What Are the Best Alphabet Learning Toys? Read on to Find out

Isn’t learning such a wonderful experience? This is a necessary skill we all need to develop, and we naturally want to encourage it in our children, too. At a tender age when they’re just starting to learn about themselves and the world, most children don’t have the attention spans for boring lectures or just passively taking information in.

Finding interactive and fun ways for them to learn is the best option, and that’s where alphabet learning toys come in. Children get to learn and have fun at the same time — how awesome is that?

They’ll be totally excited about learning their letters and gain the motivation to understand them. There are tons of alphabet activities they can indulge in, and you know what? You can explore the world of letters together.

We’ll look at a guide on how to purchase the right ABC toys, and recommend a few for you. This way, you can ensure your kid is well on their way to being a successful reader.


    How to Choose the Right Alphabet Toys

    Children are curious little explorers who learn by doing. Getting the right toy is important because they’ll get to enhance their skills as they play. While choosing alphabet toys, you first need to consider the age of your child.

    Toddlers, preschoolers, and even older kids will have different needs and hence will use different toys. Toddlers may use soft alphabet cards, preschoolers could enjoy basic games or books, while older kids might use puzzles. There are numerous types of alphabet toys out there.

    Choose safe materials because children are bound to put these toys in their mouths. BPA-free plastic, wood, and cloth are some of the good ones. They should not pose as a choking hazard, so they need to be large enough to be safe (source).

    Durability also counts since toddlers and preschoolers might engage in vigorous play. Check if cloth toys are washable and whether wooden toys are breakable.

    The Best Alphabet Learning Toys of 2019

    Given the variety and availability of alphabet toys, you can be sure there’s plenty to choose from. This list presents you with the best of everything, from charts to games to sing-along toys.

    1. School Zone Preschool Workbook

    Remarkable Book

    Looking for an all-around learning option to support your preschooler’s progress at school? This amazing book incorporates over 300 colorful exercises that’ll make learning exciting. Adventures will unfold as they progress, with plenty to choose from.

    The lessons focus on the basics of learning letters, numbers, shapes, colors, phonics, math, and more. It features progressive activities that challenge your preschooler as they learn.

    2. Educational Floating Bathtub Toys

    Bathtime Puzzle Time

    Bathtime can be a fun learning experience as well, with these eco-friendly foam floating toys. They are large, light, and comfortable to use. Your child will have an easy time learning their letters alongside 26 different animals.

    Preschoolers get a chance to develop their hand-eye coordination as they insert the letters into the self-correcting animal puzzles. They can also take them to their swimming session and have fun with friends.

    3. Toddler Learning Wall Posters

    Whimsical Charts

    With this set, you get phonic basics, a weather chart, shapes, colors, and more. These make an incredible learning experience for toddlers and older kids, whether in a homeschool setting, daycare, or otherwise.

    They’re double-sided to include further information, making it a great bargain. Help prepare your little one for phonics with the uppercase and lowercase alphabet chart with corresponding images.

    Furthermore, you’ll find “my first 100 words” a useful chart. See which ones your kid can identify and take it from there. The learning here is endless!

    4. Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letters

    Fridge Fun

    With 26 interactive magnetic tiles, your little one will probably be spending a lot of time glued to the fridge.

    It comes with a bus and when the letters are pressed on its window, they get to learn about it. If pressed twice, Tad, the bus driver, uses the letter in a word or a sentence.

    Exploring the world of letters will be tons of fun as they play, and sing along to the alphabet song. Designed for ages 2 and up, the tiles are crafted for tiny hands and they’ll help develop motor and coordination skills.

    5. Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo

    Spin and Sing

    This is a good toy that’ll introduce your child to letters A to Z, as well as animal names and sounds. It’s a spinning ball full of plenty of options for learning and has knowledge to share, depending on where it stops.

    It features three modes including letters, music, and animals, all of which are explored by spinning the wheel. This unique toy could easily be turned into a game — enjoy it! Three AA batteries required, but are included.

    6. LeapFrog AlphaPup Toy

    Cute, Lil’ Doggie

    This sweet pull-along pup is designed to introduce your child to the world of letters and familiarize them with words while walking. If your child loves animals, this might become their new prized possession.

