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13 Best Baby & Toddler Snowsuits of 2024

Find a snowsuit that can stand up to the outdoors.

It can be challenging to find the best baby and toddler snowsuits because snowsuits are made with different conditions in mind.

Some are perfect for warm climates, while others are meant to keep your child cozy and dry in extreme snow or wet conditions.

We’ve studied and tested many products to find the perfect baby snowsuit for every situation. We looked specifically for snowsuits made with quality materials, that are warm in a variety of conditions, comfortable for little ones, and don’t restrict movement.

We’ll review our findings here to help you make the perfect choice for your little one. We’ll also discuss why your child should never wear a snowsuit in their car seat.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Columbia Double Flake
Best Two-Piece Snowsuit
Columbia Double Flake
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Insulated
  • Adjustable storm hood
Product Image of the iXtreme Two-Piece
Best for Skiing
iXtreme Two-Piece
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Ankle gaiter
  • Free headband with purchase
Product Image of the Columbia Tiny Bear
Best for Infants
Columbia Tiny Bear
  • Machine washable
  • Fold-over hands and feet
  • Zipper closure
Product Image of the Pink Platinum
Best for Girls
Pink Platinum
  • Convertible sleeves
  • Cozy and cuddly
  • Thick polyester and fleece
Product Image of the Carter's Hooded Sherpa
Best with Ears
Carter's Hooded Sherpa
  • Cotton-lined hood with 3D ears
  • Cozy polyester sherpa
  • Washing machine safe
Product Image of the iXtreme Puffer
Best for Boys
iXtreme Puffer
  • 100% Polyester
  • Wind and water resistant
  • Plush fleece hood
Product Image of the Happy Cherry Bodysuit
Best Waterproof Snowsuit
Happy Cherry Bodysuit
  • Eash-access zipper system
  • 3 colors to choose from
  • Great for easy diaper changes
Product Image of the OshKosh Snowsuit
Best Fleece-lined Snowsuit
OshKosh Snowsuit
  • Machine washable
  • Functional pocket
  • Various design and size option
Product Image of the The North Face
Best Splurge Snowsuit
The North Face
  • Asymetrical front closure
  • Super-soft sherpa lining
  • Built to last
Product Image of the Simple Joys
Best Fleece Snowsuit
Simple Joys
  • Convertible mittens attached
  • Good quality fabric
  • Roomy fit

The Best Baby Snowsuits of 2024

Here are our favorite snowsuits for babies and toddlers.

Columbia Baby Double Flake Set

Best Two-Piece Toddler Snowsuit

Every parent knows how fast kids grow; clothes that fit one week become too small the next. If your baby shoots up, this one-size snowsuit allows you to loosen the straps to make the sleeves and pants longer.

It’s available in 12 vibrant colors, which both boys and girls should love. The suit isn’t as thick as some but should be sufficient for an overactive toddler or limited time outside at one stretch.

User Experience

Excellent quality, fit, and brand at a good price, I found this snowsuit set perfect for my 18-month-old who is on the bigger side. The material is not bulky but kept him warm, and I love that it's a full set with the option to use the jacket with or without the snow pants. It was a bit big on my younger child, so I recommend considering a size smaller for younger kids. This set is warm, waterproof, and lightweight, ensuring my children are protected without being overwhelmed.

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Fleece Jumpsuit

Best Fleece Baby Snowsuit

Not only will your baby look absolutely adorable in this fleece snowsuit, but they’ll also be so cozy. It’s soft, super warm, and great for making your baby feel snuggled up during a cold day.

It’s made of 100% polyester, so it’s easy to machine wash. The lined hood with cute little ears will protect your baby’s head from cold weather while ensuring they look super adorable.

The one-piece design and the foot and hand covers make it easy to slip over any outfit. If your baby gets too warm, just unzip the front and let them cool down.

And we love that this has a fair price, making it a good option for families on a budget.

