How to Find the Best Burp Cloths to Make Burping Time a Breeze (2018 Reviews)

Your baby is going to burp like a trucker. It’s going to be loud and even messy at times. Sometimes it’s going to feel like the entire bottle she just ate has been regurgitated right on your shoulder.

What can you do to protect your clothes and your baby’s clothes from the mess she’s going to make?

The only barrier between your baby and all those clothes will be the best burp cloths you can find. This guide will help you find burp cloths that will spare your wardrobe.

Our Top 5 Picks
ProductBest ForOur Rating
1. Gerber Baby FlannelValue for Money4.8
2. Gerber Prefold DiapersCloth Diapers4.75
3. Green Sprouts MuslinOrganic4.5
4. Brooklyn BambooPlain4.3
5. Copper PearlLarge4.2
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Is Spit-Up Common in Babies?

If you think you won’t need burp cloths because your baby won’t spit up if you feed her slowly enough, you’ll be playing with some pretty steep odds. Approximately 50 percent of babies spit up on a regular basis (source).

Most other babies spit up occasionally, although it isn’t as frequent as the half who do it consistently. It’s a completely normal part of development.

When babies drink a lot of milk, they need to release that pressure that builds up in their digestive tracks. The best way they can do that is with a burp, but more than just air sometimes comes up in the process.

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Don’t worry if your baby seems to be constantly spitting up. As long as she seems happy, the amount of spit up isn’t too much and she’s gaining weight, she should be just fine (source).

If you think she seems irritated or your doctor isn’t happy with her weight gain, you should mention the spit-up issue at your next doctor’s appointment.

How Many Burp Cloths Do I Need?

One big spit up can soak a burp cloth, so you’ll need multiple ones on hand (source).

I preferred to keep two or three burp cloths in my diaper bag at all times. I hated borrowing them out of there when I needed one at home because there were a couple of times when I did that and forgot to replace them. It’s awful being on a day trip and discovering you forgot all your burp cloths at home.

Life Saver

You don’t want to skimp on burp cloths. They usually don’t cost much, but they can save you a fortune — if your baby’s spit up starts ruining your clothes, you’ll be losing a lot of money.

So count on two to keep solely in your diaper bag. Then factor in about eight at home for a total of 10 burp cloths. If you don’t want to do laundry twice a week, then you’ll want closer to 16 or 18 instead of 10.

When Should I Start Using Burp Cloths?

You should have burp cloths on hand before you bring your baby back from the hospital.

She might not need them immediately. I don’t remember my baby spitting up for the first couple of weeks. But your baby might.

Since I did have burp cloths before my baby was born, from the first moment I had them on my shoulder whenever I burped her. I didn’t know when her spit up would happen — it’s not something you plan for. The best bet is to be vigilant all the time, especially when you’re wearing nice clothes you don’t want destroyed.

Even if your baby doesn’t end up spitting up, burp cloths can be handy to wipe the milk or drool from the corners of your baby’s mouth. Also, if you’re putting your baby to sleep on your shoulder, that burp cloth can help with drool in that situation too.

What Should I Look For in Burp Cloths?

There are a variety of burp cloths out there. They come in different fabrics, shapes and sizes.

To make sure you get a style you’re happy with, consider these factors.

  • Size: Your baby is tiny, but the mess she can make isn’t. Keep that in mind when selecting burp cloths. Spit up is runny so it can travel a long distance before tapering off. Look for longer cloths that will fully cover your shoulder and keep your clothes protected. The bigger the baby, the more spit up — so if you want to keep a small burp cloth for an infant, remember to size up as she grows.
  • What kind of fabric you want: You need to find a fabric that will absorb the spit up, not repel it. Another important consideration is whether there are any allergies in your family. If you have a family history of being allergic to certain fabrics, it would be safe to avoid that kind when looking for a burp cloth in case your baby has inherited that allergy too.
  • How durable they are: You want a thicker, stronger burp cloth that can stand up to repeated washing. Believe me, these things are going to get a workout.
  • Affordability: If you are living paycheck to paycheck, don’t worry. There are some extremely affordable burp cloths out there that you can purchase. If you can afford to spend more, there’s nothing wrong with going for higher-end burp cloths. Just make sure they’re practical as well as pretty.
  • Do you want ones with all the bells and whistles: If you are a sharp dresser who spends a lot of money on her clothes and her baby’s clothes, you might want to get burp cloths that have more built-in protection. Some burp cloths have pockets or pouches built in to protect your shirt even more from spit up.

The Best Burp Cloths of 2018

Now that you know about the benefits of burp cloths, how many you’ll need, how to use then, and exactly what to look for —

Here are our top 5 picks in 2018:

1. Green Sprouts Muslin

Your baby will have close, repeated contact with the burp cloths you use. If you’re concerned about what kind of materials or chemicals you could potentially be putting up to your baby’s face, you might want to consider organic burp cloths instead. That may give you peace of mind, which is important for moms who second-guess every decision they make.
green sprouts Muslin Burp Cloths made from Organic Cotton,White Set

These burp cloths are made from organic cotton and they come in a set of three. The length is enough that you should be able to protect a large portion of your clothes. They measure 11 inches by 22 inches long.

