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13 Best Unicorn Toys for Kids of 2024

Inspire your child’s imagination with one of these magical unicorn toys.

For the past decade or so, unicorns have returned to the market in full force. You can find unicorn gear nearly anywhere, but if you want something a little out of the ordinary, read on.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up all the best unicorn toys for kids. Our list includes unicorn toys that are unique, well-crafted, safe to use, imagination-inspiring, and long-lasting favorites for girls or boys of all ages.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect stuffie, a fun craft, or great unicorn figurines, there’s something here for everyone.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Unicorn Play Tent
Best Room Addition
Unicorn Play Tent
  • With an easy-carry travel tote bag
  • Easy setup pop up tent
  • Mesh windows for ventilation
Product Image of the Unicorn Pet Doctor
Great for Future Veterinarians
Unicorn Pet Doctor
  • Super soft and cuddly fabric
  • Comes with a small backpack
  • Unicorn’s horn lights up
Product Image of the VTech Unicorn
Best High-Tech Toy
VTech Unicorn
  • Interactive play
  • 2 MagicPoint locations for added fun
  • Budget-friendly
Product Image of the Bright Starts Rock & Glow
Baby’s First Unicorn Toy
Bright Starts Rock & Glow
  • Changes directions with baby's touch
  • Introduce colors, numbers & sounds
  • Encourages gross motor capability
Product Image of the Unicorn Coloring Book
Great for Motor Skills
Unicorn Coloring Book
  • Matte cover
  • High quality paper
  • 48 different coloring pages
Product Image of the Unstable Unicorns Cards
Entertaining The Teens
Unstable Unicorns Cards
  • Strategic card game
  • Award-winning
  • Features a magnetic closure
Product Image of the Breyer Traditional Cascade And Caspian
Best Unicorn Sculpture
Breyer Traditional Cascade And Caspian
  • Hand-painted and accurately detailed
  • True equestrian art
  • Realistic model
Product Image of the Schleich Fairy & Unicorn Set
Best Soft Plastic Model
Schleich Fairy & Unicorn Set
  • Inspire safe & creative pretend play
  • Built to last
  • Very adorable
Product Image of the Aurora The Stuffed Unicorn
Cuddly Stuffed Unicorn
Aurora The Stuffed Unicorn
  • Super soft, cuddly plush
  • Double bagged filling
  • Top quality materials
Product Image of the Playmobil Fairies & Unicorns
Best Unicorn Playset
Playmobil Fairies & Unicorns
  • Lots of accessories
  • Good value for money
  • Great design and quality

The Best Kids Unicorn Toys of 2024

Here are 13 magical unicorn toys for you to consider.

Unicorn Play Tent

Best Room Addition

Are you looking for more than just another toy? This unicorn play tent is a great option.

The pitched-top tent depicts vivid imagination-inspiring images of unicorns in a magical land above the clouds. Roll the door flap up or down for privacy. This tent makes a great calm-down area for children needing a break.

Your child can enjoy the unicorns from both the inside and the outside.

This pop-up tent is also easy to store and quick to assemble. Plus, it’s U.S. safety tested and made from flame-retardant material. It’s suitable for kids ages 3 and up.

User Experience

Excellent play tent that easily entertained my 2 and 3-year-old grandchildren, providing them with a cozy space for reading and playing with their toys. The setup was simple, following the included instructions, but I found the tent could tip over if leaned on from the inside or outside. To prevent this, I positioned it between a couch and a chair for added stability. Although I noticed some seams starting to come apart after a week, the tent still proved to be a great imagination booster for my grandchildren.

Barbie Unicorn Pet Doctor

Great for Future Veterinarians

Feed your child’s desire to care for animals with this fun unicorn pet doctor set. This Barbie set features a plush unicorn from the Dreamtopia series and all the medical gear your little one needs to care for it.

A small backpack keeps things neatly stowed and organized. In addition to the stethoscope and delicious ice cream snack your child’s patient can enjoy, you’ll receive a bottle and a syringe. The unicorn’s horn lights up for extra appeal.

