Best Baby & Toddler Snowsuits of 2019

Looking forward to winter? Maybe it’s your little one’s first Christmas? Sharing the holidays with them is what makes it enjoyable for us parents.

But you might want to make sure your baby or toddler is appropriately dressed for the winter elements. Whether there’s a lot of snow or only a little, it can still be freezing cold outside.

One thing you might have considered investing in is a snowsuit. This essential should keep your child cozy and dry, even in the worst conditions.

There’s an immense variety available on the market, so how do you choose? We’ll explain what you might want to consider before buying a snowsuit for your tiny tots.


    What to Look For

    It’s crucial you don’t get carried away by all the cuteness when looking for a snowsuit. Some can look oh-so-adorable, but the warmth and practicality is what you need to focus on.

    1. Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

    With cold weather, there could be some wet clothes to contend with. But you want to make sure it’s only the outside that gets a soaking, not the precious body within.

    If you’ve ever read a label that says waterproof or water-resistant, and felt confused, you’re not alone.

    Here’s a quick guide:

    • Waterproof: The suit will keep the water out, period. Your baby can play in the rain or in the snow while remaining dry.
    • Water-resistant: Although it repels water, it has a limit and won’t keep out considerable amounts of moisture.

    Think about your child’s needs — will they be outside for long? If your snowsuit is only going to be used for quick outings, water-resistant might be just fine. If you’re using it for sledding, go with waterproof.

    2. Size It Up

    While you want your baby to be protected from the elements, you shouldn’t buy something they can’t move in. All that extra padding could make a snowsuit a little too snug. This may restrict their movements, which might make snow angels a challenge.

    It’s also worth thinking about what your baby will wear underneath. If there are lots of layers, the snowsuit might need to be a bigger size to allow for this.

    3. Zip It Up, or Button It Down

    Toddlers often like to do things themselves, therefore, you might want to reconsider buttons or snaps, which can be difficult for tiny fingers to master. A long zipper with a large tab may be a better option.

    Putting mittens on before the jacket or suit is a favorite method of many parents. Finding a suit with elasticated cuffs could make the task much easier.

    If you choose something with a high collar, try to find one that is soft. It might be a little more comfortable for your snow lover.

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    The Best Baby Snowsuits of 2019

    By now you should have an idea what to look for when snowsuit searching. To help you choose, we’ve taken these factors into consideration and come up with some hot picks for cold days.

    1. Columbia Baby Double Flake Set

    Best Two-Piece Toddler Snowsuit

    Every parent knows how fast kids grow; clothes that fit one week become too small the next. If your baby shoots up, this one-size snowsuit allows you to loosen the straps to make the sleeves and pants longer.

    It’s available in six vibrant colors, which both boys and girls should love. The suit isn’t as thick as some, but should be sufficient for an uberactive toddler or limited time outside at one stretch. The pants also have extra padding at the knees, for a little extra protection while they play in the snow.

    2. Leveret Quilted Barn Baby Snowsuit

    Best Quilted Baby Snowsuit

    There’s nothing better than a good quilted jacket, the same goes for baby snowsuits. This is lightweight and warm, with polyester filled pockets. The fleece lining adds a nice soft touch to the inside.

    This suit will be great for any little snow baby. It has closed feet, so it won’t work for walking toddlers. But if you need a suit for your little one, it will keep them warm and happy.

    The snowsuit comes in three sizes and four colors, and has easy-snap buttons all the way down the front. So, not only does it look stylish, it will also make for easy diaper changes.

    3. iXtreme Boys' Insulated Two-Piece Snowsuit

    Best for Skiing

    Skiing, or sledding, is a must-do winter activity for kids! Outerwear that allows free movement is a must for active children — particularly when skiing.

    The iXtreme two-piece ski suit is insulated and water resistant, which should keep your little one both warm and dry for days out on the slopes. Numerous size and color combinations are available, so there’s sure to be one that’s just right for your toddler.

    The pants are dungaree-style, so they will cover the chest and the adjustable straps will keep them in place. The jacket has a nice insulated hood, two pockets, and a strong zipper. This outfit is ideal to keep your go-getter warm and happy during their snow activities.

    4. Columbia Tiny Bear Bunting

    Best for Infants and Small Babies

    Sharing the joys of a winter wonderland with your new bundle of joy is priceless. But keeping him or her warm is crucial.

    This Tiny Bear Bunting suit is available in a wide range of colors. It’s made from a soft fleece fabric that will keep your baby warm without them feeling restricted (I know my baby hated that feeling).