    It features interactive letter buttons, floppy ears, and a wagging tail that makes it fun to play with. Designed for kids starting 1 year of age, it’s great for introducing phonics while working on motor skills.

    7. Peaceable Kingdom Alphabet Bingo


    This might make a perfect gift for a socially active kid who loves playing with others. Geared towards ages 4 and up, this bingo game is not only interactive but a great tool for learning.

    It features uppercase letters they’ll learn to recognize, along with object recognition. With six boards, 26 letters, and 72 chips, you can imagine how much fun they’ll have. The family might join in as well.

    8. Teytoy Soft Alphabet Cards

    Soft and Sweet

    Designed with soft but durable cloth, these letters are suitable for the youngest among us. They’re a good way to stimulate your little one’s communication, sensory, and imaginative skills.

    You’ll get a chance to bond with your child as you play together. The cards are filled with material to make them soft with letters on the front, and cute animals on the back.

    You also get a cute storage bag for the letters, and they’re machine washable once they get dirty.

    9. Hide & Seek Pop-Up Letters

    Hide and Seek, Anyone?

    If you’re looking to enhance your preschooler’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills, this toy could be what you’re looking for. With 50 pop-up buttons and colorful flaps, surprises and giggles will abound. It incorporates numbers and shapes as well.

    It’s a great memory game as they have to guess what’s under the flaps. It comes in a sturdy design, so it could be passed down. It’s also portable so taking it to grandma’s over the weekend or on the next road trip is no problem.

    10. Learning Resources Alphabet Soup

    Food Play

    Is it okay to play with food? Definitely! That’s if they’re learning their ABCs with this bowl of alphabet soup.

    Designed for kids over 3 years, you’ll get 28 accessories that include a spoon, a bowl, and 26 colorful letters. Kids will be introduced to color and letter identification and they’ll get to enhance their fine motor skills.

    11. Scribble and Write Tablet

    Amazing Tech Toy

    Learning to write has never been easier. Designed for ages 3 years and above, your child will get to practice uppercase and lowercase letters. Numbers also included.

    It’s engaging, interactive, and reinforces what they learn with fun activities. It’s carefully designed for both left and right-handed children. It comes with an easy-to-grip stylus that encourages proper finger placement, and it’s also portable, too.

    Divided into two levels, level one encourages scribbling while level two aims for accuracy.

    12. Self-Correcting Letter Puzzles

    Interactive Puzzle

    Learning ABCs will be tons of fun with these durable wooden letter pieces. All the parts have a specific match, which means they’ll only fit if matched correctly. This makes it easy for kids to develop a sense of mastery, and they’ll enhance their skills immensely.

    The pieces feature both uppercase and lowercase letters with labeled colorful images. Designed for kids over 4 years, this could make an exceptional gift. Plus, it comes with a wooden storage case.

    13. Smarty Talking Wall Chart

    Smart Learning

    Toddlers and young children will marvel at this creation. Learning letters and numbers might be the easiest thing they do with this chart. It’s an excellent addition to your nursery or even your game room.

    It features nine sing-along songs and beautiful pictures to keep them engaged. It’ll offer intuitive learning and help them develop the skills that’ll prepare them for preschool and beyond.

    14. Just My Style ABC Beads

    Arts and Crafts

    Designed for children 6 years and above, these beads are the most interactive option for reinforcing letter recognition and basic spelling. With over 1000 beads, they can create beautiful jewelry to wear or share. Charms are also included.

    With vibrant colors, they get to mix and match to their liking and create their own designs. The kit also comes with easy-to-understand instructions.

    15. Foam Puzzle Floor Mat

    Floor Fun

    Safety is of high importance for our kids, and this mat makes a safe and comfortable play area. It comes with easy-to-assemble tiles that feature colorful letters and numbers.

    The child can play with the tiles while learning or merely play with other toys on the mat. It’s non-slip, lightweight, and safe to use on any playing surface for your child.

    Ready to Make Your Order?

    These are some of the most intriguing alphabet toys on the market, although the School Zone Preschool Workbook is our favorite. It’s practical and features tons of lessons and activities for your child, helping them prepare for school.

    There are many more toys out there and we hope that this information will enable you to make an informed decision. Why not drop into the comment section and share your thoughts? We always appreciate comments and will get back to you as soon as you do.

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