The set is recommended for ages 3 and up.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased this Barbie Unicorn Pet Doctor kit as a birthday gift, and it certainly caught the attention of both the birthday girl and my own child. The kit comes with a charming stuffed unicorn, complete with glittery wings, and an array of cute accessories, including a clear backpack for storage. One minor drawback was the need to replace the demo batteries, but once that was done, the unicorn's horn lit up nicely. My only real critique is the absence of an off switch, as the toy only turns off after being left untouched for a while.

VTech Unicorn

Best High-Tech Unicorn Toy

Need something more than a standard unicorn toy? You might want to consider this fun option from VTech. Twinkle, the magical unicorn, can walk forward, flap her wings, and move her head.

Included with Twinkle is the fairy Prisma character, but you can also purchase additional playsets and accessories. Great for children ages 18 months to 5 years.

Community Feedback

Best walking unicorn toy I've encountered, this product truly exceeded my expectations with its realistic and smooth walking motion. The accompanying fairy princess figure adds to the charm and enhances the imaginative play experience. This unicorn is the perfect size and works great on hard floors and thin rugs, making it an excellent gift for young children. Although the initial fascination may wear off, it remains an adorable and entertaining toy for little ones.

Bright Starts Rock and Glow Unicorn

Baby’s First Unicorn Toy

This is a great learning toy for a young child. It helps introduce colors, numbers, and sounds. The mane lights up and twinkles during use to help create appeal.

This toy also helps encourage gross motor capability. In “chase” mode, it moves away from your baby, encouraging children to learn how to crawl. Suitable for babies 6 months and older.

First-Hand Impression

Great toy for both my 1-year-old and 3-year-old! This interactive toy has kept my little ones entertained as they chase it around the house. I appreciate the option to switch between hard floors and carpets, as our home has a mix of both. It has proven to be quite durable, even when my older child has thrown it or it gets stuck. One downside is the noise level; it can be quite loud and makes a clicking sound when stuck. However, it remains a fun and engaging toy that my kids adore, and I'm happy with the purchase.

Unicorn Coloring Book

Great for Encouraging Fine Motor Skills

Are you trying to sneak in more opportunities for your child to work on fine motor skills? If so, this sweet unicorn coloring book is worth looking at.

The book contains 50 unicorn coloring pages to decorate. We love that each page is single-sided, so you don’t have to choose which side of the coloring sheet to display on your refrigerator.

Fun pictures with castles and unicorns will appeal to your little one and are suited to children 4 to 8 years old.

User Experience

This unicorn coloring book has been a delightful addition to our household, capturing the attention of my 8-year-old with its cute and fun illustrations. The designs strike a perfect balance between simplicity and detail, making it enjoyable for children around her age. Although the price might be slightly higher than what you'd find at a dollar store, the quality and appeal of the images make it worth the extra cost. My only minor complaint is the lack of perforation for removing pages, but it hasn't affected the overall experience. In the end, this charming coloring book has provided hours of creative entertainment for my child and her friends.

Unstable Unicorns Card Game

Entertaining the Teens

Have a child who’s feeling a bit old for unicorns but still secretly loves them? The fun doesn’t have to stop just because your kids are getting older.

This great unique game allows your teen to build an army of unicorns and attack the other players. This game is a great way to get some whimsy in your child’s life while having fun and working on strategizing.

It’s an excellent game for kids ages 14 and up, as well as adults. (It’s on my wish list!)

Personal Perspective

This game has been a hit with various groups of friends and family members, providing endless laughter and fun. It was initially a concern that it might be cheesy, but it turned out to be a favorite during game nights. The game is easy to learn and play, though it may take some strategic thinking depending on the number of players. The whimsical and well-thought-out unicorn characters have been a delight for kids and adults alike. However, the concept can be hard to grasp at first, requiring some assistance from YouTube videos and a bit of trial and error. Once understood, this game becomes an enjoyable and customizable experience that can be enjoyed by all ages.

Breyer Traditional Cascade And Caspian

Best Unicorn Sculpture

Looking for some real eye candy in a model unicorn? This sculpture by the beloved equestrian-focused Breyer company is stunning.

This sea-inspired mare and foal set will sweep you off your feet. Cascade and Caspian are great for displaying on a shelf, but the superior quality will also withstand play. Artisans created the original cast, and each piece is hand-painted and unique.

Recommended for children ages 8 and up.

