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20 Best Baby Bows, Headbands, and Hair Clips of 2024

Cute and adorable hair accessories for your baby or toddler.

With thousands of baby hair accessories on the market, shopping can be overwhelming.

But we’ve got you covered! Our team of moms has scoured the internet, reading thousands of reviews and testing a wide range of sweet, simple, stylish, and stand-out accessories.

We’ve created this list of all the best baby bows, hair clips, and headbands — for every occasion.

These sweet adornments won’t fall apart, fall out, or damage your baby’s precious locks. They’re affordable and adorable, and they’ll outlast the days of your little one’s fine, wispy hair and carry on into the toddler years.

Best Baby Hair Bows, Clips & Headbands of 2024

The hair bow is a classic that never goes out of style. They are versatile, with multiple materials and shapes to match your baby’s cutest outfits. There are countless hair bow options on the market, but these are the best we’ve found for quality, durability, and price.

Two-inch Tiny Hair Bow

Best Basic Baby Hair Bow

These tiny hair bows were designed with babies in mind and are made of high-quality grosgrain ribbon. Each 2-inch bow is securely attached to a non-slip, fully lined alligator clip, which means your baby’s fine hair is protected from damage. We also love the color selection!

If you are looking for a basic hair bow you can use in many situations, this is a great choice.

User Experience

Best purchase for my little one's hairstyles, these bows come in every color imaginable, making them a perfect match for any outfit. I was amazed by their non-slip feature, as they stayed in my 4-month-old's hair all day without needing adjustments. After using them for a year, they proved to be durable - even after washing the lighter-colored bows multiple times, they remained intact and clean.

Shemay Tiny Hair Bows

Best Understated Baby Hair Bow

If large bows aren’t your style, these itty bitty bows are a great option. The bow is flat and made of grosgrain ribbon. With 40 in the pack, you can enjoy multiple bright colors to match all your baby’s outfits.

The clip is fully lined and has a non-slip patch to grip your baby’s hair without ripping, catching, or tearing.

Personal Perspective

I recently purchased these adorable hair clips for my little one, and I've been pretty satisfied with them so far. They come in a variety of vibrant colors, making it easy to find a match for any outfit. However, I did notice that they tend to slide out of my baby's fine hair, and sometimes her hair gets caught in the spring part. Despite these minor setbacks, the clips are sturdy and have held up well, even when my daughter tries to remove them herself.

Three-inch Ribbon Hair Bow

Best Pinwheel Baby Hair Bow

Pinwheel bows are full and voluminous, and this set comes in over 20 different bright colors! We especially like that they are heat sealed to prevent fraying and starched to keep their shape. You never know when a baby disaster might happen, and these bows will last.

The 3-inch ribbons are fastened to an alligator clip that keeps them secure in your baby’s fine hair.

Community Feedback

From personal experience, these hair bows are not only adorable but also hold up well in my 8-month-old's hair. They come in a variety of vibrant colors, making them perfect for matching any outfit. The size is just right for both children and fun-loving adults. However, while the alligator clips are sturdy and don't hurt or pull, some bows may start falling apart after a short time.

Glitter Hair Bows

Best Sparkly Baby Hair Bow

Nothing will dress up your little one like a sparkly hair bow. These hair bows are made of soft glittery fabric. Each pack comes with clips in 20 different colors.

Dress up any outfit with these shimmery bows. They are perfect for any little diva as they always make a fun statement.

First-Hand Impression

These glittery hair bows are visually appealing and come with heavy-duty alligator clips, making them suitable for straight, thin hair as they stay in place. However, they are sold as singles rather than pairs, which may require purchasing two packs for matching pigtails. The bows are cute and sparkly, but some users mentioned they are smaller than expected and can sometimes get caught in hair when removed. Additionally, the bows may not be perfectly aligned when clipped, causing one side to sit higher than the other.

Colorful Polka Dot Print Hair Bows

Polka Dot Baby Hair Bow

Polka dots embody youth and joy! These bows are 3 inches wide, and they come in 20 bright colors. You can also choose from multiple polka dot colors or stick with the classic white.

The bows are attached to alligator clips, but the clips don’t have teeth. This means they won’t catch on hair.

