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Best Alphabet Learning Toys of 2023

Our favorite toys that encourage kids to learn the alphabet.

Kids learn best when education meets fun. But can letter recognition really be exciting for kids?

We’ve spent the past week searching for the best alphabet learning toys. We discovered many great options that are so entertaining your kids won’t even realize they’re learning while they play.

Our list includes the top mom-approved toys, games, and other letter-learning products that are unique, long-lasting, and exciting for kids. And if that’s not enough, they’re incredibly educational and will take your child that much closer to early reading skills.

Read our reviews to find the best alphabet toys for your little learner.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the School Zone - Big Preschool Workbook - 320 Pages, Ages 3 to 5, Colors, Shapes,...
Best Alphabet Learning Book
School Zone Workbook
  • 320 pages
  • Durable glossy cover
  • Innovative learning tools
Product Image of the 100% Non-Toxic Foam Bath Toys - Premium Educational Floating Bathtub Preschool...
Best Alphabet Bath Toy
Educational Bathtub Toys
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Easy to attach
  • Lightweight
Product Image of the Toddler Learning Poster Kit - 10 Large Educational Wall Posters for Preschool...
Whimsical Charts
Toddler Wall Posters
  • Double sided design
  • Fun and educational
  • 120-pound poster paper
Product Image of the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set, Yellow
Best Fridge Magnets
Fridge Magnetic Letters
  • 26 interactive letter tiles
  • Comes with a tile reader
  • Batteries included
Product Image of the LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo for ages 6 months to 36 months, Blue
Musical Learning
Spin & Sing Alphabet Zoo
  • Three ways to play
  • Playful musical responses
  • Animated light-up LED colors
Product Image of the LeapFrog AlphaPup, Green
Best for Movement
LeapFrog AlphaPup Toy
  • Used as pull-along toy
  • Variety of playful songs
  • Interactive and educational
Product Image of the Peaceable Kingdom Alphabet Bingo! Letter Learning Educational Board Game for 2...
Most Interactive
Peaceable Kingdom Bingo
  • Improves concentration skill
  • Fun learning activity
  • Budget-friendly
Product Image of the TEYTOY Baby Toy Zoo Series 26pcs Soft Alphabet Cards with Cloth Bag for Over 0...
Early Learning for Babies
Teytoy Alphabet Cards
  • Bright colors
  • Handcrafted from soft polyester
  • Non-toxic and safe
Product Image of the Battat – Hide & Seek Alphabet Pop-Up – 50 Shapes Colors Letters Numbers –...
Most Portable
Hide & Seek Pop-Up
  • 50 pop-up buttons
  • Built to last
  • Also teaches colors and shapes
Product Image of the Learning Resources Smart Snacks Alpha Pops, 26 Pieces, Age 2+, Toys for...
Uppercase and Lowercase Learning
Learning Resources Alpha Pops
  • Great learning resource
  • Made for small hands
  • Promotes school readiness

The Best Alphabet Learning Toys of 2023

Here are 21 great ABC toys for kids.

1. School Zone Preschool ABC Workbook

Best Alphabet Learning Book

Are you looking for an all-around learning option to support your preschooler’s progress at school? This amazing book incorporates over 300 colorful exercises that’ll make learning exciting. Adventures will unfold as they progress, with plenty to choose from.

The lessons focus on the basics of learning letters, numbers, shapes, colors, phonics, math, and more. It features progressive activities that challenge your preschooler as they learn.

2. Educational Floating Alphabet Bathtub Toys

Best Alphabet Learning Bath Toy

Bathtime can be a fun learning experience with these eco-friendly foam floating toys. They are large, light, and comfortable to use. Your child will easily learn their letters alongside 26 different animals.

Preschoolers get a chance to develop their hand-eye coordination as they insert the letters into the self-correcting animal puzzles. They can also take them to their swimming session and have fun with friends.

3. Toddler Learning Wall Posters

Whimsical Charts

With this set, you get phonics basics, a weather chart, shapes, colors, and more. These make an incredible learning experience for toddlers and older kids, whether in a homeschool setting, day care, or otherwise.

They’re double-sided to include further information, making it a great bargain. Help prepare your little one for phonics with the uppercase and lowercase alphabet chart with corresponding images.

Furthermore, “My First 100 Words” is a useful chart for early language skills. See which ones your kid can identify and take it from there. The learning here is endless!

4. LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letters

Best Fridge Magnets

With 26 interactive magnetic tiles, your little one will probably spend a lot of time glued to the fridge.

This magnetic set comes with a bus, and when your little one presses a letter on the bus window, they get to learn its name and sound. If pressed twice, Tad, the bus driver, uses the letter in a word or a sentence.

Exploring the world of letters will be tons of fun as they play and sing along to the alphabet song. Designed for ages 2 and up, the tiles are crafted for tiny hands and will help develop motor and coordination skills. Choose from a yellow school bus with Tad as the bus driver or a pink bus with Violet.

5. LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo

Best Musical Learning Toy

This is a good toy that’ll introduce your child to all the letters from A to Z. It also teaches animal names and sounds. It’s a spinning ball full of options for learning, depending on where it stops.

It features three modes, including letters, music, and animals, all of which are explored by spinning the wheel. You could easily turn this unique toy into a fun learning game!

