Best Kids Shower Heads of 2020

We have the best solution to turn bathtime into fun time.

Is your child putting up a fight every day before bath time? Are you looking for a way to make showering more fun for your toddler?

Teaching your child about personal hygiene is imperative (1). There are several ways to add intriguing elements that will create an exciting washing experience for your child.

One of these is a fun shower head, specifically for your kid.

Our Top Picks

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What Defines Kids’ Shower Heads

Kids’ shower heads are designed to provide a novelty element to bath time. Most come with a popular cartoon theme like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, or Sesame Street. Others may use favorite animals like elephants, ducks, or frogs.

They’re easy to distinguish from standard shower heads, both in terms of look and price. Kids’ shower heads aren’t as heavy on the pocket.

Should You Buy One?

Kids’ shower heads aren’t a necessity to buy when you have kids. One does, however, provide a lot of assistance when it comes to bath time. Many parents said it was a good investment.

Don’t look to buy this type of shower head for its features. Most products don’t include anything different other than the fun cartoon head. Instead, buy it to help ease your baby into bath time.

It’s not uncommon for children to feel wary during showers. My kid refused to get his hair washed because he felt intimidated using a standard shower head.

An adult shower head can often be too powerful for a small user. The head is wide and will drench your child. It might also produce a high-pressure water stream that can hurt.

Kids’ shower heads typically produce a soft flow, which is less intimidating and more manageable for a kid.

With one of these, you can regulate the height to suit your child. Many come with suction cups that attach to almost any surface within the shower cabin. Your kid can choose to hold it or keep it fixed to the wall.

The last benefit we’ll mention is how comforting these are. They look friendly and add a colorful touch to the shower cabin, excellent for helping your child feel safe.

Finding the Best Kids’ Shower Heads

Even though this type of shower head isn’t the priciest on the market, you still want to ensure you get the best. To help you find the most suitable one for your tot, we’ve gathered some tips below to help you.

Include Your Child

Since this is going to be for your child, if they’re old enough, we highly recommend including them in the buying process. Ask them which they like best — what’s their favorite animal or cartoon, and perhaps provide some options. This will also help to make it more enjoyable once they use it.

Think Colors

Children love colorful things. Choose something that will stand out from the rest of the bathroom decor. This is fairly easy, although there are some bland shower heads out there.

Ease of Use

Because it’s for a child, it’s best to aim for something easy to use. Suction cups are great for adjusting the height, and it’s a task your kid can do without you.

If you’re looking for a product your child can use on their own, we don’t recommend on/off buttons. Yes, they’re water savers, but they tend to be fragile, which could become frustrating if they break after a couple of uses.

Compatibility with Current Shower Head

Find a product that attaches to your current shower head. Although you won’t be able to use both at the same time, it doesn’t require much effort to switch.

Bathtub or Standard Shower

Kids’ shower heads are available for both bathtubs and standard showers. Those for baths are great for small babies and toddlers. They usually consist of a pump system, a hose, and a shower head.

Standard kids’ shower heads usually provide you with the cartoon head as well as hose and connector for the plumbing. These are better for older kids who don’t need a bathtub.


Believe it or not, most kids’ shower heads do come with an included warranty. The length depends on the manufacturer. This provides you with that extra security should something fail.

The Best Kids Shower Heads of 2020

Finding the best kids’ shower heads was easy — we scoured user reviews for satisfaction and focused on which ones looked the most interesting. Here’s our top five:

1. Ginsey Industries My Own Child Shower Head

Best Overall Kids’ Shower Heads

GINSEY INDUSTRIES 4210 My Own Child Shower Head
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Whether your child is tall or short, this product is worth a look. It’s child-friendly both in terms of appearance and functionality.

The head is a cute fish design, decked out in bright ocean colors, grabbing your child’s attention. It’s more than capable of giving your shower a kid-friendly make-over to make bath time enjoyable.

Along with the fish head, Ginsey includes a 3-foot detachable hose. Since this one connects to the existing shower, you don’t have to choose between fitting the fish or the adult shower head. It’s an easy task to switch the water flow when it’s your turn to shower.

The fish head comes with suction cups, which you attach to the wall. This allows you or your child to adjust the height to suit the user.

Sometimes adult shower heads can be hard on children’s skin. Ginsey, though, has your child’s best interests in mind. The shower head has a soft stream, providing the perfect cleanse for a kid.

  • Cute design.
  • Child-friendly stream.
  • Adjustable height, with attached suction cups.
  • Connects to the existing shower head.
  • The suction cups aren’t as strong as they should be.

Additional Specs

Adjustable heightYes
ConfigurationAttaches to the current shower head
Item weight12 ounces
WarrantyOn request

2. Elephant Baby Bath Shower Head By Yookidoo

Best Kids Shower Head for Small Babies

Yookidoo Baby Bath Shower Head - Elephant Water Pump with Trunk Spout Rinser -...
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If you’re looking for a way to incorporate sensory play into your baby’s shower, then this shower head from Yookidoo is something to consider. It’s designed for use from your baby’s first bath through toddlerhood.

The shower head consists of an adorable elephant with a long trunk. You place the elephant’s body in the water where it will float. Then on the shower head, there’s a button you push to make the water flow.

This combo promotes visual focus skills as well as hand-eye coordination through its contrasts and movements. Your little one will love this cute elephant — it helps them ease into bath time as babies. Then when they enter toddlerhood, they can operate it themselves, making playtime out of an otherwise ordinary bath.