    The zipper runs asymmetrically from midway on the leg up to the chin, making it easy to take off or put back on when it’s time to change their diaper. Also, the hand and feet cuffs turn down to add an extra layer of protection for mini extremities.

    One of the best things about the suit is that it can easily be used in a stroller. And did I mention those adorable little bear ears? Who could resist that?

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    5. Pink Platinum Baby Girls One Piece

    Best Baby Snowsuit for Girls

    This Pink Platinum suit comes in a beautiful color combination of lilac and plum. It also has a long zipper which should make it easier when dressing your little lady.

    The mitts and bootees can be folded over your baby’s hands and feet to give your snow angel a little extra protection.

    It has a fully insulated polar fleece lining, keeping your tiny tot snug and warm on the inside. It’s also water and wind resistant, which means Mother Nature stays on the outside.

    The suit also features a large hood with faux-fur trim — a great feature for keeping the wind chill out and your baby cozy within.

    6. Carter's Baby Hooded Sherpa Pram Sleep & Play

    Best with Ears

    With cute animal ears on the jersey-lined hood, this outfit takes your baby’s winter-cuteness to a whole new level. You can choose from a range of colors, depending on whether you have a prince or a princess at home.

    It has a soft, polyester sherpa fabric, which feels like lambs wool but dries quicker and isn’t as heavy. Perfect for a quick outing in a winter wonderland.

    It’s a footed design, so no need for bootees — this will appeal to younger adventurers who haven’t found their snow legs yet.

    Its generous size makes it simple to put on and allows for plenty of layers underneath.

    7. iXtreme Baby Boys Expedition Puffer Snowsuit

    Best Baby Snowsuit for Boys

    The snowsuit is packed with polyester filling to keep your little guy toasty. The feet and hands fold over to keep everything warm.

    The fabric is both wind and water resistant, which allows your boy long hours of outdoor play. The hood also has an elastic trim so it will snugly fit your little snowman.

    The whole suit is polar fleece lined, so not only will it keep your baby or toddler warm, but also very comfortable.

    It’s available in two different color combinations; navy and yellow, or blue and orange. Both are great for budding snowball pitchers, but for me, the navy/yellow combo has the edge.

    8. OceanKids Pram Snowsuit

    Best Designer Baby Snowsuit

    If you’re looking to dress your bambino in style this winter, an Italian-designed snowsuit courtesy of this Australian clothing company might be worth a look.

    The long zipper which runs down the middle allows for quick and easy outfit switches.

    It has a practical side too, the mittens and hood are removable so you can wash these regularly without throwing the whole suit in.

    I love the idea it’s made using organic materials and dyes which aren’t damaging to the environment. This could appeal to parents, myself included, who are eco-conscious.

    9. Columbia Baby Whirlibird Bunting

    Best Waterproof Baby Snowsuit

    A waterproof snowsuit is important for any little winter adventurer. You want your child to be able to go out in the snow without the worry of them getting soaked.

    Not only is this snowsuit waterproof, but it’s also windproof and made of a breathable fabric. It will keep your baby dry on the inside and outside.

    The zipper is long and goes all the way up to keep that cute little chin from freezing.

    This suit might not have feet, but it does have ribbed cuffs on the legs, plus foldover mitts to keep baby’s hands warm.

    It’s available in four vibrant colors, all of which will suit both boys and girls.

    10. ColdControl Max Snowsuit

    Best with Detachable Feet

    If your child is in between the walking and crawling stage, you might need to change from socks to boots quite often.

    This snowsuit has removable booties for when you want to switch between the stroller and the sidewalk.

    It also has a long zipper which makes it fuss-free to change in and out of. The hood will keep head and ears a little safer from the winter elements.

    When baby is done wearing it, there’s a little hook loop in the neckline for easy storage. Or if the weather has been really rough, you can quickly hang it up to dry.

    This one’s for girls only, but it’s so cute, I had to include it. It would have scored higher in our book if there was also a boy’s version.

    11. OshKosh Girls Winter Coat and Snow Pants

    Best Faux-Fur Baby Snowsuit

    OshKosh has a bib and jacket combo which comes in eight colors, including several suitable for boys, despite the title! I love that this one in black has subtle color detail which won’t show up every single dirty mark, like lighter shades might.

    The jacket has a strong zipper with a shield to tuck it away and buffer the wind. The pockets are deep too. My children like to bring along a few toys, they would love this!

    The faux fur trim around the hoodie offers the snuggle appeal and the lining inside should make it feel soft and comfortable.

    12. Arctix Infant Bunting Snowsuit

    Best Unisex Baby Snowsuit

    This Arctix snowsuit is ideal for both little boys and girls. It’s available in five different colors and is made of polyester with a taffeta lining. The suit has a long diagonal zipper for quick changes, plus a hood to keep all the warmth inside.

