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Best Baby Hair Accessories of 2022

Cute and adorable hair accessories for your baby or toddler.

Could your baby get any cuter? It may seem impossible, but a few well-placed accessories can definitely amp up the “aww” factor.

Whether you are preparing your little one for milestone photos or just want to have fun playing dress-up, there is nothing more precious than bows, headbands, and hair clips.

We’ve gathered a fairly epic list of the best baby hair clips, bows, and headbands.

Best Baby Hair Bows of 2022

A bow is a classic and never goes out of style. They are also versatile, with multiple materials and bow shapes to match your baby’s cutest outfits.

1. 2 Inch Tiny Hair Bow

Best Basic Baby Hair Bow

These tiny hair bows were designed with babies in mind and are made of high-quality grosgrain ribbon. Each two-inch bow is securely attached to a non-slip fully lined alligator clip, which means your baby’s fine hair is protected. We also love the color selection!

If you are looking for a basic hair bow you can use in many situations, this is a great choice.

2. Shemay Tiny Hair Bows

Best Understated Baby Hair Bow

If large bows aren’t your style, these itty bitty bows are a great option. The bow is flat and made of grosgrain ribbon. Get them in a pack of forty and enjoy multiple bright colors that will go with any of your baby’s outfits.

The clip is fully lined and comes with a non-slip patch to hold onto your baby’s hair without ripping, catching, or tearing.

3. 3 Inch Ribbon Hair Bow

Best Pinwheel Baby Hair Bow

Pinwheel bows are full and voluminous and this set comes in over 20 different bright colors! We especially like that they are heat sealed to prevent fraying and starched to keep their shape. You never know when a baby disaster might happen and these bows should last.

The three-inch ribbons come with an alligator clip.

4. 2.8 Inch Glitter Hair Bows

Best Sparkly Baby Hair Bow

Nothing will dress up your little one like a sparkly hair bow. These hair bows are made of soft fabric and are completely covered in shiny glitters. Each pack comes in 20 different colors.

At five inches, these bows are a bit bigger, but they will definitely make a fun statement.

5. Colorful Polka Dot Print Hair Bows

Polka Dot Baby Hair Bow

Polka dots embody youth and joy! Each of these bows is three inches and they come in 20 bright colors. You can also choose from multiple polka dot colors or stick with the classic white.

The bows are attached to alligator clips, but the clips don’t have teeth. This means they won’t catch on hair.

6. Yazon Leather Hair Bows

Best Leather Baby Hair Bow

Leather is a bit luxurious and these cute hair bows are made of faux leather attached to alligator clips. The design is a double layer classic bow and you can pick from twelve elegant color options.

Because the clips aren’t lined, be careful removing them from fine hair.

Best Baby Headbands of 2022

Headbands are a great accessory for babies because they are comfortable and don’t run the risk of hurting your baby’s hair.

7. Baby Girl Floral Headbands

Best Flower Baby Headband

We think these flower headbands are the prettiest ones out there. Each pack comes with three different fresh floral designs and when you see them, you’ll think you’ve gotten a bouquet.

The soft flowers are securely attached to a stretchy nylon headband. They make a great baby shower gift for new moms.

8. Newborn Bow & Ribbon Headband

Best Tiny Bow Baby Headband

These simple headbands have a thin elastic band and a tiny two-inch hair bow in a coordinating color. In a single package, you get 20 headbands in different colors. Each bow is made from grosgrain ribbon.

One thing we like about these headbands: They won’t leave a mark on your baby’s head when you take them off.

9. Turban Knotted Baby Headband

Best Knotted Headband

The knotted style is popular for baby headbands. It looks like the fabric is tied around your cute baby’s head. This headband is thick and plush, made of cotton, spandex, and polyester.

Because it is stretchy, it is easy to place on your baby’s head and features a cute knotted bow. Each package comes with eight headbands, each in a fashionable color, including peach, teal, and plum.

