withstand extreme temperature changes that most other types of glass bottles cannot.

This means the bottle is ideal for freezing breast milk and won’t be damaged when you place it in hot water for reheating. In addition to being constructed from this incredibly durable glass, the Lifefactory baby bottle also comes with a colorful silicone sleeve to protect it from breaking when dropped.

There are a few more things to love about this bottle. The bottle is quite light when compared to other glass baby bottles. Additionally, the bottle doesn’t seem to leak at all. The final pro is that the bottle can be turned into a sippy cup with the purchase of a set of sippy caps. How cool is that?


  • DurableCan withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Silicone sleeve.
  • Lightweight.
  • Leak-proof.

3. Mixie Formula-Mixing Baby Bottle

If you intend to skip breastfeeding and plan to give your baby formula instead, you are free to use whatever type of bottle you want. They won’t need to learn the proper latching technique like breastfed babies will. Many babies like gravity-fed bottles because they don’t have to work as hard for their milk.
Mixie Baby 2-Pack 8 oz. Bottles

If you have ever given your baby a formula-filled bottle on the go, you know what a pain it can be to find a place to set everything up and mix up your hungry little one’s lunch.

To find the very best bottle for formula-feeding parents, we set out to locate the bottle that makes the process of mixing up lunch on the go an absolute breeze.

Additionally, because formula-fed babies use their bottles more often than their breastfed friends, we decided to include durability in our list of must-haves. That’s when we found Mixie.

This bottle contains two compartments: One holds water, while the other holds the formula powder. These are separated very well, and leaking between the two just doesn’t happen. When it is time for baby to eat, all the caregiver has to do is push a button, and the formula is released into the water. A quick shake and dinner is served!

If the incredible innovation of this product doesn’t win you over, perhaps the quality will. The bottle is durable—as in “surviving being forgotten on top of a car” durable—so it will likely last throughout your child’s bottle-drinking years, and maybe even longer. The nipple is made of high-quality silicone, so it will probably also last quite some time.

Unfortunately, this bottle does have a couple of downfalls. The nipple does tend to collapse from time to time—as so many silicone nipples do—and does not resemble the human nipple at all, which isn’t ideal for breastfed babies.

The extra compartment means there are more parts to clean and more nooks and crannies for milk to hide in. This, of course, increases time spent washing bottles, and this is never a good thing. However, if you are on the go a lot, or if you already have your hands full with your little one’s older sibling(s), this bottle may be worth the extra wash time.


  • Makes mixing on the go easy.
  • Very durable.

4. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

Stainless steel baby bottles are a safe alternative to plastic, which moms may like. Plus, they are practically indestructible and won’t break when dropped. The only drawback to using these bottles is that they are heavier, which you’ll have to keep in mind when your baby starts to self-feed.
Klean Kanteen 12oz Kid Kanteen Sippy Brushed Stainless

Due to the same health concerns that are causing a rise in glass bottle sales, stainless steel baby bottle sales are also going up. Stainless steel is a great alternative for those who are looking to avoid plastic but want something that won’t break yet is still more lightweight than the glass bottles around.

Finding the best stainless steel bottle took a bit more work. After all, most of the bottles we came across were relatively similar in size, shape, and appearance. However, there was one bottle in particular that stood out to us as being of greater quality: the Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Baby Bottle.

This is a good solid option for anyone looking for a stainless steel bottle. While it doesn’t look like much, it is quite remarkable in that it does its job simply yet flawlessly.

The bottle doesn’t leak, the flow of the nipple is very nice, and the full nipple shape mimics the breast quite nicely.

The bottle is very easy to clean thanks to the wide mouth and simple three-piece system, so you can rest easy knowing you are keeping the nasties out of your baby’s food. Lastly, the travel cap fits snugly, so traveling with this bottle is a breeze.

There are very few negative sides to this bottle, and the few we found were pretty typical to stainless steel bottles in general. These included difficulty seeing measurements, the inability to see how much your baby had eaten, and the usual dents and dings stainless steel items tend to acquire.

The only other negative thing we have to say about this bottle is that—unlike many other stainless steel bottles on the market—it does not convert to a sippy cup, despite the fact that the company offers sippy cup lids which are compatible with their water bottles.


  • No leaks; Good flow.
  • Mimics breast shape.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Good travel cap.