    It also has feather-touch insulation and is water resistant, which means it should keep your little one both warm and dry.

    Getting a unisex snowsuit for your little one might be a good idea for anyone looking to expand the family. Having a suit to pass down to the youngest family member is a great way to save a little money.

    13. iXtreme Baby Girls' One-Piece Snowmobile Coverall

    Best Cheap Baby Snowsuit

    There are lots of good reasons as to why you might choose a less expensive suit for your baby. Little ones grow so fast they might not get much wear out of it.

    With this iXtreme snowsuit, your baby can stay warm, without you breaking the bank. While it might not last as long as some, quality isn’t compromised, and it does have nice detail to it.

    It comes in a deep berry color. It has a cinched waistband for a snug fit, a zipper closer to add extra protection, and the zippers on the legs should make your life easier getting boots on or off.

    When to Start Using a Snowsuit

    While snowsuits are designed for chilly temperatures, you don’t have to wait until it’s snowing before your baby wears one. Conversely, you also don’t want to jump the gun and put them in it at the first signs of cooler weather.

    A good gauge is, your baby should always wear one more layer than mommy. So if you feel it’s cold enough to take out your coat, it’s probably best to put baby in a snowsuit. Babies feel the cold much quicker than adults (source).

    One-Piece or Two-Piece?

    Both have their pros and cons; it all comes down to preference and your child’s needs. A baby might be better suited to a one-piece suit. Then you don’t have to worry about any exposed skin.

    It could be more convenient for a toddler to wear a two-piece, because these allow more movement. If you do choose this style, try to make sure the pants are high and have braces fitted.

    Snowsuits While in a Car Seat?

    For a car seat to protect your baby, it has to be a good fit (not too loose or tight). Heavy, bulky clothing can sometimes make it look like the straps are adjusted correctly when actually they aren’t. Plus, if you have a long car ride and the heater on, your baby could get overheated in a heavy snowsuit.

    It’s best to remove the snowsuit, or jacket, and buckle your child in as normal. Then, tuck a blanket over to keep them cozy.

    Try warming up the car before heading out. When you arrive at your destination, quickly slip your baby into the snowsuit before leaving the vehicle.

    What Other Accessories Will You Need?

    During harsh winters, a little more than just a snowsuit is necessary to keep your tiny tot snug as a bug in a rug.

    1. Hold onto Your Hat

    Babies lose a lot of heat through their heads, so it’s crucial to protect it when outdoors. This is why you should invest in a comfy hat for your little one to wear.

    The ears are often exposed to the elements, so try to find one which covers them and preferably with a chin strap, to make sure it doesn’t fall off or get pulled off.

    Always be mindful and remove the hat as soon as you go indoors. As quickly as a baby loses heat, they could overheat.

    2. Fits Like a Glove

    Gloves or mittens are also essential. You don’t want those tiny fingers turning blue. While knitted mittens are cute, they aren’t so practical for snow-loving toddlers.

    Look for gloves or mittens that are insulated. If your child likes to bite or suck on their fingers, you might want to keep a spare pair in your bag.

    3. Don’t Get Cold Feet

    You will also need something to keep those twinkle toes warm. If your baby’s suit doesn’t have closed feet, put on a decent pair of warm socks or booties.

    Toddlers will need suitable winter boots. These should also be insulated, and try to look for rubber soles, to keep the water out and help prevent slips and slides.

    Your toddler will probably be wearing a thick pair of socks. They also need to be able to fit inside the boots, so you might want to factor this in when gauging size (source).

    How to Wash a Snowsuit

    Every snowsuit should have its own set of instructions for you to follow. They will tell you how to keep them clean — read the label carefully. But if having a clean-looking suit is important to you, you may want to purchase a darker color that won’t show dirt and stains as much.

    Generally speaking, with most winter wear, it’s best to wash at a low temperature and on a delicate cycle. You might also want to use a mild detergent, which goes for anything that touches your baby’s skin.

    All Zipped Up

    Snowsuits are an essential part of a baby’s winter wardrobe. It’s necessary to find an outfit that will fit your child’s needs.

    Consider what they’ll be doing while wearing the suit. Will it be active play, or just an outing in the stroller with mommy and daddy?

    Our picks cover a whole range of possibilities, yet my favorite has to be Columbia Baby Whirlibird Bunting. It should keep the water out and the warmth in, meaning your little Arctic adventurer won’t have to cut playtime short.

    Does your child love the cold weather? Which snowsuit is your favorite? Share your comments below, we love to hear from you!

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