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Best Kids Water Bottles of 2021

A practical, nice-looking water bottle is something that kids love using as much as adults do.

What’s the best way to keep your kid hydrated? Buy them a snazzy new reusable water bottle!

Reusable water bottles are environmentally friendly and can help keep your child hydrated while on the go.

We’ve rounded up the best kids’ water bottles that are durable, spill-proof, and easy to carry.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table
Product Image of the CamelBak Eddy 0.4-Liter Kids Water Bottle – - CamelBak Kids Big Bite Valve -...
Best Lunchbox Bottle
CamelBak Kids
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA- and BPS-free
  • Drip-free experience
Product Image of the ZULU Torque Kids Tritan Plastic Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve, 16 oz, Purple
Best Straw Bottle
Zulu Torque Bottle
  • FDA food grade silicone straw
  • Won't crack, stain or smell
  • Hard to break bottle
Product Image of the NALGENE Tritan Grip-N-Gulp BPA-Free Water Bottle,Slate Blue,12 Ounces
Best Leak Proof Bottle
Nalgene Tritan
  • Affordable and dishwasher safe
  • Fits your toddler’s hands
  • Made in U.S.
Product Image of the THERMOS FUNTAINER F4101 Stainless Steel Kids Bottle, 12 Ounce, Blue
Best Hygienic Bottle
Thermos Funtainer
  • Hygienic push-button lid
  • Keeps liquid cold for 12 hours
  • Integrated carry handle
Product Image of the Snug Kids Water Bottle - insulated stainless steel thermos with straw...
Best Insulated Bottle
Snug Kids
  • Child-friendly designs
  • Rust-free
  • Screw-top lid
Product Image of the anature' Stainless Steel Water Bottle,Double Wall Vacuum Insulation with...
Best Stainless Steel Bottle
Anature Stainless
  • No metallic taste
  • Won’t sweat on the outside
  • Perfect size for kids to hold
Product Image of the Contigo Autoseal Trekker Kids Water Bottle, 2-Pack, Granny Smith & Nautical
Best On-the-Go Bottle
Contigo Autoseal Trekker
  • Leak and spill proof
  • Fits perfectly in cup holders
  • One-handed drinking system
Product Image of the Hydro Flask 12 oz Kids Water Bottle - Pacific
Best No-Slip Bottle
Hydro Flask Wide Mouth
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Powder coat finish
  • Lifetime warranty

What’s Wrong with Disposable Water Bottles?

Disposable water bottles are convenient, widely available and you don’t have to worry about cleaning them after use.

But they’re also a complete waste of resources — that includes your money and the materials used to make them.

These bottles won’t break down for 450 to 1,000 years — that’s an awful lot of waste that could have been avoided. Last year, around 50 billion plastic water bottles were used in the U.S. alone, and the majority weren’t recycled either — they just went straight into the trash.

What’s worse is that when we throw these bottles away, we might as well be tossing our hard-earned money in the garbage along with them. Not only are they a waste of money, but they’re also a waste of natural resources like gas needed to transport them all over the globe.

Environmental issues aside, if you think that bottled water is the safer, healthier option, think again. Bottled water isn’t any better than the water you’ll get out of your faucet at home (1).

How to Choose Water Bottles for Kids

Choosing a material is the first decision to make, but there are some other considerations as well.


If you want your baby to be able to lift the bottle without help, steer clear of glass and stainless steel. Plastic is the lightest option here.


Stainless steel and glass bottles are both pretty pricey. Plastic ones are usually the cheapest.


Plastic bottles aren’t made to last forever — that’s why the price tag is so low. Aluminum will last longer than plastic, but generally not as long as stainless steel or glass.


If you want a bottle that appeals to your child with their favorite cartoon characters, you need to be aware that this will shorten its lifespan. Kids usually don’t want to use anything too babyish as they get older.


If your child goes on a lot of road trips or is outside a lot sweating up a storm, you might want a water bottle that holds a greater amount of liquid.