6. LeapFrog AlphaPup Toy

Best Toy for Movement

This sweet pull-along pup is designed to introduce your child to the world of letters and familiarize them with words while they practice their new walking skills. If your child loves animals, this might become their new prized possession.

It features interactive letter buttons, floppy ears, and a wagging tail that makes it fun to play with. Choose from a green or purple version. It’s designed for kids from 1 year of age and is great for introducing phonics while working on motor skills. Just ensure children do not play with this near the stairs.

7. Peaceable Kingdom Alphabet Bingo

Most Interactive Alphabet Learning Toy

This interactive alphabet learning toy might make a perfect gift for a socially active kid who loves playing with others. It’s geared toward children ages 4 and up and intended for two to six players. This bingo game is not only interactive but a great tool for learning.

It features uppercase letters and various objects that children will learn to recognize. With six boards, 26 letters, and 72 chips, you can imagine how much fun they’ll have. This is an excellent game for younger kids on family game night!

8. Teytoy Soft Alphabet Cards

Early Learning for Babies

Designed with soft but durable cloth, these letters are suitable for the youngest among us. They’re a good way to stimulate your little one’s communication, sensory, and imaginative skills.

You’ll get a chance to bond with your child as you play together. The cards are filled with material to make them soft, with letters on the front and cute animals on the back.

You also get a cute storage bag for the letters, and they’re machine washable if they get dirty.

9. Hide & Seek Pop-Up Letters

Most Portable Alphabet Learning Toy

If you want to enhance your preschooler’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills, this toy can do the job. With 50 pop-up buttons and colorful flaps, surprises and giggles will abound. It incorporates letters, numbers, and shapes for a rounded learning experience.

It’s a great memory game, as kids have to guess what’s under the flaps. It comes in a sturdy design so that it can be passed down. It’s also portable, so taking it to grandma’s over the weekend or on the next road trip is no problem.

10. Learning Resources Alpha Pops

Uppercase and Lowercase Learning

Is it OK for kids to play with food? Definitely — if they’re learning their ABCs with this alphabet of popsicles!

Designed for kids over 2 years, you’ll get 26 double-sided pops. Teach your little ones to match the uppercase and lowercase letters, and introduce them to color and letter identification. As they get older, you can use these for spelling simple 2-letter words.

They’ll also enhance their fine motor skills as they separate the popsicles, match the cases, and stick them back together.

11. LeapFrog Scribble and Write Tablet

Best Toy for Writing Letters

Learning to write has never been easier. Your child will get to practice writing uppercase and lowercase letters and learn their numbers too.

It’s engaging and interactive and reinforces learning with fun activities. It’s carefully designed for both left-handed and right-handed children. It comes with an easy-to-grip stylus that encourages proper finger placement, and it’s also portable. We often kept this toy in our vehicle for our little ones to use during long drives.

The tablet has two levels. Level one encourages scribbling, while level two aims for accuracy. This toy was designed for ages 3 years and above.

12. Melissa & Doug Self-Correcting Letter Puzzles

Best Alphabet Learning Puzzle

Learning ABCs will be tons of fun with these durable wooden letter pieces. All the parts have a specific match, which means they’ll only fit if matched correctly. This makes it easy for kids to develop a sense of mastery, and they’ll enhance their skills immensely.

The pieces feature both uppercase and lowercase letters with labeled colorful images. This puzzle set, geared toward children ages 4 and up, could make an exceptional gift. Plus, it comes with a wooden storage case.

13. Just Smarty Talking Wall Chart

Smart Learning

Toddlers and young children will marvel at this creation. Learning letters and numbers might be the easiest thing they do with this chart. It’s an excellent addition to your nursery or even your game room.

It features nine sing-along songs and beautiful pictures to keep them engaged. It’ll offer intuitive learning and help them develop the skills to prepare them for preschool and beyond.

14. Just My Style ABC Beads

Best Alphabet Learning Toy for Big Kids

Designed for children 6 years and above, these beads are the most interactive option for reinforcing letter recognition and basic spelling. With over 1,000 vibrant-colored beads and a variety of fun charms, your child can create beautiful jewelry to wear or share.

Your kids can mix and match to their liking and create their own designs. The kit also comes with easy-to-understand instructions.

If you also have little ones at home, make sure they can not get their hands on the beads, as they can become a choking hazard.
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15. ProSource Foam Puzzle Floor Mat

Floor Fun

Safety is of high importance for our kids, and this mat makes a safe and comfortable play area. It comes with easy-to-assemble tiles that feature colorful letters and numbers.

Your child can play with the tiles, rearranging them to learn alphabetical ordering, or play with other toys on the mat. The non-slip tiles are lightweight and safe to use on any playing surface.

How to Choose Alphabet Toys

Children are curious little explorers who learn by doing. Getting the right toy is important because they’ll enhance their skills as they play. While choosing alphabet toys, you first need to consider your child’s age.

Toddlers, preschoolers, and even older kids will have different needs and use different toys. Toddlers may use soft alphabet cards, preschoolers could enjoy basic games or books, and older kids might use puzzles. There are numerous types of alphabet toys out there.

Choose safe materials because children are bound to put these toys in their mouths. BPA-free plastic, wood, and cloth are some of the good ones. They should not pose a choking hazard, so they need to be large enough to be safe (1).

Durability also counts since toddlers and preschoolers might engage in vigorous play. Check if all learning toys, including cloth toys, are washable and whether wooden toys are breakable.

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