Personal Perspective

I'm thrilled with how essential these sleepers have been for both of my kids, easily becoming part of their bedtime routine. This product helped both of them sleep through the night by 3 months old. When we went camping, it kept our daughter warm and snug even in freezing temperatures. However, I do recommend sizing up as it fits quite snugly with limited room for movement.

iXtreme Boys' Insulated Two-Piece Snowsuit

Best for Skiing

Skiing and sledding are must-do winter activities for kids! Outerwear that allows free movement is necessary for active children — particularly when skiing.

The iXtreme two-piece ski suit is insulated and water-resistant, and it does a great job of keeping little ones warm and dry for days out on the slopes. Numerous size and color combinations are available, so there’s sure to be one that’s just right for your toddler.

The dungaree-style pants will cover the chest, and the adjustable straps keep them in place. The jacket has a nice insulated hood, two pockets, and a strong zipper. This outfit is ideal for keeping your go-getter warm and happy during snow activities.

Community Feedback

As a parent living in a cold climate, I found this snowsuit to be a pleasant surprise in terms of quality and warmth, despite my initial skepticism due to its affordable price. During our first snowstorm, my son remained completely dry on the inside, even after playing outside for 1.5 hours. One drawback I noticed is the small, poorly covering hood, and the suit becoming crinkly in colder temperatures. However, the overall performance and value of this snowsuit make these minor issues worth overlooking.

Columbia Tiny Bear Bunting

Best for Infants and Small Babies

Sharing the joys of a winter wonderland with your new bundle of joy is priceless. But keeping them warm is crucial.

We love how this Tiny Bear Bunting suit is available in an incredible range of colors. We also appreciate how the soft but dense fleece keeps cold air out but still allows little ones to move their arms and legs freely.

The zipper runs asymmetrically from midway on the leg up to the chin, making it easy to take off or put back on for diaper changes. You can also roll down the hand and feet cuffs to add an extra layer of protection for mini extremities.

One of our favorite things about the suit is that it is easy to use in the stroller as it isn’t very bulky. And did we mention those adorable little bear ears?

The only downsides to this snowsuit are that we found it runs a little big, and it may not be suitable for the coldest climates.

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First-Hand Impression

I recently purchased this fleece bunting for my little one, and it has exceeded my expectations. Not only is it affordable, but it's also incredibly soft and keeps my child cozy without making them too hot. It's easy to put on and take off, and the foldable feet and hand covers are super convenient. I've found it's perfect for stroller walks and car rides, as well as outdoor adventures. Just a tip - avoid using a dryer to maintain the softness and color of the material.

Pink Platinum Baby Girls One Piece

Best Baby Snowsuit for Girls

This Pink Platinum suit comes in a beautiful combination of lilac and plum. It has a long zipper that makes it easier to dress your little lady.

You can fold the mittens and booties over your baby’s hands and feet to offer extra protection and avoid the need for adding boots and mittens on short treks.

The fully insulated polar fleece lining keeps your tiny tot snug and warm. It’s also water- and wind-resistant, so your child can play in the snow for a little while without getting soaked.

The suit also features a large hood with faux-fur trim, which is great for keeping the wind chill out and your baby cozy.

User Experience

This snowsuit is perfect for keeping my 9-month-old warm during cold weather, and I love that the feet can be folded over or worn with boots. However, the sizing can be a bit inconsistent, causing some difficulty in movement for my baby. The outer layer might seem thin, but the fleece lining inside provides ample warmth. The suit's color is beautiful and it has convenient hand and feet convertible covers, making it a stylish and functional choice for winter.

Carter's Baby Hooded Sherpa Pram Sleep & Play

Best with Ears

With cute animal ears on the jersey-lined hood, this outfit takes your baby’s winter cuteness to a new level.

The outer layer of soft polyester sherpa fabric feels like lambs wool but dries quicker and isn’t as heavy. This suit is perfect for a quick outing in a winter wonderland.

The footed design means there’s no need for boots, which appeals to younger adventurers who haven’t found their snow legs yet.