A soft straw spout is best for your toddler to learn with, and it won’t accidentally hurt their developing teeth. A softer spout is also a good idea for younger kids who like to walk around while they drink. If they trip and fall, a soft spout won’t do much damage to their gums, roof of the mouth or teeth.

The Best Kids Water Bottles of 2021

Here are our favorite kids’ water bottles currently on the market.

1. CamelBak Kids Water Bottle

Best Small Lunchbox Water Bottle for Kids

This charming bottle is small enough to fit in a lunch box without hogging too much space. It won’t spill in your child’s lunchbox either, ruining their lunch.

Plus, kids will love all the different colors and designs they can get, from unicorns to dragons.

Recommended for kids from ages 3 to 8, this has a redesigned cap and valve to give your kids a faster flow rate than their older versions, so your child won’t get impatient waiting for their drink.


  • Dishwasher safe.
  • BPA- and BPS-free.
  • It uses a bite valve for a drip-free experience.


  • Some parents complained that the tubing in the bottle fell out of place repeatedly.
  • Mold may collect in the spout.

2. Zulu Torque Kids Water Bottle

Best Kids Water Bottle With a Straw

These modern-looking water bottles hold 12 ounces, and they do it in style with a silicone sleeve over the plastic bottle.

They have a locking flip lid with a soft straw that won’t hurt the top of your baby’s mouth, their lips, or their teeth if they happen to fall while walking around and drinking.

Although it’s made of plastic, it is BPA-, phthalate-, and PVC-free.

Even though you can’t put this in the freezer to chill your water, the top is big enough to fit ice cubes in if your baby prefers cold water.


  • You can put this in the dishwasher.
  • The straw is big enough that your child will be able to get enough water out without having to suck too hard.
  • It’s hard to break this bottle, even if you drop it.


  • These are fairly expensive.
  • If something happens to the straw, they don’t sell replacement ones.

3. Nalgene Tritan Grip-N-Gulp Bottle

Best Leak Proof Water Bottle for Kids

This water bottle holds 12 ounces and comes in more than a dozen vibrant colors to choose from, some of which have fun designs if your child prefers those.

The plastic used to make these don’t contain BPA, and the smooth mouthpiece should feel comfortable against little mouths.

This is tough enough to stand up to the rigorous use a toddler will put it through. And since it’s spill-proof, you won’t need to follow your toddler from room to room mopping up little puddles.


  • It’s affordable and dishwasher safe.
  • This bottle is small enough for your toddler’s hands.
  • Made in the U.S.


  • The spout doesn’t close.
  • Some parents said this bottle is hard for their toddler to get much liquid out of without getting frustrated.

4. Thermos Funtainer 12 Ounce Bottle

Best Hygienic Water Bottle

You can’t protect your child from everything, but you can protect them from germs with this hygienic water bottle.

The key feature is the special pop-up straw. It’s hidden beneath a cover, so it can’t be grabbed by germy hands or exposed to dirt, dust, or whatever else your child may have gotten into.

When it’s time for a drink, your child just needs to press the button. The lid will open and the straw will pop up. If your child is the rough and tumble sort and always getting into messes, this water bottle will help keep the germs away.

It’s made of stainless steel, holds up to 12 ounces of liquid, and can keep your child’s favorite liquids cold for up to 12 hours. We also really like that it has an integrated carry handle so smaller hands can keep a good grip on it.

These can be used at a young age, and kids love how the cover pops open with a button.
Headshot of Katelyn Holt RN, BSN, BC

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Katelyn Holt RN, BSN, BC


  • A hygienic push-button lid protects the straw from nasty germs and exposure.
  • Stainless steel thermos system keeps liquids cold for 12 hours.
  • The integrated carry handle is perfect for little hands.


  • You’ve got a lot of different parts with this bottle, so there’s more to clean and children might lose the pieces if they take it apart.

5. Snug Kids Insulated Water Bottle with Straw

Best Insulated Water Bottle for Kids

Your toddler won’t be able to break this, no matter how hard they try! There’s a single push button to help their little hands launch the straw, which is great for parents who worry about their child’s hygiene.

