How to Find the Best Baby Bibs to Keep Your Little One's Clothes Clean (2018 Reviews)

You’ve dressed your baby up in her cutest clothes, and you’re ready to get some professional photos taken always to remember this special time in your lives.

You’ve made a giant rookie error, though. Without some great baby bibs, that outfit won’t make it to the first flash of the camera. It’ll be stained or sopping wet in record time.

When you’ve finished reading this guide, you’ll be able to choose the bib that works best for your baby with total confidence.

Our Top 5 Picks
ProductBest ForOur Rating
1. Good Baby BandanaBandana Bibs4.8
2. Green Sprouts Stay-DrySpit Up4.55
3. Carter’s UnisexDrooling4.35
4. Luvable FriendsVelcro Strap4.2
5. BabyBjorn SoftToddlers4.0
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Does My Baby Really Need A Bib?

Babies make a mess whether they’re newborns or 6 months old. They frequently spit up or drool. Sometimes babies even make a game out of drooling.

I’d like to tell you children get less messy as they get older, but my son disproves that theory every day. So do yourself a favor – put a bib on your children for as long as they’ll let you. It will save you a lot of aggravation and work in the long run.

In their early years, my children ruined a lot of outfits because I used the wrong bibs. And their timing couldn’t be worse. They always seemed to ruin outfits that were given to them by their grandparents.

Almost every time they wore a grandparent bought outfit, they regurgitated their entire bottle right after their bib with the chintzy Velcro fastener fell off.

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I quickly learned what to look for in a good bib, and I hope that knowledge will save you some aggravation and money.

Helps Prevent Drool Rash

Bibs aren’t only about protecting the clothes – they also protect your baby’s skin. If your baby regularly gets his shirt soaking wet with drool or spit up and you don’t change him into a dry shirt frequently, he can get an irritated rash on his chest where the wet clothes were (source).

Not every baby will get rashes, but sensitive skin is common in babies and staying in wet clothes can trigger a monster of a rash.

My son got regular rashes in his first few weeks of producing large amounts of drool. That was before I wised up and learned that wet shirts rubbing against sensitive baby skin could cause rashes. Like any new mother, when I saw a rash of any kind, I would worry myself sick until it went away.

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The best way to prevent the dreaded drool rash on a baby’s chest is to keep his shirt dry. It’s much easier and more practical to replace bibs than it is to change his entire outfit.

When Do Babies Wear Bibs?

Some people only have their babies wear bibs when they are eating or drinking. Some parents make their babies wear bibs during all their waking hours, especially if they are drool-producing machines.

No one knows your baby better than you do – you’ll be able to make a sound judgment just by gauging how dry his shirts stay when he’s not wearing a bib.

The Best Fabric For Baby Bibs

Instead of trying to take the food or milk stains out of your baby’s clothes, you’ll remove them from your baby’s bibs. Some bibs are easier to clean than others – plastic bibs clean up in mere seconds.

Avoid Plastic Straps

But plastic bibs have straps that can irritate your baby’s neck. That irritation can cause serious rage – if he’s more worried about ripping off his bib than eating, it’s time to find one that works better for him.
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I’ve found it is best to stay away from cheap plastic bibs with the irritating fasteners unless you happen to be serving a very messy meal to your baby. They are okay for occasional use, but it’s not worth fighting an angry baby at every meal just to use an uncomfortable bib. You’ll want your baby’s bibs to be a soft, non-scratchy material.

Things To Consider When Buying Baby Bibs

These are some of the factors you will want to think about before you buy your first set of bibs.

1. Neck Room For Your Baby

  • A good bib should fit closely under your baby’s chin to cover her clothes, but you don’t want it to be too tight.
  • Finding the right fit can be tricky, especially since babies can often have multiple chins from all that adorable baby fat.
  • If your baby’s birth weight was in the double digits, you might want to skip the newborn bibs for something a little bigger to make sure the bib will comfortably fit around his neck.

2. The Size Of The Bib

  • Some bibs are cute and tiny. Other bibs are so big they cover your baby’s entire front torso – it looks like they are wearing armor. In a way, they are.
  • Remember – the bib is the only thing protecting your baby from drool rashes and more costume changes than you’ll see during a Taylor Swift concert. So you want it to be big enough.

3. The Price

  • I know it seems like you constantly need to buy new baby gear or clothes and you are probably having trouble sticking to a budget. But bibs are one of the cheapest things you can buy for your baby. If you can resist the lure of the super cute and more expensive baby bibs out there, you can easily find bibs that only cost $1.
  • Bibs are a good investment when you crunch the numbers. It’s cheaper to buy a few bibs for your baby than it will be to replace the constant parade of outfits that will be destroyed by massive amounts of spit up.
  • Keeping bibs around will also save you from having to wash load after load of laundry just so your baby will have some dry clothes to wear.

4. The Cuteness Factor

  • Even though bibs were invented for a practical reason, that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun and fashionable. Bibs are cheap enough that if you really want the one that says, “I love my mommy,” you should buy it.
  • Go ahead, have some fun with the cute baby fashions out there.

How Many Baby Bibs Do I Need?

Babies go through bibs like crazy. At my house they were like the hot-ticket items for sale on Black Friday — I had trouble keeping them in stock on my shelves. At every feeding, I strapped a bib on my baby. When they are infants, that can be every two or three hours (source).

And when babies start teething, you’ll want to keep extra bibs on hand for that. If you don’t, you’ll be changing outfits at the speed of light. They’ll get soggy in record time and if you let your baby continue wearing them, they’ll get a rash around their neck and chest.