Its generous size makes it simple to put on and allows for plenty of layers underneath.

Personal Perspective

In my experience, this baby outfit has been a must-have for keeping my little one warm during our temperate winters. It's incredibly soft and well-made, providing the perfect amount of warmth when paired with a fleecy blanket in the stroller. I've purchased multiple sizes as my baby has grown, and even though the sizing can be a bit off, it still offers great comfort and cuteness. Not only does it look adorable on my child, but it also provides a sense of security when used during stroller and carrier walks.

iXtreme Baby Boys Expedition Puffer Snowsuit

Best Baby Snowsuit for Boys

This snowsuit is packed with polyester filling to keep your little guy toasty. The fabric folds over your baby’s feet and hands to keep everything warm.

This snowsuit is both wind- and water-resistant, which allows your boy long hours of outdoor play. The hood has an elastic trim to snugly fit your little snowman.

The whole suit is polar fleece lined, so not only will it keep your baby or toddler warm, but they’ll also be comfortable with only cloud-like softness against their skin.

It’s available in two color combinations; navy and yellow or blue and orange. Both are great for budding snowball pitchers, but we love the edgy look of the navy and yellow combo.

Community Feedback

I've recently purchased this snowsuit for my son and it has exceeded my expectations. It keeps him warm and cozy, even during the harsh Chicago winters, and allows for easy movement during outdoor play. The fold-over hands and feet are a great feature, providing the option to use mittens and boots or not. The snowsuit runs a bit snug but is plenty long in the arms and legs, so it might be a good idea to size up. The only minor issue I faced was with the zipper, which needed a bit of effort to pull up, but overall, I am extremely satisfied with the quality and value of this snowsuit.

The North Face Thermoball Infant Snowsuit

Best Splurge Snowsuit

If you’re looking to splurge and treat your baby to the best of the best, this North Face snowsuit is for you.

When you take your baby to visit the snowy hills or the icy lakes, this suit will keep them super warm. It’s made with ThermoBall Eco Bunting (an eco-friendly material made from post-consumer recycled polyester), a fluffy sherpa lining, and a quilted softshell to protect your child from cold winter elements.

We love this snowsuit because it keeps our kids warm while they do outdoor activities such as hiking, watching sporting events, attending festivals, or just getting through the winter in colder climates.

However, it’s not the best option if your little one likes to get wet outdoors, as the outer layer doesn’t do a very good job keeping moisture out.

First-Hand Impression

From my experience, this North Face snow jumpsuit keeps my baby warm and comfortable during colder days, without needing extra layers underneath. The snug-fitting hood is great for keeping the wind and cold out, while the vibrant colors and quality design make it visually appealing. I appreciate that it's not as puffy as other children's snowsuits, making it easier to fasten car seat belts without compromising safety. The built-in mittens and feet covers add extra warmth and convenience. My toddler enjoys wearing it, and it has served us well for various outdoor activities, including football games and trips to colder climates.

Happy Cherry Thermal Bodysuit

Best Waterproof Baby Snowsuit

A waterproof snowsuit is vital for any little winter adventurer. You want your child to be able to play in the snow without worrying they’ll get soaked.

Not only is this snowsuit waterproof, but it’s also windproof and breathable. It will keep your baby dry on the inside and outside.

The dual-zipper system allows you to dress your baby quickly and easily and change their diaper without hassle.

This suit doesn’t have built-in booties, but it has ribbed cuffs on the legs to help keep the snow out.

It’s available in three vibrant colors, all of which will suit boys or girls.

We wish the hood had a fleece lining to be softer on babies’ little heads, but we found it was great for keeping our little ones cozy when combined with a knit or fleece hat.

User Experience

These cozy pajamas kept my child warm and the bear design is absolutely beautiful. Although the hood wouldn't stay on and the sizing was somewhat large, it did the job and will likely be usable next year. One downside I experienced was the material ripping easily, even without any rough play from my little one.