You can’t use this for hot drinks, but it does an excellent job insulating your cold drinks for the entire day.

The vacuum-insulated bottles will never rust and comes in some bright, fun colors to interest your child.


  • Child-friendly designs.
  • This bottle keeps your drink cold for up to a day.
  • Will never rust.


  • It holds 12 ounces, which is a bit much for smaller children.

6. Anature Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle for Kids

These are brightly colored and hold 9 ounces, which is just the perfect amount of liquid for a child. Plus, since there aren’t any childish characters on these bottles, so they’ll still be cool enough to use as your child grows up and gets pickier.

This double-wall bottle is vacuum insulated, which means it will keep the water cold all day. If you want to change it up a bit during the winter and use it for hot chocolate on a cold day, it’ll keep your drink hot for around 10 hours.


  • You won’t get that annoying metallic taste to your water.
  • It won’t sweat on the outside of the bottle, so you don’t have to worry about your child forgetting to use coasters on your nice tables.
  • It’s small enough that a child will be able to hold it.


  • It doesn’t use a straw but has a screw off lid, which might be less convenient.
  • It may be a little heavy for some toddlers.

7. Contigo Autoseal Trekker Kids Water Bottles

Best On-the-Go Water Bottle

Children are always on the go! Whether they’re shuffling about with you or starting to fill their lives with school, hobbies, and friends, you want to keep them hydrated while preventing spills.

That’s one of the reasons we appreciate this on-the-go water bottle. It has a specially sealed lid so it’s both leak- and spill-proof, preventing accidents, small and large.

Your child can use it clumsily without fear as they learn to drink from a water bottle, but it can also end up rolling around in the car or dropped on the ground without liquid bursting everywhere. It’s even designed to fit in the cupholders of your car.

This is also a great option for active kids because it can be used with only one hand. If your child loves to walk and play outdoors, they can carry and use this water bottle without stopping.


  • Leak and spill-proof, so you can take it on-the-go without fear of accidents.
  • Fits perfectly in the cup holders of your car.
  • Features a one-handed drinking system.


  • There isn’t a straw or spout, so younger children may struggle to drink from it.

8. Hydro Flask Kids Sippy Water Bottle

Best No-Slip Water Bottle

Developing fine motor skills is an important part of growing up. Your little one has been grabbing and reaching for things from the very start, and they especially love it when they can hold things on their own. Unfortunately, many water bottles are too big or slippery for little hands.

This special no-slip water bottle aims to help children get a good grip and stay hydrated. Its smaller size is perfect for a child while still holding 12 ounces of liquid. The double-wall vacuum insulation and stainless steel material keep the liquid cool for up to 24 hours.

Our favorite features, however, are the unique powder coat finish and silicone boot. The powder coat is designed to give your child extra grip when they’re holding the bottle. The silicone boot provides added protection and traction when your child sets it down.

We love this water bottle for younger children who still need a bit of extra help.


  • The smaller size is ideal for young children and their little hands.
  • With the powder coat finish, your child can get a good grip.
  • Keeps liquid cool for up to 24 hours.


  • Because it’s smaller, children at sporting events or activities will run out of water quickly.

What’s the Best Type of Reusable Water Bottle?

There are pros and cons to each type of material. Some parents still don’t trust plastic since the BPA scare, and they wonder what frightening chemical will be next to get banned out of the plastic products they’ve trusted for years.

But stainless steel and aluminum water bottles also have drawbacks. Stainless steel is pretty heavy for a child to lift and it can do some serious damage to toes if a baby drops it while trying to take a drink.

Metal bottles have also caused some freak accidents — some kids have gotten their tongues stuck inside when they try to get the last drops out of the bottle. When that happens, the tongue is difficult to get out because a vacuum is created (2).

Glass bottles are easy to break, and no parent relishes the idea of their child having to walk through or around broken glass.

You’ll have to weigh the risks involved with each type of material and decide what’s most important to you to figure out which kind of bottle is right for your child.

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