The elephant is battery operated to pump the water through the trunk. The stream remains soft, and it’s easy to work with one hand, enabling you to keep the other hand on your baby. It has an on/off button, plus a pause between shampooing and cleansing.

  • Adorable design, available in two colors.
  • Promotes healthy development of sensory skills.
  • Easy to operate for both parents and children.
  • It provides a soft stream, excellent for babies.
  • The on/off button is a little hard to push the first few times — it becomes easier with frequent use.
  • Water can seep into the battery compartment if not sealed properly.

Additional Specs

Adjustable heightNo
Hose lengthN/A
ConfigurationPump system for use in bathtubs
Item weight1.15 pounds

3. Children's Handheld Shower Head By Kaiying

Best Froggy Kids’ Shower Head

KAIYING Children's Handheld Shower Head,Cartoon Water Flow Spray Shower Head...
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Some kids hate the shower — mine included — so finding a fun shower head to distract them is a great solution. Kaiying provides you with plenty of options to encourage active play while in the shower.

Your kiddo can choose between a purple hippo, a cheeky monkey, a cute duckie, a blue dolphin, or a green frog.

The animal shower head is not just a way to get your kid clean. It’s a fun toy, made of safe components, which your child will likely enjoy playing with every day. It’s suitable for babies aged 12 months and up — the materials are food-grade ABS, non-toxic plastic.

It’s also easy to install. It attaches to the standard shower head and features suction cups to connect on the wall according to your child. If you aren’t satisfied, Kaiying lets you return the product either for a replacement or refund.

  • Plenty of animals to choose from.
  • It helps to promote active play.
  • It’s made from safe materials.
  • Easy to attach.
  • The stream is a little stronger than other kids’ shower heads.

Additional Specs

Adjustable heightYes
ConfigurationAttaches to a current shower head
Item weight1.18 pounds
Warranty100 percent satisfaction guarantee

4. Waterpik KSH-306T Safari Spray

Best Kids’ Shower Head for Older Kids

Waterpik KSH-306T Safari Spray Elephant Flexible Kids Shower Head, Light Gray
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If your child loves jungle animals, they’ll probably adore this safari-inspired shower head. Your child can choose between three spray settings to create the perfect safari or jungle feel. They can choose from a tropical mist, a rainforest rainfall, or a combination of both.

The shower head is best for kids at preschool age. It’s nonetheless a great pick, especially the gray elephant. The elephant’s trunk is flexible and can reach 18 inches, giving your child room to interact.

A great feature is the broad shower face. It measures 3.25 inches and gives your child an excellent shower experience.

Parents will love how easy this is to install. Waterpik claims you can set it up in minutes without the help of a plumber. This is a nice time and cash-saving benefit.

What’s more, Waterpik included a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

  • It gives your child three settings to choose from.
  • Cute elephant design.
  • Large shower face.
  • It’s easy to install and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Small children can’t reach the shower head — recommended for older kids.

Additional Specs

Adjustable heightNot fully
ConfigurationAttaches to shower head arm
Item weight1.44 pounds
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty

5. Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station

Best Kids’ Shower Head for Playtime

Yookidoo Bath Toy - Submarine Spray Station - Battery Operated Water Pump with...
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If you’re looking for something to make bath time more fun, we highly recommend having a look at this bath toy shower head. It’s the perfect combination of fun and mechanics — something my little one would love.

The shower head consists of a battery-powered submarine, working with a water circulation pump. Your child can become the bath operator, drawing water and spraying it over their head or the included toy. It’s fun to use for small and bigger kids.

Kids will love how easy it is to operate — it provides a soft stream and is suited with an easy grip. Even slippery hands can hold on. There are various features your child can activate to create their own magical water effects.

The submarine station also serves an educational purpose. It teaches your child motor skills such as grabbing as well as hand-eye coordination, stimulating several senses.

  • It allows for a fun bathroom adventure with plenty of potential activities.
  • Easy for a small child to operate.
  • The submarine promotes healthy development of motor skills and eye coordination.
  • Not sturdy enough — it can’t handle rough play.

Additional Specs

Adjustable heightN/A
ConfigurationPump system for bathtubs
Item weight1.23

Kids Shower Head Comparison Chart

ProductBestAdjustable heightConfigurationItem weightWarranty
Ginsey Industries My Own ChildOverallYesAttaches – the current showerhead12 ozOn request
Yookidoo Baby BathFor Small BabiesNoPump system for use in bathtubs1.15 poundsN/A
Kaiying Children’s HandheldFroggy Kids’YesAttaches to a current showerhead1.18 pounds100% satisfaction guarantee
Waterpik KSH-306TFor Older KidsNot fullyAttaches to shower head arm1.44 poundsLimited lifetime warranty
Yookidoo Submarine SprayFor PlaytimeN/APump system for bathtubs1.23N/A
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Scrub A Dub Dub

The shower can be intimidating for some children — it’s large, loud, and the pressure is high. A specialized shower head is useful to help your child ease into it. They introduce a fun, kid-friendly element into the space, letting your child shower under a calm stream.

To find the best kids’ shower heads, you should also look for a product that’s easy to use and can connect to your current shower head. Once you’ve found a selection of suitable ones, include your child in the process by asking them which one they like best.

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