Community Feedback

I've been a longtime fan of Breyer horses and recently decided to purchase this unicorn mare and foal set. The mare's color and pose are stunning, making it a beautiful addition to my collection. The ocean connection adds a unique and enchanting touch to the design. However, the foal in the set feels somewhat like an afterthought and doesn't quite fit as well with the mare. I also noticed that the paint quality on both models seems to have gone down compared to previous Breyer purchases. Despite these minor issues, I still enjoy having these two in my collection and appreciate the overall design and appearance of the unicorn mare.

Schleich Fairy and Unicorn Set

Best Soft Plastic Unicorn Model

If you’re looking for a hardy model horse that’s suitable for a younger child but still has appeal for an older one, look no further than this Schleich set.

This fun fairy and unicorn set has a riding fairy figure with moveable arms. A magnet helps keep the figure in place to prevent frustration, with glitter and fun colors to top it all off. Additional unicorn and fairy tale sets are available. Great for children ages 5–12.

First-Hand Impression

Love the vibrant colors and intricate details of this fairy and horse set! My granddaughter is captivated by the beautiful design, although the tail appears somewhat clumpy. This set has sparked her interest in starting a collection of these magical creatures, despite being slightly pricey. The only drawback is that it doesn't stand very well on its own, but overall, a delightful and well-crafted toy.

Aurora the Stuffed Unicorn

Cuddly Unicorn Stuffed Animal

This super-soft, extra-squeezable stuffed unicorn measures 12 inches long. The vibrant multi-colored mane and tail, together with its large eyes, add to its cuteness factor.

Both the horn and hooves are made of textured, sparkly material. The eyes are safety eyes, preventing potential choking hazards, and the poly-bean filling is double-bagged for additional safety.

This toy is suitable for toddlers and up.

User Experience

I've recently gifted this unicorn plush to a coworker, and it was a huge hit! The quality and design are impressive, making it the most squeezable and adorable unicorn. My three-year-old daughter also fell in love with this soft and cuddly companion, which has proven to be sturdy enough to handle her rough play. This unicorn plush exceeded all expectations, providing endless joy for both children and adults alike.

Playmobil Fairies and Unicorns

Best Unicorn Playset

This fun Playmobil set features one adult unicorn and two unicorn foals. It also comes with one adult fairy and two child fairies.

This set is designed for children ages 4–15 and is full of accessories to help create endless fun. Potion bottles, a duck pond, a golden chest, and grooming tools are all included. You can also combine with additional Playmobil sets to create a world full of fun.

Personal Perspective

Bought this enchanting toy set for my granddaughter, who absolutely adores unicorns and fairies. The intricate details and variety of characters and accessories, such as unicorns, removable wings, and a charming pond, made it a delightful and engaging playtime experience. However, the assembly process was quite frustrating, as the instructions were unclear and the parts were not organized or labeled. Despite the minor setbacks, my granddaughter and I managed to assemble the toy, and she has been playing with it for days.

Ravensburger Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle

Unicorn Puzzle for Quiet Play

If you want to engage the logical portion of your child’s brain, you might want to try a unicorn-themed puzzle. It’s an excellent activity for a rainy day or those times when you’re looking for a bit of calm.

This is a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring a unicorn and friendly wildlife. The colors are beautifully vibrant, and the finished piece measures 13 inches by 9 inches.

It’s printed in the United States with an eco-friendly process that includes recycled cardboard. This puzzle is best suited for children ages 6 and up.

Community Feedback

This high-quality puzzle delighted both my unicorn-loving daughter and my young niece as birthday gifts. The beautiful picture, complete with glitter that doesn't flake off, adds a magical touch that children adore. Despite a minor discrepancy between the box image and the actual puzzle, the sturdy and thick pieces make it suitable for persistent kids aged 4 and up. In my experience, even my 3-year-old granddaughter was able to complete the challenge, showcasing the puzzle's appeal to a wide range of young enthusiasts.

Smart Gear Pony Cycle

Best Ride-On Unicorn

If you’re looking for a toy that will really embody the magical experience of unicorns, consider this fun ride-on toy. Your child will get the opportunity to ride their unicorn — and set their imagination loose.

This unicorn toy is suitable for children ages 4–9 years. No batteries are needed as the child manually moves the unicorn with its pedal system. The wheels can’t go backward, but the unicorn steers left and right.