If you’re breastfeeding, the milk will be coming out slower than it would if you were bottle feeding, so you can get by with fewer bibs. If you are formula feeding, the milk flow from bottles is generally faster than it is with breastfeeding. Your baby may have more leak out from its mouth so you’ll need a bib at every feeding.

10 to 20 Works Best

To avoid doing laundry every day or two, you’ll want at least 10 bibs if you are breastfeeding, unless you’re convinced your baby will rarely need them because of your slow milk flow. With formula feeding, I’d recommend having 15 to 20 bibs.

The Best Baby Bib of 2018

There are a lot of bibs out there, but the truth is that not all of them are as absorbent or work as well as others.

These are our top 5 picks for 2018:

1. The Good Baby Bandana Bibs

If you like for your baby to look like a little cowboy while keeping his shirt dry, you’ll want to check out bandana bibs. These bibs are comfortable and stylish enough to be worn all day. They look more like a fashion accessory than a bib, but they are functional and will keep the front of your child’s shirt dry.
Parker Baby Bandana Drool Bibs - 4 Pack Gray Baby Bibs for Boys, Girls, Unisex...

Fans of the bandana bib trend will likely think these bibs are super adorable. They are made out of a soft, organic material that absorbs well. The front part of the bib is made from organic cotton, and the back is made of soft polyester.

These bibs can fit many different sizes of children because they have two nickel-free snaps that fit a range of ages from 3 months up to 2 years old.


  • The nickel-free snaps may be less irritating than Velcro.
  • The fabric is very soft.
  • Super absorbent.

2. Green Sprouts Stay-Dry Infant Bibs

Don’t say you weren’t warned – babies spit up a lot. Sometimes the spit up just seems to keep coming, and other times it’s just enough to make you change their bib. When fighting spit up, you’ll want a bib that is small enough to fit their little necks, but something that is absorbent enough for the times they really let loose.
green sprouts Stay-dry Infant Bibs, 10 Count

These comfortable bibs come in a 10 pack that are priced at just more than $1 a bib. Affordable and made of cotton terry, they will protect your baby’s soft, tender skin from drool rash by absorbing the small rivers of drool that will come from her mouth.

It has an adjustable hook and loop closure that makes it easy and quick to put these bibs on and take them off.

These stay-dry infant bibs are made for babies from 3 months old to 12 months. They have an inner layer that is waterproof and two super absorbent outer layers. They come in a rainbow of fun solid colors.


  • These are machine washable.
  • They use azo-free dyes.
  • Reversible.

3. Carter’s Unisex Teething Bibs

Whether they’re eating, drinking, teething or trying to chatter, babies drool constantly. Just when you think they can’t possibly produce any more drool, a new stream will come out. You’ll want to find the most absorbent bib on the market to combat the drool rash your baby risks getting, especially around teething time when the drool production really ramps up.
Carter's Unisex Baby 3-Pack Teething Bibs - Neutral - One Size

Your baby can cut all the teeth she needs to without fear of drool rash with these absorbent bibs. To avoid the back of the neck irritation that can occur with some bibs, Carter’s teething bibs close at the front side instead of the back.

Made of cotton, these bibs keep clothes dry because of the waterproof lining they use. The fabric is on the front of the bib, which makes them soft for your baby to touch.


  • Parents of heavy droolers should be pleased with how well these keep clothes dry.
  • The simple design makes this bib easy to put on your baby.

4. Luvable Friends Baby Bibs

Bibs don’t have to cost an arm and a leg – there are so many affordable options out there that meet all the needs a parent is looking for in a good overall bib. They must be comfortable and easy to put on, but the fastener must hold tight enough so that your baby can’t rip it off.
Luvable Friends Baby Bibs Value Pack, Navy/Lime, 6 x 7.5, 10 Count (Colors May...

These bibs come in assorted solid colors and can be purchased for approximately $1 a bib, which makes them an excellent choice for parents who are trying to watch their money. Luvable Friends bibs are made with a Velcro fastener, are easy to put on and are made of a soft fabric that won’t have your baby screaming at the top of her lungs while trying to rip off her bib.

These bibs hold up well to repeated uses and trips through the washing machine and dryer. Your baby’s entire torso will be protected with this bib, which parents who are trying to spare their baby’s outfits from being ruined may appreciate.


  • Not backed with irritating plastic.
  • As soft as a washcloth.
  • Generously sized.

5. BabyBjorn Soft Bibs

A bib that protects toddlers isn’t going to be the same design as ones for infants – they have entered the exciting world of people food. If you don’t carefully pick out an adequate bib, that spaghetti you’re serving will go everywhere and it will also ruin your baby’s pants in addition to her shirt.
BABYBJORN Soft Bib, Red/Blue, 2 Pack

These are nothing like the bibs your mother used on you when you were a toddler. They are made of propathene and thermoplastic elastic rubber.

They are more comfortable than the cheap plastic bibs that babies usually find so irritating, but they are not made of a soft fabric. They can go in the dishwasher for clean up.

What sets these bibs apart from the competition is the deep front spill pocket, which catches dropped food. And since toddlers seem to miss their mouths more than they find them, those pockets should get a workout.


  • The deep front pockets will save pants from being stained during meals.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Adjustable neck width.
  • BPA free.

Our Favorite Is…

Considering both function and finances, Luvable Friends bibs come out on top. These bibs are durable, cute, cuddly and large.

New parents can underestimate just how much mess can come out of such a small person. I love that these cover the entire torso because as adorable as children are when they’re hungry they don’t care how much milk or food spills in an attempt to get some in their mouth.

These bibs offer excellent protection – they keep clothes dry and stain free. They are also comfortable enough that your baby won’t try to rip them off.

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