5. Playtex Drop-Ins Nurser Bottle

When traveling, you want to keep your baby bottles as simple as possible. Look for something that doesn’t have very many parts to it. You want something that’s easy to clean since you won’t likely be packing up all your bottle brushes with you and you probably won’t have access to a dishwasher.
Playtex Baby Nurser Baby Bottle with Drop-Ins Disposable Liners, Closer to...

While we would all love to lounge on the couch all day, there are, unfortunately, things that need to be done. Often, this requires getting out of the house—making the job of parenting even harder than it usually is.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to make outings go more smoothly. One of those things is to pack the right kind of bottle.

In our search for the perfect travel bottle, we wanted to find something that made getting out of the house easier for busy moms. We found just that in the Playtex Drop-Ins Nurser. This bottle has been around for quite some time, and after testing it for ourselves, we know why. The Playtex Drop-Ins system is one of the most useful baby products we have found yet.

What’s so convenient about it? Well, the drop-ins are pre-sterilized, disposable liners for the bottles. This is perfect for moms on the go because the disposable bit can be dropped in the trash and replaced with a fresh one for the next feeding. This eliminates the need to store a dirty bottle and removes the need to pack more than one bottle, to begin with. It also cuts back on dishwashing, something every parent will be thankful for.

In addition to the incredible convenience of the drop-in liners, the Playtex Nurser also offers a naturally shaped nipple, making this a great bottle for breastfed babies. Another great feature is the ability to squeeze the air out of the liner before each feeding, substantially reducing the amount of air swallowed during a feeding, therefore reducing issues with gas.

Of course, disposable liners aren’t exactly eco-friendly, and this bottle is made out of plastic, which many people are opposed to. On top of that, the liners make it tough to measure how much water or milk is going into the bottle. Lastly; the liners do tend to bunch up as baby feeds, making it very difficult to see how much your little one has consumed.


  • Disposable liners.
  • Less air swallowed.
  • Naturally shaped nipple.

6. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles

Best for Gassy Babies

Gassy babies don’t suffer in silence — they let everyone in the household know how they are feeling. If you want to cut back on the crying, you can look for anti-colic features on the baby bottles you select. They cut back on the amount of air in your baby’s milk and may reduce their gassiness.
Dr. Brown's Original Bottle, 8 ounce, 4-Pack

Some bottles on the market claim to reduce gas and colic. While most of them do work to an extent, we decided to do some research of our own to find the very best gas reducing bottle on the market.

Our research led us quickly to Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles, and while there are a couple of bottles that are almost as good, Dr. Brown’s won this section fair and square.

Dr. Brown’s bottles are made to replicate the flow of milk from a mother’s breast. The fantastic vent system does a very nice job of this and prevents baby from swallowing air in the process. This in turn prevents gassiness, fussiness, and can even help with colic.

The bottles are made from BPA-free plastic—a glass version is also available—and the nipples are from durable silicone. Collapsed nipples are rarely an issue, and the bottles are relatively durable.

Despite Dr. Brown’s bottles being a godsend for the parents of a gassy baby, they are not perfect. Because of the fancy valve system mentioned earlier, these bottles have an enormous number of pieces, which makes cleaning and assembling the bottles a difficult task.

Additionally, the nipple on this bottle is narrow and not at all close to the shape of a mother’s breast. This could make going back and forth between bottle and breast difficult for some little ones.


  • Incredible air venting system reduces colic.
  • Durable.
  • Nipples don’t collapse.

7. Medela Breast Milk Collection Bottles

When you are only pumping and not actually having your baby nurse from you, you may want bottles that can double as storage containers too. That way, you’ll be able to take them straight from the refrigerator, take off the cap and screw a nipple onto the bottle. That will save you from having to wash extra dishes.
Medela Breast Milk Collection and Storage Bottles, 5 Ounce, 6 Count

These collection bottles come in a six pack and are great to use when you are exclusively pumping. This kit doesn’t come with nipples, but these bottles are compatible with Medela nipples and collars and some other brands of nipples may work as well.

Each BPA-free bottle will hold five ounces of milk and they come with screw-on lids to keep the milk safe in your refrigerator or freezer. They’ll fit many types of breast pumps so they are a perfect choice for pumping.

They can go in the dishwasher and the millimeter markers let you know exactly how much milk you’ve pumped.

