9 Bath Toy Storage Ideas That Will Save Your Sanity

Do you need a new way to store bath toys? You’re not alone. We’ve all been there; you allow your toddler one toy and before you know it, the bathroom has become a playroom!

In the rush to get our kids out and dressed as quickly as possible after a bath, we often forget the toys in the tub. I like to say that’s daddy’s job — I breastfeed, he picks up toys.

But besides the chaos of toys strewn all over the bathroom, storing bath toys correctly is crucial to preventing bacteria and mold from forming. Otherwise, these toys can hold a host of germs!

There are many ways to make sure all toys have a place. Some of them can even be a fun activity for the kids. Let’s take a look.

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    Bath Toy Scooper And Organizer

    Picking up toys one by one is never fun. It’s no wonder kids sometimes refuse to do it. So, why not find a way to pick up several items in one go?

    Scoopers work like fishing nets and typically have two parts. The wide opening, or “neck,” has a suction cup which attaches to the wall. Below it is a net, to catch and store the contents.

    The net allows airflow and water drainage, drying the toys quicker. This Munchkin Scooper is a great example.

    Other types are made out of a hard material with drain holes, like this Frog Pod. After picking up everything, attach the scoop to the wall mount and leave the items to dry. It also has “feet” useful for hanging washcloths and sponges.

    Either of these could quickly become one of the bathtime games since the kids can have fun picking up their toys.

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    Bathtub Organizers

    These attach to the wall by suction cups. They come in different sizes and some even have several pockets. One of our favorites is the giant Tub Cubby Organizer.

    It keeps the toys close to the kids in the tub, while the small, upper storage pockets are hard for tiny hands to reach. That way, you don’t worry about your kids getting their hands on the shampoo.

    Stick it on the wall above the bathtub and let your kids know to store bath toys here when not in use.

    Laundry Basket

    Although made for storing dirty clothes, a laundry basket can also hold your bath time toys.

    The Merdes Waterproof Foldable Laundry Hamper is foldable, waterproof, and comes in a range of neat designs. The only downside is the toys will need to be dry before storing.

    Pro tip

    Cut a few small neat holes in the base of the basket, so any water can drain away. Just remember to place the basket in the bathtub until all its contents are dry!

    Shower Rod With Baskets

    If you’re into DIY projects, this idea is right up your alley. Simply attach a shower rod horizontally to the wall. Then, use wire baskets with hooks to store all the bath toys!

    The shower rod should be long enough to hold several baskets. And don’t worry, you can use any type of basket if you don’t like the wired ones. Just make sure they’re waterproof.

    Another option is plastic containers. Label these to make organizing easier and more fun!

    Bath Kneeler With Pockets

    Bathing your child in a regular sized bathtub is great. It allows your kiddie to play around and enjoy bathtime. However, it can be straining on mommy’s (or daddy’s) knees, elbows, and back.

    This knee and elbow pad set might put an end to our tub misery. The set includes four pads – two for knees and two for arms – with four large pockets. You can store soap, shampoo, and other things on the outside of the tub, and essential toys in junior’s reach, on the inside.

    Attachable Toy Bins

    Toy bins are the perfect present for your water-loving toddler. The ones we like can be attached to the side of the tub, like this KidsKit Pelican Organizer. It generously holds all the bath toys in a mesh bag in the pelican’s beak – too cute!

    The net allows all toys to dry quickly. The pelican is easily attached to the tub by an adjustable clamp and you can simply lift the beak to put toys in the pouch. My children love this one!

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    Over the Tub Basket

    If you are one of those lucky parents with a little one who doesn’t need a million toys in the tub, this might be for you. This KidCo organizer basket suspends across the width of the tub.

    The basket is expandable, so it will fit most bath widths and is readily accessible. Bathing two monsters at once? No problem – separate them with this basket! You can also store bath toys and other bathtime products there.

    It includes dividers, enabling you to separate the contents. At the end of bath time, just pop everything back in the basket and the water drains away.

    Freestanding Bath Toy Storage

    A freestanding toy bin is excellent for anyone who lives in a confined space. They’re compact, practical, and can hold just enough bath toys to please any toddler.

    The best thing about a freestanding bin is you can store it anywhere. Because it has a solid base, you don’t have to keep it inside the bathtub. Put it next to the tub, or even on a shelf.

    The Ubbi Bath Caddy has two parts. One is a removable base, which collects excess water lurking inside the toys, and the other, a storage bin with drain holes, used to scoop toys up after bath time.

    Hanging Organizers

    If you already have shower curtains, you could just store bath time essentials in this area. They’re excellent if you’re short on space and do not want to stick additional stuff on the wall or in the corners of the bathroom.

    The Angla shower caddy organizer has six pockets and is also net-style material. You can hang this organizer on to your existing shower curtain rail, along with the curtain.

    A hanging organizer is a fantastic way to use something you already have. Many similar products are available. Some also double as a shower curtain, while others only function as storage.

    Take Note

    With hanging organizers, the kiddies’ toys will be out of their reach! This means they can’t get to their toys out or put them away. So, this will still be daddy’s job!
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    From Chaos to Contained

    Teaching your kids to put away their toys after use will not only benefit you but also turn them into more responsible human beings.

    Finding a fun way for them to help will make bath time a breeze. We absolutely love the Munchkin Scoop. It’s an awesome way for the kids to pick up their toys without thinking twice about it.

    There are also options available for small spaces, kids with fewer bath time toys and a bath accessory to protect the adult’s elbows and knees while bathing the kiddos.

    Did you find anything here you think would suit your family perfectly? How do you store bath toys? If you have any other great ideas, please share them with us!

    Also, feel free to share this with other parents on bath time duty!

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