We love that these come with a bow holder. Hang it in your bathroom, and you’ll always be able to find your clips.

User Experience

Got these adorable bows for my daughter and they instantly became a favorite accessory. They are perfect for her fine hair and don't slip off easily, adding a touch of cuteness to her outfits. The variety of colors is a nice bonus, making it easy to match with different clothing. The included ribbon bow-holder is a great addition to the set, providing a convenient way to store and display the bows.

Yazon Leather Hair Bows

Best Leather Baby Hair Bow

Leather is luxurious, and these cute faux leather hair bows come with alligator clip fasteners. The design is a double-layer classic bow, and this set of 20 clips comes with 10 sets in different colors.

Because the clips aren’t lined, you’ll have to be careful when removing them from your baby’s fine hair.

Personal Perspective

My experience with these bows has been quite delightful, as they add an adorable touch to my daughter's and puppy's appearances. The variety of colors and sizes cater to different preferences, but I did wish for more color options and the ability to select specific colors. The quality of these bows is impressive, and they're comfortable for my daughter to wear. Many people have complimented her when she sports them, and they're easy to remove without causing any discomfort.

Headbands are an excellent accessory for babies because they are comfortable and don’t risk damaging hair. They also work great to hold stray locks out of your little one’s face.

These are our favorite baby headbands.

Baby Girl Floral Headbands

Best Flower Baby Headband

We think these flower headbands are the prettiest out of all the options we tried. Each pack comes with three unique fresh floral designs. When you see them, you’ll think you’ve gotten a bouquet.

The soft flowers are securely attached to a soft and stretchy nylon headband. They make a great baby shower gift for new moms.

Community Feedback

My experience with these flower headbands has been a mix of positives and negatives. On one hand, they're adorable and well-made, with soft, stretchy headbands that seem comfortable for babies to wear. However, the flowers can appear smushed and cheap-looking, requiring some effort to fluff them up or trim excess plastic leaves for a better appearance. They worked well for a photo shoot and fit various head sizes, but I wouldn't leave them on a baby unsupervised due to potential choking hazards.

Newborn Bow and Ribbon Headband

Best Tiny Bow Baby Headband

These simple headbands have a thin elastic band and a tiny 2-inch hair bow in a coordinating color. Each package includes 20 headbands in different colors. The sweet little bows are made from grosgrain ribbon.

One thing we like about these headbands is that they don’t leave marks on your baby’s head when you take them off.

First-Hand Impression

In my experience, these headbands are a great find for my little one. They come in a variety of beautiful colors, and the size is perfect for my 2-month-old without being too tight or leaving marks on her head. The bows are on the smaller side, which I find suitable for a newborn, but some may prefer larger bows as the baby grows. The only downside is that the glue used to secure the bows is somewhat noticeable, but overall, I am pleased with this inexpensive purchase.

Turban Knotted Baby Headband

Best Knotted Headband

Knotted headbands are simple and sophisticated. You can use them with dressy and casual outfits.

This headband is thick and plush, made of a cotton, spandex, and polyester blend that offers the perfect amount of stretch and won’t irritate your little one’s head.

They are easy to place on your baby’s head, and the stretchy design makes for a fit that lasts for months, even while your baby’s tiny head is growing rapidly. The package contains eight bold-colored headbands.

User Experience

Definitely a must-have for my daughter, these headbands are easy to put on and stay in place without leaving marks on her head. The color variety goes well with almost every outfit, and I've received numerous compliments on them. Although I had to wash them twice to get rid of a chemical smell initially, the quality and comfort of these headbands make them a great value for the price.

Quest Sweet Patterned Headband

Best Patterned Baby Headband

With bright floral patterns, these headbands take the traditional knotted design and step it up a notch. They are made of elastic synthetic cotton and stretch to fit little noggins up to 14 inches in circumference.

These are a good choice if you are looking for a bold piece. We also like that you get six different patterns in each pack.

These headbands may not match every outfit, but you’re sure to create some winning combos, and they always get lots of comments in the wild.