These bottles are easy to clean and they’ll hold up better in the refrigerator than disposable bags will because they aren’t as prone to ripping or popping.


  • These are very affordable.
  • Since it comes with six bottles, you’ll have a lot of storage space for milk.
  • The millimeter markers stay put really well even after repeated washing.

8. NUK Disney Bottle

As your baby grows, so will his need for bigger portions. When you have a toddler, you’ll want a bottle that can hold more than the 4 ounces that a newborn bottle typically does. Look for something that can hold closer to 8 ounces at a time that has an orthodontic nipple that won’t cause dental issues.
NUK 62049 Disney Baby Bottle with Perfect Fit Nipple, Mickey Mouse, 10 Ounces, 3...

This three pack of Mickey Mouse bottles comes with orthodontic nipples that have an angled top which will help your baby naturally use the correct tongue positioning he should while drinking. The hourglass shape of the bottle will let their lips close over the bottle the right way so it will cut back on the air.

The asymmetrical design will help with the right jaw positioning to avoid developmental problems for children who use bottles past the age of 1.

Toddlers will love the fun picture on this bottle and parents should like that this bottle will hold 10 ounces of liquid so they won’t have to constantly be refilling them.

The bottles are BPA free and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. These have an anti-colic air system built into the nipple so your toddler won’t have as many digestive issues.


  • These are affordable bottles.
  • The air vent is only one piece, which makes for easy cleaning.
  • The bottle is comfortable for a toddler to hold.

9. Sassy Baby Food Nurser

When your baby starts taking a little cereal in his milk, you’ll need a bottle with a larger nipple hole. The cereal makes the milk much thicker and it won’t be able to go through slow flow or even medium flow nipples.
Sassy Baby Food Nurser, 2 Count

This two-count package helps your baby become accustomed to spoon feeding while using a bottle that can handle cereal. One of these bottles has a spoon on the end where the nipple would normally be while the other bottle is that traditional type you would usually get.

When you begin trying to feed your baby some thicker cereal that would normally get trapped in a regular nipple, you simply press the bottom of the bottle to load some cereal onto the attached spoon.

The bottle shape will convince your baby to give eating off this bottle-spoon a try. It’s fine to use for any baby that is past the age of 6 months.

You can use it for other thicker substances too — if your baby is a yogurt or applesauce fan, it would work for either of those foods.

The bottles are BPA free, which is nice for moms who worry about long-term health.


  • The spoon-bottle can handle the thickness of cereal, unlike other nipple bottles.
  • You can teach your baby the basics of spoon feeding with this bottle.
  • The spoon is soft like a nipple so it won’t hurt a baby’s teeth or gums if they chomp down too hard.

10. Philips Avent Newborn Bottle

Regular newborn bottles won’t work for many preemies, especially the ones that are born long before their due date. You’ll need something with a smaller nipple because the normal ones will gag your baby because the nipple will be too long for their tiny mouths.
Philips AVENT Natural BPA Free Polypropylene Bottle for Newborns, 2 Ounce (Pack...

This bottle only holds two ounces, which is perfect for your preemie. If you use more breast milk or formula than that, it will likely be a waste since their little bellies can’t hold that much yet.

The nipple is made especially for newborns and preemies because the milk comes out very slowly. The natural nipple shape shouldn’t cause confusion if you are wanting to do some nursing as well as bottle feeding.

The bottle uses an anti-colic system that is built into the nipple and doesn’t contain extra parts that are hard to take apart or difficult to clean. The anti-colic features will be nice for moms who are worried their babies will take on more air than milk when drinking.

The bottle is BPA free and has a wide-neck opening that makes it easy to fill without spilling.


  • This bottle is the perfect size for preemies.
  • The anti-colic features will help your baby keep their milk down instead of spitting it up.
  • The slow nipple speed won’t overwhelm your new baby.

Our Favorite Bottle

Every bottle listed is of excellent quality, and depending on what your needs are, you may have a different first-place winner than the one we have chosen.

However, after taking everything into account, we have to name the Comotomo Natural-Feel Baby Bottle as our pick for number one.

We just love the innovation behind this product, the incredible way it mimics a human breast, and the ability to release excess air before each feeding.

While it is the clear winner for breastfed babies, there is absolutely no reason this product could not be enjoyed by any and every baby out there.

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