First-Hand Impression

My kids absolutely adore their PonyCycle unicorns, and they've been a huge hit since day one. The unicorns are well-made, sturdy, and easy to assemble, providing endless fun for both indoors and outdoors. However, they don't move backwards and can be a bit tippy in collisions, but my kids have learned to maneuver them easily, making these ride-on toys a fantastic investment for endless playtime.

Crayola Unicorn Plushie

Best Unicorn Art Toy

Have an artist who can’t get enough of unicorns? This unicorn stuffed animal from Crayola can be a great choice for your child.

This white unicorn comes with special washable markers. Your child can doodle to their heart’s content. When they’re ready to start over, wash your stuffie, and you’ll have a blank slate for your little artist. For children 3 years old and up.

User Experience

This washable unicorn toy has quickly become a favorite among the young ones in my life. The soft plush is a perfect size and comes with four washable markers, allowing kids to create new designs after every wash. My daughter, who used to draw on all her stuffed animals, now focuses her creativity on this one unicorn, and she's thrilled to see it clean the next day. The only downside is the limited number of markers that come with the toy, but any Crayola markers work just as well and wash off easily.

Why Unicorns Make Great Toys

If you’re wondering if unicorn-themed toys are the way to go for your child, here are some things to consider:

Unicorns Appeal to Boys and Girls

That’s right — this is a toy your sibling sets can both get behind, encouraging tons of play. One child may be more likely to use that unicorn to fight a fire-breathing dragon, while another may ride it to a faraway land. Unicorns speak to both adventure and fairy-filled forests.

Model Toys Allow Open-ended Play

Open-ended play happens when a child is allowed to create their own rules and world build. It’s a great way to inspire imagination and allow them to grow developmentally (1).

Unicorns Encourage Make-believe

We live in a world that’s inundated with negative news. Children are pushed toward adulthood faster than they should be. Give them something fanciful they can enjoy and help them make the most of their childhood years (2).

How to Choose a Unicorn Toy

Looking to bring home unicorn toys for your child? Keep the following in mind when choosing the perfect purchase:

  • Age-appropriate: Unicorn toys are frequently made of plastic — is it soft plastic or hard? Is the horn quite sharp or a hazard to younger children? Keep an eye on small accessories that could be a choking risk.
  • Made with appropriate materials: Make sure plastics and paints are approved for use in toys for children. Bringing home stuffed animals or other toddler-friendly toys? Keep an eye out for choking hazards.
  • Think outside the box: Don’t discount non-traditional unicorn toys. Chances are there’s something out there for your child — even if you don’t see them spending hours playing with model unicorns on the floor.


What is the Best Unicorn Toy?

The best unicorn toy depends on the child’s interests and age. It could be a plush unicorn for cuddling, a unicorn-themed craft kit, or interactive unicorn toys that walk or talk.

Popular brands like VTech are great for tech. The Barbie Dreamtopia Kiss and Care Unicorn Pet Doctor are amazing for kids who have an interest in animal care.

Why are Unicorn Toys So Popular?

Unicorn toys are popular because they represent magic, fantasy, and beauty. They appeal to a wide age range and are often associated with positive messages of hope and uniqueness. Their colorful and whimsical design also makes them visually appealing to children.

What Does a Unicorn Symbolize?

A unicorn typically symbolizes purity, magic, innocence, and enchantment. In various cultures and stories, unicorns are often seen as rare and benevolent creatures with healing powers or other mystical abilities.

Which is Better, a Unicorn or a Dragon?

Whether a unicorn or a dragon is better depends on personal preference. Unicorns often represent grace and purity, while dragons symbolize power and mystery. Both creatures inspire a rich world of fantasy and adventure in toys and stories.

Is There a Disney Unicorn?

While there isn’t a central Disney character that’s a unicorn, unicorns have appeared in various Disney movies and shows, often as magical or mythical creatures in the background or as part of a fantasy world.

What is the Age Rating For the Last Unicorn?

The Last Unicorn is a timeless 1982 animation that’s generally considered appropriate for older children.

It’s rated G, but due to some darker themes and scenes, it might be more suitable for kids aged seven and up. As always, parental guidance is recommended to determine if it’s appropriate for your child.

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