Personal Perspective

When I first got these headbands for my 2 and a half year old daughter, I was immediately impressed by their vibrant colors and stretchy material. They are incredibly versatile and can be paired with a variety of outfits, making them perfect for toddlers and young girls. The bunny ears are a separate piece that can be removed and re-tied, which adds a touch of customization. Although they may not fit everyone comfortably, these headbands have proven to be a stylish and durable accessory for my daughter.

Danmy Cotton Lace Toddler Headband

Best Lace Baby Headband

Are you looking for a dainty, beautiful headband for your little princess? This lace petal option is our top pick! With its gold sheen and tiny gems in the lace pattern, your little one will be turning heads.

The lace is made from 100% cotton and has a stretchy band across the back.

The only downside is that you’ll have to keep a close eye on your little one when they wear this band. The gems are securely attached, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still pose a choking risk.

Community Feedback

If you're looking for a cute and comfortable headband for your little one, this product is quite suitable. I found the headband to be soft and gentle on my 11-month-old's head, fitting her perfectly. Although I would have preferred rhinestones on each center, the overall design is still beautiful and versatile enough to match various outfits. However, the durability of this headband could be improved, as I experienced a few issues with the stones falling off and the band snapping. Despite these minor setbacks, the headband was a favorite amongst my child, who wore it longer than any other headband she's had in the past six months.

Chiffon Lace Flower Headband

Best Large Flower Baby Headband

Large and poofy flower headbands have been popular for years. And this sweet accessory combines a fluffy chiffon flower with a lace headband. Each flower is 4.5 inches and has multiple layers to make it super durable.

These headbands are good for special occasions, such as baptisms, weddings, or milestone photoshoots.

First-Hand Impression

When I first tried these flower bows on my newborn, I was impressed by their beauty and fit. They were comfortable and didn't leave any indentations on her head, even after months of use. However, I did notice that one of the bows started to unravel after multiple uses, though I suspect that might be due to my other children playing with them. My only minor complaint is the lack of color variety, but overall, these bows are a great addition to my little one's wardrobe.

Warm Knit Headband

Best Knit Headband

Headbands don’t just have to be a fashion statement. They can also keep your baby warm during the colder months.

These headbands are made of fine woolen yarn and are super soft and stretchy. With a large button in the front and multiple color options, your baby can stay warm and extra cute during cold-day outings.

User Experience

I'm absolutely delighted with these adorable and super soft ear warmers, which have been perfect for my baby during the fall and winter months in Indiana. They're not only cute but also keep the cold wind out of my little one's ears. However, I do wish they had a bit more stretch, as my baby has a larger head size and I'm concerned they might not fit by the end of winter.

Hair clips are all about personal style choices. Choose multiple designs, colors, shapes, and more. With hair clips, the only limit is your imagination. These are our top picks.

Crown Flower Hair Clips

Best Flower Hair Clips

We think these are the most unique and well-made of all the flower hair clips we’ve tested. The intricate floral combination creates a full and cute design on each barrette. Each clip is about 5 inches long and 1 inch wide.

The flowers are securely attached to an alligator clip to prevent hair tugging and pulling.

Personal Perspective

My experience with these floral clips has been fantastic, as they are not only beautifully crafted but also versatile for all ages. Each clip showcases a unique design and the quality is outstanding, making them perfect for special occasions or everyday use. I've received numerous compliments when wearing them and my granddaughters adore them during our tea parties, making these clips a delightful addition to our shared memories.

100-Piece No Slip Metal Hair Clips

Best Basic Hair Clip

If you can’t get enough of those sweet little hair clips, this gigantic and affordable pack comes with 100 basic snap clips. You get 50 pairs in a rainbow of colors, including a few fun patterns.

Each clip is 2 inches long and made of durable metal, thick paint, and an easy-to-snap design. We love these for clipping our little one’s bangs out of her eyes as they grow out.

Community Feedback

I'm impressed with these hair clips as they're perfect for various hair types and activities. They hold well in both thick and fine hair, adding a pop of color and fun designs. These clips are not only great for kids, but also for adults, making them versatile and useful for everyone in the family.

Animal Ribbon Hair Barrettes

Best Animal Hair Clips

Adorable ribbon animals make these hair clips stand out. This pack includes 24 animal designs made of grosgrain ribbon.