10. Quest Sweet Patterned Headband

Best Patterned Baby Headband

With bright floral patterns, these headbands take the regular knotted design and step it up a notch. They are made of elastic synthetic cotton and stretch to fit little noggins up to 14 inches in circumference.

If you are looking for a bold piece, these are a good choice. We also like you get six different patterns in each pack.

11. Danmy Cotton Lace Toddler Headband

Best Lace Baby Headband

Are you looking for a dainty, beautiful headband for your little princess? This lace petal option is our top pick! It has a gold sheen and small gems in the lace pattern.

The lace is made from 100 percent cotton and has a stretch band in the back so it fits. The best part? You also get two other floral designs in the pack along with the lace option.

12. Chiffon Lace Flower Headband

Best Large Flower Baby Headband

Large and poofy flower headbands are popular for a reason and this headband combines a fluffy chiffon flower with a lace headband. Each flower is 4.5 inches and has multiple layers so it is super durable.

These headbands are a good choice for special occasions, such as baptisms, weddings, or milestone photoshoots.

13. Warm Crochet Knit Headband

Best Knit Headband

Headbands don’t just have to be a fashion statement. They can also keep your baby warm during the colder months.

These headbands are made of fine woolen yarn and are super soft and stretchy. With a large button in the front and multiple color options, your baby can stay warm and extra cute during cold-day outings.

Best Baby Hair Clips of 2022

Hair clips are all about personal style choices. Choose multiple designs, colors, shapes, and more. With hair clips, the only limit is your imagination.

14. 5pcs Floral Hair Clips

Best Flower Hair Clips

Out of all the flower hair clips available, we think these are the most unique and well-made. The intricately made floral design creates a full and cute design on each barrette. Each clip is about five inches long and an inch wide.

The flowers are attached to an alligator clip to prevent hair tugging and pulling.

15. 100 Piece No Slip Metal Hair Clips

Best Basic Hair Clip

If you can’t get enough of hair clips, this gigantic and affordable pack comes with 100 basic hair clips with 50 pairs. You get an entire rainbow of colors, including a few fun patterns.

Each clip is two inches long and made of durable metal, thick paint, and an easy-to-snap design.

16. Animal Ribbon Hair Barrettes

Best Animal Hair Clips

Adorable ribbon animals make these hair clips stand out. This pack includes 24 separate animal designs made of grosgrain ribbon.

Designs include a ladybug, bee, turtle, elephant, and much more. You even get a few symbols and shapes, like a heart or snowman. With these clips, you can celebrate many different occasions.

Each hair clip is handcrafted and comes on a partially-lined alligator clip.

17. Mini Flower Claw Clips

Best Claw Hair Clip

A claw clip uses interlocking teeth to keep hair in place. These cuties are a good choice for when your little one gets a little older and has a bit more hair.

Each clip is in a flower shape and is approximately half an inch wide. You get 60 clips in 15 different colors in a pack.

18. Glitter Rhinestone Hair Bow Clip

Best Rhinestone Hair Clip

Go big and beautiful with these six-inch rhinestone bows. Each grosgrain ribbon bow is studded with rhinestones, making it a good hair accessory for photographs.

In each pack, you get 16 bows in 16 different colors. The two-prong alligator clip means you can also easily attach this barrette onto a ponytail as your child grows up.

19. Best Butterfly Hair Clips

Best Rosette Hair Clips

Butterflies are one of the most popular shapes for hair clips and this set from Elesa Miracle is any little girl’s dream. The pack of six includes three feminine colors, they are completely sparkly, and feature pearl accents.

They even come packaged in a special gift box, making it a good gift for baby showers and birthdays.

20. Chiffon Flower Hair Bows

Best Rosette Hair Clips

The rosette flower design is one of the most popular for providing a bold look. Layers of chiffon help each two-inch rosette flower stay big and poofy for your baby’s special moment.

This pack comes with 40 hair clips, each in a different color.

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