ColdControl Max Snowsuit

Best with Detachable Feet

If your child is between the walking and crawling stage, you might need to change from socks to boots often.

This snowsuit has removable booties for when you want to switch between the stroller and the sidewalk.

It also has a long zipper which makes it fuss-free to change in and out of. The hood will protect your baby’s head and ears from winter elements.

There’s a little hook loop in the neckline for easy storage, or if the weather has been rough, you can quickly hang it up to dry.

We love the style and quality of this snowsuit, but it would have scored much higher in our books if it came in additional colors better suited to both genders.

Personal Perspective

Love this snowsuit for its removable booties and long zipper, making it super easy to switch from stroller to sidewalk and change in and out of. The hood provides great protection for my baby's head and ears against winter elements. Plus, there's a convenient hook loop in the neckline for easy storage or quick drying. The style and quality are fantastic, but I do wish it came in more gender-neutral colors.

OshKosh Baby Girls Ski Jacket and Snowbib Snowsuit

Best Fleece-lined Baby Snowsuit

OshKosh’s bib and jacket combo comes in five colors, including several suitable for boys. We love that this one in sage green has subtle color detail that won’t display every single dirty mark, as lighter shades do.

The jacket has a strong zipper with a shield to tuck it away and buffer the wind. The deep pockets allow your toddler to keep their treasures nearby.

The combination of snow pants and a jacket means you can dress your child how you like. Use the jacket alone when you have no need for snow pants, or dress your little one in the snow pants for rides in the stroller or short walks on warmer days when there’s still snow on the ground.

Community Feedback

This snowsuit is ideal for keeping my 16-month-old daughter warm and protected from the snow. The coat is heavy and can be worn by itself, and the material dries quickly after exposure to moisture. However, the sizing seems to be on the larger side, making the pants fall off of my 12-month-old child who typically wears 12-month clothes. Additionally, the zipper quality is a significant concern, as it broke and got stuck on my child. Despite these issues, the beautiful colors and overall quality make this snowsuit a great investment for outdoor play during winter months.

DDY Unisex Hooded Snowsuit

Best Unisex Baby Snowsuit

This hooded snowsuit is ideal for little boys or girls. It’s available in four colors (gray is our favorite) with a cotton outer and inner layer and warm polyester filling. The suit has a long zipper that runs from ankle to neck for quick diaper or clothing changes.

The hood fastens to the snowsuit with snaps, so you can remove it easily if you want to lose some extra bulk and have your little one wear a hat instead.

The fold-down tab secures over the zipper with two snaps, keeping it from slipping and away from your baby’s face.

A unisex snowsuit is always a good idea if you’re planning on having more than one child, as you can save money by passing it down to your next little blessing.

First-Hand Impression

I'm impressed with the warmth and comfort this winter jumpsuit provides, even in cold and wet weather conditions. The material is soft and durable, but I did notice that the sizing runs a bit larger than expected, so you might want to consider sizing down. The two-way zipper comes in handy for on-the-go diaper changes, but be aware that the outer material is more water-resistant than waterproof, so it might not be ideal for activities like sledding.

Haokaini Newborn Bear Warmer Snowsuit

Best Affordable Baby Snowsuit

There are many reasons why you might choose a less expensive suit for your baby. Little ones grow so fast, and they might not get much wear out of it.

With this Haokaini snowsuit, your baby can stay warm, and your wallet can stay happy. Even though it’s inexpensive, the quality isn’t compromised, and we love the extra detail.

It comes in a wide range of designs, including cute bears in various color combinations and a blue puppy look. Even the little booties have ears on them.

The plastic snap closures make for smooth diaper changes, and the quilted inner fabric is soft, breathable, and cozy.

User Experience

Best purchase for keeping my baby warm and comfy during colder days! I've noticed that these suits don't have size tags, so it's essential to keep different sizes separate to avoid confusion as your baby grows. I'm impressed with the quality as it has held up well after multiple washes and drying. This snowsuit is easy to put on and take off, and it's perfect for gifting to new parents. Just be mindful that the sizes may run a little larger than expected, but it allows room for the baby to grow.