The set includes ladybugs, bees, turtles, elephants, and much more. You even get a few symbols and shapes, like a heart or snowman. With these clips, you can celebrate many different occasions.

Each design is handcrafted and comes on a partially-lined alligator clip.

First-Hand Impression

Great addition to my girls' hair accessory collection, these adorable hair clips have quickly become their everyday favorites. However, I've noticed that after a few wears, some of them started coming unglued, and even an eye fell off one of them. Despite these minor issues, my daughter loves wearing them and they are the only clips she keeps in her hair. The variety of animals is a nice touch, but I wish there was more consistency in the assortment.

Mini Flower Claw Clips

Best Claw Hair Clip

A claw clip uses interlocking teeth to keep hair in place. These cute little flowers are a good choice for when your baby gets a little older and has a bit more hair.

Each flower clip is approximately half an inch wide, and you get 60 clips in 15 different colors.

User Experience

Great product for both kids and adults with fine hair! As an adult with fine hair, these clips hold my bangs back without slipping. My nieces loved the variety of colors and found them very cute. They're perfect for a baby's first hair accessories, as they work well with short, fine hair and stay in place. However, be cautious with younger children who may still put small objects in their mouths, as these clips are the size of an adult pinkie nail and could pose a choking hazard.

Glitter Rhinestone Hair Bow Clip

Best Rhinestone Hair Clip

Go big and beautiful with these 6-inch rhinestone bows. Each grosgrain ribbon bow is studded with rhinestones, making it a good hair accessory for photographs.

You’ll get 16 bows in 16 different colors. The 2-prong alligator clip means you can easily attach this barrette onto a ponytail as your little one’s hair grows longer.

Personal Perspective

My experience with these hair bows has been mostly positive, as they come in a variety of beautiful colors and are well-priced. I did have to fluff them up a bit upon arrival, and some of the small rhinestones fell off, but it wasn't too noticeable. They were bigger than expected, fitting well on my 5-year-old and 10-year-old, but may be too large for a child under 3.

Best Butterfly Hair Clips

Best Rosette Hair Clips

Butterflies are one of the most popular shapes for hair clips, and this set from Elesa Miracle is any little girl’s dream. The pack of six includes three feminine and sparkly colors featuring pearl accents.

They even come packaged in a special gift box, making this the perfect gift for baby showers and birthdays.

Community Feedback

Great quality and adorable design, these hair clips have become a favorite accessory for my daughter. They feature strong alligator teeth, which helps them stay in place even in thick, coarse hair. The butterfly clips are exactly as shown in the pictures and come in a beautiful pink gift box, adding a touch of elegance to the overall presentation. I appreciate the versatility of these clips, as they can be used for quick updos or to hold more intricate hairstyles like box braids or pigtails. Despite regular use over several months, these clips have held up remarkably well, proving their durability.

Chiffon Flower Hair Bows

Best Rosette Hair Clips

The rosette flower design is one of the most popular for providing a bold look. Layers of chiffon help each 2-inch flower stay big and poofy for your baby’s special moment.

This set includes 20 pairs of hair clips, each in a different color.

First-Hand Impression

I've recently purchased these hair clips for my young kids, and they absolutely love them! The size is perfect and the designs are adorable, making them a great addition to any hairstyle. We did encounter a minor issue with a couple of the clips being glued shut, but a quick fix with a butter knife solved the problem.


When Can Newborns Start Wearing Headbands?

Newborns can start wearing headbands right away, but make sure they’re soft, stretchy, and not too tight to ensure comfort and safety.

Are Headband Bows Safe for Babies?

Yes, headband bows are safe as long as they’re not too tight and are removed during naps and bedtime to avoid any risk.

What Is the Best Material for Baby Headband Bows?

Soft, stretchy materials like cotton or jersey knit are the best for baby headband bows. They provide comfort and reduce the risk of leaving marks on your baby’s head.

Can a Headband Hurt a Baby’s Soft Spot?

A headband should not hurt a baby’s soft spot if it’s properly sized and made of soft, gentle material. Always ensure it’s not too tight.

Are You Supposed to Wash Baby Headbands?

Yes, it’s a good idea to wash baby headbands regularly, especially after heavy use or if they get dirty, to maintain hygiene.

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