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Best Way to Organize Baby Clothes

Medically Reviewed by Katelyn Holt RN, BSN, BC
Don't let your baby's clothes take over your home.

You’ve decorated the nursery, and you’ve had the baby shower — now, how are you going to organize all those adorable outfits? Your baby probably already has more clothing items than you do. So, where are you going to put them?

It’s hard to believe that tiny items can take up so much space, but somehow they do. Your baby’s nursery can become overrun with onesies in a hurry if you don’t figure out your organization plan.

We’ve put together 21 tips to help you with organizing those baby clothes.

In a Dresser

If your nursery furniture includes a dresser, these organization tips may be of use to you. No matter the size of the furniture, it can be “hacked” for storing baby clothes.

1. Ornament Boxes

Baby apparel often comes in sets, such as matching bottoms and tops. But when all the clothes are just tossed in a large dresser drawer, it can be hard to get an outfit together.

You can solve the problem of endless searching for a matching set by utilizing a few ornament boxes! These boxes already come with little squared-off sections. Do you know what fits perfectly in those boxes?

You guessed it! A matching set of baby clothes.

2. Baskets

Babies require so many little clothing items to make it through the day. They have socks, bibs, hats, and even mittens. Not to mention all the blankets and towels they have as well.

A big drawer can swallow up all those tiny items. Keep them separated by organizing them into baskets. Plus, since baskets come in all shapes and sizes, it isn’t difficult to find the perfect receptacle for each type of clothing item.

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3. Chalkboard Paint

You’ll never have to wonder what’s in those drawers, with a dresser like this one. It’s a great way to makeover a dresser that has seen better days. Plus, when your baby gets older, you can let them decorate it themselves with colored chalk.

If you don’t want to write the drawers’ names, you could draw symbols or pictures instead. You can find chalkboard paint on Amazon, at most home improvement stores, or craft shops.

4. Dividers

If you can’t find baskets or boxes that will fit in your dresser drawers, it may be better to just DIY. These dividers were created with cardboard and contact paper! Such a simple craft, but it can make a huge difference in your clothing organization.

Cardboard can be nabbed from any box. Plus, you can find the contact paper in just about any pattern you desire.

5. Freezer Bags

Organize out-of-season clothes or items that are still too big into plastic baskets. They can be purchased online or at a dollar store, and you can use command hooks to hang them easily.

When your baby is small, you can fill them with pairs of socks, onesies, and sleepers. Then, as he or she grows, you can transition into swimming suits, hair accessories, and even hats.

6. Closet Dividers

People love buying baby clothes. So chances are, you’ll be receiving a lot of little outfits during your pregnancy and after the baby is born. Savvy baby shoppers will buy various sizes to keep your baby looking cute at any age.

The problem comes when you shove all the outfits in the closet without proper organization. You can easily forget what sizes you have. That’s why these plastic laundry baskets will keep your dirty baby clothes contained. It will also make it easy to grab a basket and head to the washing machine.

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7. Clothespins

Like we mentioned above, keeping all those tops and bottoms together can be a real chore. So, if you aren’t using a dresser to keep the outfits sorted, consider using the closet. Using a couple of slender bookshelves is also a great way to give yourself ample storage space.

The bookshelf can hold little shoes or even baskets full of onesies and sleepers. Then the multiple hanging rods will be able to handle the rest of the clothes.

8. Door Shelves

When you have a small house or a small room, you don’t let any available storage real estate go to waste. These track-mounted storage baskets are a great way to utilize the otherwise empty closet door.

You can store your out-of-season clothes here. Plus, they’re great for stashing extra diapers. They would be easy to customize or decorate with Shower curtain hooks make it easy to hang all types of baby items. They can be used to hang all those tiny shoes and bibs. You could even thread-thin baby blankets through them.

While the ones in the photo are standard, shower curtain hooks come in many different decorative styles. You can likely find ones in the style of your nursery.

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On the Wall

Closets and dressers aren’t the only places you can store your baby’s clothes. These organizational hacks think outside the box!

1. Shelves

Create a little extra hanging space with a pretty shelf or two. By adding a dowel to a wall shelf, you can create a mini closet that can be hung up anywhere you have space. Plus, they can easily be painted to match your nursery decor.

This setup will probably work best while the clothing sizes are still small. Later on, you can switch the dowel to pegs for hanging hoodies or jackets.

2. Shoe Organizer

This one is actually on the door instead of the wall, but we think it still counts. Using a hanging shoe organizer is an excellent way to store clothing items while taking up a minimal amount of space.

You could easily coordinate these outfits by days of the week or month. Have fun with it and create a color pattern, then your clothing storage doubles as decor! You could make a rainbow or represent the colors of your favorite sports team.

3. More Clothespins

Little girls need to have their hair accessories! However, when your princess is just a few months old, she probably won’t have much hair to accessorize. That is why headbands make the perfect accessory.

It’s easy to find a headband to match almost any outfit, but finding a place to store them all can be an issue. Storage won’t be a problem for you; however, when you make this handy clothespin hack — see how versatile clothespins can be? Make it even more fun by painting the clothespins a bright color.

4. Wire Baskets

Using baskets as organization tools is a no-brainer, but mounting them on the wall is a novel idea. These wire baskets add a touch of whimsy and a vintage feel to the nursery. Adding the baby’s name with the wooden blocks really creates a mood.

These baskets are a great place to store pajamas or diapers. Plus, the added pop of color from the clothing can double as decor.

On the Floor

Cribs don’t take up much floor space. That’s a good thing, though. It leaves more room for clothing storage units.

1. Rolling Cart

A metal rolling cart can be used for so many things. You can use it as a bar cart or as a place to store your crafts. The best thing of all, however, may be using it to store all your little one’s shoes, baby blankets, and onesies!

You can purchase a metal rolling cart in several different colors from IKEA. There are other choices out there as well. If you can’t find a color you like, spray paint should take care of that.

2. Bookshelf

When you don’t have a closet to store your baby’s clothes, you make one. Nothing can hold you back from getting your nursery organized. Hacking a bookshelf into a closet is genius if you ask me!

Finding a bookshelf to hack should be easy. Head to your nearest IKEA, order one online, or do a little weekend yard sale shopping. They’re easy to paint to match your nursery color scheme, too.

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3. Toy Bins

A set of plastic toy bins makes a good place to organize baby clothes. The bins can easily be labeled, and they can hold several items. Plus, when your child gets a little bigger, they can be switched to holding their toys.

IKEA makes a decent-sized toy bin shelf that has primary colored bins. However, you can find a similar version online.

4. Under the Crib

Underneath the crib is quite a bit of space that can be used to store clothing. If you’re handy, you can create a custom drawer to fit perfectly under your baby’s crib. You can find plastic bins or cardboard boxes that would fit those that aren’t talented with power tools.

When your child gets a little older and transitions to a “big” bed, why not look for one with built-in drawers? IKEA also makes a few under-bed drawers for various sized beds, and you can find some options online elsewhere too.

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