It’ll be a good choice for parents who are worried about their baby being exposed to fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Plus, these burp cloths are hypoallergenic and will feel soft on your baby’s skin.

These burp cloths use four layers and they are good at absorbing all the spit up your baby can throw at you.


  • You’ll get your choice of a variety of colors, including basic white.
  • These seem to get softer with every wash.
  • They curve to fit well around your neck and shoulders.

2. Gerber Prefold Gauze Diaper

Best Cloth Diaper Burp Cloths

Cloth diapers that fold flat are a good multi-purpose item to have around because they’re good for more than just diapering. They can be used as burp cloths, for nursing and even as a light small blanket for a baby to snuggle while she tries to go to sleep on a warm summer’s day.
Gerber Prefold Gauze Diaper, White, 5 Count

These gauze diapers might be one of the most versatile products you could buy for your baby.

In addition to being used as a cloth diaper and a burp cloth, these can also be used to protect your lap against leaks, as a cleaning cloth once your baby outgrows them and a changing pad.

You’ll get five burp cloths per pack. They are thicker in the middle section, and the dimensions are 11.5 inch by 16 inch.


  • These are larger than many other burp cloths you’ll find.
  • The fabric won’t pill up as much as some other kinds do.
  • They can be used for other purposes.

3. Gerber Baby Girl Flannel

Don’t let the word cheap fool you. Just because a burp cloth is cheap doesn’t mean it won’t be a good choice for you and your baby. Sometimes the most affordable options are the ones that work best. So if your bank account is suffering from buying all the baby gear you need, don’t worry about skimping when it comes to burp cloths.
Gerber Baby 4 Pack Flannel Burp Cloth, Elephants/Flowers, One Size

They’re big enough to cover your whole shoulder so none of your clothes should fall victim to a spit up incident.

These burp cloths come four in a pack, making them a good bargain for people who are watching their money.

You can get them in a variety of patterns, and each set comes with a different theme, like elephants and flowers in one theme.

They’re made out of cotton, which means your baby likely won’t have irritation from using them.

The edges of these burp cloths are finished so they shouldn’t fray, even after repeated washings.


  • These are durable burp cloths.
  • They have cute patterns.
  • These will absorb a lot of spit up.

4. Copper Pearl Baby

The more area you can cover on your shirt with a burp cloth, the better chance you have when it comes to dodging the mess. Large burp cloths can come in handy, not just when you are burping your baby, but when other people do as well. I always felt bad when my baby bombed some unsuspecting relative with her spit up.
Baby Burp Cloth Large 21''x10'' Size Premium Absorbent Triple Layer 3 Pack Gift...

These burp cloths are made from 100 percent cotton on the front and back. That means they’ll be soft on your baby’s face and unlikely to irritate her precious, delicate skin. Because they are triple layer and they include a middle layer of fleece, they’ll absorb a lot of spit up.

The burp cloths come in a three-pack and they are large, measuring 21 inches by 10 inches. That’ll be big enough to cover your entire shoulder.

These reversible burp cloths can be used to go with any outfit. They have one side that is patterned and contains different colors. But the other side is plain white.


  • These burp cloths are cute.
  • They hold up well, wash after wash.
  • They are big and absorbent enough to handle babies who spit up a lot.

5. Brooklyn Bambo

Plain burp cloths don’t look as fancy as some of the colored, patterned ones do, but they get the job done. And the best part is that you never have to worry about a plain burp cloth clashing with your outfit. They always go with everything you’re wearing.
Brooklyn Bamboo | Baby Burp Cloths | Extremely Soft, Organic Bamboo &...

These white burp cloths are made from organic bamboo, which is a hypoallergenic fabric in case you’re worried your baby will have allergies or sensitive skin. These burp cloths are especially nice for babies who suffer from eczema.

They are soft so your baby will feel comfortable laying her face on them when you’re trying to burp her or put her to sleep.

Since they’re white, they’ll work for either gender.

You’ll get three burp cloths with this package, and they are sizable enough to protect your shirt. They are 11.2 inches by 23.6 inches.


  • These don’t contain chemicals.
  • Big enough for a lot of coverage.
  • Great for sensitive skin.

And The Winner Is…

The Gerber flannel burp cloths get my vote for the best burp cloths.

These have the big size that you’ll need to protect your clothes and a smaller-sized price so your wallet won’t feel the sting.

The patterns are cute and colorful and the cotton material they use won’t irritate your baby.

They are absorbent enough to handle babies who seem to have a lot of spit up. Before long, you’ll be great at handling your baby’s spit up. And just when you get used to it, your baby will outgrow that phase.

In the meantime, you might want to start changing into some older clothes when you get home from work, just to be on the safe side!

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