When Should Your Baby Wear a Snowsuit?

While snowsuits are designed for chilly temperatures, you don’t have to wait until it’s snowing before your baby wears one. You also don’t want to jump the gun and put them in it at the first sign of cooler weather.

To keep your baby comfortably warm, dress them in one more layer (or a warmer layer) than you have on. So if you feel it’s cold enough to take out your coat, it’s probably best to put your baby in a snowsuit. Babies feel the cold much quicker than adults.

How to Choose the Best Snowsuit

It’s crucial you don’t get carried away by all the cuteness when looking for a snowsuit. Some can look oh-so-adorable, but the warmth and practicality are what you need to focus on.

Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

With cold weather, you could have some wet clothes to contend with. But you want to ensure that only the outside gets a soaking — not the precious body within.

You’ll need to pay attention to the label to prevent your little one from getting wet in their snowsuit. Some snowsuits are waterproof, while others say they are “water-resistant.” Waterproof and water-resistant snowsuits are not the same.

  • Waterproof: The suit will keep the water out, period. Your baby can play in the rain or the snow while remaining dry.
  • Water-resistant: Although it repels water, it has a limit and won’t keep out considerable amounts of moisture.

Think about your child’s needs — will they be outside for a long time? If your snowsuit is only going to be used for quick outings, a water-resistant snowsuit might be just fine. If you’re using it for sledding, go with waterproof.

Size It Up

While you want your baby to be protected from the elements, you shouldn’t buy something they can’t move in. All that extra padding could make a snowsuit a little too snug. This may restrict their movements, which might make snow angels a challenge.

It’s also worth thinking about what your baby will wear underneath. If they’ll be dressed in several layers of clothing, you might need a larger size to allow for this.

Zip It Up or Button It Down

Toddlers often like to do things themselves, so you might want to avoid buttons or snaps, which can be difficult for tiny fingers to master. A long zipper with a large tab may be a better option.

We always look for snowsuits with elastic at the wrist as it makes it easier to put mittens on before the jacket or suit and helps keep snow off of little wrists and arms.

If you choose something with a high collar, try to find one that is soft. It might be a little more comfortable for your snow lover.

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Can My Baby Wear a Snowsuit in a Car Seat?

For a car seat to protect your baby, the seatbelt has to fit snugly across your baby’s chest and crotch. Heavy, bulky clothing can make it look like the straps are adjusted correctly when they aren’t. If you have a long car ride, your baby can overheat in a heavy snowsuit (1).

It’s best to remove the snowsuit or jacket and buckle your child in as usual. Then tuck a blanket over your little one to keep them cozy.

Try warming up the car before heading out. When you arrive at your destination, quickly slip your baby into the snowsuit before leaving the vehicle.

Baby Snowsuits FAQs

What Should a Baby Wear Under a Snowsuit?

A baby should wear a cozy layer like a fleece onesie under a snowsuit. Think of it as the baby version of a thermal layer!

This adds warmth without bulk, ensuring your little snow angel stays toasty without turning into the Michelin Man. Just remember, too many layers can overheat them, so keep it simple and snug.

Can a Toddler Sleep in a Snowsuit?

It’s best to avoid letting your toddler sleep in a snowsuit. While a snowsuit is great for a winter wonderland adventure, it’s not ideal for sleep.

Toddlers can overheat or become uncomfortable, leading to restless sleep (and a potentially grumpy morning!). Opt for a warm sleep sack or cozy pajamas for those chilly nights instead.

What Is the Difference Between a Snowsuit and a Pramsuit?

A snowsuit is like a winter coat and pants all in one, designed for active play in the snow. It’s the snow fortress your little one needs!

But a pramsuit is more like a snuggly, portable bed – softer, less bulky, and perfect for those stroller rides when you’re out and about. Think action hero for snowsuits and cuddly bear for pramsuits.

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